Tracey Gold Welcomes Her Fourth Son

Tracey Gold

Former Growing Pains star Tracey Gold gave birth on Tuesday night to a baby boy – the actress’s and her husband Roby Marshall’s fourth son, People magazine has confirmed.

The baby, named Dylan Christopher, arrived at 7:20 p.m. at Southern California’s Tarzana Hospital. He weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz., and measured 21 inches, according to Tracey’s spokesman.

“Mom and baby are doing fine,” her rep (and proud grandpa) Harry Gold tells People magazine.

Tracey’s pregnancy was announced in October. Tracey, 38, and Roby, 42, are also parents of sons Sage, 11, Bailey, 8, and Aiden Michael, 3.




  1. Liam,Grayer, Gabriella and Savannah's Mommy says

    Thanks for the comments about Savannah, and yes I am planning on having one more baby. Maybe in a few years.

    Is her son’s name Bailey?

  2. Blair says

    Her kids have GREAT names…I especially like Sage…Although she used it for her SON, that’s my DAUGHTER’S name. cute either way 🙂

  3. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    I don’t know if she is having more and I don’t know how to put pics on the comp because my comp is really messed up!! Sorry!! Do you have any kids??

  4. Meg says

    Im doing good, a little tired but mostly good.
    Yea, Savannah is adorable. I wonder if she is planning on having any more? Do you have any pictures of your twins?

  5. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    Meg- I am doing great and so is everyone else!!! Thanks for asking!!! How are you??
    Savannah is Adorable!!

  6. Meg says

    46. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise’s Mommy! How are you and the kids doing.

    Liam, Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy (and Savannah’s) posted a cute pic of Savannah.

    It seems like a lot of people are having babies. I want one!

  7. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    Yes I want at least four but no more then 6 she hasn’t been around them long because from last friday to monday she was with her grammy!! We are taking our first little trip tommowrrow with the twins we are going to my sisters house 2 hours away for the weekend!! It should be fun but I should start packing!! Hehe I always put everything off till the last minute!!

  8. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    Yeah I am hiding out in my hubbys office while the babies and Ella are sleeping!! I better wake them up soon or they will sleep past dinner!!!

  9. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    She is 23 months old and every little thing drives her crazy!! Today it was raining so I said we couldn’t go on our walk she screamed and yelled!!! I was like Ella that is unnexceptable you have a time out and she was just being very sassy!!! Hah well everybody has their days!! You could make a blog at if you want to put pics on here!!

  10. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    me too!!! Hah!! I have had a bad day Ella is being so bad and so mean I just don’t even know what to do with her!!!

  11. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    a suprise!! I am terrible with suprises!!!! can you post some pics of your kids I love seeing pics!!!!

  12. Jess says

    no we don’t know yet we wanted a suprise this time and congrats to Liam,Grayer,&Gabriella’s Mom

  13. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    Yes Liam,Grayer,&Gabriella’s Mom had her baby!! A little girl named Savannah Grace Yzabel Johnson was born April 2nd, 2008 at 5:13 A.M. She weighed 5lbs 6oz and was 18 inches long. this is her blog if anyone is interested!!

  14. Beth says

    I saw Tracey on a reality show the other day and she was very good. Congratulations on the new baby!

  15. Jess says

    sorry if i spelled it wrong i didnt realize sorry I will be 29 weeks on Friday I am due June 20th

  16. Ali says

    #28 is not me. smeone stole my name again… guys, if this troll keeps saying evil things please do not pay any attention. i would never be rude on this site.i do not know who is stealing my name but i am not writing all these insults.

  17. Ali says

    Ok I don’t want to be a liar. I did post about the spelling. I then covered up saying I didn’t. Sorry Im just like the people Im blaming for being fake.

  18. Meg says

    Ali sorry someone stole your name.

    Wow four boys!

    I heard that Liam, Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy had her baby.

  19. Ali says

    someone stole my name! i would have never said that about spelling! jess, congrats and once again someone copied me.

  20. Ali says

    18. Jess you spell pregnant P-r-e-g-n-a-n-t not pergnant. If you were a real mommy you would know how to spell it.

  21. says

    Oh, Congratulations! Tracey is a very great woman. You can check more her hot photos on the blog name” Tracey and us” on “” where herpes singles dating

  22. Jess says

    i have two sons luke 6 and Cayden 4 and i have i little girl called ava she is 2 and now im pergnant again

  23. Jess says

    wow your a very brave woman to have a natural birth and no drugs! i remember when i had my first i was in so much pain i bit my husband! lol

  24. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    Yes a natural birth no drugs very painful!! but they are worth it they are soo beautiful!!

  25. Amber says

    I didn’t know she was pregnant again. I have 3 boys and one named Aidan Michael, how funny. Maybe I will have 4 boys too. LOL

  26. Jess says

    Ella,Keirstin,&Elise’s Mommy – when did you have your twins (if you don’t mind me asking) 🙂

  27. Sara says

    “I’m sure it was her, and isn’t it interesting how Richie Sambora is getting so much flack for it right now but people have forgotten about her.”

    And I’m sure in a few years what Richie did will have faded in most people’s minds – because by then there will have been about 200 other celebrities who have been arrested for DUI.

  28. says

    I may be WAY off here, but didn’t she get busted for a DUI while driving her boys around a few years ago? I’m sure it was her, and isn’t it interesting how Richie Sambora is getting so much flack for it right now but people have forgotten about her.
    On another note, I’m glad for her she had a healthy baby, now maybe they’ll dress her in something other than black on her show “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom”….I don’t know how many of you have caught that show, but I have found it almost offensive that they have continually tried to make her blend into the background because she’s been pregnant. The show is about MOMS afterall!!

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