Gwyneth Paltrow & Mother At The Can-Do Awards

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow and mom Blythe Danner were snapped at the Can-Do Awards in NYC on April 7th. Gwyneth was honored for her commitment to hunger relief.



  1. Malorkis says

    HAHAHA!! Iluvmy2girlz-you’re comment was freaking hilarious. I liked it and probably would have said the same thing as an ode to sarcasm!!! 🙂

  2. Iluvmy2girlz says

    by the way, for future posts, Please keep my girls out of it! thank you! i’m a very good mom, and even though i can be a little sarcastic on here, i’m a very devoted mother, and i treat them very well!!! that’s all! thank you!

  3. says

    Harbinnna you are welcome, but if you read Iluvmy2girlz post right below mine, you will see that she agreed that giving you a bad time about the language barrier was uncool.

    What irritates me, or makes me sad as you put it, is anyone giving crap about a personal opinion. An opinion is kind of like…well…you know…both stink and there are plenty of the, but we each need and have a right to one.

    Anyway, don’t call Iluvmy2girlz rude because you started that one with calling her a mean hateful person and stating that you felt sorry for her children.

    I hope that we can all get over this now and enjoy future posts…k?

  4. Analise says

    Hunger Relief? When did she have time to do that? She spends most of her time socializing and insulting America

  5. Harbinnna says

    you is very rude. You talk this way to your 2 girlz? Let us hope not.

    thank you butterfuly You are kind woman. I am trying with this english. I have comes a long way. I am sory if i make you sad before.

  6. says

    You are welcome Iluvmy2girlz.

    Let’s lay off of Harbinna’s language barrier, okay?

    I want everyone to feel comfortable posting, don’t you?

    Language barrier is a remotely small thing in comparison to judgmental comments. it isn’t like we can’t decipher it.

  7. Zbella says

    #5 – I laughed. Some people are too touchy.

    Nice picture, I prefer her hair this way. Cute.

  8. says

    Since you appointed yourself the judge of character for luvmy2girlz, I was checking your qualifications. Age can represent the lie experience one has had.

  9. kim says

    Nina..I am 33 years old with 2 children. i was just trying to make a point that maybe she cant help it and lets just give her credit for what she is doing. people who are overweight get talked about and people who are underweight get talked about. its a lose-lose situation. noone is perfect.

  10. Nina says

    And Kim you are probably 16-25 when most girls
    CAN eat anything they want and stay active. Not in your thirties after two children. It takes some work 🙂

  11. Emily says

    I will always remember Blythe Danner from her episode of M*A*S*H (The More I See You)… even though I’m only 22. It was an amazing episode!!

  12. says

    Harbinnna, how old are you?

    Granted luvmy2girlz was a tad on the judgmental side by stating that Gwyneth should eat something…

    she could have said I THINK Gwyneth should eat something…

    regardless it had a tone of sarcasm to it and to say something in such a cruel way to a poster was an immature thing to do.

    Let’s try to disagree with each other in a respectful way. We each have a right to our opinion, but insults are not needed.

  13. luvmy2girlz says

    oh and Harbinna! Shame on YOU!! I’m a great, and commited mom, don’t judge me, you don’t know me! i’m not hateful! i have a right to my opinion here, just like everyone else!

  14. luvmy2girlz says

    geezzz!!! i was kidding!!! don’t cut my head off!! My oldest daughter also is very skinny (naturally) but she’s also a very picky eater! relax ladies, nothing against Gwyneth! LOL

  15. says

    Seriously, I never knew until now that that was her mom! How out of the loop is that… lol. I thought Gwenyth was always elegant and beautiful. She gets her class from her mom.

  16. kim says

    iluvmy2girlz…some people, i happen to be one of them, are skinny no matter what they eat. i eat whatever i want…my friends watch me pound the food and i look like a rail…and everytime i see someone i havent seen in awhile all i hear about is how skinny i am and dont i eat??? i gets annoying. so ya know what…good for gwenyth for for commitment to hunger relief. give her some credit instead of trying to find a way to put her down. something hopefully you will teach your 2girlz.

  17. Iluvmy2girlz says

    her commitment to hunger relief? Maybe she should relieve her own hunger and eat something!! her mom is beautiful! she’s OK, average i guess

  18. Nina says

    I know this sounds weird, but at first glance, doesn’t Gwenyth look like Mary-Kate or Ashley if they were cleaned up?

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