John Travolta Takes Ella To See The Little Mermaid

John Travolta

John Travolta and Kelly Preston took their daughter Ella, 8, to see “The Little Mermaid” at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on 46th Street on Saturday. (Ella turned eight on April 3rd) John sang along to the show’s tunes, including “Under the Sea.” Afterward, he brought 26 of Ella’s pals backstage and took pictures with the cast. “He was touching all the costumes, he looked amazed,” said a source. “He said he was way, way into the show.”

That’s cute and funny!



  1. shannon sylvester says

    ella your such a cutie! kelly your drop dead georgeos! and john wat can i say you’ve still got it!

  2. Analise says

    This is a late response and probably won’t be read, but I want to once again profess my disgust with this “family”. There cultish beliefs have prevented their son from getting the help he needs. Meanwhile, they lie about his condition while his d-list Mom, “perfect” sister and gay Dad spend a family day together. Scientology is evil.

  3. says

    Rijay, as much as I support helping children reach above and beyond their potential by believing in them and teaching them to believe in themselves, you are right–children are individual’s and are not idential. Jett is the son of two celebrities. In addition to handling public places, strangers and multiple stimuli, he would have to handle the papparazzi. What parent would force that on their child? Well, parent who is in their right mind? Surely, after thinking on it, you would agree.

  4. Rijay says

    I’ve seen autistic children learn to handle situations where they had been acting a certain way for years or where parents said they couldn’t change. It was done by a woman who works with autistic children. It is possible.
    No one said each autistic child was identical to another. Let’s not make accusations when we’re just saying there are possibilities and hope.

  5. Carol says

    Autism may also include other problems:

    Many children have below-normal intelligence.
    Teenagers often become depressed and have a lot of anxiety, especially if they have average or above-average intelligence.
    Some children get a seizure disorder such as epilepsy by their teen years

    The above came from an Autism Web Site, sounds like mental illness to me. It also states it is a Brain Disorder. Oh and it says nothing about it being a Neurological disorder.

  6. Carol says

    Well I guess you told me. However I still hold onto the facts about Sciencetology being a cult and Jett is a stupid name for a kid, just like Apple is. As far as growing up goes, NEVER.

  7. says

    Most autistic children cannot stand change, loud noises or crowds. My sister is 4 and autistic and she will kick the house down if you attempt to take her out. We dont know the facts.

  8. Momof Boys says

    Autism is not a mental illness. It’s a neurological disorder. Get your facts straight. Check out It might tell you something. Oh, and grow up a little.

  9. Carol says

    John and his family are Scientologist. It is my understanding that they are restricted by the cult they are in not to speak about mental problems. I believe they don’t even get treatment for Jet, what a stupid name, because they don’t believe in and the cult has much dislike for the Mental Health Profession. So sad for Jet. He probable will just be hidden away all his life.

  10. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    ELla looks exactly like suro cruise as a little girl…the shi=tologists must have a breeding program of some sort…I dont see anyting to admire about a gay husband being blackmailed into staying with a cult and abusing his child by denying him proper diagnosis and care from a normal doctor…

    Kelly preston must be the saddest cult mom on earth…she hides it well like all of the abused..

  11. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says


  12. Momof Boys says

    I have an Autistic child, and no, they can’t necessarily be “taught to handle public situations”. My son does not want to be in crowded places & does not enjoy family outings, so he is not forced to come along. All families are not the same-walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before being so quick to judge.
    Ella is a beautiful little girl. That does appear to be Jamie Lee Curtis.

  13. samsmom says

    Ella is gorgeous and I love it that she looks like a little girl!
    I hate seeing parents letting little girls dress like grown women in public. Good for John and Kelly.

    BTW, is that Jamie Lee Curtis behind John and Kelly?

  14. Jx2 says

    What a stunningly beautiful little girl. She was just as beautiful as a toddler. I remember seeing a photo and thinking that child is going to be stunning when she grows up.

  15. Candy says

    They’re such a happy family ,always fun to watch …i like kelly so much ,she’s so beautifull …Ella is adorable

  16. Rijay says

    I’d like to see them out with Jett, too. A child with autism can be taught to handle public situations. They need the social experience and the family outings with his parents. It isn’t right to keep him locked up like a circus animal.

  17. 2teens says

    Very pretty girl.
    John and Kelly say that their son has Kawasaki disease, not Autism. But there has been some controversy over that. They have been accused of lying about the Kawasaki because of their scientology beliefs… the whole mental illness issues Scientologists have, etc.

  18. Sonic says

    So by having Autism it’s not good to take your child out in public? Not sure what to think on that. You never, ever hear about him….except when the chemical thing was going on with their carpets….? Then we heard all about him.

  19. Sharrie says

    what a beautiful little girl. I believe Jett has autism, maybe thats why there aren’t many pictures of him.

  20. Jennifer says

    It’s too bad you never see them with their son 🙁 Did John Travolta say something about them going to try for another baby last summer? Guess that didn’t work out for them…

  21. says

    I would love to be a little fly on the wall for a day in this family’s home. They are all so cute and fun to watch. If I am having a bad day, I just think of John’s laugh. Ella is adorable.

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