Britain's Oldest Mother & Her Son

Patricia Rashbrook

Patricia Rashbrook

Britain’s oldest mother, Dr Patricia Rashbrook, was snapped out with her 20-month-old son, Jude.

Patricia, 64, carried Jude in a sling as they walked through her home town Lewes in East Sussex.

The boy appears to be thriving in the care of his mother – a child psychologist who was 62 when she gave birth in July 2006 – and his father John Farrant, 61, a higher education consultant.

Patricia received IVF treatment in Russia using a donor egg under the supervision of Italian fertility expert Professor Severino Antinori. She had been denied treatment in Britain, where most clinics have an upper age limit of 55.

Jude is adorable!



  1. kim says

    yeah im sure i over reacted. i was just stating opinions and you react like a child. now i see why so many people leave this this site.

  2. dori says

    Kim I stuill say your husband is a big jerk with a small dick because only men with sexual incompetecy need fancy cars LOL LOL LOL

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I remember being shocked about this when it first hit the news. I know it isn’t any of our business but I can’t help thinking that this couple are extremely selfish. I totally support IVF treatment – I think its an excellent advancement in medical treatment – but not at this age. There are so many reasons why I disagree with what they’ve done. Not only will Jude have to face losing his parents at a young age but how are they going to have the energy to look after him properly? When Jude is in his teens they’ll be in their 70’s! Mother nature wasn’t being a bitc h when she created menopause, its there for a reason!

    And I find the fact that she is a child psychologist ironic, clearly she didn’t learn that much about it!

  4. kim says

    hey dori…chill the heck out. no need to be calling my husband names. its his opinion and yes, even me and him argue over it because i agree with you is what i was saying. whether you do ivf or not it IS in gods hands to make it work though. he is scared of anything that is unnatural and thats his opinion. your phrase about gods hands is bs concerns me. oh and by the way, no horse and buggy…a bmw convertible, BABY!!!

  5. dori says

    #51 Your husband is a small minded man. Do you know how many young couples wouldn’t have children if it wasn’t for IVF? Some people need help
    Leave it in gods hands…what a bunch of BS… this is 2008 and thank god we have medical progress which enables women to have children .
    I suppose he pregfers a horse and buggy to his little sports car? What a dope.

  6. kim says

    my husband always says how IVF is not natural and things should be left in gods hands. but then i say, you can do IVF over and over and if god does not make it happen then its not meant to be. things happen for a reason and if god gave her this baby, im hoping gods plan is for these parents to be around long enough to raise him.

  7. dori says

    I beginning to see why my old friends are gone from this website. What a bunch of mean angry women blogging in here these days.

  8. CTBmom says

    Wow. I don’t think it was fair of these two people to bring this child into the world at their age, but that is just my opinion. I am 38, and while I would love to adopt another baby, I have not started the process because I feel I’m on the border of being to old (for me….I’m not sure I want to be in my late 50’s with a teenager) and the fact that my son is going to be 11 years-old at the end of the month, so there would be a huge age gap. I mean, to each his own, but I just think that women go through menapause for a reason. I do pray that this couple have a long healthy life, so this little guy is orphaned before he’s grown.

  9. Malorkis says

    My parents had me at 41 and now they are in their 70’s, I always wished for younger parents that could do the things that other parents could… I love them dearly but now at the age of 29, I feel I am stuck taking care of them. It is unfair to put a child in that situation and I think this woman is very selfish to have put that kind of burden on her young son.

    I believe more than ever that there is an over population of people in the world and the thought of eugenics comes to mind… People should have a license to bear children! There are some people in the world who should NOT procreate!

  10. Anon says


    To a degree, you are right. My brothers are raised much differently than we older kids were.

    My dad has really bad arthritis though. He cannot get out and physically participate with my brothers. My step-mom isn’t too terribly far behind.

  11. Liza says

    Actually I’m not assuming they won’t. It would be great if they did, cause in all likelihood, this little boy will need it at sometime, and if it can be family that care for him, all the better.

    My point was that you said that his 4 siblings will take care of him when his parents can’t is a given, and it is absolutely not a given. There isn’t even any information on what those 4 siblings think of their brother.

  12. dori says

    #41 Liza And your assuming they wouldn’t help. People live well into their 80’s today. His folks will be around a long time yet.
    I just don’t know how they’ll have the energy. I had my 1 year old grandson over for 4 hours and was totally wiped out and I’m 57.

  13. r says

    I personally don’t see the problem with this. My dad was almost 50 when I was born, and I never suffered as a child. Granted, this woman was a bit older, and my own mother was only 33. Still, I see absolutely no problem – people might make fun of him, but they are just ignorant, and as long as the parents love him, I think its absolutely fine.

  14. Granny says

    Right or wrong at their age, I’m not certain. But I’m 53 and just took my 3 year old grandson home and I need a nap. I couldn’t do it at their age.

  15. Liza says

    You’re assuming that the mother’s adult children will be willing to care for a small child if the parents should pass away or otherwise be unable to care for him.

    Last year, a woman here in the U.S. gave birth to twins, I believe she was around the same age. The couples adult children told their parents that they did not support their decision and would not be alternate caregivers for the children if something should happen. So let’s not assume.

    Anon, I don’t think the way your father and step-mother parent the child is due to age, I think it’s due to their parenting style. While 54 and 49 are a bit older than most parents, it’s still within the normal range for having a 9 and 7 year old. Too bad they don’t seem interested in being involved in their kids lives.

    I think concerns should go beyond whether or not the kid is loved. A 15 year old single mother living on welfare may love her kid just as much, but we would all have valid concerns about her ability provide effective parenting. This child MAY be facing a life without active parents or without parents at all, regardless of how loved he may be.

  16. Christine says

    Wow my grandmother is going to be 79 this Dec and she looks about 20 years younger than this woman.
    But anyway as long as the boy is loved and cared for that’s all that matters. Age is just a number.

  17. says

    #38 that is sad that your parents are out of touch, but that can happen at any age. What a marvelous blessing of service you must be to your brothers. I am sure that as you grow older, the credit will mean less to you and your memories will be special. Instead of discipline, just strive to be a good example to them. Children respond well to nurturance and patience.

  18. Anon says

    Just my 2 cents but…

    I was the youngest. Then my father re-married. I now have 2 little brothers who are 9 & 7. My dad is 54 and my step-mom is 49. While I can understand their reasoning for having my brothers, I have a great deal of pity for my brothers. I am like a second mother to them. My parents are always busy working to try to support them (instead of working towards retiring). When they are not working, they are usually “napping”. It’s very sad. A good majority of the time, I have my brothers with me when I am running errands, so most people think I have 5 children. Some days, I think I do.

    In a sense, I am raising my brothers, but I am not allowed to discipline them and I get no credit for it either.

    Also, my parents are seriously out of touch with what my brothers are into…

  19. meg says

    Jude’s mother seems more
    care giving than Britney Spears ….

  20. dori says

    Poor Jude poor this poor that
    he has 2 loving parents and a nuturing home. He is a beautiful child and will never be alone because he has 4 siblings that will love and nuture him until he is very old.

  21. says

    My children lost their father when they were 2 and 5. My late husband passed at age 28. My son has no memories of his father. I understand the possible predicament that Jude may face. Still, I fully support the right that Jude’s parents have to make the decision that they did. So far we have posted concerns, but how about some blessings that Jude may face:

    Age brings a certain wisdom that can be passed on to Jude. Many parents don’t enjoy their children as much as they should. I think this couple will truly enjoy Jude and instead of trying to raise him to be what they want him to be, they will encourage him to be the best person that he can be.

  22. Rijay says

    Well, to answer someone’s question about when the little boy will start taking care of his parents…
    Let’s see: When he’s 10, his mother will be 74.
    He could very well be taking care of her when he’s 10 or be orphaned. Poor kid.

  23. Mara says

    No opinion on the deed it’s done! Totally agree with # 22 The parents look like great grandparents. Seriously, grandparents are not that old looking these days. Maybe having the baby aged them. Most people in their 60’s look pretty good these days and not just celebrities.

  24. BiggggBlomba says

    what a gorgeous little boy. And how sad he will be left parentless at such an early age. Who cares if they make provisions for him, the point is they, the parents, will be gone. And that’s what matters.

  25. Liza says

    I fully support using fertility treatments to conceive, but no woman her age can naturally conceive a child. That is nature’s design for a reason.

    There is also a reason why in the U.S., the UK, and most of Europe that fertility treatments are not available to people of this age. Apparently some countries, like Russia and SA, have a more unregulated system that allows this.

    This is not a choice between an older set of parents who can provide and a younger set that can’t, or an older set that are nurturing and caring or a younger set that can’t. People have to question whether this is in the best interest of the child, and maybe it’s not in this case.

    Butterfly, assuming the story of Abraham and Sarah is true, and that’s a big “if” in my opinion, it was by divine rule, not nature. She didn’t just suddenly conceive at an old age, god commanded it to be true.

  26. lola says

    what works for them may not work for some of us. DOnt be so quick to judge people! As for the mom, she looks older than 64 to me. Wow!

  27. gina says

    menopause is there for a reason!!!! i have sympathy for this child to have such selfish parents

  28. says

    That is sad! This baby will not get to know his parents….really at all! About time he come around to getting mature, and old enough to really appreciate what his parents were trying to tell him..they won’t be!

    Can you imagine running around with your 20 year old, and you are 80?

  29. Kay says

    I think age is irrelevant to bearing children. If you are still capable of bearing them and your doctor says you are healthy then go ahead.
    I’m not sure why people think that you have to be young to have children.

  30. Julie says

    Yes, this seems unconventional. We all know the argument about when he’s such and such age, his parents will be such and such age. However, this couple wanted a child, as many couples do, and they got their miracle. As for the boy, these are the only parents he will know. He will love them, and they will love him back. He will know, not too many years from now, that mom and dad won’t be around as long as some other parents are. Again, that’s all he will know. He’ll see his friends with younger parents, yes, but is that wrong? I have two year olds and I’m 30, my husband is 32. Who’s to say that the two of us won’t be killed in some freak car accident, leaving our children without parents? They, of course, will be taken care of, and I’m sure these parents have plans for their child’s care in the event something happens to them. What about the child of a single parent? He or she will see many of their friends who have 2 parents. Or the child of a same sex couple. There will be questions and answers, there will always be something that a child will tease another child about. This should be (but clearly isn’t) a non issue. It’s nobody’s business how old a parent or parents are when they have a child. It’s the love and nurturing that matters.

  31. Lauren says

    Wow, this is actually really selfish of his parents. They surely weren’t thinking of Jude when they decided to have him. Especially since she has 4 other kids, imagine how this makes them feel.

  32. chloe says

    Good for them. There are plenty of so-called young parents who are horrible parents and should never have been parents. At least this boy was wanted, his parents are educated, well-off and can provide him with a great life. I would rather as a child get a little less time with my parents but had a wonderful experience with them then spend a lifetime with crappy parents.

  33. says

    Vic, I cannot place myself in either camp. I would never ever do what they did AND I am not them. It is wrong for me to judge their decision because I am not them and I do not know what they were thinking, feeling or doing. I certainly do not support this decision, but I do support their right to make the decision.

  34. Cheetah says

    I cannot help it, this is insane! The little boy is a victim of insanity! What idiot gives a 61 year old a IVF? My son is one month younger than this boy and my 55 year old mom *his grand mom* finds it hard and exhausting to be with him 24 hours a day. This little man will be “alone” at a very young age for sure. Off course it can happen to my boy too, i could die because of a car accident, but this is a given.

    I would say. Arrest the doctor who agreed to do this!

  35. Vic says

    Tam- This is her 4th child but her husbands first. She received a donor egg at the Russian clinic as her periods were long over.

  36. Vic says

    ‘Abraham & Sarah’? Oh please…give me a break!!!
    I feel for this boy who will be growing up with parents who look more like his grandparents. Children can be very cruel, and he’s going to have to endure an awful lot of teasing about this fact. Might sound trivial but the mental scarring and resentment from this could be pretty harmful.
    Though they say they’re healthy (not looking as healthy now than they did pre baby I might add!!) they’re still in their 60’s, and realistically this gorgeous boy will be left an orphan prematurely. How’s he going to feel about that when he’s say, 20? getting married? 30? becoming a father?
    Of course this is just my opinion and you obviously feel differently but I thought I should justify my first comment. When this story was first made public, there were many discussions in the UK over whether this was right or wrong, and it appeared to be a 50/50 split. No prizes for guessing which camp I’m on!!

  37. tam says

    If she still had her period, why would it be wrong for her to get pregnant? she just did it later then others… maybe it was never the right time for her before that..

  38. tam says

    I just think its sad that he will lose his parents when hes not even that old.. they won’t even be around the be grandparents..

  39. Danica says

    He’s cute…he looks like Jayden James! Anyway…I don’t see a problem with older people having kids. As long as they take care of themselves and try to live a long time for their children, then more power to them!

  40. says

    Very good looking little man. Mom looks a little haggard, but seems to be holding up. When Jude turns 18, his mom will be turning 80. I wonder at what age, Jude will start taking care of his parents instead of the other way around? A little sad, but should make for a compassionate young man.

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