Nicole Richie: Motherhood 'Beyond Amazing'

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie says of motherhood, “It’s definitely like nothing I could have imagined.”

Appearing with her father, Lionel Richie, at the 25th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles, Nicole, reported Extra, said that life with daughter Harlow, who was born in January, is “beyond amazing, and my family has been supportive. And I go to my dad’s house all the time.”

Nicole, 26, says Lionel, 58, is also meeting his grandfatherly obligations as well. “He actually babysat the other day – him and Joel [Madden, Nicole’s fiancé] – and they were amazing. I mean, she slept the whole time.”

Added Lionel: “It’s when the baby wakes up that I freak out!”

Honored with an ASCAP Lifetime Achievement Award, Lionel also said of his daughter: “She went from, ‘Dad, I don’t care. Whatever you say.’ To ‘Wash your hands, Dad’ and ‘Be quiet Dad.’ It’s a whole new sound of the house.”

Speaking of sounds, there was the matter of how he was to be addressed now that his child has had one of her own.

“I went to Nicole and said, ‘Grandpa,’ how does that sound? Does that fit me?’ She said, ‘Dad, that sounds old.’ So I kind of searched out … G-Pa sounds a lot better.”

Nicole Richie

(Above Lionel and Nicole are pictured at the event with Nicole’s little sister, Sophia)

Three-month-old Harlow is already burbling out her first words, according to her grandma.

“The other day I was holding her, and Harlow said, ‘Hi!'” Brenda Richie told Us magazine at the ASCAP Pop Awards.

“I said, ‘Nicole, did you hear that?'” Brenda continued. “Nicole said, ‘I don’t think she knew what she was saying!'”

Added Brenda, “Nicole talks to Harlow constantly, and she tries to answer back!”

The baby “is trying to crawl already,” Brenda said.

But Nicole is so protective, Brenda told Us magazine, “I’m lucky if I get to [see] the baby. She loves being with that baby!

“[Harlow’s] bathing time has to be right on schedule!” Brenda added. “I was strict with Nicole, and she fought all of it.

“Now here is she is, being the same way I was [with her] — it’s great to see!”



  1. gina says

    sofia is beautiful.

    what a load of crap though – a 3 month old baby saying hi and trying to crawl?? sounds more like besotted grandmother talk to me, lol….

  2. Candy says

    Nicole is such a wonderfull mom ….i wish we could see more pics with her daughter …Sophia isn’t really beautifull she needs to get her hair cut a little

  3. dori says

    It’s wonderful to see how she has turned her life around. She’s all grown up and close with her family. This baby was a good thing for her.

  4. Lauren says

    I love Nicole. She always seems to be glowing whenever we see her. She looks like an amazing mother. Harlow is a beauty.

  5. says

    Sure is nice to see pictures of Lionel with his daughter. Amazing how we end up doing things like our Mom’s did. Little sister Sophia is really pretty.

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