Jennifer Garner Filming In Sudbury, MA

Jennifer Garner 

Jennifer Garner was snapped while filming The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past in Sudbury, Massachusetts on Thursday. The movie also stars Matthew McConaughey.

She looks so pretty!



  1. APRIL P. DIGOL says

    she’s so pretty, she seems to be so simple and a very dedicated mother to her daughter. ben affleck must be very proud of his wife, so loving, one woman who has that very genuine smile, no pretentions, but the true happiness is what you see in her face. she’s not my favorite actress, but since ben affleck is my favorite hollywood star, i’ve learned to like jennifer also, well, it was not that hard liking this girl who seems to be nice and kind. as a mother of 2kids, i would always be amazed and touched seeing one woman who seems to be hands on taking care of her baby. i salute you Ms. Jennifer Garner-Affleck for being a proud mother to your kid.

  2. Jessie says

    like whatever- Who are you talking to and what about? I’m just wondering.

    I love Jennifer Garner! She’s so down-to-earth and a great mom to Violet and just a “regular” celebrity!

  3. like whatever says

    omg. like stfu about it already. we know you claim to be the first person to have spread the word about their wedding. youve talked about it all freaking day. you are such a loser. i used to be a big fan but i cant stand you know. you are sick and nasty too. blackmailing people like you did to john mayer for posting that blog about an un-named celeb blogger. then you go all out to stab him in the back to make yourself feel better. ugh…you dissapoint me.

  4. Chris X says

    Sorry – I meant she said she had NOT done a good job. She said she was amazed at how much stuff babies seemed to need – sounded like a real new mom to me .

  5. Chris X says

    Am I the only one who thinks there must be two Ben
    Afflecks? There was that one that went around in a spray tan with that fake person who seems to think she needs jewelry to celebrate having a baby when the baby should be the gift itself. Thank heaven that one seems to be gone. Then there is the Ben who is married to this smart pretty and normal person. I loved when she admitted that she had done a really good job with Violet’s nursery because she didn’t allow for enough space to put things away.

  6. sharrie says

    I don’t think JG is beautiful, but she is pretty, especially when she smiles. She has a very ‘warming’ smile that illuminates her face. I know Ben must be glad that shes not high maintenance like the last Jennifer.

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