An Expectant Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling 

Tori Spelling

An expectant Tori Spelling was snapped out and about in Beverly Hills. I LOVE her dress! You have to hand it to her….she always looks so polished and fit!

And, in case you missed it, an eight-months-pregnant Tori was photographed in a bikini while shooting her Oxygen reality show with husband Dean McDermott.

Tori Spelling

“So far I’ve gained 25 pounds and am loving my body!” Tori, 34, shared during the March 20th shoot in Beverly Hills. “I’m eating whatever my body tells me it needs and wants.

“I love my growing belly and the curves I’m taking on,” she added.

Tori, who is already mother to son Liam, 1, said the second time around is a breeze.

“During my first pregnancy with Liam, I spent a lot of time worried about my weight and how big I was getting and how I would lose it afterwards,” she said. “But once I wasn’t pregnant anymore, I missed it. I loved being pregnant!

“And now I know that it is possible to get back your body with diet and dedication,” she said.

But Tori — who’s due in early summer — admitted being a pregnant mom and shooting a reality show isn’t easy.

“It’s been a hectic, yet amazing time in my life,” she said.



  1. Kelly says

    Yes her shots!! Yea she got them 4 of them!! She screamed like Crazy so I took her to her daddy’s office and she was so happy!! She is such a people person!!

  2. LC says

    Kelly- oh Lucy is great she is like a mini nurse! she is doing really good
    how is Emma did she have her shots?

  3. Kelly says

    Dannii- How old are they if you don’t mind me asking??? LC- OHHH Poor Calum!! I smeel a fake mommy- shut up mistakes are made alot so get over yourself!!

  4. LC says

    oh for god’s sake i made a mistake who care’s hmmm let me think no one 146. stop stiring come call me a “fake mommy” when you got some proof

  5. I smell a fake mommy says

    127. LC | April 15th, 2008 at 3:44 pm
    yes i have a hole list of names in my head i

    Hmmmmm, now who is it that misspelled the word “whole” not too long ago? Oh, I know, it was “Papa to 7”.

  6. LC says

    Kelly Calum is doing ok he is in some pain we took him to the hospital again to day to see what they could do to his mouth and all they can do is stich it up which doesnt help a lot

    AMJ i am the some right now with the morning sickness and all the doctor told me to do is eat dry food and drink a lot of water

  7. dannii says

    sorry i didn’t have any morning sickness so i couldn’t tell you wow it must be hard having to look after your children whilst being sick and working! it was hard enough for me when i had food poisoning for a few days! yahoo answers usually have stuff like that up so try there for some ideas

  8. AMJ says

    Anybody have any ideas for morning sickness?? I have it off and on all day and night….soda crackers aren’t working…I’m finding it difficult trying to work all day and feel so crappy….plus trying to look after a 6 and 3 year old….please help.

  9. AMJ says

    Summer….try giving him baby cereal and bottle right before you put him down…also a bath with that lavender baby soap half an hour before he goes to bed….bedtime story…and we have lullabyes or kids nursury rhymes playing in a CD all night helped my boys sleep all night as well.

  10. Kelly says

    summer- did you try lullibies??? That always put my daughter Emmaline to sleep!!! I always read them books too!!! rubbed their back and gave them a bottle also give them a bath right before and then a little massage with lotion!! Sorry if that doesn’t help!! LC- We decided on Flordia probably Naples because that is where my husbands parents live!! How is Calum?? dannii do you have any kids???

  11. dannii says

    summer i hated that i used to wish they sold dummies with something thats straps round so that it stayed in their mouths!! lol best advice i could give as it was what i done is when he is really tired give him a bottle so that he falls asleep half way through it and that seemed to fill my babies up and they never woke up during the night for their dummy after that orr just wait another month or so till he can pick his dummy up and put it back in his mouth himself whatevers easier for you

  12. Summer says

    my baby boy is now 6 months old and he just wont sleep. Im now back at mwork and me and my boyfriend are so tired. I really need some help to try and get him in to a routine. I have tried everything but he wakes up every hour or so and we have to go in to feed him or put his dummy in its killing us. please help

  13. LC says

    humm im not sure yet Hawaii is lovely i know my husband wants to go to england to see his sister and then off to some wear sunny!

  14. LC says

    yeah i work i have been on and off since Calum was 10 months old but now i mainly work from home so that is a bonas my husband wants to go back to work because when i went back he stayed home with calum but now i think i im going to stop working i will stay for another two weeks then i think thats it for me i am planning a vacation too for the summer time!

  15. Kelly says

    WOW poor Calum!!!! My day was good I woke up at 6:30 Woke up Keegan got him dressed made him breakfast and he left at 7:30 for preschool with daddy and emma woke up at 8 and we watched Blues Clues and she took her morning nap had lunch went for a walk and too afternoon nap and she is still sleeping I watched TV and looked at prices for vacations!! I am watching my phsyco dog play it is entertaining!!! Haha tommorow Emmaline gets some shots i am sure she will be thrilled!!! Haha do you work??

  16. LC says

    oh and i also like the name leo not that much but it is on th list oh and i love the name Lucia maybe im a bit biast with that one because that is my name! and Kayden has always been a fav of mine!

  17. LC says

    Well today I spent most of the day in hospital I went to work got home and I herd crying and screaming and what had only happened…. Calum had fallan out in the garden and knocked his first teeth out and cracked his head on the wall he is ok his is taking a nap now they did say to keep him in hospital but he didn’t want to so we took him home we have to go back up in the
    morning to see what he needs done to his mouth.

    I don’t really mind what I have because I was lucky to have a boy and a girl so I don’t mind at all. So how was your day?

  18. Kelly says

    I really like thoose names I used to baby sit for a boy named Oscar and he was adorable!! My 7th grade teacher had a son named Wyatt and I love that name too!!! I really like Lucy,Calum,& Wyatt together for a boy and Lucy,Calum,& Harlow for a girl!!! Do you have a preferance boy or girl??? I am really bored and Keegan and Kyle my husband don’t get back untill 6 and Emma is still napping!! I am trying to plan a trip this summer so I am flipping back and forth!!! What did you do today??

  19. LC says

    oh sorry i miss read your comment calum is 14 months so Emma and calum are not that far apart!

    yes i have a hole list of names in my head i dont know why people think of names so soon!

    Sarah louise- my mom’s name

    Harlow – it has started to grow on me since Nicole Richie called her baby that

    harry- after my grand dad
    william-after my dad
    george- i dont know why i like i just always have liked it:)
    this is just a few!

  20. Kelly says

    Haha I am not showing yet!! So calum is 12 months or is he older than 12 months?? Just wondering because Emma is 15 months oh and I added more names to my list Girl- Lucia, Mackenna, Marley,Keiran,Irelyn! Boys-Ronin,Dominic,Jeremy,or Kayden! What do you think any suggestions???

  21. Kelly says

    Thank You so Much!!! I am feeling a little sick but am ok!! How are you feeling??? Oh and how many months old is calum???

  22. LC says

    ok now i have more time on my hands i will try i get up to date on the news here i go!

    AMJ – im due on the 3rd! congrats

    Kelly – congrats to you too thats great!

    cc- thank you very much!

    i think im up to date now lol 🙂

  23. Kelly says

    sorry I don’t know what I typed I ment December 31st!!! Sorry!!!! I am so bad at typing!! Congrats!!

  24. AMJ says

    Kelly Congratulations to you!! I just wanted to tell you that I’m due Dec 1 and I am almost 8 weeks pregnant…are you sure you have the dates right are you sure it isn’t Dec 17th??

  25. Kelly says

    LC_- and anyone else who cares I just wanted to let you know that I am pregnant again!!! 4 weeks!!! I already know names I knew the next names right after Emma was born Girl- Lucia, Keiran or Irelyn& Boy- Ronin, Jeremy or Dominick (My dads name)!!

  26. Sandy says

    I find it amazing that Jx2 would find it offensive about someone making inappropriate comments about anyone losing a child after all the disgusting comments she or he made about wishing others lose their babies and them being born retarded! Absolute hyprocrisy!

  27. Dunn says

    “Sexualizing Pregnancy”. That is the funniest thing I have ever read!!!!! Somewhere, I think someone MISSED THE POINT of how pregnancy occured in the first place.

    BTW….Tori looks AB-FAB for her second pregnancy!
    Love her!

  28. AMJ says

    Hey LC…..I’m 7 weeks pregnant as well….I have 2 boys, 6 and 3 and this time I’m feeling extremely tired and very sick. It took me 2 years to get pregnant this time so I am grateful for that….secretly I would love to have a girl, but I am thankful for this blessing I have FINALLY been given…Goodluck to you!

  29. Kelly says

    cc- Thank You!! I bought it but I will take it later and tell you guys the results in the morning!! I got to go eat dinner!!

  30. Kelly says

    jx2- Yeah it was from that freak! LC- Yeah my husband didn’t really care so I got to choose anyway I think I might go buy a pregnancy test! Wish me luck!

  31. Jx2 says

    Thanks for the heads-up 2teens & Kelly – I figured that it must have had something to do with an ill-wish towards someone’s offspring. It’s the oldest trick in the book. I’m surprised though that the post was taken down so quickly. Usually the posts are left up for longer! I can only imagine how offensive it was.
    Was it from that Angel food cake, Twinkie and Puddin’ Pop character?

  32. LC says

    i like to be suprised but this time i think i want to ready for him or her! my husband totally wants to find out he is so exited

  33. Kelly says

    I felt great and then after the sonogram I went shopping for little boy stuff and cute stuff like that, but I am a control freak and have to have everything in order!! When Emma was born we bought girl clothes and had a ton of Keegans old clothes ready! But seceretly I wanted a girl so I was happy! When we get pregnant again , which I kind of feel I might be, but I don’t really know my stomach has just been a little funky lately, I would want a boy!!! I don’t know but if you like suprises than be suprised, it is completely up to you and your husband!!

  34. LC says

    i still don’t know if i want to find out or not i do and i dont how did you feel when you found out?

  35. LC says

    i think we will we didn’t with lucy or calum so it would be nice to find out to get prepared and everything

  36. Kelly says

    Yes LC I am very sorry that she did that to you and I wish you and your baby all the best!! How far along are you?

  37. Kelly says

    Jx2- Someone wished that someone else that was pregnant would lose their baby. It was very disturbing.

  38. 2teens says

    ^^ it was removed. And it was pretty bad. I’m not going to repeat it, let’s just say that it was one of the sickest comments I have ever seen on this site.

  39. Jx2 says

    What happened? I must have missed all the controversy…I don’t see anything very offensive being posted, but then I do not become offended very easily.

  40. Angel,Twinkle,&Princess’s Mom says

    oh no lc thats wear your wrong this sh*t has only just started boo hoo Butterfly lost a baby who cares get over it and you lc who cares if you two have lost a baby…… no one

  41. LC says

    aww thank you that means so much to me it really does and thanks 2teens for reporting it i should have done it sooner so no one would have got hurt sorry guys

  42. LC says

    Butterfly im sorry for your loss and i have lost a baby a few years back now and it hurts to read comments like that it really does and it is sick to know that there is a person out there who would say something like that

  43. dannii says

    i think they should do something on this site where it traces people like morgans computers i.p address and completely block her from the site! people like her are not wanted and shouldn’t be allowed to post on these blogs!

  44. 2teens says

    I have reported the comment to the webmistress. Hopefully she will get on the ball and remove it soon. I have a feeling this person has posted under several different aliases on this same thread.

  45. LC says


  46. says

    My recommendation is that from this point forward we COMPLETELY IGNORE Angel, twinkle and princess’s mommy comments

    Scroll past them, they do not exist.

  47. LC says

    Thank you! i have always loved the name Keegan we were going to call baby number three Keegan but we are still thinking about names as we have got plenty of time to think

  48. Angel, twinkle and princess's mommy says

    ok look im sorry i lied it’s just Morgan is my sister and you hate her so i hate you i have got kids and i aint having twins im not 26 im 20 sorry

  49. Kelly says

    Amgel,Twinkle,&Princess’s Mom- Get a life!!!You don’t have to make up a fake family to have friends!!! Just be yourself!! Please stop lying! All theese fakers are tearin Babyrazzi apart, so please stop!

  50. Angel, twinkle and princess's mommy says

    Ellen aka another LOSER i have work mates and i have plenty of excitement you know nothing about me so bye bye

  51. Ellen says

    Angel, Twinkle, Princess Mommy aka “another liar”. Whether they go for you or not isn’t relavant. You can hide behind the cover of a compter where we don’t know your name or your face, but you still came out looking small, very small. To want to try pretending must mean your life is lacking something – friends, work, excitement – something. This cannot be that fulfilling to you for the effort it would involve. Unless, you just copy someones elses life and that is just lazy.

  52. LC says

    congrats to jodie sweetin who gave birth to Baby Zoie Saturday afternoon, and arrived weighing 8 lbs. 7 oz. and is 21 in. long.

  53. LC says

    ^^^ why do you bother it’s just sad why waste your time making up a fake mommy why don’t you be your self and stop steeling picture’s from people it is wrong that you are doing this you have got to stop this just grow up

  54. Angel, twinkle and princess's mommy says

    AEM so, when you’re hearing from him in a few days good luck!!

    now that is gonna be pretty hard seems as i live in the uk! ha so better luck next time!

  55. Jhomenique says

    i like her dress! its cute really fit to her..but i hate her bikini gezzzz she should not wear that

  56. says

    J x 2: that is exactly what I needed to read before retiring to bed…thank you for that.

    Good luck on the final. I had one last week for my Business Law class.

    Multi-tasking mom’s…gotta love it.

  57. Jx2 says

    #64 – I do not shop when I am stressed. A shopper makes the worst judgments when they shop while under stress. When I am stressed I get on the tread mill at the gym and walk it off for an hour. Walking is a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind. Shopping is fine if you NEED something but it is important to distinguish between a need and a want!! Another way to relieve stress is to indulge in a good, high quality bar of chocolate. I’m not talking a candy bar, I talking pure, rich unadulterated chocolate. That always works for me when I want to relieve stress!!

  58. 2teens says

    Hi JX2,
    I haven’t been posting as much lately either. The weather is always pretty good here, and I always seem to be carting a carload of teenagers to the beach or the mall… especially now that the school year is winding down. Good luck on your bio exam – I’m sure you’ll do well!

  59. dori says

    didn’t someone else also claim some children were theirs and posted them in here? The lady with the twins?
    What a bunch of wackos!!

  60. LC says

    Thanks for the laughs Angel, twinkle and princess’s mommy but please don’t come back you are going to be in so much trouble just like eke’s mommy is! it is so sad you are the most pathetic out of them all

  61. says

    2teens, you have a valid point. And…I would hope that since you and your daughter have self-respect, you wouldn’t go around posing like Tori in your bikini, unless you were posing for your significant other.

    I think you can have self-respect and wear a bikini; however, a bikini is not as modest as a one piece. I think modesty and self-respect can be linked.

  62. kim says

    AEM…good job, girl!!! you are absolutely right and put yourself in the shoes of the little girls parents. I would be crazy mad if someone did that with my kids pics.

  63. AEM says

    Angel, Twinkle Star, Glitter, Stickers Mommy – in case you didn’t know I will tell you myself…taking someone else’s picture of their children and listing them as your own on another site is ILLEGAL….illegal means against the law if you’re not so hot on the vocabulary…I am SURE that the owner of the blog that you stole from (yes, it’s stealing because that is HIS blog), would love to be alerted that his family, especially his little girls, are being exploited by a third party on another site…do you think I should e-mail him? I do!!…and I already have ;)…so, when you’re hearing from him in a few days good luck!!

  64. Jx2 says

    hi 2teens – I’ve been here and I’ve been reading posts but not commenting. My night school Biology course is wrapping up and I have been studying like mad for the final exam. Plus, I haven’t really been in the mood for making any comments. The weather has been pretty good lately so I’ve been spending a lot of my time outdoors. How are you doing?

  65. Kelly says

    I don’t understand why anyone would lie about having kids?? They must really have a lot of time on their hands or just are really bored and have no life!! hmmmm it doesn’t make sense to me!

  66. 2teens says

    Butterfly, I understand what you’re saying. You are a very modest person, which works out well for you and your daughter. The only thing I take issue with is your use of the word “self-respect”. Many people think there is nothing wrong with wearing a bikini, myself and my 14 yo daughter included. I can assure you, we both have plenty of self-respect.

  67. 2teens says

    Anyone can post here, mom or not. But also, anyone can state their opinion… and many times that opinion expresses annoyance at other posters idiocy.

  68. Tia :) says

    Butterfly, We’ve had mom’s on here and woman who are not moms!

    However, there are a lot of mom’s on this page who like to talk about their children to one another…some people can’t seem to stand that for some reason…if you can handle that, then i think you’re ok 😉

  69. marla says

    You know what I have noticed from a lot of other threads? There are a lot of Jack ***’ out there that like to make stupid threads like this to get people all worked up, and they never reply more than once. They do it on purpose just to get a rise out of people, and it needs to stop!I think people replyin to there threads, just encourages them even more.

  70. says

    She looks great. I wish she would shop at my shop, We just uploaded a bunch of new personalized gifts, great for Mother’s Day coming up. Ladies if you’re interested email me and I can send you a coupon code!

  71. Jx2 says

    Tori’s dress is grotesque! What is that ruffle sea creature thing on her dress? LOL
    I guess having a masculine body all her life she is really enjoying having a curvier figure. Good for her. She should enjoy it while it lasts. Personally, I find Tori asexual…like a amorphous ameoba. The bikini photo can i say this “nicely”?…umm, challenging to look at without thinking that I’m seeing a drag queen 🙂

  72. Kelly says

    Butterfly- I agree that you shouldnt over expose your self and I believe modesty is good and I agree you should enjoy pregnancy but also you shouldn’t post pictures of yourself on the internet even if you aren’t famous! Again that is just my opinion!

  73. says

    The human body is beautiful. Tori is a great person and I like her.

    That being stated, the body is a beautful piece of art that we should place great value upon. A body can be just as beautiful, if not more so, in a one-piece swimming suit.

    Enjoying pregnancy, as Tori is, should be celebrated and wearing clothes that flatter the figure is a wonderful way to do that.

    Wearing a bikini and flaunting a pregnant belly isn’t necessary. As natural as pregnancy and nudity are, people do not need to go around showing everyone what they have.

    Modesty is about privacy and self-respect, not embarassment, shame or sheltering.

  74. Liza says


    If you look at a bikini and automatically see it as something sexual, that says something about you, not something about Tori Spelling or anyone other person, pregnant or otherwise, who wears a bikini.

    And if you all know there are going to be immature young kids trolling the blog, you only egg them on by responding to their posts like you do. If you ignore them, it takes the fun out of it for them.

  75. Kelly says

    Chloe Haha you found it on google!!!! If you are going to be dumb enough and lie about being a mom then don’t post pics from google!!

  76. Candy says

    Tori looks great in her late pregnancy months ….she looks amazing in the bikini & pretty in the dress

  77. Chloe says

    and I went on the website you got your picture of yourself from. Congratulations you just gave birth to a girl named Kayla. What happened to Sparkle and your other dumb names.

    Do you really expect us to believe you? You are such a faker!

  78. Chloe says

    Angel, twinkle and princess’s mommy-
    I found your picture of your girls on google. I typed in Three Little Girls and on the second page your daughters were there. Apparently there moms name is Nancy! Not Susan

  79. Kelly says

    Angel,Twinkle,&Princess’s Mom- I am sorry but you are the fakest fake on here! At least the other fakes kids had semi normal names! Sparkle and Glitter how dumb do you think we are????

  80. Issa says

    Kate –
    Nice find.

    Us “old people” just don’t have tolerance for lame little kids with no lives. Instead of pretending to be someone of importance, go out and be someone of importance.

  81. Kate oliver uk says


    I just read this comment on perez
    #19 – Morgan says – reply to this

    yo yo yo if you want to bi*ch go to and make up fake sh*t about your self it gets the old people going call your self a mommy with three kids i do it all the time it is so much fun they go nuts!

  82. says

    The human body is beautiful. Tori is a great person and I like her.

    That being stated, the body is a beautful piece of art that we should place great value upon. A body can be just as beautiful, if not more so, in a one-piece swimming suit.

    Enjoying pregnancy, as Tori is, should be celebrated and wearing clothes that flatter the figure is a wonderful way to do that.

    Wearing a bikini and flaunting a pregnant belly isn’t necessary. As natural as pregnancy and nudity are, people do not need to go around showing everyone what they have.

    Modesty is about privacy and self-respect, not embarassment, shame or sheltering.

  83. 2teens says

    She really seems to be enjoying this pregnancy. I see nothing sexual about the bikini photo. In fact, I think many people are too uptight about nudity… perhaps due to their upbringing. In Europe, you will often see nudity on daytime tv and it’s no big deal. Speaking as an artist, the human body is a thing of beauty… and nakedness doesn’t always equal sex.

  84. Jessica says

    Hey ladies i want to start a blog but i can’t find any good site’s so i was wondering if maybe you could post a few link’s if you could that would be great, thanks!

    Tori looks amazing this secound pregnancy seems to be really working with her

  85. Lizzie says

    She looks like she is really having fun being preggers this go around. She looks absolutely amazing. And little Liam is sooooo adorable. Hopefully they’ll have a sweet little baby girl. Congrats Tori, Dean and Liam. Can’t wait to meet the newest addition.

  86. Just me says

    I agree with #1.
    A pregnant body is nothing to be ashamed of … neither is a naked body, for that matter. After all, that’s what God gave us. On the other hand, not everyone wants to see it I don’t really find it attractive, but that’s just my opinion. Cover up, Tori! Her stomach looks kinda weird, anyway.

  87. says

    I’m really lovin Tori this second time around. You can tell she feels amzingly comfortable. I think the dress is a little old maidish but to each his own.

  88. Vic says

    Butterfly- It’s a bikini!!! Not some lacy seethrough lingerie, so how can that be ‘sexualizing’ it? If you consider a bikini an item of sexual clothing then you really do live a sheltered life!! And why shoudn’t she be happy to be pictured showing her belly off…she has no reason to be modest about it…it’s NORMAL!!

  89. Amanda says

    I love the bikini pic! She is a MARRIED mother so I don’t see how she is a bad infulence on teens because she wore one while preggo, she is still beautiful so why not show it? I really like Tori she isnt snobby and is a good person.

  90. Joe says

    wow that is a sexy bikini pic, i would hope that she would take more pics like this as she gets farther along

  91. says

    Whether or not Tori can pull off the look of a bathing suit while pregnant is not the reason I did not appreciate her in it as opposed to the dress. Motherhood is a beautiful thing and I do not think that sexualizing it does anything for our teen girls. It is not modest

  92. Jennifer says

    I agree with Issa…I prefer the bikini over the dress if I have to pick. I’m not really a fan of Tori, but she really does look great this pregnancy.

  93. nioami - uk says

    Agreed Butterfly! I like the dress – very cute! But the bikini…… its not very flattering! But if she and her hubby like it thats whats important i suppose! xxx

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