Kim Porter & Her Twin Daughters In Photoshoot

Kim Porter

Celebrity photographer Derek Blanks photographed Kim Porter and her twins (their father is PDiddy) for his new book on celebrities and their alter egos.



  1. Ree says

    I think she got what she deserved.She always knew how Puff was and to sit there and try to stunt, ha….ha……

    Is this a picture of a man or lady?????????????

    oh yeh, the kids look alright….considering the parents.

  2. L says

    Oh leave Kattygal alone, it’s an open board here.

    Personally I dont think they are the most attractive family, but they love each other I suppose.

  3. Liam,Grayer, Gabriella and Savannah's Mommy says

    The twins in almost every picture of them have no expression.

  4. princess says

    It’s the same person. Does anyone read the caption? Duh!! The picture is cute and it’s not Kim’s book it’s Derek Blanks book. He shot a lot of celebrities and their children. I agree with #28 it is suppose to be fashionable and fun. The girls are cute and some people do read to much into the picture.

  5. dori says

    and you can tell the girl on the right has a wig on.. it shows… ( look at the right side of her head see the wig? sloppy work.

  6. OhHellNo! says

    Oh Goodness some of you folks ‘read’ too much into a picture sometimes. It’s a fashionable picture (Kim IS a model). So what it’s not your “average” mom/daughters photo – it’s hip, cool and fun! Get over yourselves. Geez. And the girls are truly adorable!!!

  7. Nicki says

    Ella,Keirstin,&Elise’s Mommy!~Thanks. I guess it’s “daytime Kim” and “nighttime Kim”, lol.

  8. Iluvmy2girlz says

    she does look good for having four kids, but without all that make up and “glamour” she’s just average. And the girls are cute in their own baby ways, but they are not adorable!! sorry!!!

  9. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    Nicki and 2teens- to explain the pic It says that it will be used for her book which is about alter egos so i imagine it is like mom and then just a lady!!

  10. justine says

    I don’t find d’liah and jessie to be cute at all tia.shessh just because kai don’t find the twins to be “cute” you have to said then keep it to yourself. fyi this is a blog for her and other people to said whatever they want. Other people choose to say something rude about someone else child (as you put it tia) let them.

  11. 2teens says

    Who is the other woman is the photo? Are they both kim? This photo is weird, I don’t get it I guess. Babies are cute though.

  12. whatgive says

    she not pretty and the kids are alright for baby. the mom is one of those golddig that just want to get knock up so they can get money for the baby.

  13. says

    Number 11 I wouldn’t go as far as to say the women look like prostitutes, but they look like they aren’t dressed for 2008 or something. Something just isn’t right…. *but the babies are adorable* Oh–and the hair HAS GOT 2 GO!

  14. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    They are cute and Tia I agree with you if youdon’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all! That is the way I was raised and the way I raise my kids!!

  15. Amanda says

    I think the picture is absolutely horrible. There is nothing “family” about it. They look like prositutes with cute babies. The babies are adorable. The picture is just bad taste. JMO

  16. sharrie says

    I think they are adorable, and Kim looks FANTASTIC for having 4 children…some people just have all the luck!

  17. Tia :) says

    Kai- didnt your mother teach you “if you dont have something nice to say dont say anything at all?” that’s what im trying to get at. There are some children on here that i dont comment on because it’s rude say something mean about another persons child. Would you like it if someone said mean things about your child?

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