Jennifer Lopez Receives $2.6 Million Earrings As Thank You For Giving Birth!

Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony, has spent a whopping $2.6m on diamond earrings for the singer — to thank her for giving birth to twins Max and Emme, in February.

Marc is having the expensive bling engraved with their babies’ initials — one for each ear. (That spells ME!)

A source said: “It’s no secret that J-Lo has expensive taste, so Marc was going to have to spend a serious amount to show her how he feels.”

Meanwhile, the couple are on the hunt for a nanny to move in and help keep the kids under control.

The source said: “They want someone they can trust to give the twins a good sense of grounding and some proper discipline when they aren’t around.”

Hmmm…seems that they could have given that money to a charity or a hospital’s pediatric department or something…or maybe to an organization that helps new mothers. Oh well. They can do whatever they want I suppose.


  1. Debbie says

    jennifer you will never know how it is to be a mother with all those nannies doing the work , and mark anthony with all the kids he has he is a pro. BE A MOM JENNIFER LEARN

  2. widows peak says

    I dislike them immensley. Tacky, noveau riche, they really love shoving their wealth down the poor peoples throat. Remember darling buds of may sweetie pies! MONEY DONT BUY YOU CLASS JAYLO! REMEMBER THE LYRICS IN YOUR SONG “LOVE DON COST A THING!

  3. Heidi says

    That’s their money and they were the ones that earned it. Threfore, I think that they should do with their money whatever they want. In addition we don’t know that they’re not involved with any charitable programs or organizations. I love Marc-Anthony and I even named my son after him. So, don’t talk crap about my babby’s DADDY!

  4. florence grasso says

    I injoy hearing about the birth of there twins. I am a nanny with alot of experience with children of all ages, from birth to the teenage years, I live in north new jersey and am familar with the new york and long lsland area. I have been following this pregnancy from day one and i was so happy for both jenniffer and marc anthony. may they enjoy many happy years with their babies, and enjoy every minute of their lives. I am waiting to become a grandmother for the first time this summer, so it is a very exciting time for me. I do not want to take advantage of this e-mail but I would love the oppertunity to meet with whom ever handles the appointments for an interview for a nanny position. i am available at any time you can also call me al 201-245-3642- or 201-483-7331. as i have mentioned before i live in Oradell New Jersey in Bergen County. Thank You

  5. adriana says

    i think intead of spending 2.6 millons of dollars she should give it poor people in need (homeless people) also she should give that money to people that don’t have insurence.

    but i also still think she spent that money because of her talent.

  6. KITTY says


    yes they can do whatever they want with their money but it seems arrogant that it should go public. It’s as if they’re showing off.

  7. Arianna's Mommy says

    I have way more respect for the woman in Poland who just gave birth to quintuplets that she conceived naturally than I do for this spoiled diva. To bad Lopez will not be likely to donate any money to this woman who is really going to have her hands fulL!

  8. suzianne says

    Actually, it is not so much about how I care since I don’t know them but how they will turn out in 15 yrs plus especially when their parents stardom will fade or be non-existent anymore. Most babies are cute but I personally don’t think JLo’s are but they are babies and not everyone is cute.

  9. suzianne says

    Most times the stars buy their jewelry from expensive stores which are most likely overpriced to begin with.
    I really don’t care what they do with their money but I care about how the children of these people will be like 15 years from now.

  10. J says

    Are they kidding? I guess we should still not be fooled by the rocks that she got since she’s still Jenny From the block. Give me a break. Isn’t it gift enough that they have two healthy beautiful babies together?

  11. dori says

    This couple makes me sick the selfishness and extravavgance is obnoxious. 2.6 million could have fed a country or helped thousands of children but Jneey from the block is a pig and one day what goes around will come around. Something will happened to them that their precious money can’t buy.

  12. Becca Lopez says

    That is sweet, I think we would all love some bling like that, but for god’s sake they disgust me, HELP SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOUR DAMN SELF!!!!!

  13. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I know its their money and they earned it (though in my eyes NOBODY deserves that amount of money – no matter how hard they worked, I’m a bit of a comunist at heart lol!), but that is ridiculous. When I think about what that amount of money could have done in a developing country it makes me sick. Does Marc not realise how many children’s lives could be saved with that amount of money? How many schools, medical centres, birthing centres could be built? Teachers, nurses, doctors, midwives etc trained? Or just children fed, clothed and vaccinated? Its sickening.

  14. Apple says

    Thank You!! Yeah I went back and read some of the posts thoose people really have no lives!!! You sound nice too!!

  15. LC says

    Thank you! i am six weeks so not that far along you sound like a nice person it is nice to have some new people on here

  16. LC says

    yes i have kids i have got a little girl lucy she is 4 going on 14 lol and i have got a lillte boy calum he is 1 and just found out that im having another baby!

  17. Apple says

    Yeah I saw that!! Haha yeah I will tell you right know I am not a fake mommy! in fact I am only 13!! Do you have any kids??

  18. says

    Oh come on guys…maybe we are just being too hard on Jennifer and Marc. Afterall let’s take a look at what really went into those earrings and the charitable act that buying them really was:

    1. Someone had to mine for diamonds
    2. Someone had to create the design
    3. Someone had to make the earrings
    4. Someone had to mine for the metal that holds the diamonds
    5. Someone had to make the earring backs
    6. Someone had to market the earrings
    7. Someone had to sell the earrings
    8. Someone had to make the packaging for the earrings
    9. Someone had to publicize the event
    10. Payroll
    11. Management of all the someones

    See how many people Marc and Jennifer employ…maybe they are really wonderful people who see all of their massive purchases as charitalbe acts for the economy…

    Ya think…? Hmmm…me neither

  19. Apple says

    I agree that It is their money and they can do whatever they want with it, but I don’t understand why they would spend 2.6 million dollars on earings!! In my opinion that is crazy!!! It is not really worth it because if you are famous your kids are still going to be kids and they aren’t really going to care if their earings were 10 dollars or 2.6 million, they aren’t going to know the difference!!

  20. Mi=ap-oc-c-a says

    It really funny but they obviously wanted the media to know about it..methinks some people have low self esteem that they have to proove themselves..its never stops with these noveau riches a-rses..Its just crass…

    Sharon stone wore her hubby shirt to a premier and folks thought it was oscar de la renta ahahhahah…now thats a woman after my own heart…she has nohting to prove..Poor jlo ..WITH ALL HE RMONEY SHE IS STILL NOT SURE if people think she is important enough, so she has to let us know how important she is by letting us in on her extravagant lifestyle

    For someone from NY she barely gave much after 911..she gave in 100,s wheareas stars from LA gave in millions..that should tell you a lot about her and of course it was all tax deductible…

  21. claudiazz says

    Jennifer needs to spend some time in Africa or another third world country. If she truly loves children, she could not bear to witness the conditions these poor children endure and consider throwing away that much money on a single pair of baubles for her ears. She would trade those earrings in for food and medicine for those who don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Those earrings are just “things” that will spend most of their time on the shelf, when their value could be doing so much active good in the world. With the birth of her children, you might think she would begin to realize what truly is valuable in this life, love, family, generosity, caring, etc.

  22. L.Lodhi says

    sorry shes not talented at all, Her songs are crap and her movies …. well better not go there!! She should now act her age and be a mother not prance about trying to be a 20year old singer.
    Maybe she’ll get mugged for her stupid earrings or maybe he should have used that money to do something to his face!!

  23. ann says

    We don’t like this two people, they are very material and snobby person, we never hear that they are doing anything charitable. We don’t like her movies she is bad actress, we are not interested any news about her.

  24. silas'smommy says

    #44- No star deserves what they make-period- just like no sports celebrity deserves what they make. Trust me, they don’t work hard enough to make millions of dollars. Being a mother of twins is the hardest work that “J-LO” will have ever done in the last decade.

  25. Sieyanna Mariana Claire says

    I think that the way Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez spend there money is one hundred percent up to them. They work hard and its money they earned on there own. If someone here worked many hours or had a carreer and made alot of money, I doubt they would be complaning about why her husband bought her a pair of earrings if they placed themselves in their shoes. They make tons of money therefore two million dollars is probably not a big deal. If he wants to show his wife how much he loves her by getting her a pair of expensive earrinings then that his choice. He does not need our approval. Plus, we are not psychics, nor do we know them personally to be judging the amount of money they donate to charity. And, I may be old fashion but I would think that when one donates to charidy it is done of their own will and for selfless reasons. I am aware that some do it for publicity, but when they do it or how they do it is up to them and no one else.

  26. silas'smommy says

    I’m so glad that Jennifer Lopez isn’t one of those materialistic stuck-up b!tches- oh wait… she is.

  27. Janet says

    I read something a long time ago that JLo was trying to change her image a bit and be more “down to earth” or “normal” so that people could relate to her more and she would expand her fanbase. One thing JLo definitley is not is “down to earth”, I think she would be insulted if anyone said that to her. Her People magazine cover and now this story about this extravagant gift just makes people hate her more. She is not relatable or relevant anymore and unfortunately for her she does not have the talent to match her celebrity status. I think Jlo is done and I say “good riddance!”
    BTW, me thinks that Ben Affleck says a prayer of thanks everyday that he did not end up with this Jennifer. Because you know if he did he would have splashed all over that magazine looking like a fool just like JLo and March did, ughhh!!!

  28. 2teens says

    ^^^ Not true. I wouldn’t expect some of the nations poorest people to give up any of their salary. People can help in other ways, by volunteering. Simply by giving of their time to help out a good cause.
    I do agree with your first statement though Butterfly, “I think these two have the capabliity to turn the most loving of people into haters.”

  29. says

    I think these two have the capabliity to turn the most loving of people into haters. Obviously, the problem is that Jennifer and Marc do not have the maturity to handle enormous wealth. Ultimately there is nothing wrong with them buying whatever they want for any amount of money, it is there money. Unfortunately they are not going to gain fans by not looking after the common good. Each one of us should be contributing ten percent of our income to charity. This includes these two celebrities. Perhaps they are and we don’t know. Regardless, unless each of us is doing that, we don’t have much room to criticize.

  30. meg says

    I dislike them too.
    Sooooooo selfish,not even
    caring for the poor animals,
    she was seen wearing fur as some
    stated here too.

  31. says

    Maybe 2.6 million is like how a 5K or $10,000 ring would be to the average citizen (middle class). I mean, it’s out there, but not intangible, right? Or maybe they are so dang LOADED with cash that they even could have been 6 million dollar earrings and still not put a dent in their bank accounts? It’s all relative, right? And who’s made them rich? WE DID/// colletively.

  32. Jx2 says

    Diamonds are not environmentally sustainable. The whole process of digging for diamonds as well as the refining process is very taxing on the earth and the environment. Jel-lo is a very selfish and self-absorbed person. I rather enjoyed the booing that she received in Berlin when her film was screened there last fall for a film festival… there was photo that was published and she appeared to be on the verge of tears…LOL!!!

  33. tam says

    what i want to know is why do they deserve to make SO much money? SHE ISN’T HELPING OUT ANYBODY IN THE WORLD…….. its just stupid… that celebrities make MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND PEOPLE ARE STILL HOMELESS AND STARVING IN THIS WORLD..

  34. tam says

    i think Jlo seems like a horrible humantarian.. shes always wearing real animal fur and refuses to stop nor have i ever heard of her donating to charity.. all i ever hear about is how much stuff she wastes her money on that are pointless…
    2.6 million dollar earrings that she probably will only wear once is ridiculous.

  35. Jacks Mum says

    me again, forgot to say about the nanny thing, i dont think they should have nannies either, esp at a MONTH old. i would never have dreamt of leaving my son with a stranger at that age, he will be a year when i leave im to go to work and i will be crying for days, i dont see why they cant get their parents to watch the kids if they are going out.
    contraditing my first comment a bit but they are their children, why have them if someone else is going to raise them??

  36. Rijay says

    I agree with Kim too.
    Sure, it’s their money and they have the right to spend it any way they want… But in their position of influence and with their resources, they could accomplish so much more than one of us could. I think that’s all we’re saying.

    It’s the stuff that great movies of heroes are made of. Who wants to see a movie or a story told of someone who kept all they had and spent only on themselves, whether it be money, time, or opportunity. Sacrifice so another can benefit is not only movie-worthy, but a virtue we all recognize. Just look around at all the weeping going on at any event that involves sacrifice.
    Mother Theresa who lived to serve and help the orphans of India isn’t called a saint for buying things with her own money “because it was her money anyway”. Of course it’s our money… but what we decide to do with it is what affiliates us with the Mother Theresas or the Judas Iscariots of this world.

    …But the real sad thing here is that it wouldn’t have been a sacrifice at all for JLo and Marc Anthony. It was just extra cash for them…

  37. 2teens says

    I’m so sick of hearing about J-lo and Marc and their ridiculous spending. They are truly nauseating.

  38. AJ says

    to be honest I don’t think she gives a toss about what people say about her – and good luck to her – she works hard for her money and she’s entitled to it – she earned it don’t forget no-one gave it to her and she didn’t inherit it – so good luck to her – she’s got a good head on her shoulders and she makes a good life for her family

  39. Chris X says

    Maybe the 2 million dollar earrigns are so there ius something as shiny as her face? Actually, the money should be donated to whatever he needs to keep him from looking so worn out and beat down. You would think he had the twins, not her.

  40. kim says

    I dont think people are saying that they shouldnt do whatever they want with their money because, yes, obviously it is their money to spend…i think the point is that people would hope that instead of them wasting away millions on one pair of earrings they could feed alot of starving people or whatever, in otherwards settle for earrings that cost half of that (which is still an outragous amount of money) and donate the other. Jennifer did this to herself because she bragged in her song about being jenny from the block and not forgetting where she came from…well she has long forgotten. Alot of celebrities have the same amount or more money than these two and are involved in alot of charity work. I put myself in other peoples shoes and try to help if i can…now that shes a mom, cant she look at her 2 beautiful babies and then think about all the ones starving in the world. Geez, I have a hard time seeing a stray dog on the street. I want to go and save it right away.

  41. Lilac says

    Everyone is so eager to chime in on what they should do with THEIR OWN MONEY.

    The right thing to do is for everyone to butt out of their business in regard to how they spend their money.

  42. Dobe says

    I agree with #6 – Jacks Mum…. They can spend their money on whatever they like, it is THEIR MONEY after all!! Im sure that they do give lots of money to charities.
    Sometimes the things that I read on this blog just irritate me. Some of you people seem to think, that even if someone is rich in life, they should still live their lives like the rest of us normal folk who only make $100,000 per year…. You think that someone like J-Lo and Marc Anthony should live in a $400,000 house, only spend $2,000 on their nursery, buy $200 earings, wear $30 sweaters that are on special at Walmart, and only go on a $1,400 (all-inclusive) trip to Mexico one a year.
    Does this make sense to you?? NO!!! They work hard for their money (okay, maybe not all the time!! lol)… and they have every right to live the life of luxury!! Some of us are just not that lucky, so get over yourselves and accept the fact that their are celebrity people out there who have millions upon millions of dollars to waste away on items that you may think are a waste of money, but if you could spend that much too, you know you would!!!!

  43. Ali says

    they gonna go bankrupt…. it happens to stars all the time and they deserve it for never giving back to where they came from.

  44. Jessica says

    My husband and I are doing In Vitro in July and if I have twins my husband and I will be taking care of them ourselves. Why does she need a nanny? I know that taking care of twins are hard but I know plenty of people who have done it on their own.

  45. carrie says

    i gotta say but i agree with Tia they worked hard for there money they should get to do whatever they want with it i bet if you guys got that you wouldnt be complaining

  46. Tia :) says

    Sorry guys…i disagree. It’s their money..they earned it…they can pretty much do whatever they want with it!

  47. suzianne says

    Time will come their popularity will fade along with money. Hopefully, they are or have put money in trust for their children and for themselves. They can’t have a career without a nanny because babies are time consuming and especially twins. My baby granddaughter has 2 nurturing hands on parents which JLo’s will lack because it is time consuming.

  48. meg says

    # 6 the problem is that they are always showing off.
    Yeah a man should give sth nice to his wife
    4 giving birth but these two have the money
    to make a change in the world…
    There are so many kids in Africa dying of
    hunger and malnutrition …
    I would have thought of spending that much
    money on sth worth spending,
    They are so selfish,just my opinion.

  49. Lauren says

    He can get his wife something nice but $2.6 million for earrings? That’s ridiculous. They need to start channeling that money into a charity that helps people. Those kids are going to grow up bratty and spoiled.

  50. Rijay says

    I wonder if they gave any appreciation gift to the hospital she delivered in or to the hospital staff. That would’ve been the right thing to do.

    About the nanny search… I don’t judge her for that, especially when you’ve got twins and hey, all the other celebs are doing it so why can’t JLo? Everyone hails how Marcia Cross and Heidi Klum are such great moms but they’ve always had nannies for EACH of their kids. Not one, but EACH.

  51. sharrie says

    thats crazy! Who are they trying to impress? I guess she’s not ‘jenny from the block’ anymore.

  52. boo says

    #6- You are right that it is nice for a Husband to give his wife a gift to show his appreciation to her for giving birth to His child, That I totally agree with…BUT a $2.6 MILLION pair of EARRINGS is RIDICULOUS. Ya they have the money and ya can and will spend it as the want… but seriously her earrings would be enough to feed an entire 3rd world country!!! And to me thats a bit insane…Wanna buy her earrings great, but the amount he spent on them is what gets me…..a couple thousand I could understand! But nearly 3 million, give me a break!!

  53. claire pearson says

    hi i agree it could have gone elsewhere.
    and the nanny thing. they aren’t even a month old yet and shes already looking for a nanny!!! heres a suggestion…you have kids… you look after them!

  54. Jennifer says

    Why should a husband give his wife a gift for having his kids? I’ve never understood that. I think a greater gift would be to help change poopy diapers, surprise her by making dinner one night, tell her how beautiful she looks when he comes home after work. I think those things are way better than a pair of earnings. Just my thoughts…

  55. Twy says

    Something is seriously wrong in this day and age when a husband has to spend $2.6 million on a gift to show his wife how thankful he is she gave birth to his children.
    Different Strokes for Different Folks, I guess.
    I was just as happy with my dozen roses and mother’s ring. And if I had not recieved anything, the baby was a gift enough.

  56. Melissa R says

    Would you expect anything different from a true “DIVA????” If they are going to do this extravagant thing, they should keep it under wraps. Letting the public know about personal money spending methods (especially if they could be putting it to better use) could damage their image.

  57. Jacks Mum says

    I completley disagree. Why shouldnt a man give his wife something nice for giving birth? If you have the money, why not $2million earings?? I didnt even get a well one after I had given birth – he is just showing how amazing he thinks she is. I see NO problem with this at all. Also, how does anyone know how much money they give to charity? this is their own personal money and no one has any proof they dont give any money away. Leave them alone

  58. boo says

    2.6 MILLION Dollars on a pair of Earrings??? Holy heck talk about Wasting money, I could think of a Million things that that money would have gone to better use for…. Like for instance Feeding the Homeless, putting towards charities for Kids, Animals, Cancer, Illnesses, Hospitals, Under nourished Countries…etc etc, so on and so forth …. That is flippin’ ridiculous, spending that kind of money on Earrings that could potentially fall out of her ear and be lost forever!!!!

  59. amy says

    Ugh. I dislike these 2 enormously for their vanity, selfishness, arrogance, self-indulgent behavior, greed, and

    2.6 million dollars could really help animals that are being abused (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) or any other charity for that matter.

    These 2 deserve a slap in the face.

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