1. says

    i think that naming boy babies girl names and calling girl babies boy names are the latest trend

    my neighbor named her daugther cayden rose and she is 7montths pregnant with a boy named witney charles

  2. says

    This just sort of confirms my suspicions that they either wanted a boy or just didn’t know what to call this one. I wasn’t crazy about Poet’s name…but it beats the pants off Jagger for a girl. (I actually think Jagger would have been fun and trendy for a boy.)

  3. Beth says

    Very cute baby-the name should be feminine and is the complete antithesis of Poet..which is flowing and feminine.
    You don’t think of pink and frills with Jagger as a name do you?

  4. says

    I agree that her first daughter’s name is particularly feminine and this one’s name is much more masculine. Either way they are unique, and it’s not the first time I’ve heard Jagger for a girl. Poet is adorable : )

  5. coco says

    in the big pic she looks like a man, i dont think her hair does anything for her!!

  6. Danica says

    Cute baby, bad name! But it is just a name though…if the little girl hates it she can always change it when she is older. Poet Sienna Rose is a pretty and feminine name, so I am surprised Soleil chose Jagger for this baby.

  7. says

    I loved loved loved Punky Brewster! I actually like boy names for girls, although Joseph is not a name that I would choose for a girl, it’s has sentimental meaning for her so I can understand it.

  8. YourMom says

    Alright TMZ. What a load I must say. Her good friend, “Sabrina” *chuckles* took her baby to a mommy and baby event but you gave her crap. Now here is a washed up “Punky” selling her babies pics for some cash and you have nothing to say??? Morons.

  9. says

    Now this is a beautiful baby! I loved the show Punky Brewster…it was so much fun…in the interview she says they chose Jagger because it is a unisex name…since when? I don’t think naming a daughter Joseph is any more strange that calling a girl Danny or Charlie…and I love those names!!! The three names do sound really nice together, but I automatically think boy when I read or hear them. Regardless, absolutely beautiful baby, congratulations!!!

  10. says

    I guess celebrities are desperate for originality or something. I mean, Jagger for a girl? Anyway, beautiful baby though… I like that little foot stickin’ out!

  11. Jessie says

    Before I read the big pink letters, “Baby Girl” I thought she had a boy! Every part of that name is manly to me, but it’s unique. Just my opinion, not at all an insult.

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