Tom The Doting Dad

Tom Cuise

Tom’s love for Suri (who turns 2 on April 18th!) was abundantly clear on a recent park excursion.

“She is Daddy’s little girl, and he doesn’t know what he’d do without her,” a friend of the Cruises told OK! magazine. “It has been the toughest patch Tom has had since his divorce from Nicole Kidman, Katie has been there for him, of course, and she’s his rock, but when you see him with Suri, you just melt. He adores her.”

On March 25th, Tom and Suri enjoyed some father/daughter time at an L.A. playground, where eyewitnesses say Tom clearly radiated affection as he watched Suri playing with the other children.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them,” a parkgoer told OK! magazine. “Suri was dressed up in this beautiful outfit and was down in the sand playing just like any other kid. Tom was letting her do her own thing, following her around just like any dad would.

“He briefly spoke with a few of the other parents, shook a few hands and exchanged smiles. It looked like he wanted to give her a little playground outing.”

At one point when Suri started to cry, a witness says, “Tom scooped her up, cuddled her and gve her several kisses on her cheek. It was very loving. Tom obviously cares deeply about that little girl.”




  1. amy says

    when they say “this is the toughest patch since his split from Nicole….” are they referring to his recent box office let down or am i missing something? Suri is a very cute little girl.

  2. amy says

    Marianne – please, tell me, WHY don’t you believe the photo op story??
    this is a man who has made his entire fortune AND supported his family ( not just wives and children – but also parents and siblings!!!) from the way the public perceives him…
    publicity is part and parcel of his profession – perhaps he didn’t stage it – maybe his pr person did – either way – i totally find it believable that this was staged…PARTICULARLY due to the timing – think about the public view of him at the moment….
    if you have valid reasons to doubt this – please share!!

  3. bambamswife says

    WOW! It amazes me how these people know so much about celbrities.
    I think Suri looks beautiful. It is so nice to see a little girl actually look like a little girl. The clothes are so horrible for children these days. WTG Katie. I’m sure you must pick out her beautiful wardrobe. When I was a little girl we dressed like this and I remembering playing in my pretty dresses rolling down my grandmother’s hill and getting all dirty.
    I guess we all have our favorite celebrties like we have our favorite friends. Personally, I would rather see 100 pictures of the Cruises, and 100 pictures of the Affleck’s than 1 picture of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile gang. Now they are one couple who make me want to puck.

  4. Shadow Girl says


    I think that midget is wearing the fake lifts in his shoes. Wonder how a guy likes wearing heels because he’s so insecure about his height?..

    Taking care of Chris Klein’s spawn, eh? That kid needs a paternity test and a real honest to goodness religion like Christianity, Buddhism, etc. Not some pseudo cult founded by a jerk on a bet.

  5. Nicki says

    It’s kind of sad to see this photo-op set up by Tom. In the 40+ pics I saw, Suri never once played on a swing, slide or any other child “toy” at this so called park or interacted with another child there. She stood in the sand for about 2 minutes, touched the sand and then they left. 15 pics of them walking up the hill. I don’t know what game TC is playing, but Suri does not look comfortable there, and tried to get away from him once he picked her up. At least 5 pics of that. It is sad that Suri is only out for photo ops! What about his older children? Do they not count? They should or could be right there playing with thier baby sis. But I guess since they don’t do soccer or baseball anymore, for the “Katie is pregnant photo-ops” they don’t count anymore???
    Sad he treats his oldest like nothing. He will NEVER be father of the year…..NEVER. To banish your oldest kids for the newest baby, it is disgusting. He sucks..

  6. toledo says

    from tomkatcrazy………the park WAS INDEED a photo op-

    Apr 4, 2008 at 11:23 am

    I should say that my friend was part of the camera crew. So “she” doesn’t know any of the cruise family.

    I have a friend that told me she was at the park that day. She said that KH was also there but was standing back with the cameras and that is why you see tc and suri looking over that way. Infact Suri wanted “mommy come play too” and that was another reason that they were walking that way.
    She said it was tc’s peeps taking the pics. They cleared the park and let only people that suri was familiar with into the area. Makes total sense, for security reasons.
    Then tc released the pics to the tabs as a way to control what would be put out there.

    Apr 4, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    My friend was WITH the camera crew. SHE does not know tc personally. YES tc hired the camera crew to take the pics. Parks in SoCal are a dime a dozen. If one has too many people you drive 2 blocks to the next one that is empty. When it is said “cleared” it was meant that his security made sure only the invited were in the play area.
    And IF the entire tc clan can go to the house of blues on the busiest brunch day of the year and not get their pictures taken or anyone “talk to the media” then why can’t they go a park and the same thing happen?

  7. Lisa Langford says

    This is a heartwarming photo, it shows a father daughter moment that is beautiful. Do post more pics please…….

  8. Lauren says

    Suri is adorable! I think it’s sad that how Tom and Nicole are off starting new families and are leaving their two older kids behind. I’ve read that they don’t even live with Tom. They live with his older sister. What is that?!

  9. yas says

    isnt he supposed to kiss her??????
    i’m shocked by what u wrote.doting dad….
    isnt anything important than this??????
    he’s doing exactly what he’s suppose to be doing as a dad,a reall dad………………………….!!!!!!!!!

  10. Meg says

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  11. says

    Oh, the girls is so cute. Her father upload more cute photos of her on “” for his fans. They said this man will helps the tops 5 Herpes girls this year

  12. SP says

    # 8 – I disagree Teenagers need more guidance than when they are small, my teenage son is with me constantly, I have him active in Baseball and Basketball, yes he does go out with Friends on occasions. That’s why are Teenagers are getting into mischief, because Parents with your attitude that don’t keep an eye on them.

  13. Rijay says

    A nanny at Christmas does sound strange. You got a host of family members (I know Katie comes from a large family and they all met in Colorado) who can help take care of Suri if need arises… Plus, she’s only one kid. How hard can that be??? …. Sorry. I forgot about Suri’s known tantrums.

  14. Sara says

    “How come we never saw pictures like this with his two adopted children? Tom Cruise is the biggest fraud in Hollywood. Don’t buy what he’s trying to sell.”

    I agree. I know the person who used to be his nanny, and for confientiality reasons she wasn’t allowed to talk about anything that went on in their house, but I do know she was never allowed to come home on the holidays because she had to work then too. I think it’s kind of sad that a person can’t even keep an eye on their own children on Christmas.

  15. says

    I think most people melt when they see a man doting on his daughter. In this case, people have an attachment to Tom Cruise because they associate life events with some of his movies–to see him as Dad, like any other doting Dad, is charming.

    I am uncertain as to why it needs to be written as a miraculous event except that more Dad’s need to be doing more with their children–some can’t because their income is much less than Tom’s. I don’t think we need to be hailing Tom for doing what he should, but he should be respected for showing love to any of his children.

    Suri is cute!!!

  16. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    I personally don’t really care for this family but I guess everyoone has their own opinions!!

  17. says

    #5-Amy-I agree with you 100%….Hollywood dads are made out to be heros for loving their children when that is, as Amy said, exactly what is expected of every parent in the world!! It’s sad, really, when the public still “melts” over the fact that they can tell a man loves his child.

  18. says


    Calm down..he is real! He is minding his own business, and doing what he is suppose to do! Growing teenagers don’t want to spend every waking moment with their parents..I know I didn’t! Maybe they are off with their friends, and doing what friends does best.

  19. annie says

    How come we never saw pictures like this with his two adopted children? Tom Cruise is the biggest fraud in Hollywood. Don’t buy what he’s trying to sell.

  20. SP says

    I never see Nicole or Tom Cruise with their adopted children….I would love to see more picture with the entire family. Suri is so adorable.

  21. Amy says

    I just read the article about him being a doting Dad. So in other words, he’s doing exactly what he’s suppose to be doing. I suppose it is good to say this seeing that he’s a celebrity and could just have someone else doing his daddy duties, but it almost sounds as if he should win Best Dad of Year award or something. Come on!

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