Will These Two Ever Reconcile?

Angelina Jolie

They may not be on speaking terms, but Jon Voight says he still looks up to his estranged daughter Angelina Jolie.

“People who raise children properly are heroes to me because it takes a lot of work,” Jon, 69, told Us magazine at the Hollywood premiere of Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Thursday. “And when they do it with joy and love, there’s nothing more beautiful.”

Of Angelina’s charitable work, he told Us magazine, “I think she’s terrific. God bless her!”

Jon — who hasn’t spoken to his daughter since 2002 when he said that she had “severe emotional problems” during a TV interview — called her latest pregnancy “wonderful.

“I’m very excited, and I’m sending my love to the family,” he told Us magazine. “They’re getting to be a bigger family — it’s great!

Added Jon, “It’s nice to see people embracing family and loving that whole process.”



  1. says

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  2. Liza says

    I think you’re stretching it big time to imply that he purposely says the wrong name. How would that prove anything and how would that show anyone that he is truly interested in being a part of their lives?

    Anyone who pays even slight attention to celebrity news would be able to tell you what these kids names are.

  3. Arianna's Mommy says

    Sorry, I missed the “s”

    Or maybe he doesn’t really care enough to want to know his Zahara’s name, maybe he is only intrested in being grandpa to Shiloh. Again we don’t know, but it definitly doesn’t make a good impression of a grandpa who wants to be a part their lives.

    Also maybe you meant what you typed one way but the way it comes across is just like the holier than thou christian who thinks everyone should see things with the same interpretation of christianity as you.

  4. Malorkis says

    My name is Malorkis-With an “S.”

    Maybe Jon Voight is making a point to not remember their names in public, making a statement without saying more than a word about how he never gets to see his grandchildren! That, or maybe he is just getting old and mispronounces names… My dad does that all the time and he doesn’t do it on purpose.

  5. Zbella says

    Dori obviously dislikes AJ strongly. I agree with Liza and think she knows what’s best for her family, not dori or may or me.

  6. janny says

    dori, so if she dosn`t marry she never moved on? Maybe she was busy raising her 2 children.My father left when i was 5 and my mother had 1 other with him and one with her previous boyfriend.She decided not 2 get in a relationship so she could focus on me and my siblings!
    Not everyone who dosn`t [re]marry or date anyone after they leave them dosn`t mean there “not over them” ,Even more so when they have children.
    I just don`t get how you can say that.

  7. Liza says

    There have been quite a few pictures of the children with Brad’s family, as well as Angie’s brother. We also know they had close contact with her mother before she died, so this no extended family thing isn’t true.

    Malorki, In most states, grandparents don’t have a legal right to see their grandchildren, unless there is an underlying issue. They are considered extended family and as such, don’t have automatic rights to have contact with their grandchildren.

    And while everyone is stating their opinion, there is a difference between telling a total stranger what she should be doing and saying that it has to be up to her and she knows best. Some of us assume that Jolie knows what is best for her family, others believe she doesn’t.

  8. Olive says

    seriously – jon voight wished his granddaughter ‘shakira’ a happy birthday last year and had to be corrected by the reporter holding the mike. if he wants a connection then step one would be learning their names. i know, there are alot of them, but what else has he to do (other than the monthly delivery of nasty soundbites on angelina)

  9. dori says

    we’re all stating our individual opinions here no one is right and no one is wrong it’s our own opinions don’t make more of it than it is.

  10. Malorkis says

    Right on Dori! There are a lot of effed-up actresses in Hollywood! They smell fame and fortune and forget everyone they left behind. People there don’t know how good they have it. If they lived one day of my life they would never complain how bad they have it again… Geesh! Belonging to Hollywierd is like joining a cult like Scientology, where they make you cut off all ties with your family members!

    By the way, I am AGNOSTIC. I never said I was Christian-I figure the majority of Americans are Christians and want to do the right thing. I go by Jesus’ teachings and the Golden Rule-“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

  11. Sadie says

    “Jon Voight may be arrogant but I don’t believe he’s abusive.”

    And just how do you know he’s not abusive. I’ve got a news flash for you: Not all abusers look like they belong on American’s Most Wanted. Some of them look like friendly old men. It’s becoming obvious from your posts, that you are letting your anger towards someone you don’t even know override good sense so I guess there’s no point in trying to have a civil conversation with you.

  12. Granny says

    Another one who doesn’t interact with a parent is Jennifer Anniston. She doesn’t speak to her mother.

  13. Nicki says

    I haven’t read all the comments, only the first 20 or so.
    Why does everybody forget the actual interview Angie gave, not rag mag crap, about her dad trying to stop her first UN trip in 2001. He called anyone and everyone he could to make sure they would cancel her trip. They didn’t, she was an adult and it was her decision. In all fairness she did say he was just worried about her, right before she left. He gave her a letter to read while on the plane. She said that letter was the reason she choose to cut him from her life. It was an awful letter, she wouldn’t say what was in it, but she has never forgotten it.
    Don’t you all remember she did reconcile with him, she suggested he play her dad in one of the Laura Croft movies. That didn’t last long, he again ruined it by crying to the media, right as she was about to adopt Maddox, some crap about her being crazy. Possibly ruining her chances for adopting Maddox.
    It’s her choice, and she is the only one here who knows his true self. He sounds toxic to me and I think she has thought long and hard about a relationship with him for her kids.
    Some people don’t deserve to be an influence on young children.
    It’s her choice, just as it is Meg Ryan’s choice to not have her mother in her kids life. Same with Demi Moore’s choice of banning her mom from seeing her children ever. (she’s dead now.)
    It is thier choice and only they know the true reason, and it is for them to decide.

  14. Granny says

    She may have forgiven her father, but still feel the need to keep a distance the way I love strawberries yet I don’t eat them due to allergies. You can forgive but that doesn’t mean being in a relationship with that person/s is healthy.

    I forgive my brother, love him and wish him well, but just don’t have the energy to have a relationship with him anymore.

  15. Arianna's Mommy says

    Kelly, My daughter is three, and a bundle of trouble!

    Malorki, First, Not everyone is Christian, so that argument is not really valid, I don’t know if Angelina is or not.

    Second, just because you will put up with your mother saying mean things to you because you want to be a “good Christian” doesn’t mean everyone is willing to, especially since you don’t actually know all the reasons for this rift.

    Dori, She became a Goodwill ambassador well she was still married to Billy Bob, so it has nothing to do with Brad, and if the charities are all for show, well since they gave over $8 million of their money last year, I wish more celebs would put on such a show!

  16. Deeds says

    I don’t care for AJ, I think some of the bashing is over the top. Then there is the peeps out there who say she is always honest…get over it she is human not a robot and all humans make mistakes.

  17. fee says

    you do know that angie became a UN good will ambassador while married to Billy Bob before she even adopted maddox right?

  18. dori says

    AJ is NOT family minded and charitable work is for show it’s all fake…
    Her charitable work began after she found someone elses huband to help her raise her kids.. to make herself look like a good person. Tell me…where do you see pics of these kids with any family members ? She has her little family unit locked up nice and tight with herself running the show.
    Brads parents don’t see much of these kids and her brother visits a couple times a year. There is no extended FAMILY… it’s Brad and her and their kids no one else.AJ does whats good for AJ…. period.

  19. dori says

    OIn the state where I live there are grandparents rights and they can see their grandchildren if they wish but doing things like that can cause more trouble and really estrange family members.
    A grandparent has something to offer a child that parents don’t …..a history and new dimension and more love…. what’s so bad about that? Jon Voight may be arrogant but I don’t believe he’s abusive. He has something to offer her children that they will miss out on. AJ is standing in the way of her children knowing their grandparents and thats just plain sad.
    I don’t speak to my mother in law because she’s a controlling b**ch but I never get in the way of her relationship with my daughters. It’s called being UNSELFISH>

  20. cassie says

    did any of you that are attacking ang stop to think that maybe she is trying to protect her kids.

    this so called father walked out on his kids a number of times, attacked them in public and god knows what else so what is stopping him from doing the very thing to the grandkids. i mean he can’t even remember his granddaughter’s name for crying out loud.

    and as for family they do are ones that love them in her brother and brads family

  21. Olive says

    why are you screaming malorkis? people disagree. that’s what they do on this forum. that’s the point of this forum. relax.

  22. Malorkis says



  23. Malorkis says






  24. may says

    Some of you are so anal and unforgiving that you won’t let this man say a general comment to satisfy interviewers, no matter how general or respectful it is! It blows my mind!
    I’m not saying he didn’t do wrong the first time when he said Angie had emotional problems but comments like, “She’s a good mom” and LEAVING IT AT THAT functions in the same way as “No comment” to me and others.

    Some of you have real problems when it comes to relationships! I’d hate to be a part of your family!

  25. Fly On The Wall says

    I’d like to see Voight get to know his grandchildren personally. Grandparent/grandchild relationships can be very special. At the same time, no one knows what happened between Voight and his children to estrange hiim from them all these years, and as someone pointed out, Angelina “among other things” may cover a lot worse than his simply dissing her on TV. It’s her call as to whether or not resuming a relationship with him would present more problems than it would solve, and speculation on anyone else’s part is useless. We don’t know the details and we probably never will.

  26. traveler says

    That’s the point dori. Nobody knows what he’s done behind closed doors. His blabbering to the press may not be the reason their estranged at all. We simply do not know and therefore we don’t have the right to tell her what to do. I certainly wouldn’t want people telling me to do something when they don’t have all the facts.

    As for Voight, it’s really easy to blame a dead person. They can’t come back and refute what you’ve said. Therefore, I take anything he says concerning their mother with a grain of salt.

  27. dori says

    AJ and her brother grew up hating their dad and they both admit to that. How do you think those feelings came about if he was not in the picture? I do believe the mother was bitter and that hatred came from within their own household. The fact that she didn’t move on and remarry says a lot too.
    I’m not saying Voight is innocent and he certainly could have used better judgement in his public statements.I think… he didn’t think beofre he spoke. I don’t believe there was malicious intent on his part. I believe he loves his kids and would like to be a part of their lives. What could a parent do that is so horrible that they don’t deserve to be a aprt of their grandchildrens lives? Or is AJ over- dramaitizing the situation????

  28. Granny says

    “No comment” is a polite way; of saying “if we wanted you to know we would tell you” instead of what translates to “none of your business.” People have rights to privacy even if they are a media personality. Just because a reporter gets close enough to asks personal questions doesn’t obligate one to answer.

  29. Jen says

    I believe that everyone’s entitled to an opinion and share it, but May, your reference to “lewd lesbian acts” was positively homophobic.

  30. Liza says

    My personal opinion is that he is more likely to be at all, because he is the one to blather to the press about everything. Jolie really has only admitted that they are estranged, her mother never made any public statements whatsoever. I don’t even think Voight has made public statements about Bertrand, so how do you know that she manipulated her children, that she is at fault. We know he walked out on his family, we know he was an adulterer, and we know that he spoke to the press about something that in anyone’s estimation, would have been a private family matter.

    Why do you assume, based on what is known about Voight and the way he has behaved, that he is the wronged person here? And please don’t answer with “the same reason…”. I’m asking an actual question here.

  31. Liza says

    It doesn’t have to be “no comment”. It could be “I don’t talk about my children to the press” or “I respect my daughter’s privacy and will not be commenting”. Simple right?

    What are these lewd lesbian acts? Sure, she’s spoken about being in a lesbian relationship, but I don’t recall her every doing anything lewd, especially outside of the privacy of her own bedroom. The courts wouldn’t consider her sex life as long as it didn’t directly effect the life of the child, and being in a lesbian relationship doesn’t count.

    Also, when she adopted Maddox, she still had to stand in front of a U.S Judge and have her adoption of him approved, she still had to have home studies completed. Her relationship with Thornton may have been odd and unusual, but there is no evidence she was at all unstable.

  32. Sadie says

    May: It really shouldn’t matter to him what the public thinks, if he wants to make up with his daughter he should care what she thinks. So he’s not in a no-win situation. He’s in a situation where he seems to be making what the public thinks of him more important to him than what his daughter thinks.

    And the key part of your post was that you said: if that was your dad. It’s not your dad. It’s her dad, and she doesn’t want him talking about her to the press, so he is knowingly doing something that makes her uncomfortable.

    If it were me I would want him to say “no comment” but what I would want, and what you would want, is irrelevant here. It’s about what she would want, and she’s made it clear what she wants. He chooses not to honor that.

  33. may says

    I’ll have to disagree, Sadie.
    If an interviewer asked my estranged father how he felt about my adopting children, or my being pregnant again and he just said, “No comment”, I would feel he somehow disapproved of the issues at hand.
    Brushing the question aside by saying, “No comment” like in criminal investigations gives the impression that one is hiding guilt or a negative thought.
    I would rather hear the cordial, general comments Jon Voight has been saying… even if I considered him estranged.
    You can’t dodge the question. It’s already been asked. So why not do the respectable thing?
    I’m sure if he answered all the questions about Angie with “No comment”, there would be a host of people complaining about that. This man is in a no-win situation with some of you.

  34. Sadie says

    May: What I mean is he always has the option of saying “No comment.” It doesn’t matter if he’s saying nice things or mean things at this point, he is bringing the press (and therefore the entire public) into their lives by talking about it. If he said “no comment” and left it at that I would have a lot more respect for him. But as it is now, it just seems like he’s trying to use the press to prove to all of us what a nice and harmless man he is. It seems very manipulative.

  35. may says

    To add to Dori’s comment… #43
    She was also involved in lewd lesbian acts.
    Not judging here but those are things that a courts considers.

  36. Arianna's Mommy says

    Everyone is assumeing that Voights comments are the only reason she has to not talk to him, but no one knows. And for the person who said that he is keeping things general, that is not exactly true, I am sure his saying to the press that he felt that their mother raised them to be angry at him right after she died, had some impact as well! I seriously doubt he is so innoccent. To blame the mother both were so close to for the rift in their relationship when she had just died and couldn’t refute it to the press so he has painted her as the bad person, is not showing any interest in repairing his relationship with his children.

  37. dori says

    And his comments were not far from the truth at the time she adopted Maddox sghe was unstab;le and nuts and had she lived in the USA no one would have given her a child. Her husband was walking out on her at that time she was cutting herself and was into blood letting. Is that the kind of woman you would give your baby up to?

  38. Liza says

    Dori, So you’re saying that if you’re father stood up in front of everyone you know, and a bunch of people you didn’t know and said he thought that you were disturbed and had severe emotional problems, that you would just consider it a difference of opinion and move on? Even after he’d been an absentee father and an adulterer? You’d just think it was ok and move on?

    And btw, how do you know so much about Jolie’s mother and the way she raised her children. Her relationship with Voight, aside from the fact that he cheated on her and then left the family, hasn’t really been documented. So why do you assume that Voight’s the victim and everyone else has done the wrongdoing?

    It surprises me that so many people on here feel that they know what’s best for someone when they don’t know anything but was published in the press. I agree with whoever said that if he said this to the press, then what has he said or done behind closed doors?

    If she forgives him, it’s HER choice, based on what she thinks is best, and no one else can say what is best.

  39. Kay says

    When your father says hurtful things about you it’s hard to forgive. This happened to me but I did forgive my father before he passed away and I am glad I did.

  40. Granny says

    Just last week someone approached me about reuniting with my brother. But I didn’t want to air all of what has transpired to keep my sister and I from associating with him anymore or for the last three years. Everyone just sees and attractive, congenial, fun loving man. But my sis and I have the behind the scenes Jeff and we haven’t the heart or energy for a relationship with him anymore. Unless we tell everything – and it’s noones business – people will just have to take “poor Jeff’s side”. I have a feeling that the same thing is happening here, and only the two parties involved really know.

  41. may says

    When you say that Jon Voight “kept talking to the press” about Angelina, it was the same kind of comments you see above in the article. Interviewer keep asking him what he feels about Angelina having another baby, adopting, etc. And his comments have been very general and cordial: I think it’s great… She’s a great mom… She’s got a lot of compassion.
    Now, I don’t know what you meant by “he kept talking to the press”. He did make that initial comment about her being emotionally disturbed but thereon after, he’s kept it very general.

  42. dori says

    the relationship between them ended because he had an opinion and she didn’t agree with it. So she ended it. She never liked her dad much, so it was easy for her to walk away again(she had nothing to lose) and I blame her mother for that. It’s her mother who caused a rift between her children and their father. Shame on her!!! She took her own bitterness and passed it on to her kids. Jon Voight is a good man… maybe not a hands on dad(because he was an actor after all and very busy and not in love with his wife) and to make more of the situation than what it is .. is just plain foolheartedness.

  43. dori says

    and Traveler we are all on this blog to state our opinions if you don’t want to “stick your nose in anyones business”” why are you in here making comments at all???

  44. dori says

    Traveler No I don’t believe he is a threat She is the crazy one not him. Should she be allowed to adopt children??? If she weren’t a celebrity when she adopted Maddox would a local US adoption agency given her a child? No… absolutely not At the time she was unstable and her marriage was ending.

  45. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    Celebs invite total strangers into their lives every single day so they can sell their lives…if jolie choses to share even her sex live with strangers then its late to say its their business

    Besides you are on a gossip blog, so it is about sticking noses where it does not belong..if you are tired of the gossip, just find another site

  46. traveler says


    But is that the only reason she doesn’t speak to him? Perhaps he’s done something that leads her to believe he could be a threat (either physically or emotionally) to her children. I know that I would never allow someone around my child if I thought that person would harm her, relative or not. No one knows what went down between the two of them. The fact that Angelina reconciled with him once leads me to believe that the reasons she no longer has a relationship with him are probably pretty severe.

    Regardless, this is a family matter between Angelina Jolie and her father. It is not any of our business. I’m sure no one on this board would appreciate strangers sticking their noses into private family matters. I think we should all just leave well enough alone as far as this subject is concerned.

  47. dori says

    Well, granny if Angelina hadn’t been acting like a lunatic sharing blood with Billy Bob and cutting herself and doing drugs maybe her father wouldn’t have HAD to call her crazy… she WAS crazy and he did nothing wrong.

  48. dori says

    If Angelina was truely a compassionate person she would have the heart to forgive… so what does it say about her?

  49. Granny says

    “Among other reasons” sounds like a laundry list of reasons that she has politely not publicised. And maybe she is cutting him slack by not listing all of them publically. I’m certain having my father state publically to the media that i might have “severe emotional problems” (he isn’t a psycholgoist/psychiatrist” would certainly help set us up for poor interrelations. If he would do that publically, what kinds of things has he said in their personal and private lives.

    I’m thinking that distance is the best way in this relationship. There is a big difference between offending someone and hurting them at gut level.

  50. Zbella says

    Only AJ has the choice to forgive, and it’s none of our business. I wouldn’t want a man like that in my kids’ lives either and I don’t blame her a bit.

  51. Lauren says

    Jon was wrong about saying all those things about his daughter through the press but Angelina really needs to forgive him. Her mom’s already gone. What if something happened to her dad and they never got the chance to make peace? She needs to let go of the anger and allow her children to know their grandfather. I’m sure her mother would say the same thing.

  52. Liza says

    Ever hear the phrase “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”? I’m pretty sure it applies here.

    It has always appeared that the original rift was due to his extremely poor parenting and his treatment of her mother. At some point they did reconcile, we all know that. But at some point Voight felt it was appropriate to tell the world that he thought his daughter was “disturbed”. Not only would that be embarassing if my parent told the entire world that they thought I was mentally disturbed, but it would feel like an overwhelming betrayal from someone with whom my relationship was already fragile. Voight needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut.

    At this point in her life, Jolie has accomplished a lot of good and holds a lot of responsibility, not only for herself and her family, but also the work she does around the world. If she has decided that what is in her and her children’s best interest is to not have a relationship with this man, then so be it.

    Mia-whatever, calm down, no need to be crass.

  53. fee says


    No one knows what really happened between Angelina and her dad. Just because people are related doesn’t mean they have to like each other. I know people who haven’t spoken to one of their parents for almost 15 years. If Angelina decides that it is in the best interest of her children to not allow them to see their grandfather, we should respect that. Maybe if Voight would keep his opinions to himself, he wouldn’t be in this situation.

  54. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    Kate..STFU..didnt you eve hear about scrolling over…some of you live on tihs site to simply TAG on .yes..keep a bleeping mind of your own..ars-e

  55. Suzi says

    She says that she is not speaking tohim because he cheated on her mother? Wow. Amazing coming from a selfish disgusting person who keeps ruining relationships that her leading men are already in by stealing them away from their real women.
    This woman has no respect for other women.
    She is a selfish and manipulative snake.

  56. Sadie says

    “Angelina has said she’s not speaking to her father, among other reasons, because he had cheated on her mother.”

    I think the key words here are “among other reasons.” And we don’t know what the other reasons are.

    And as for the rest of your comments: There is a huge difference between removing a person from your life for inflicting a lot of harm, and someone making one mistake.

    And it’s easy to say that someone else should “just make up” with their relative when you are not the one who is in the relationship. One of the reasons why Angelina stated that she didn’t want to be in contact with her father was because he kept talking to the press about her. And did he show that he wanted to reconcile with her by stopping that? NO. Instead, he has talked about her every few months. If he was sincere about wanting to repair things with her then he would respect her wishes and stop talking about her to the press and give a simple “No comment” when they ask him questions. The fact that he won’t do that shows that he does not respect how she feels, and in that case I think she’s perfectly justified in cutting him out of his life. Life is much too short to waste time around relatives who won’t respect your feelings or wishes.

  57. may says

    #6 Granny
    We do know what Angelina has said about the rift in their relationship. Angelina has said she’s not speaking to her father, among other reasons, because he had cheated on her mother.

    I wonder what she’ll do when one of her kids offends her. Disown them, too?

  58. Sadie says

    “and for the record it is not always benifical for kids to know their Grandparents”

    I agree. Just because someone is a relative does not mean that they are an appropriate influence for your children. Children need – and deserve – to be protected from people who will inflict harm on them, and if that person happens to be a relative then they need to be removed.

    And for all of you who are demanding that Angelina forgive him: We don’t know the full story. Just because he claims to want to reconcile does not automatically mean he is telling the truth. My grandfather disowned my mother a few years ago and then lied and told everyone that he wants to make up with her. Then when she tried to make up with him he refused, and continued to tell his lies to everyone who would listen about how she was the one who wouldn’t forgive him. For all we know Jon could be lying about wanting to make up. He seems to be getting an awful lot of publicity out of the “feud” so I can see how it would be to his advantage to try to publicy continue it.

  59. Arianna's Mommy says

    It has been said, but no one knows the real reason for their problems, and for the record it is not always benifical for kids to know their Grandparents, it is the same with parents, just because you have a child or grandchild doesn’t mean you are a good parent! I saw my Grandmother all the time, and she was so mentally abusive that I still have selfesteem issues caused by her treatment. I now have as little to do with her as possible, keep my daughter away from her and am not even inviting her to my wedding. Just because someone shares DNA, it does not make them real family!

  60. Kate says

    stop posting variations of the same thing over and over. we get it, you think fault lies with angelina. you know nothing about her personally, or either of her parents. you can call her mother bitter all you want, but you don’t know, all we do know is that she raised two children on her own after their father skipped town.

    jolie has decided for a reason that having a relationship with her father isn’t worth it at this time, only she knows the reasons and only she is the one capable of deciding if it’s worth it to her. i don’t think anyone on this board has the right to say let bygones be bygones.

    and while having grandparents is great, it’s not the most important, those children aren’t missing something uber important because they don’t have a relationship with their grandfather.

  61. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    The story behind the mess is that her bitter mother couldn’t handle being discarded by a nariccistic SOB and she in her very selfish attitude repeated teh same exact behavior with two family..the homewrecker needs to rest her narcisstic traits inherited from her father and cool it till brad wishy washy is done rabitting with her………at least now I see JA and Laura Dern handled thier situation with dignity compared to her mother who raised her to hate her father…mothers can do a better job even after a nasty divorce, its not ones place to poison a child’s mind unless the father is a pedophile or seriously defunct adn harmful to the kids..but she took his money , posioned the kids and raised them to sleep around in plkain sight under her very nose!!

    what a great job..I wonder if she iwll pass a pysch exam to adopt a kid in this country…hmm, maybe she should try malawi and then we will see how she fares under the scrutinity…cant wait for her psycho kids to grow up and terrorize hollywood like the Oneals are busy ruining their lives..

  62. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    He doesnt need her forgivenes..its got nothing to do with her, she is SELFISHLY refusing her kids a relationship with thier family..its got nothing to do with her at all and he does not need his forgiveness..who needs forgiveness form an ar-se…

  63. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    Alduterous dead beat dad..really..seems like father like daughter would you say!!

    Adultery probaly runs in the family blood!

  64. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    Angelina tell teh whole worls who she f-ucks on how she does it…so mentioning her mentla problems in public should be no biggie, if she is smooching her half brained ungrateful brother in public..anyone say psycho without meds in the house!!

    Her equally mental brother mentioned one of the reasons he hates his father is that he refused to BUY them car and instead DROVE them to the prom himself..hmmm ungrateful brats..that man should have abondoned ocmpletely!!!!!111

  65. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    Parents interven to seek help for thier cildren all the time..she is crazy, he saw it and probably spoke to her but she ignored him, because she has been running wild since she started taking her first steps.. a result of being brought up by a bitter mother…Father may not have bene around, but without his money and support she would have no oscar…

    bit too hypocritical in her life, so dont see anything worth praising just another hollywierd psycho with a mad mission to save her soul..

    As her mother lay dying she was half way around the world..family really is very very important for this woman..ahahha

  66. Jen says

    i don’t really understand this determined insistence on forgiveness, as though it’s an unqualified good. more to the point, there are few things more personal or individual as ‘deciding’ to forgive; it can only be decided by the person wronged. finally, i think responsibility for their estrangement lies with the adulterous dead-beat. i don’t mean to be raw or rude; i just have no patience for jon voight and his endless soundbites to the press.

  67. boo says

    I dunno, I hope that she will reconcile with her Dad… I mean noone really knows what happened to cause this falling out, other then what has been said in the press, But to be completely honest Life is too short, Jon is almost 70 years old and chances are he won’t be around in the next 20-25 years, it would be a waste to throw away any type of relationship that they could have due to a silly falling out, whatever the reasons for it. I wish the 2 would just swollow their pride and let Bigons be Bigons…..Not too mention Angies kids deserve to know who their Grandpa is and he deserves to know his grandkids… Before its too late.

  68. Jen says

    yeah, i’m sure he sincerely sends her all his love. and his previous acts of abandonment, slander, and forgetting-her-kids’-names totally sell that.

  69. Granny says

    Sometimes the best way to get along in a family is not to have contact with certain family members (in my family it is my brother). The rest of the world usually doesn’t know the story behind it. She has never mentioned the reason so it must be deeply personal.

  70. annie says

    I remember that interview. He was literally crying and making a damn fool of himself. He came across as an old, unemployable actor begging for publicity. Also, if he’s so big on family, why did he leave his wife and two children?

  71. says

    Who knows what really happened, but one thing is for sure–the proof is in the puddin’. I mean, “severe emotional problems” to the press? YIKES. I guess we all make mistakes though. We don’t know the entire story so how can we make a judgment about it all?

  72. says

    This is a toughie. I think Jon is using the media to relay his thoughts and feelings to his daughter and that the yearns for a connection with Angelina. He is seeking any means necessary and available to send his love–so it would seem.

    The reality is we only know what has been stated in public and we have no true idea what really has happened between these two.

    To claim that Angelina may not really care about family based on the relationship she has with her father is a little unfair. If we had all the facts, then perhaps we could judge that, but we don’t.

    On the other hand, considering that Anglina’s main issue is that private things were stated publicly, perhaps Jon needs to stop sharing his thoughts and feelings in public.

  73. nosoupforyou says

    It is up to the parent to decide who should be in their children’s lives. Jon spoke in public with what he should have left in private. It was his opinion and as far as I know Jon Voight is an actor, not a psychiatrist. At least Angelina has not gone public with the difficulties of their relationship. That is classy. Jon is still speaking about Angelina to the press, even though is it positive. Perhaps he ought to take his family business out of the public realm.

  74. Amanda says

    You would think if she was so big on family she would make peace with her dad and give her children a grandfather like they deserve. Her father isnt going to be around forever. As for his comments about her, she is the one who brought that on herself with her past behavior. Granted he shouldnt have said it, but we all make mistakes. Thats what makes us human. What is she teaching her children by ignoring her father? Grow up and do the right thing Ang. Do it for the kids. or One day your kids may do the same to you.

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