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Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams, 44, was photographed with her children; Sasha, 7, Jillian, (born in 1989) Melanie, (born in 1987) and Devin (born in 1993) and her mother, Helen Williams, for the May issue of Ebony magazine.



  1. Peppers says

    To Bella, no they’re not from all different dads. Melanie, Jillian and Devin are from her ex-husband Ramon Hervey and Sasha is from her ex-husband, retired basketball player Rick Fox. Gorgeous family.

  2. mayra sanchez says

    hola kimora,me encanta esta actriz,es una digana representacion de la mujer afroamericana estadounidense,que pudo cometer errores,como cualquier persona joven.
    pero es una mujer fuerte y una madre ejemplar para sus hijos.
    bayyyyyyyyyyy un beso para las chiuquillas

  3. Jane says

    Looks like Vanessa had a little something injected into your upper lip. It looks a little too full.

  4. Daze says

    Her baby girl is the only one who got her mom’s pretty blue eyes, isn’t she? Vanessa favors her own beautiful mother, who also looks fantastic for her age.

  5. boo says

    Correction WM- The son was born in 1993….. I don’t think he looks 24, do you??? lol

    Vanessa is a Beautiful Woman and amazing Actress and she has a gorgeous family to!!

    Love her in U g l y Betty, can’t wait for New Episodes to start 😀

  6. says

    This is my ROLE MODEL..besides my mother!

    We share the same B DAY, and Happy B day to us! She is a beauty, and her kids are sooo adorable! Happy belated b day to:

    Queen Latifah
    Vanessa Williams
    Irene Cara
    Adam Lavine
    Wilson Pickett
    and all of the other celebs that were born on March 18th!

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