Tiffani Thiessen & Husband Hoping To Get Pregnant Soon!

Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen says she’s not likely to be involved in the new Beverly Hills, 90210 spinoff – as she would like to focus on starting a family!

“We’re hoping to get pregnant soon,” Tiffani, 34, told People magazine Saturday at the Indy 500 warm-up party celebrating the Rubicon Race Team at pal Jason Priestley’s house.

Tiffani, who wed actor-artist Brady Smith in 2005, says she and her husband are “in talks” about having a child. “We’re very seriously talking about it.”

For Tiffani, it seems like the right time to expand her family. “We’ve been married for almost three years, so it’s time,” she said. “We wanted to be selfish with each other for a little while. We didn’t want to rush into it, but now we’re really, really wanting that.”

As for her timeframe, “Hopefully, within the year – maybe even sooner than that,” she said.

Asked if maybe she was already expecting, she laughed and replied, “No, I would tell you! I think it’s the pre-glow of wanting it to happen.”

In terms of the new 90210, Tiffani says she won’t be doing any guest appearances. “I wish them all the best, but it’s not something I will be a part of.”

Awwww… Good luck to Tiffani and Brady!



  1. Jessie says

    Yay! Aunt Becky will finally have her twin boys, Nicky and Alex! Haha, no, but I hope she has (a) healthy baby(s)! 😀

  2. boo says

    I know the feeling of being anxious to get pregnant when you are actively trying…. Lucky for me, Neither of the times I tried I had to wait very long ( just a few weeks both times we “tried”) So I hope she gets pregnant soon, It would be nice for her to have a late “2008” or early “2009” baby.

    Best of Luck Tiffani 😀 I’m Looking forward to a future announcement 😉

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