Billy Joel & Alexa At Book Launch For Katie's New Book

Billy Joel 

Alexa Ray Joel, 22, and her father, Billy Joel, were snapped at Katie Lee Joel’s book launch for The Comfort Table at NYC’s Hudson Hotel on Tuesday. Alexa’s mom is model Christie Brinkley. Billy’s wife, Katie, is only 5 years older than Alexa!

Below Billy and Katie were snapped at the event.

Billy Joel



  1. B G says

    Interesting that she looks mostly like her father, yet on her the features are pretty – mom’s beauty helped give her that dimpled winning smile.
    On him, it makes him resemble a crusty old egg with eyes, a nose, mouth and a sparse nasty gray goatee. Meeeh meh meeeeeeeeh

  2. barb says

    I think if no one knew Christie was her mom, people would say that Alexa ray is very pretty. She’s grown into her looks, and I think she’s beautiful. It’s only by comparison to her mother’s all-american perfection 20 years ago that she appears to suffer, and that’s ridiculous.

  3. Miapocca says

    I read a comment above which noted that age in relative, howver it was also a good insight into how this person came to think this way. Growing up in a family with limited boundaries in certain areas leads an intresting view and take of society. Its surely not a crime. However its nice to gel with someone and most people gel with people thier own generation,there are exceptions of course, but also attraction has a great deal to do with looks and pheromones and both these diminish with age. For that reason mating is more common in yonger folks who at a certain age have that abundance of good fresh looks and PHEROMONES!!

    Sex is important, good looks can help in attraction , however as humans got a much more advance brain that animal they short circuited the natural biology into adding other needs that are mainly based on SECURITY that speak a lot o FINANCES..

    Yes I do beleive a majority of women married to men old enough to be thier fatther who happen to have money are doing it for money, its just another form of prostitution that most women can engage in , but are held back by ther moral codes…I beleive its the best form of selling your youth and beats street walking, so I will choose to be a wife of an old short rich man anyday over working the strip in vegas on a hot night…

    Hurrah for Katy! she did good

  4. says

    I think individual life experience has a bearing on who someone is attracted too. I am often told that I have lived the life of a 60 year old person in 34 short years. I was widowed at 25 by a man who had just turned 28. I have been through a lot that I don’t care to share and this affects who I best relate to. Single men who are in their 30’s and early 40’s and not married, generally do not have the emotional maturity that I seek. The men in my age bracket that do have the qualities that I look for have been married for years…and I just won’t go there.

  5. Miapocca says

    Alexa is teh version fo billy joel that is amazingly beautiful thanks to Mom and she is talented too..I hesitate to listen to her because I thought she was just another celeb child being pushed into the lime light, but boy was I wrong…her talent is amazing …and Ihear Nicole RIchie has some musical talent but she is too stubborn to showcase it…

    In anycase teh wife thing , if it works out for them great, but BJ probaly has a better and more fulfilling conversation with his daugther so he can keep the wifey for her looks as she dabbles in her hobby

    She hosted a show on BRAVO nad she was sooooo DUMB the audience made enough noise and she was replaced by padma lakshimi..

    It was wierd for a person just barely out of college with no experience other than eating in restuarant since being married to BJ to suddenly become an expert on food..Iam sorry but she came off as monotone, stupid adn out of depth critizing chefs with decades of experience above her, so she was simply unable to offer an opin ion in most case..I dont see what she has to offer the world than continue her education and smile becomingly in the picture…

  6. Tia :) says

    i myself, like my husband only being 3 yrs older than me…now that being said, i say the heart loves, who the heart loves!!! What may not be good for us, is good for someone else! Who cares if they love eachother?

  7. says

    Dori, since you seem to desire to appoint yourself judge and jury over the age of people in relationships, what is your personal cut-off for step-parent and spousal relationships? At what age does someone have “father issues”?

  8. Notawannabe says

    Got stupid issues? Well we can’t all be livin’ by the rules of the 1930’s Grandma. Get with the times or just go crawl into your granny jammas and go to bed.

  9. dori says

    hmmmmm…Got some father issues? A woman who would sleep with a man the age of their own father has issues I won’t even begin to go into. Creepy…..
    Anyway…Alexa has grown into a beautiful young lady. She lookswonderful.

  10. Notawannabe says

    Well, seeing that I date a man 25 years older than myself, I shouldn’t comment. I am going to though. Age is a number not a guideline. I love my boyfriend, he doesn’t have alot of money, he doesn’t own alot of stuff, but I can take care of me. You can’t help who the heart loves. I find it strange that people thinks its weird to date someone that much older and people find it strange that I date someone older. We are all so different.

  11. phnxgirl says

    I think Alexa is very pretty. I saw Katie and Billy Joel on Oprah and she seems very mature for her age. She is very beautiful and seems down to earth. I do have to say that it would probably bother me if my dad dated or married someone so close in age to me.

  12. 2teens says

    Wow, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Alexa Ray looks very beautiful to me, she has big eyes and a huge smile.

  13. Rijay says

    She reminds me of a young Liza Minnelli.
    I read she’s launched a music career, too.

    …About dating the woman 5 yrs older than his daughter, it’s pretty strange if you ask me!

  14. says

    Oh for goodness sake–Alexa isn’t a model and she doesn’t have to be to be beautiful. She does look a LOT like her father–I don’t see her mother at all, but I am sure that many people believe that Alexa is a beautiful person inside and out.

  15. chloe says

    Okay, she may be a real sweetie and talented, but let us face the truth: she looks JUST like Billy Joel. Billy Joel is not good-looking in male form, but in female form it is really, really not a pretty sight.

    Katie is very pretty though! But nobody can top the looks of Christy Brinkley, I have always felt bad for Alexa for having to deal with it.

  16. says

    I have dated younger men and I have dated older men. I think age is extremely relative for the two people that are dating. I am currently dating a man who is slightly older than my step-father who is 4 years younger than my mother. My father who was 4 years older than my mother recently passed away. He left behind my stepmother who is barely 9 years older than myself. She became a grandmother at the age of 29. Since my father passed, she and I have grown very close. She is the best grandparent to my children and she dotes on them. She maintains a grandparent relationship with them as opposed to being a second parent.

    I think Billy and his new wife are happy. I think having a father who is happy is healthy for Alexa. I believe that Katie and Alexa have the maturity to understand that each of them have something to offer each other and to offer Billy. Katie could be a good friend to Alexa and Billy obviously loves his daughter in a healthy and normal way.

  17. 2teens says

    Starlooks, I think you meant “is GROSS that he’s dating someone that could be her SISTER”
    I think Alexa Ray is very pretty.

  18. Melissa R says

    Alexa is beautiful, she looks like both her parents!! Tell me about the age difference!!! My dad was dating a woman 4 years older than me for almost 10 years!! Gross!!!! But, whatever turns their crank!! Turns out she was cheating on him, not once but for the second time. Not all women, (notice I say NOT ALL) but a majority are doing it for financial reasons and not because of love. For my dad, I think it was because she looked good on his arm (hence the name “arm-candy”). They gave each other what they wanted, so I guess it worked out for awhile!

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