Les Dennis & Expectant Fiancée At Book Launch In London

Les Dennis 

Les Dennis

TV comic Les Dennis, 53, and his fiancée Claire Nicholson, 38, were snapped attending his book launch in London last night. The couple are expecting a daughter within weeks, 26 years after he had his son, Philip, by his first wife Lynne.

The former Family Fortunes host recently said he was “delighted” at their impending arrival, adding: “Now I’ll have one of each!”

“Bringing up a little girl will be a different experience for me. As an older, established dad, I won’t be off chasing my career like I did when Phillip was born,” he told Hello! magazine. Dennis says life coach Claire, whom he has been with for two years, is like a breath of fresh air. “It’s all ‘me me me’ in this business, but she keeps me grounded. I go to work as Les Dennis but come home as the real me: Leslie Hestletine.”

Claire’s outfit is adorable!



  1. Meg says

    um I don’t know if I can. I just saw a picture book of the kids and on the bottom it said her kids names. You can go on shutterfly.com and look for it. It’s under the community link.

  2. Apple says

    Meg- Just wondering can you post a link to it?? I want to see her blog and comment SHE HAS NO LIFE!!! Haha!!!

  3. Meg says

    I have an account on shutterfly.com, and guess who also has one. Liam,Grayer, Gabriella, and Savannah’s Mommy!
    She probaly is just faking, but isn’t that weird.

  4. papa to 7 says

    Hannah and i also said that “well thats what she told me any way” you dont know my ex wife ok she is a pshyco she once told me that Darcy was dying when i was with my dad who was sick at the time just so she could get me home.

  5. Apple says

    I can post on here if I want to I have just as amount of right as anyone else does! It is not like it says Babyrazzi for people over 20!!! Wee Whatever I can post if I want! leave me alone!

  6. Meg says

    122. Just let them fight there own battle. Don’t get into it. Your foolish even to comment on what Hannah thinks. She will just make remarks about you.

  7. Smellafool says

    Uh huh Hannah your messed up! Big time, my power to the man that steps up to the plate. God knows so many don’t even when they’ve married, so I am so sorry you are sore your man doesn’t pull the weight huh?!? You make it what you want it to be. The priority is on you not him, pony up!!!

  8. Apple says

    Hah with all this bickering I never posted on the story!!! Congrats to them she is beautiful!!

  9. Hannah says

    Papa to 7 didn’t you say Darcy was ten months old? You then said your wife left when Darcy was 5 months old. So if she was four months pregnant. Then she got pregnant when she was already moved out. Your story isn’t making sense.

  10. LC says

    i’m with dannii on this one Hannah you have no proof as far as im concerned papa to 7 hasnt done any thing wrong (yet) but if he is fake then we will soon find out just leave him alone and Apple she is only 13 and your picking on her! just back off Hannah

  11. dannii says

    i aint getting involved but hannah i think you should wait till u got proof before u start having ago at people saying their fake and telling them to get off the site! if they are fake there will be fake pics up soon as thats the way it always seems to go!

  12. Apple says

    I was just putting that stuff to show that we could post whatever we want!!! Just please leave me alone or atleast just be nice to me? I am sorry!!

  13. Apple says

    I swear to you I am not lying that is my crazy mixed up family!!! So I am always helping out my mom and babysitting and I already get yelled at enough and I don’t need it from you!!! Papa to 7- How far along is your ex? If you don’t mind me asking!!

  14. Hannah says

    Yes I did call you fake Apple, but I was talking to papa to 7 about writing things about his family. I guess you want to follow in his footsteps and post nonsense about your family.

  15. Apple says

    Hannah- You did call me fake! I am not fake and people can put whatever they want on here!!! I will put some of my family info I am 13 named Nora, My parents divorced when i was 5 my mom remarried a guy named jeff when I was 9 and they have 4 kids named Aiden 3 Riley 2 Kyle 15 months and Rebecca (becca) 2 months old!! Oh and I haven’t seen my dad scince the divorce!

  16. papa to 7 says

    look Hannah i can undersand that but if you look back at the comment’s then you can see why i told people about myself if you don’t want me on here then i will stop posting on here

  17. Hannah says

    You should look in the mirror papa of 7. You type like a little kid. Im not going away, you fakers should go away!

  18. papa to 7 says

    you are just making your self look dumb just by picking on random people you don’t know at all so just go away

  19. Hannah says

    Papa of 7 Im just sick of all the fakers on this site. Your story sounds fake about your family. Just don’t tell the entire site about your life story and maybe you won’t get blamed for anything.

  20. Hannah says

    Im not talking about you making up stories about having kids Apple. Im talking about papa to 7.

  21. Hannah says

    How am I fake. Im not claiming to have kids that aren’t mine. Im also not making up dumb stories about how my spouse left me.

  22. Hannah says

    Lots of people claim there family is 100% real on this site.
    You spell SPELLING with two LL not ii.

  23. Apple says

    OMG!! All I said was people make mistakes and know I am fake??? You really need to get a life!!! Maybe you are fake!! Papa to 7- just ignore her she is obviously just trying to start a fight on here!!!

  24. papa to 7 says

    i’m so sorry i spelled something wrong geez i didn’t know speiing was such a big thing on this site and how do you know i made up stories my family, my family is 100% real thank you very much

  25. Apple says

    Hannah- everyone spells something wrong! Making mistakes is a part of life even if you are educated!!

  26. Hannah says

    You make up stories about your family. Just to fit in

    You spelt WHOLE wrong. You spelled it HOLE

  27. Hannah says

    You just post things that a bunch of fakers would post.
    On your post #78, you spelled Whole wrong. Are you not educated.

  28. Apple says

    Yes you really didn’t We were supposed to leave for my brothers party, but my mom is having trouble getting all 4 little kids ready!! Haehe I should go help her!!

  29. papa to 7 says

    Apple don’t be she left 7 wonderful kids and she is going to have a very sad lonely life and that is her fault and i’m happier now then i ever was but thanks anyway

  30. Apple says

    LC- Yes I don’t understand why anyone would do that I know My mom and I are always very busy because I am the oldest and I have alot of responsibilities!!! Papa to 7- Wow you sure do have your hands full!! 2teens- Yes I was thinking the same thing!! Lola- I hope he isn’t lying, their has just been too much of that lately!!

  31. papa to 7 says

    2teens and LC well what happand was she walked out when Darcy was five months old then she got her own place and everything and then told me she was pregnant again and she said she wanted to get rid of it and i said is the baby mine and she said sure it is so i was like well if the baby is mine you aint getting rid but i want an dna test done when the baby is born sorry i should of told you the hole story

  32. 2teens says

    ^^ didn’t you say that their mom gets weekly visits? I assumed that meant that you two are divorced and that you have custody of the children. I am just wondering how it is that she’s pregnant again with your baby. Maybe I have misunderstood the situation?

  33. LC says

    papa to 7- gosh you have got a lot on your plate and she is preggers again but it thought you said you two are not together any more?

    Apple- i was the same with my kids now they are i bit older i come on here from time to time but not all the time any one who has got kids know that they need your full attention they are just liars and they are not welcome on this site thet are driving good people away

  34. papa to 7 says

    Apple my eldest Sasha 12, jack 8, Charlie 7, Sophie 5, Emily 3 ,Harry 2 and my youngest Darcy is 10 months old oh and she is pregnant again!

  35. Apple says

    papa to 7- what are your kids names?? Lc- I know when my mom had my little sister she was so busy with us all she barely had time to take care of herself let alone go on the computer!!

  36. LC says

    yes i agree if they are mothers then worry about your kids don’t come on here and lie yes it is ok to come on here and talk to people that is fine but what is the point why pick on people thats what i want to know.
    Ella,Keirstin,&Elise’s Mommy said she had new born twins when my kids were born i was 100% with them not on the net

  37. dannii says

    thanks LC they just need to grow up they reckon their all mums and that they need to worry about their kids instead of wonderin who to pick on next! people these days! lol

  38. dannii says

    ino the cheek of it and then to start slagging me off! pffft lol o well im over it and ready for the next pshyco to come along seen as their seems to be a few on here!! lol

  39. dannii says

    lc go on the expectant jamie lynn and casey aldridge thread its all on there lol that womans a pshyco!!

  40. Apple says

    No not at all everyone has a right to post on here!!! Sorry I jumped to conclusions I didn’t know your situation!!!

  41. papa to 7 says

    that’s true it is a bit weird that im a man on a blog that woman mostly post on but i just thought i would cheek it out thats all and yes i do have a lot of kids but they are with their mom today (she gets weekly visits) sorry if you don’t want me on here then i won’t post on here

  42. Apple says

    Well I am just saying 7 kids that is alot!!! and mostly only girls post on here and wouldn’t you be busy with your kids instead of on the computer??

  43. Apple says

    Yes my real name is Nora, but everyone calls me Apple!! Papa to 7 no ofense but you kind of sound fake to me!

  44. Apple says

    Wow I am only 13 and more mature than some of you!! Why in the world would someone make up being a mom???? They must really have no life!! To all of you people that have been on here for along time don’t let these fakes drag you down!!!!

  45. LC says

    wow so much going on here i was going to use lucy and Calum’s mommy for my name but i used “LC” instead and i’m glad i did now i can’t belive people would lie like that and i can’t belive people are being driven away like this it is wrong and i agree with jess just ingnore her this is what she wants is for people to leave and i think we all owe carleigh our thanks for spotting it THANK YOU CARLEIGH! 🙂

  46. dannii says

    freya i also had an encounter with ‘morgan’ she really does need to get a life! but its sad that some people feel they have to leave because of these idiots! all the best to you all but you shouldn’t let them drive you off! they need help!

  47. Jess says

    45. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise’s Mommy! | April 5th, 2008 at 3:48 pm
    OMG!!! I am not number 35 and thoose are not my kids and that is not my blog!!!! My imposter this isn’t funny!!!
    STOP lying for god’s sake you have been caught out you can’t hide behinde it and say it aint your blog, i hope you are happy for what you have done two people have left because of YOU.
    right we all know you is doing it now if we just all ignore her and stop giving her attention because that is what she wants then maybe she will go away instead of the good people on this site.

  48. Freya says

    Wow…lots of drama. I’m fairly new here so I don’t know who’s who but we all know I had an encounter on here with ‘morgan’. I don’t understand the need to lie about who you are. I have two children, and I have had two c-sections. One was an emergency, and the second one was elective/necessary because I had a severe internal infection after the first, and I opted to have one the second time because I went into labour six weeks early with my son and just wanted him out and in the NICU to make sure he was okay. Some doctors will tell you a VBAC is okay after previous c-sections, while others will be completely against it. I’m not defending the obvious fakes on here, but not all people who have had VBACS are liars…

  49. Tia :) says


    You are a sweetheart…I will pop in from time to time..it just makes me angry that the WM doesnt even try and clean up this site!! It used to be so fun coming here and talking to the moms, now all of these crazy people are coming out of the mist…i think i’ll just lay low for a bit, comment on some of the pictures…and say hi to you guys from time to time, but until this site is cleaned up a bit, i cant see me coming here all the time like i have for the past year and a half.

    I’ll be back!


  50. carleigh says

    To all the real ladies on here…I’ve enjoyed blogging with each and every one of you. Tia, Oriana, Kelly, Tia, KKK’s Mom (Lia), Boo, etc, etc…you are all great fun to blog with, and we have had some really nice and then not-so-nice people pop up on here recently.

    I don’t feel good about busting out Ella, Keirstin and Elise’s Mommy, but I had no choice because she was outright lying to all of us and insulting our intelligence. I hated to be the bearer of bad news so to speak, but it’s better to know the genuine people on here then the constant fakes who are posers, liars and mentally imbalanced. I am not sure if it was one person or more than one, but I hope this was enough to discourage whomever it was, from doing it again.

    Tia, I wish you wouldn’t leave because you are a vital part of this site and you would be missed along with so many others that have defected. It’s time we regulars took back our site and ignored all the ignorant, lying BS that has been perpetuated here in recent weeks!!! If we banned together and ignore it……….it’s not going to continue because it’s quite obvious the person doing this is doing it purely for attention. I don’t know why anyone would feel the need to “pose” as a mother with kids just to talk to people over a blog, but it is pretty sad if you think about it……they went to such great lengths to “Fit In” persay….this person/persons has all my pity!!

    I am going to continue sticking around here and I hope others will too, it’s not going to be the same if you all leave and in the end it’s just letting them get their way! They want to drive us away because to them it signifies some kind of sick victory. We are here by choice and because we want to be…but, if you do go…I wish you the best and want to let you know you will be missed!

  51. Jess says

    Tia i know i didnt know you but i wish you all the best in the world and good lick with the baby we will all miss you 🙂

  52. Tia :) says

    2teens, i’ll drop in from time to time to say hi…but as for now, i cant deal with this site…it is amazing

    you better now be talking about me 44…iv been here for about a year and these ladies know me.

  53. dannii says

    AJ what u talking about? thats my experience with my 3 children my 1st was breech my 2nd was supposed to be a natural birth but my cervix wasn’t softening and they said i would of gone overdue, induced and very long labour and prob would of ended up having emergency c-section so they gave me an elective c-section instead then 3rd i didnt have a choice and i was sterelised at the same time because it’s not recommended that you have more than 3 c-sections because you are very high risk! and im also studying midwifery at uni so why u trying to make out i’m chatting bull??!!

  54. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    OMG!!! I am not number 35 and thoose are not my kids and that is not my blog!!!! My imposter this isn’t funny!!!

  55. says

    YOU KNOW WHAT? It’s GOOD to drive off the fakes–it helps protect everyone else who is REAL 🙂 And to be lied to like that is just wrong. Posing as someone you’re not won’t make you any true friends. That’s my 2 cents.

  56. 2teens says

    Awww, don’t let them drive you off Tia! I’m going to miss you but maybe I will join in at Hellorazzi.

  57. Tia :) says

    To all of my friends on here…you all have been great…but im going to take a break for now…there is too much bull going on here…it makes me sick. I left a final post on the immunization thread…there are some stupid people on here…it makes me angry…just like the sick people who pretend they have kids example: Ella, Kiersten and Elise’s mommy….the other one: Liam, grayer….ect…SICK…you are all sick in the head…ALL OF YOU

    2teens- Your a sweetheart…join hellorazzi orianna, KKK’s mommy and I are on there

    JJ- I’ll miss you too…we’ve been pretty good with eachother the last few months, and I’v enjoyed talking to you.

    boo- congrats on your baby..i wish you all the best…im at 10 weeks now!!!

    K,K,&K’s mommy- Dear, you have been one of the nicest people on here…i adore you, and the little friendship we have created on here! Msg me at hellorazzi!! Im not even sure if you are still coming on here…but iv had all i can take of these crazies!

  58. Kim says

    35. Ella, Kierstan and Elise’s Mommy- So are you, Liam, Grayer, Gabriella, and Savannah’s Mommy to?

  59. Jess says

    11Starlooks i did cheek out your website and i’m going to get the Drama Queen Baby Shoes and lot’s more still looking

  60. jenna says

    They do look oddly mismatched, but if you do the math he is only 15 years older than she is. She just looks younger than 38 and he looks older than 53.

    I think she looks great! Love the top!

  61. Ella, Kierstan and Elise’s Mommy says

    ok you got me i did lie but i only lied because i wanted to make friends on here

  62. Jess says

    2teens good work to you too i didn’t see the 2007 thing it’s gotta be the same person doing this all the time and come on those twins don’t look like new borns who were 6 weeks early. (sorry if you think i’m intervening)

  63. 2teens says

    Good work Carleigh, I’m proud of you! I also noticed that the so-called newborn twins had a date of 2007 on the photo link.
    This blog sucks lately because of the crazy lady… and I’m pretty sure it’s just one person doing this.

  64. dannii says

    there are so many fakes on here its just pathetic… have they not got anything better to do with their lives?? i wasn’t allowed a c-section after having 2 previous ones i wasn’t given the option for a natural birth as soon as i had my first scan and had my dates i was booked in for my c-section at 15 weeks pregnant. i’m not sure what it’s like in the u.s but you defo are not allowed a c-section after 2 in the u.k as your scar tissue is very week and could tear.
    if people want to be fakes they need to do some research and sound believable! their was a knob on here under casey saying she reckoned she had twins by c-section 1 day and was home with them the next morning! obviously women who cant have children and building up little fantasy lifes!! GROW UP!

  65. AJ says

    i had four c-sections and then when i wanted a natural birth they said i cant because of ‘possible’ tearing of the uterus. all my sections have been disterous – heammorrage, blood transfusion, seizures, infections – so i would like to have it differently.

  66. Jordyn says

    Carleigh, I dont want to get mixed up with all this fun here, but I did have 3 c-sections and then a vaginal birth. I was not high risk, and Im still here! So is child number 4 (she’s 12).

  67. Jess says

    carleigh is right the so called picture of ella is from a hair products site and the twins are a little big to be new borns and they were 6 weeks early (correct me if im wrong), and i think carleigh has a right to call people fake because clearly they are and she has proof this site was fun at one time but now it has gone down the toilet

  68. Vic says

    This couple are English and I saw Les on a daytime tv programme yesterday. Claire’s got another 3 weeks until she’s due…unbelievable now that I’m seeing her, she looks overdue!!!

  69. carleigh says

    She used something off of wordpress website, I didn’t have time to investigate that one before she pulled her entire blog down…if she was telling the truth then it’s kind of strange she would pull down her blog and not try to defend herself??? She felt the noose tightening around her neck and she finally gave up her childish antics and all I can say is GOOD RIDDANCE AND AMEN!

  70. carleigh says

    I am browsing this site now and I am sure I’ll stumble across more pictures of these adorable children,

    oh an LGGS’s mom, thought you were leaving?

  71. Iluvmy2girlz says

    well for some reason my comment didn’t post!! i was just sayin that carleigh is right! all those pictures look fake and right out of a catalog, and that her “27 year old brother” look more like he’s 40!! LOL

  72. Iluvmy2girlz says

    oh my god! that is so pathetic! its true!! all those pictures look like they came right out of a magazine or catalog! and her 27 year old “brother” looks more like a 37 or 40 year old man!! why are ppl soooo pathetic?? really!!!

  73. carleigh says

    Liam, Grayer, Gabrielle & Savannah’s Mommy is full of you-know-what…..I clicked on her blog and the picture of “Gabriella” laying down in the crib is from toddler safety website, click on the pic………..you will see for yourself and then I clicked on one of the comment icon’s on the bottom of her blog and low and behold it’s Ella and Kierstan and whatever her twins are named, and I click on her picture of Ella and it’s from an “eshop” and the pic of the twins are from a filled named David Flannigan????????

    This is really a stupid thing to do and makes you appear desperate and very, very foolish. I know it’s hard to compete with other mothers, but at least we actually have babies or older children and don’t go around copy and pasting babies from other websites and claiming them as our own…that’s really pathetic and very sad!!!

    That being said you have both been exposed because you are not intelligent or clever enough to internet hack on some bogus baby photos!!!!!!!!! Grow the hell up you psychopath and you are more than likely the same person because it’s just way to convenient you opened up your own blog just like KKK’s Mommy, emulate her screen name and then oh just by sheer coincidence the other “Mommy” pops up….and you are very ill informed if you think any Dr. would allow you to have a vaginal birth after you have had 3 previous C-sections…after one C-section I have scene it be done, but after TWO or THREE C’s you are out of your damn mind!!! It’s way to medically risky as well; as dangerous to mother and child!!! Smoke another one you big fake…..you are caught dead to rights!! Spread your lies around to some people who are stupid enough to believe your spun story of UTTER BS!!! I don’t buy one single word of what you say!!! I followed the links and it is quite easy to figure out!

    Sorry to the long winded rant but this web site has just become mired down in immature people who have to pose and lie to make themselves “belong”. It’s sad and it’s also a testimony to their mentality and maturity level, or should I say, lack thereof.

    And to comment on the topic:

    I don’t think I could date much less marry or procreate with a man old enough to be my father….kinda gives me the heebie jeebies!!

  74. says

    Liam, etc. Wow you have a handful at only 21! Phew.. how do you do it? Well I have four myself but I’m 31. Anway, the lady in this pic is about to have that baby any day now, you can tell. And I LOVE LOVE LUV her outfit! Like a big present, waiting to be opened… ! P.S. You guys should check out my website!

  75. Jessie says

    Beautiful pics, Liam, Grayer, Gabriella and Savannah’s Mommy!

    That woman is very pregnant!

  76. Jess says

    Liam,Grayer, Gabriella and Savannah’s Mommy – congrats on your new bundle of joy! she is beautiful

  77. Liam,Grayer, Gabriella and Savannah's Mommy says

    I wonder what it is like to be married or even dating an way older man.

  78. says

    Wow, I bet you tomorrow we get the birth announcement. She walks around any more, that baby’s just going to FALL out!

    That’s how I was with my first. Awesome!

  79. Jordyn says

    Widen the door frames!! YIKES! I have no idea who these people are, but they are about to be parents!! Are they sure its only 1…looks like triplets!

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