1. Sadie says

    “I’m sure Dean spends ample amount of time with his other son. ”

    Seeing as how you don’t actually know Tori or Dean I don’t think you can be sure that he spends ample time with his son. It never ceases to amaze me how some people will try to defend a celebrity that someone else has a problem with by claiming to have knowledge of their lives that they couldn’t possibly have.

  2. Jessie says

    The sad thing is… I think she is wearing a bra…

    Anyways, I don’t think Dean looks like he needs a bath. I think this is a good picture of the family. It’s cute, Liam is adorable!

  3. Harbinnna says

    you can say what you want. I say they love eachothers very much.. Look at how they look to eachothers face. bellissimo!

  4. Iluvmy2girlz says

    i agree with crayola! are all you ppl blind?? she’s not cute!! the baby is cute, whatever!! but she looks g-r-o-s-s!! she needs a bra!

  5. crayola says

    sorry, tori is just plain nasty looking. i look at her and i get the urge to barf. & where do u get cute from. MY ASS IS CUTER. oh no he should’nt even let her out of the house without a bag on her head.

  6. BELLA says


  7. Foxy says

    how do you know deans other childs mother let him see the child? i know plenty of people who refuse to let the dad see thier children because of them moving on e.t.c
    my hubbys ex did it to us, we had our son she thought ooo ill hurt S by not letting him see B. It happens some mothers are cows and use thier children as weapons!!

    these are a cute family, tori has a cute bump!

  8. says

    I love Tori and her family; her little boy is so cute.
    Tori did such a great job of getting back in shape after his birth….I was envious!

  9. Granny says

    True about the adoption. Dean left while the adoption was in process. So he opted out, but his exwife still chose to have the child as her own. Guess he didn’t want any responsibility for the little girl.

  10. Lauren says

    Liam is so cute. I’m sure Dean spends ample amount of time with his other son. When they had Liam’s first birthday party, Tori said he was there spending time with his brother. I just watched E! True Hollywood Story of Tori. She seems awesome.

  11. N says

    Actually he did not adopt the child his ex-wife did. There are pictures out there with his other son…. This website isn’t that great with updates.

  12. annie says

    Actually its other children. He and his first wife also adopted a daughter from China. He’s such a winner!!!

  13. says

    I wonder how often Dean sees his other child? I have to say that I’ve warmed up to Tori since her show aired, and she is pretty likeable, I just feel sorry for Dean’s other son, who probably sees shots like this and wonders why he was never there. We never see them with him.

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