Cate Blanchett & Husband Welcome Their Third Son!

Cate Blanchett

Cate and husband, Andrew Upton, welcomed their third child, son Ignatius Martin, on Sunday at a Sydney hospital, according to Australian magazine WHO. Just two days earlier Cate had attended her younger sister’s university graduation.

The couple, who are based in Australia, already have two sons: Dashiell John, 5, and Roman Robert, 3.

In November, when she confirmed her pregnancy, Cate, 38, was informed of rumors that she was carrying a boy, prompting her to respond: “You know more than me. It’s early days yet. It’s due in April.”

Cate and Andrew are currently co-directors of the Sydney Theatre Company – a career move partly made in the interests of her children. Cate has said that Dashiell, “needs to be settled, and I respect that.”




  1. says

    I would be desperate for a daughter if I had three boys. Girls are so adorable, seeing my husband with his little girl melts me. The clothes, the toys, dolls, dress-up, American Girldolls, Disney Princesses,it is all soooo much fun. My boys are just as beautiful, adorable but if the third had been a boy something I deeply desired, a little girl, would have been left unfurfilled.

  2. Zbella says

    People are so judgmental about having all of one sex. So what? I can understand as a parent wanting to have one of each but I doubt CB is loosing any sleep over it.

  3. Liza says

    girls are “more better than boys”? Interseting grammar.

    Who cares what the gender is! Any combination is just fine. She doesn’t need to “try” for a girl now, unless she specifically would like a daughter. There is nothing necessarily missing from a family of just one gener over another. 3 boys, 3 girls, any combination, therein, it’s all just fine.

  4. teresa says

    cora-shut up.think before you’re said a real’s’s an absurd.i wonder why you said that?three BOYS are a curse(my experience).and once again,shut up
    i know,some of you are hating me for saying this,but girls are more better than boys

  5. dori says

    please let me explain/… for a while now couple have been marrying older after college and careers stable….now there is a new trend toward young marriage and babies at a younger age( which is physically better by the way) which is not bad… it’s just a change I noticed. When I graduated HS in 1969 it was the trend then to marry after high school or college and have children right away. Then for a while it was waiting and later marriages and children later. I’m just saying … I noticed

  6. Jx2 says

    2teens – I do not like the name Ignatius either! It sounds like a church bishop’s name or a monks name. “Father Ignatius” – I guess if Cate’s child decides to become a priest it will all fall into place.

    I do like this woman though, she is a fantastic actor and so attractive. Her husband though – no comment 😉

    Cherry – 38 yrs old is not TOO old to have a baby. I’ll be having my one and only child when I’m around that age. At least I will be more mentally and emotionally prepared for it than am now – LOL!

  7. 2teens says

    Freya, I’m sure Ignatius does have a very long history. I still don’t care for the name and I don’t think it fits well with the other two kids names. Just my opinion.

  8. janny says

    #12 , what does that mean? a girl after 2 boys?? My mother had two boys then me and im always told im a blessing, my whole family thinks im a blessing. It dosn`t matter the order of your children or the sex of them.I personally think it dependes on the personalitly of the child,I was alwyas told having 2 boys back two back was a pain and if i was a boy life would be hell;
    I just don`t get your logic,How can you say that?

  9. Cora says

    Thank goodness she got another boy. In my opinion 3 girls would be a curse – and a girl after 2 boys would be a real pain in the proverbial.

  10. dori says

    Congrats to Cate and her family. Now she’ll just have to try again for a girl!!
    I’m not surrised by the pregnancy of Ashlee having babies early is beginning to look like a hollywood trend so nothing surprises me anymore.

  11. boo says

    For the record the Ashlee news I in no way think is bad, I just think its weird cuz its Ashlee. lol

    Congrats to Cate by the way, I’m sure her little guy is beautiful, I can’t wait to see pics!

  12. 2teens says

    After a gorgeous name like Roman (Dash is kinda cute too) she names her 3rd boy Ignatius? I just don’t get it. I guess “iggy” could be kinda cute though.

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