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    i envy Vanessa Williams eyes, they are very beautiful~,:

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    Vanessa Williams have very beautiful eyes, i love those eyes”;.

  • Peppers

    To Bella, no they’re not from all different dads. Melanie, Jillian and Devin are from her ex-husband Ramon Hervey and Sasha is from her ex-husband, retired basketball player Rick Fox. Gorgeous family.

  • http://www.littledaisies.net Nina

    Wow, absolutely beautiful.

  • BiggggBlomba

    They all irk me

  • mayra sanchez

    hola kimora,me encanta esta actriz,es una digana representacion de la mujer afroamericana estadounidense,que pudo cometer errores,como cualquier persona joven.
    pero es una mujer fuerte y una madre ejemplar para sus hijos.
    bayyyyyyyyyyy un beso para las chiuquillas



  • Lauren

    Wow, Vanessa has a gorgeous family. She looks amazing!

  • sharrie

    what a beautiful family…..

  • boo

    Your Welcome WM, I figured it was a typo and just thought I’d let you know… No Biggie :)

  • kim

    photoshop and botox…she has never hid the fact that she loves her botox.

  • Jane

    Looks like Vanessa had a little something injected into your upper lip. It looks a little too full.

  • Daze

    Her baby girl is the only one who got her mom’s pretty blue eyes, isn’t she? Vanessa favors her own beautiful mother, who also looks fantastic for her age.

  • Saffy

    It’s called photoshop starlooks ;) But I have to agree, Vanessa is a gorgeous woman!

  • http://www.starlooksboutique.com Starlooks

    (even her neck doesn’t have any wrinkles)… lol

  • http://www.starlooksboutique.com Starlooks

    I wonder what her trick is, with the no wrinkles thing? Anyone know?

  • kim

    She is beautiful, but not one single wrinkle on her face…Im getting jealous.

  • tam

    vanessa is way prettier then her daughters.

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    Thanks for the link love! The gesture was much appreciated. :)

  • http://urbanmommy-lia.blogspot.com Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy

    Yes, I was going to say…there’s no way that little guy is three years younger than me!! An exceptionally gorgeous family.

  • Administrator

    Thank you for the correction Boo! It was a typing error!

  • makenzie

    Beautiful family.

  • boo

    Correction WM- The son was born in 1993….. I don’t think he looks 24, do you??? lol

    Vanessa is a Beautiful Woman and amazing Actress and she has a gorgeous family to!!

    Love her in U g l y Betty, can’t wait for New Episodes to start :D

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Sugar Walls

    This is my ROLE MODEL..besides my mother!

    We share the same B DAY, and Happy B day to us! She is a beauty, and her kids are sooo adorable! Happy belated b day to:

    Queen Latifah
    Vanessa Williams
    Irene Cara
    Adam Lavine
    Wilson Pickett
    and all of the other celebs that were born on March 18th!

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    Wow I didn’t know she had that many kids! Hey you guys check out our site!

  • Kay

    The woman may be down to earth but she’s heavenly looking!

  • Rijay

    Beautiful picture. But you know, Vanessa’s prettier than her daughters.

  • Meg

    Beautiful family