Gwyneth Paltrow Throws Her Son A Mexican Birthday Party!

Gwyneth Paltrow

With her platinum hair freshly curled, Gwyneth Paltrow looked pretty in pink at Tuesday’s Hottest Pink Party Ever, the Breast Cancer Foundation’s annual spring gala.

But it wasn’t Gwyneth’s first party of the night.

Earlier in the evening, she threw a birthday bash for her son Moses, who turned two on Tuesday.

“It’s so exciting,” Gwyneth gushed to People magazine at the event, held at New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel. “We had a little birthday party at 5 p.m. – a little dinner for all of his New York friends.”

The locale for this milestone-marking event? “A Mexican restaurant,” she said. “He loves guacamole.”

But the rest of the birthday celebration will have to wait a bit. “His daddy is in London,” Gwyneth, 35, said of husband Chris Martin. “So we’re going to do presents when we can all be together.”

In the meantime, Gwyneth – whose daughter Apple turns four next month – is left marveling at how much her little boy has grown.

“[He’s] not so little anymore,” she said. “He doesn’t like a stroller anymore, he doesn’t like a highchair. He likes his independence.”

Happy Birthday!



  1. dori says

    where in THIS ARTICLE does i say Chris is furious about her talking to the press …explain that to me…..they are doing presents when they can all be together why does that make you think he is controlling? It’s you who are reading more into the comment than what is actually being stated.

  2. dori says

    and Sara I have a right to disagree….you don’t like to take the criticism but you like t dish it out? Get over yourself ok?

  3. Sara says

    “And where the hell did you girls get the idea Chris Martin is controling ? He isn’t mentioned here at all and theres nothing in this article to suggest anything of the sort. Perhaps you are interjecting your own life into this story??”

    Dori: We already explained where we got the idea from – from the comments she made about how he was furious at her for talking about him to the press. You seem awfully defensive and angry considering you don’t even know Gwyneth or Chris. Chill, other people have a right to their opinions.

  4. says

    LC I hate that people are leaving. I guess I just don’t understand what is going on. Take a look at Tori’s dress and bikinii pic blog. Weird stuff. I am just trying to ignore it. Maybe if we all do, then those who are here for the right reasons will stay and the immature will either grow up or go away.
    I’m glad that my daughter’ story inspired you. She is an inspiration to me daily!

  5. LC says

    Butterfly please don’t take any thing personal because I have nothing against you I really don’t and in fact I read the post about your daughter and found it inspiring,

    its just Ella, Keirstin, &Elise’s Mommy has been lying about her children if you click on the pics on her blog then you will see that the pics are from 2007 any way it is just so sad that the good people on here have to leave because of it.

  6. says

    Oh, I thnk I get those two confused. Sorry. Same applies to Ella,Keirstin,&Elise’s Mommy. I don’t know what the lies are or any of that other stuff. Anyway, I am glad you are not going elsewhere because, aside from this conflict you seem to be having, I like your postings.

  7. LC says

    Butterfly i am not going elsewhere and i don’t know what you are on about because i am not on about kkk’s mommy i have nothing against her i think she is great in fact i am on about the liars on this blog who are driving people away there is no need for it

  8. says

    LC, Seems that you have two choices then:

    1. Go elsewhere

    2. Ignore it

    Bottom line is I have yet to see any recent postings from KKK”s mommy, but I have see many postings ranting about her.

  9. LC says

    Butterfly no it doesnt metter but when one person lies all the time and it makes people leave it is wrong and we are all sick of it i mean come on how many people have left now? two, three? and Ella,Keirstin,&Elise’s Mommy stop trying to get out of it because we know it is you.

  10. dori says

    And where the hell did you girls get the idea Chris Martin is controling ? He isn’t mentioned here at all and theres nothing in this article to suggest anything of the sort. Perhaps you are interjecting your own life into this story??

  11. dori says

    Hi Tia this website has changed All new bloggers and everyone I know is gone Webmistress posts 2 entries a week. It sucks!!!!

  12. says

    LC, Regardless of any comments posted on the same blog, I have NO idea who the Mommy or babies in question are. I simply stated that the twins looked like the same set…just my opinion…and here is another opinion



  13. layla says

    Eek mommy that blog isn’t your. But the twins names are elise kierstin and the little girl name is ella the husband name is jack. Just like your family btw. Zoe, Zara and Gracie mae’s mommy | March 24th, 2008 at 6:54 pm
    Ella’s Mommy the girls have got a play room so i don’t really see any toys around the but then chris is like a big kid and him and zara combined with the sports is a mess! i do miss them but it is a great time for me to bond with Gracie because with zoe i had post natal depression and i worry that i will have it again but it has been great

    83. Ella’s Mommy! | March 24th, 2008 at 9:16 pm
    We also have a playroom but the toys just travel everywhere!!! Ella’s room also has toys!! too many of them!My husband has more electronic toys!! How old is your hubby??

    84. moderator | March 25th, 2008 at 9:57 am
    #86 and #87 are in fact the same person.

    So stop pretending little girl.

  14. Apple says

    OMG so many liars on here!!!! Hmmmmmmm GET A LIFE (or lives because you have dual personalities)!!!

  15. Meg says

    Ok whatever Ella,Keirstin,&Elise’s Mommy
    The only thing I believe in your last post is about you not being LGG&S Mommy. Because so far she hasn’t bashed herself with the same screen name.

  16. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    LC that is not my blog! I have said that more then once. Im not pretending to be anybody. Also Im not Liam, Grayer, Gabriella, and Savannah’s Mommy , or Zoe, zara, and whatever her name is either.

  17. LC says

    Butterfly if you think the twins look like the same set then why did she have this comment on her blog.

    Eos Photography said…
    Please remove this image from your blog immediately. It is not yours; copyright is protected by U.S. federal laws.

    April 10, 2008 8:08 AM

  18. Liza says

    I don’t think Chris sounds controlling nor do I think the marriage sounds unhealthy.

    She’s speaking in the context of talking about him or their relationship to the press. He has a right to not want his name mentioned repeatedly in the press for something personal like his marriage.

    Talking to the press about your relationship is essentially the same as giving strangers information on your private life, and I can understand how some celebrities are very uneasy with that information given out.

    I’m sure Moses does have “New York friends”, a group of other little ones from the playground, a play group, or daycare. She took them all out for a fun dinner, I see nothing pretentious about that.

  19. Cheetah says

    “It evolved that way,” she explains, admitting she has been known to let her guard down, much to the disappointment of her husband of five years. “He gets furious if I say something about him.”

    That doesn’t sound like a healthy marriage.

  20. Cheetah says

    The kid is 4 years old, not the first who was named apple and wont be the last. Get over yourself now. We know the name is weird, and we know 99,99% of the world wouldn’t pick that name out. But its done, you cant change it, think of something new to pick on.

    This is getting annoying!

  21. Sara says

    I meant to say that I “wasn’t” talking about the article that was posted here on this site. Sorry typo.

  22. Sara says

    “I’m apologize if I don’t understand but exactly how does this make Chris Martin controlling?> and why would this article piss him off again? I must be out of the loop with this one…”

    I was responding to a previous poster who was talking about the British Glamour article in which Gwyneth said thtat Chris got furious with her once for talking about him to the press. I was talking about the article that was posted here on this site.

  23. says

    I’m apologize if I don’t understand but exactly how does this make Chris Martin controlling?> and why would this article piss him off again? I must be out of the loop with this one…

  24. Sara says

    “What I would like to say about that article, however, is how controlling it makes Chris Martin out to be. Maybe it’s just me?”

    It’s not just you. I thought the same thing when I read it. My second thought was that I bet he’s going to be even more pissed off this latest article.

  25. says

    What I would like to say about that article, however, is how controlling it makes Chris Martin out to be. Maybe it’s just me?

  26. says

    I think the “New York friends” remark was probably meant tongue-in-cheek or more for Paltrow since she has familyin the USA. An article on People: click my name for the whole thing…

    Gwyneth Paltrow: Break-Up Rumors Are ‘Ridiculous’

    Originally posted Wednesday April 09, 2008 03:15 PM EDT
    Photo by: Courtesy Glamour
    Gwyneth Paltrow calls the rumors concerning her marriage “ridiculous” – in fact, it’s her role as a wife and mom that gives her the most joy.

    “Having a family has made me feel whole,” Paltrow, 35, tells British Glamour in its May issue. “I used to always be searching and always lonely. I never feel like that any more.”

  27. says

    I like both sites. And there’s a place called Celebrity Moms that isn’t bad either. The major difference is you get to interact a whole lot more with other people (commenting on photos/articles).

  28. dori says

    ho hum this place is soooo boring the WM doesn’ t post news often and it’s not fun anymore want baby news ?? go Celebrity baby blog

  29. dori says

    this is a website for celebrity babies not a personal blog for you!!
    Please stop the personal blog links they are annoying ……. don’t care about you and your babies. So get over yourself and send your blogs to your friends.
    Gwenyth looks beautiful ….she’s a fine lady and a wonderful mother who is generous and thoughtful. Stop looking for the dirt on this family because there isn’t any. Can’t you accept that a couple is happy and there’s nothing more to it thatn that!

  30. says

    Apple and LC, what are you talking about? The link posted shows adorable children. The pictures of the twins look like the same set. Regardless, what does any of this have to do with Moses and Gwyneth?

  31. LC says

    Granny i didnt see that thanks for pointing it out and don’t you think the twins look different or is it just me?

  32. Granny says

    In the pictures the older girl (the last picture) doesn’t have pierced ears, but the younger girl picture ( the first) does. At that young age, if the ears are pierced, most moms keep the earrings in.

  33. Apple says

    Lc- Yeah your probably right! I don’t get why anyone would lie about their life!! I certainly wouldn’t!!!

  34. LC says

    Apple maybe she got them from the same site and the “twins” look totally different in all of the pics! it is so sad

  35. Lauren says

    I love Gwyneth’s hair like that. It makes her look more refreshed. ‘He loves guacamole.’ That’s so adorable! 😀

  36. Alex says

    i see that Ella, Kierstan and Elise’s Mommy hasnt been back since carleigh busted her and she has got a new pic on her blog and it is from 2007 ha try again and maybe try and get a pic from 2008

  37. Carolina says

    Her hair look just like Madonna.
    She’s her best friend, so she cut her hair just like her
    best friend.
    Soooooooooooooo original.

  38. Carolina says

    I aggre with you, like he has a social life already in N.Y.
    Please….He’s freaking 2 years old.

  39. Sadie says

    She is so pretentious. “…a dinner for his New York friends.” He’s two years old. Can’t she just talk about him like he’s a child, instead of trying to make it sound like he’s so sophisticated. I think it’s sad that instead of a fun birthday party he got a dinner at a resturant.

  40. Liza says

    Gwyneth and Chris Martin have made it a point to not be photographed together in public. She has stated this several times. She doesn’t feel that her private life should be part of her public persona. Of course the flip side of that is that people just start to assume that their relationship must not work at all because we don’t get to see photographs of them.

    As for Moses’ party. How cute! I know a lot of little ones that age who love guacomole.

  41. megs says

    They seem like such a neat little family – so much talent! I wonder what Apple and Moses will grow up to be…we will literally get to see how far the “apple” falls from the tree!

  42. Freya says

    Butterfly-Paltrow’s husband Chris Martin is the lead singer for the band ColdPlay. I think Gwyneth looks gorgeous and I like the fact that they had a normal family dinner/party and are waiting for Daddy to really celebrate. He probably was working on a record and people shouldn’t jump to conclusions about people they don’t know.

  43. Vic says

    Coldplay have just been voted the best band to fall asleep to, so Gwyneth’s probably staying away from him for fear of falling asleep herself and missing all these parties!!

  44. Sonic says

    The hubby never seems to be around…but he’ll have to be soon when baby #3 is wanted/needed.

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