Jessica Alba's Baby Shower

Jessica Alba

Jessica’s friends and family threw her a baby shower at Ever After Teahouse in Studio City on Sunday.

About 35 guests attended the party, including Rashida Jones, Jaime King and Kim Kardashian, who told E! News her gift included “stuff from my store, Smooch.”

Guests began arriving at 1 p.m., and Jessica made her entrance at exactly 1:30, wearing a long black dress and black glasses, with her hair down. She was hustled in via a side entrance.

The shower took place outside, under white umbrellas. Lavender and white dominated the decor, and the soundtrack was definitely on the mellow side, featuring Buena Vista Social Club, Sade and light jazz.

The menu included white wine, lemonade, iced tea and coffee and an assortment of ice cream drinks; skewers of tiger shrimp and soft-pulled chicken; and for dessert, white and dark chocolate-dipped strawberries, mini doughnut varietals, mini custard tarts and mini eclairs.

Attendees received large turquoise goodie bags.

At 1:45 p.m., Jessica began unwrapping a stack of presents, including high-end strollers and cradles, and baskets full of Dr. Seuss books, rattles and clothes. Jessica also registered at Bel Bambini (where Christina Aguilera shopped), and received the Bloom Fresco High Chair from a friend.

Jessica Alba

She is decorating her nursery with organic products and got several items from Soleil Moon Frye’s eco-friendly store The Little Seed There was a giant white stuffed bunny and lots of flower bouquets.

Many of the clothes were a gender-neutral yellow or green; however, Jessica told guests she was expecting a girl in June.

Also, Jessica is reportedly planning to name her Honor – after one of the guests was spotted buying a charm bracelet spelling out the name while shopping for a baby shower gift.

As she exited, Rashida Jones told E! News, “It was fun. Great cupcakes.” Added Kim Kardashian: “It was awesome.”

Cash Warren arrived about an hour and a half after the party started, entering via back alley, and just in time to help carry away all the presents. 

Below Jessica was snapped leaving her baby shower.

Jessica Alba

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  1. Iluvmy2girlz says

    hey Habrina! we do no harm?? do you speak English? you have been making a lot of mistakes on here, what’s your first language?

  2. kim says

    and you ask what if it dosent work out? that can happen to couples who are married, then have children, are married for years and then they divorce. happens everyday. she is obviously more relaxed without the ties of marriage.

  3. kim says

    yes thats what im telling you. what do you mean it dosent make sense….that is how it happened. she has two kids with him…whether or not they were planned or not i dont know…i dont ask. my point is there are people on here saying whats wrong with your guy he dosent want to marry you…sometimes its not the guy who is scared of marriage.

  4. jen says

    Kim- that makes no sense. So, you’re telling me that she was bold enough to have kids with a man that she was too scared to marry? Having kids is also a life long commitment that will attach her to that man for the rest of her life. What if things didn’t work out?

  5. jen says

    Foxy- I’m sorry your wording made no sense. Maybe you typed too fast. Slow down and type your words so they are readable.

  6. Apple says

    Jessie- You are right I certainly wouldn’t wear black to a baby shower!! That is depressing!!

  7. Kate says

    Jessie- I was thinking the same thing! Hi my name is Kate Gosselin and I came on here to promote my show Jon & Kate plus 8! It is on Monday nights at 8:00 Central time!

  8. Jessie says

    Why would you wear black to a baby shower? I guess maybe because she wanted to look slimmer, but still. It’s a baby shower! People don’t care if you’re slim or not!

  9. kim says

    I have a friend who has been with a guy for years. they have two bio kids and two foster kids. they never got married until now. and guess what…he has wanted to get married to her for years, but she was the one who was scared. she has now finally realized they are going to spend the rest of their lives together and finally accepted his proposal this past valentines day (awwwww!)

  10. Foxy says

    jen- Tam nor anyone else said that there partners didnt want to get married it just hasnt happened yet, just because you arent married doesnt mean your partner doesnt have respect, you know nothing about anyone elses relationships.

    Im sure tam’s partner has repect and loves her and thier child, I knwo mine does just marriage has been a back burner to having our children, and doing up our home. We will get married but when we can have the wedding we want and pay for ity ourself

  11. nicola says

    I’m just saying that even though a guest bought a bracelet with “Honor” written on it, doesn’t mean that Jessica’s going to name her daughter that.

  12. Apple says

    My parents weren’t married when they had me, and it certainly wasn’t a world of love! I was born when they were 16 and 18 and my dad wanted to have an abortion but my mom didn’t want one so they got married when I was one and my dad became an achloholic and they divorced when I was 5, but now my step dad treats me like his own daughter!

  13. jen says

    Tam- have you ever thought about why he doesn’t want to marry you? Maybe he thinks that you’re not wife material. I would find that completely insulting if I were you. What, you’re good enough to shack up with but you’re not good enough to marry? He sure is milking you honey. I can assure you, he has no resepct for you.

  14. Freya says

    I’m married and have two little ones but I agree that you don’t have to be married to give a child a world of love.

  15. Foxy says

    she looks happy here, most pics shes a grump!

    Im not married although am planning to in the next few yrs and i have with my other half for over 6yrs and have a nearly 4yr old and nearly 3yr old and am thinking of having a 3rd.

    the only real reason id like to get married is so i have the same name as my child and dont get called mrs B when i have to say “no im miss actually” lol ooo and the presents lmao!!

  16. tam says

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 years and we have a 14 month old daughter, we are not married.

  17. Lauren says

    I believe that a child can be just as loved if their parents were married or unmarried. They’re in a committed relationship and just because it isn’t legal does not mean they won’t love their child any less.

    If the reports are true that Jess is having a girl, that kid will be beautiful. I love the name Honor too. Very girlie and cute.

  18. LC says

    yes Freya my friend name her baby Honora i like the name Honor it is a very sweet name and i agree she will be gorgeous

  19. says

    It depends upon your view of family, I suppose whether a person is married or not. I would hardly lessen the beautiful and sacred commuion of marriage by calling it simply a contract on a piece of paper. I am a single parent and I married my children’s father after my children were born. We were very committed and loved each other very much; however, marriage is a sacred partnership, not just a committed relationship and children deserve to be born into a marital union. That being said, Jessica’s ability as a mother is not strictly contigent on whether or not she is married, hence why I simply asked what has happened to having children after you get married. I made no remarks regarding Jessica’s ability as a mother. I am certain that she has the ability to love and nurture her child and she will be able to provide many things that I cannot provide to my children, but marriage is sacred and should have more value placed upon it than we do in this society.

  20. Freya says

    nicola-Honor is a legitimate name that many people have used for their little girls, as well as the name Honora.

    It sounds like it was a lovely baby shower and if it is a little girl she is going to be gorgeous!

  21. nicola says

    I doubt the name is Honor…it’s just like the words Believe, Hope, or Dream. It’s just a bracelet.

  22. says

    I agree with “me”, in that people need to get over it. They’re in a committed relationship, it’s not like they just met!
    On another note, Jessica is still not my favourite actress, and I think she’s in for a BIG wake up call when that baby comes….hopefully she’ll finally SEEM happy, considering she rarely does. I don’t think she needs to smile for the paps by any means, but she tends to appear grumpy all the time.

  23. me says

    Who the hell cares whether or not you are married ?! Geez, people, it ain’t a piece of paper that makes you qualified to be a parent. As long as you are happy together and committed, whether or not you are “married” on paper doesn’t matter.

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