Jodie Sweetin & Husband Welcome A Daughter

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin and her husband have welcomed a daughter.

Baby Zoie was delivered via C-section Saturday afternoon, and arrived weighing 8 lbs. 7 oz. and is 21 in. long.

“Jodie says that she and her husband and family are absolutely thrilled and in love with baby Zoie,” said a rep for the actress.

Jodie announced her pregnancy in September after reportedly giving her sonograms to

The former Full House star, 26, married set designer Cody Herpin, her second husband, in a small Las Vegas ceremony on July 14, 2007. The pair tied the knot at the Little Church of the West in front of a few friends.

At the time, Jodie told People magazine, “Cody is my best friend. I married my best friend, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. He’s an unbelievable person.”




  1. Liza says

    Celebrity Baby Blog is saying that the c-section was an emergency c-section, based on what seems like failure of her labor to progress.

    Sounds like she was in labor from Thursday to Sunday without progression.

  2. dori says


  3. D'Anna says

    Oh, I know well enough about that! He was 8 days LATE, after a full month of prodomal labor. I threatened to do my own c-section a few times out of just sheer frustration.

    I have mine quickly as well, but I also knew I was capable of it. When you already have a 5 year old though, recovering from major surgery and taking care of two little kids is the absolute LAST thing you want to do.

    (BTW, my son was a 9’s not like he was a 6 lber I had out in two pushes.)

  4. Liza says

    She was nearly a week overdue with a big baby. I didn’t run into that situation. I delivered vaginally and pretty quickly, but at some point you want that baby out.

    I doubt this was a c-section of convenience, pre-scheduled, as it would have have been done 2 weeks ago.

    Regardless, the baby is here and healthy, which is all that should matter.

  5. says

    I agree #19, my second baby was born at home. Our doctor said he could successfully deliver 95% of babies to moms who requested his services.

    We fought tooth and nail to get our son born at home. He was transverse until week 35 or so, and I even did moxibustion treatments. Thank God they worked!

  6. boo says

    Awww how wonderful! I’m so happy for her! I’m sure she is going to be a fantastic Mommy! Best Wishes to Her and her Husband!!! 🙂

  7. Tia :) says

    LC, let her…”IT” is obviously sick in the head anyways!! Thanks for the warning though 😉

  8. LC says

    Tia please don’t give her any attention she will only say nasty things about her wanting you to lose your baby

  9. Angel,Twinkle,&Princess’s Mom says

    finally the f a t cow give birth oh and what a sock the kid is a f a t cow too

  10. says

    Wow—it’s about time! This photo says “I’m about to pop any moment!” lol… Can’t wait to see photos! I’m sure the baby is beautiful…

  11. says

    omg stephanie was my favorite character in full house and i cant belive that she had a baby daugther cant wait to see pics congrats jodie

  12. says

    Lil Steph is a Mommy. How exciting. C-sections are tough, but not horrible. A healthy baby is the most important. Looking forward to seeing pictures.

  13. Amanda says

    I feel so bad for her for having a C-section. They are aweful IMO. I agree with nice healthy baby! I cant wait to see pics.

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