Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey Speak Out On The Autism/Vaccine Link

Jenny McCarthy

The following was written by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. Jenny McCarthy is the author of the book Louder Than Words

In light of the recent Hannah Poling decision, in which the federal court conceded that vaccines could have contributed to her autism, we think the tide is finally turning in the direction of parents like us who have been shouting concerns from our rooftops for years.

Autism is a debilitating disorder, which according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is suffered by 1 in 150 kids, making it more common than childhood cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined.

Recently, England and Ireland reported that autism is affecting one in 58 individuals.

Is it any wonder that autism has become many new parents’ No. 1 fear?

We’ve met some of the most amazing moms and dads who are forging their own path to prevention and recovery. When our son, Evan, was diagnosed with autism we were lucky enough to benefit from their knowledge and experience. Evan has been healed to a great extent by many breakthroughs that, while perhaps not scientifically proven, have definitely helped Evan and many other children who are recovering from autism.

There are some who wonder what we mean when we say “recovering” from autism. They confuse the word recover with cure. While you may not be able to cure an injury caused in a terrible car accident, you can recover; you can regain many skills that you once lost. In the case of autism, we think there are treatments that often bring about such healing, so that the observable symptoms of the condition no longer exist. Even though we may no longer see any symptoms of autism, we can’t say a child is “cured” because we do not know what they would have been like had they never been injured.

We believe what helped Evan recover was starting a gluten-free, casein-free diet, vitamin supplementation, detox of metals, and anti-fungals for yeast overgrowth that plagued his intestines. Once Evan’s neurological function was recovered through these medical treatments, speech therapy and applied behavior analysis helped him quickly learn the skills he could not learn while he was frozen in autism. After we implemented these therapies for one year, the state re-evaluated Evan for further services. They spent five minutes with Evan and said, “What happened? We’ve never seen a recovery like this.”

Evan is now 5 years old and what might surprise a lot of you is that we’ve never been contacted by a single member of the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, or any other health authority to evaluate and understand how Evan recovered from autism. When Evan meets doctors and neurologists, to this day they tell us he was misdiagnosed — that he never had autism to begin with. It’s as if they are wired to believe that children can’t recover from autism.

So where’s the cavalry? Where are all the doctors beating down our door to take a closer look at Evan? We think we know why they haven’t arrived. Most of the parents we’ve met who have recovered their child from autism as we did (and we have met many) blame vaccines for their child’s autism.

We think our health authorities don’t want to open this can of worms, so they don’t even look or listen. While there is strong debate on this topic, many parents of recovered children will tell you they didn’t treat their child for autism; they treated them for vaccine injury. Read about latest fight over vaccines and autism.

Many people aren’t aware that in the 1980s our children received only 10 vaccines by age 5, whereas today they are given 36 immunizations, most of them by age 2. With billions of pharmaceutical dollars, could it be possible that the vaccine program is becoming more of a profit engine then a means of prevention?

We believe autism is an environmental illness. Vaccines are not the only environmental trigger, but we do think they play a major role. If we are going to solve this problem and finally start to reverse the rate of autism, we need to consider changing the vaccine schedule, reducing the number of shots given and removing certain ingredients that could be toxic to some children.

We take into account that some children have reactions to medicines like penicillin, for example, yet when it comes to vaccines we are operating as if our kids have a universal tolerance for them. We are acting like ONE SIZE FITS ALL. That is, at the very least, a huge improbability.

Even if the CDC is not convinced of a link between vaccines and autism, changing the vaccine schedule should be seriously considered as a precautionary measure. (If you would like to see some ideas for alternative schedules, check out

We wish to state, very clearly, that we are not against all vaccines, but we do believe there is strong evidence to suggest that some of the ingredients may be hazardous and that our children are being given too many, too soon!

Please note that Jenny McCarthy will be on Larry King tonight at 9 p.m. ET.


  1. Anonymous says

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  2. johndoe says

    too much shot for a baby will cause your baby over dose which make their brain go crazy they cant handle the pressure of those vaccine they put in which make them become autism since they a newborn baby their body just start developing with weak immune system so i recommend you people out there either take less shot at a time seperately or wait until their immune system get strong before taking those vaccine shot which make sense bravo….okay let say for an example of over dose people why they die simple answer they take way too much pills which cause them death so if they were taken less pills they will survive so the best way is take less my cousin both of their kids got autism i wonder why i ask them did you guys take all shot at time and answer is YES which explain everything lazy parents just want to get it done at one time and also on my wife side her sister have a son which take all shot at one time her son got autism so i suggest you people please take less shot for your baby they cant handle all those shot at one time i am not a doctor but i figure it out myself as a caring father why too many shot for my baby since their immune system is weak barely start to develope i dont think they could handle those shot yet<—well it take smart people to figure it out ……

  3. karen says

    When people say there are no reports linking vaccinations to brain disorders…….What reports are you referring to? The ones the goverment releases or the parents of a child that has become a victim???? Research your believes from a non-bios stand and you will be surprised of the facts……

  4. karen says

    liza are you military? You must be because you are so closed minded!!!!!!!!Do some research………..Just because Doctors go to college does not mean they are GOD………F.D.A is regulated by the goverment….DO you know what that means?….They make money……….I work in the medical field I see it every day…………….When you say no one has linked anything to brain development disorders…..meaning vaccines are you referring to the GOVERMENT???? Think about it and get educated…If you are are a parent you owe it to your children………..

  5. mike pescatore says

    Why are the ingredients added to infant formulas not approved by the FDA? When these companies refer to DHA and ARA are they talking about the natural DHA ARA found in breast milk or are they referring to something completely different? WD40 or water displacement 40 took 40 tries to perfect …Are we to believe these Infant formula companies without knowing exactly how DHA works in the human body can manufacture their own version and compare the benefits to breast milk? Read the reports from the Cornucopia Institute ..Ask the FDA for adverse effects of DHA submitted by effected parents using Infant formulas .I’ve read through 176 pages of reports and it turned my stomach!

  6. Kimba says

    As a Nurse Practitioner, I would like to comment on 2 points. First thru research we are discovering a like between advanced maternal age an Autism.

    Second we are also seeing a link between the use on Epidurals in labor and Autism.

    More research is needed, but there is not one single cause of Autism. I have a patient in my practice who refused all vaccines for her 4 children..2 have Autism, the last 2 born to her at a Maternal age greater than 35.

    Also important to note is though we have seen in increase in Autistic spectrum disorders, we have seen a decrease in children who were previously labeled “Learning Impaired” which seems to be a direct proportion.

    20 years ago while working on a Peds floor I saw first hand the devastation of Meningitis and Pertussis . I hope this helps. Remember, when vaccinating, you do not HAVE to get your Vaccine all at once…spread them out if you are more comfortable!

  7. Jen says

    Hi, I’m from Canada. Here’s a great website that outlines the Government’s requirements should you decide NOT to have your child vaccinated.

    A previous post was correct in the sense that in Canada we have the choice NOT to immunize. We just have to sign a waiver saying that we have the right based on our freedom of concience, thought, religion, etc. and then we have to pull our kids from school if there is an outbreak of a specific disease. It’s possible also that some daycare centres might deny you admission…but you can still have the children attend regular schools.

    I am planning to have children within the next few years so I’ve been trying to do as much research as I can on this topic. I am still very much on the fence but am leaning toward a modified vaccine schedule …and denying the non life-threatening ones (chicken pox, flu, etc.). I have also read links between a breast-feeding monther and a child both receiving vaccines creating an enhanced dose for the baby…more likely to cause harm than if just one of the two get the vaccines. Don’t know if there’s much to back this up yet….still researching.

  8. Pam Thomason says

    I am a fifty nine year old mother and grandmother and for years have thought that childhood immunizations lead to autoimmune diseases. There are way to many vaccines given in such a short period of time. I have narcolepsy, a neurological sleep disorder, an autoimmune disorder. On Discovery Health a few months ago, there was a documentary on narcolepsy called, “My Shocking Story: When I woke up in the Morgue”. There was a fourteen year old girl who developed cataplexy/narcolepsy two hours after recieving an immunization. This is only the first documented case in England. I think the cdc needs to re-think the schedule and spread out the immunizations over a longer period of time. After all in my time I had chicken pox, german measels, mumps, three day measels and I survived!

  9. angelina says

    hey i think that your theory is very much true. right now i have been doing a project on vaccines and autism and i have had the hardest trouble location information and i believe it is because there is something to hide. isnt the media supposed to show both sides of the story yet there is no information stating about the probability of autism being caused by vaccines.. the news is presenting a biased view and not educating people enough to have their own ideas. so i say that you are on the right track and keep doing what you are doing.

  10. Sean says

    I agree, it’s disgusting that she circumcised her boy. I can’t believe people still do that. It’s sexist and demeaning. And now she wants us to take her side with this immunization thing, which is much less controversial and harmful?

  11. John says

    Dori, where do you live? I live in America, where a lot of guys are still circumcised, but it’s only like 60%. There’s no reason to do it. If your hospital did your sons without asking, you should sue them. You can’t do plastic-or any elective-surgery without a consent form.

  12. Liza says

    M’s Mom,

    Have you considered why the number of children in this country being affected by these diseases is so low? Or why they are still so prevalent or fatal in the developing world? Vaccinations are the number one reason.

    No one who has said that vaccinations are necessary is “screaming” and no one has said anything negative about an alternative schedule. There has been no link found between vaccinations and autism, several studies have failed to find a link. In quite a few instances, doctors and researchers have attempted to propose why more kids start to exhibit autism after specific events, including vaccinations, but those parents who want to blame vaccination solely for what has happened, have refused to listen to anything that doesn’t support their opinion.

    You may be educated about it, but so are medical researchers and they have a different opinion from you, and they are the ones conducting the research. And don’t assume that any doctors simply tows the party line, most doctors educated themselves and are capable of forming their own opinions.

  13. liz says

    I believe doctors will come to your home maby not so much
    today, but it does depend on your doctor and maby how
    severe a situation. I think we should not disrespect some
    ones opinion when it happens to us we don’t like it.

  14. Tia :) says

    I cant stand myself #71??? Wtf are you talking about? Cant leave your name again? Coward! You have no idea what iv seen lady…get over yourself. I may have only been doing this for 5 yrs but god damn it, i am good at what I do…so speak for yourself and get over yourself.

  15. M's Mom says

    I highly recommend the Dr. Sears book on vaccines. I saw him speak recently and he outlined the risk from each disease very bluntly. Basically most of the diseases the pro-vax people are screaming about are not prevelant and not really worrisome in the western world. Sure vaccinate, that is how you can keep diseases like Polio at bay but the fact is changing your vax schedule is not going to kill your baby.

    I love the way anyone who is a doctor claims they know it all. I highly doubt they have done as much research as most parents. Medical journals are online, or in the local college libraries in my town so I can go read studies too. For the ped resident – go read the Dr. Sears book before you subscribe to the party line. Educate yourself and help your patients.

    Measles, 100 cases yearly in the US, virtually no deaths
    Mumps, 250 cases per year
    Rubella, 20 cases yearly (given to kids only to protect pregnant women)

    Now consider that vaccine strain measles has been found in the brain and spinal fluid of autistic children but not their non-autistic siblings.

  16. ummm.. says

    Yes certain Doctors will make housecalls in Canada. Tia I won’t stand down and I am a great nurse so yeah say what you want honey! Sorry you have to “turtle” right now! Gosh you can’t stand for yourself? If you have only worked in hospitals I can understand your stance, you have not seen what I have. I am okay with that, maybe your new. I don’t know but from what I have seen the medical doctors maintain symptoms but don’t cure (and lead otherwise). In my eyes when they make their patients believe otherwise I cringe, I am human and care…I am not sorry for that!

  17. Jess says

    it is a lot easier but you really have to make them come out some times they can be really fussy about it

  18. dannii says

    yeah it is defo something that should be done everywhere especially when my other son come out in a viral rash and took him to the doctors and they made me sit outside the building incase it was contagious! they should have doctors in the practice and then call out doctors on hold! i remember when i was younger i had food poisoning and my doctor at the time came out to see me at 2am now you need to take them to the emergency docs which is about 25min drive from me and i dont drive! then your told to ring nhs direct and have to wait over 4 hours for a nurse to phone you back! it is a joke nowadays and it really needs to be sorted out!!

  19. 2teens says

    Thanks for answering the question Jess & Dannii (and Lola too). My kids are 14 and 16 now. But back when they were babies I had to bundle them up and take them to the pediatrician no matter how sick. I sure wish I had the option of a Dr. who made house calls then. Maybe it still happens in some small towns in the US that I don’t know about, but I live in a fairly large, spread out city.

  20. dannii says

    how am i a liar??!! il give u a link to my facebook page and im on there with my children i’m not lying at all!!
    yes i’m from the U.K doctors come out but they aint very reliable!

  21. lola says

    Some of the doctors in canada come to our homes also 🙂 Not as much as they used to, but some still do. When my grandfather was sick ours came to my grandmothers house 🙂

  22. Jess says

    2teens in the uk the doctors come out to our homes i think dannii said before on a different post that she was from the uk sorry for inverting just hope i helped with your question

  23. 2teens says

    Dannii, I think it’s a good thing that your goal is to be a midwife. i think we need more of them.
    I do have a question for you… when your baby was sick are you saying that the Dr. came to your house? If so, you are a very lucky lady because they don’t do that where I live. No matter how dire the situation. They’ll just tell you to call 911.

  24. dannii says

    i’m all for the mmr as my baby got measles at 10 weeks old and i have never been so scared as i was no longer immune to it from my mmr and they said that he hasn’t got my immunity to it and babies own immune system didnt start working till 12 weeks he was diagnosed at the emergency docs and they was very worried and told me to call out gp first thing in the morning so i did this and i had to argue down the phone to them to come and see him he was very poorly but thank god he pulled through it he had to have hearing test at his 8 month check to check he was ok which he was! and lucky enough my other son didnt catch it as he had his mmr but i did then i found out i was pregnant just after and had bleeding throughout my pregnancy and was so worried because i thought the baby had been affected by the measles and not 1 midwife,consultant or doctor seemed concerned! the nhs is a joke really but im studying to be a midwife because theres lots that i would like to see be done not that i would change the whole system but i myself would be able to give the support and get extra checks to mums to be and babies that i never got! if it does come through that the mmr is linked to autism then they should try and figure out what is causing it and come up with a new way of giving children immunity to measles mumps and rubella because children and parents should not have to go through that trauma if there is no need to

  25. 2teens says

    ^^Tia, I wish you would stay 🙁
    Don’t let the lunatics run the asylum!! There won’t be any sane people left on here anymore. But, I do understand being pregnant and just wanting to separate yourself from the negativity. It should be a happy, peaceful time for you.
    Maybe I’ll see you on Heloorazzi.

  26. Tia :) says

    for the love of god 59…im saying the schools will send warnings to the parents…hound them over and over again…who the hell are you to even question my ability as a nurse…not only do you not know me, but you seem like YOU dont know what you’re talking about not only that, but you cant even leave a freaking name??!?!? This site has seriously gone to sh*it with stupid people and stupid comments, i think im going to be like Oriana and leave for a bit. The US schedule is different…read the comments above me…Our immunizations begin at 2 months…one lady said there’s began at birth…i didnt even bring up the US schedule…im going by what the other mothers said on here…

    As for your children not having recieved the MMR, what links did you find? What is so bad about protecting them from measles and the mumps?? Rubella….man oh man…just stupidity. These immunizations are here for a reason…you’re a medical professional??? My daughter will have all of hers done.

    To all of my friends on here…you all have been great…but im going to take a break for now…there is too much bull going on here…it makes me sick.

  27. ummm Tia says

    Where do you practice? I too am a Canadian nurse and our children recieve just as many does of vaccine as the US, come on seriously you are a nurse? Personally I modified our immunization schedule AND children do not HAVE to be immunized. I know many families who do not and guess what their children go to school, basically you sign a document stating if there was an outbreak of a disease they were not protected against then they would not be able to come to school ( I know being my 3 children have not recieved the MMR due to the links I researched myself) and God forbid if it did I would want them home with me anyway!
    As for the Pediatric resident, yes you don’t get paid by the pharmaceutical companies but the sure wine and dine your a$$es! Whatever collect your paycheck alreay! I’ve seen it all first hand and I only nurse because I care for my patients, shall we address the multitude of diseases caused by prescription meds now! This world desperately needs to wake up!

  28. Tia :) says

    2teens, no no no nooo! I didn’t think you were directing anything at me! I was just putting in my 2 cents ( as always 😉 ) hahaha! I think i ask too many questions sometimes…im just amazed at two countries that are so close and so much a like can be so different is all!!

  29. samsmom says

    After reading all of the above comments, I see many people making the same assumption: that those of us who are concerned about the autisim/vaccine link think that we should completely do away with vaccinations.
    That is simply not the case. We are concerned parents. I cannot understand why when we are called upon by politicians to Save our Planet and Think Green, why the hell we are crazies for not wanting to inject toxins into our children!
    Every newborn in the US is given the Hep B vaccine before leaving the hospital whether they need it or not. That shot alone has 250 micrograms of Aluminum and .5 micrograms of mercury! This is a newborn baby people, probably weighing less than 8 pounds. My son had the vaccine and then was given an additional dose that he did not need because it was included in a combo shot (that he received 2 of on separate visits). They didn’t even tell me. When we moved, his new Pediatrician pointed it out to me.

  30. samsmom says

    Jennifer, I am using the alternate schedule in Dr. Sears book called “The Vaccine Book”. It is a great book that breaks down each vaccine and what is in them. His book is very balanced. He is not anti-vaccine. He just believes in vaccinating in a safer way. Good luck to you.

  31. kiley says

    I love Jenny McCarthy but i think it is so irresponsible to tell people not to vaccinate their children like she has done in the past. IF everyone quit vaccinating, then we would see huge epidemics of polio, mumps, measles. This diseases in themselves are horrible. The bottom line is there is no strong corrolation between vaccines and autism, and would encourage people to do research before deciding not to vaccinate. The benefits far outweigh the risks when it come to vaccinating.

  32. Elaine says

    My interest here is mum to 2 children and wife of a general practicioner doctor. Anyway the one doctor who claimed there was a link between the MMR vaccination and autism is being investigated by the UK regularory body for doctors. He had a financial interest in proving a link. No other study has shown any link. In the UK vaccinations are given for diseases that can main or kill. Measles for example is not just a rash and a fever – it can kill, cause deafness or blindness. Because of the fall in vaccinations in the UK there has been a rise in the number of cases of measles, and at least one child has died. Anyway from this you can gather that I am pro-vaccinations and both my children received them. Jenny is not a doctor, and I feel she is misusing her celebrity to publicise her unproven beliefs. The case she has referred to is not proof that vaccinations cause autism.

  33. Liza says

    Tia, I didn’t misread you, I agreed with you, I was just adding my own stuff in there. And yes, children are required to be vaccinated before entering school. There are exemptions (i.e. religious), but it’s up to each school district or state to accept the justification given by the family against vaccination.

    Dori, you’re wrong about circumcision. Only about 50% of male babies are circumcized in the U.S. and hospitals usually don’t do them anymore, most are done by pediatricians within a few days of birth, if they are done at all.

  34. 2teens says

    Hi Tia:)
    When my son was born in 91′ they asked me if I wanted to have him circumcised. I’m not sure how they do it now. I hope you don’t think my little tirade was directed towards you… it definitely wasn’t. I always enjoy what you have to say. 🙂

  35. Tia :) says

    2teens- I meant do they even ask you if you want you son circumsized..because in canada, if we dont mention it, they wont mention it,.

    As for the immunization schedule, when most of the people were talking about the 35 some odd shots, you automatically think “ok these children are getting 35 different needles” this is why this struck me as being odd..i work within Pediatrics. When I go over the needles for our children in my head for ontario i only come up with 19 diseases that are covered. I cant come up with 35 manditory needles that must be covered.

  36. Adele says

    Here in the UK, children are not vaccinated for chickenpox. If anything, a parent is actually relieved if their child has chickenpox when they are young because if they catch it when they are older, the symptoms will be worse.

    My oldest girl had it just after she turned 3. I covered her with calomine lotion for a week to stop her itching, she wasn’t her usual self for a few days but after a week she was fine.

    I see no need for a vaccination as when a child has it, they won’t get it again.

  37. 2teens says

    I checked out both links for the vaccine schedule, the Canadian and the UK. They look about the same as the American schedule. Most of those vaccines are combined, ie one shot covers 3, 4, or even 5 diseases. So really, if you count what they are being vaccinated for (not just the amount of shots they get) it adds up to about 35.

  38. 2teens says

    ^Circumcision is optional in the US.
    Minnie, are you an American? If so, I think you’ve been listening to too much Rush Limbaugh. Hippy-crap? Spoken like a true republican.
    My view is that people should vaccinate their kids for only the dangerous diseases, and spread them out a little more. And hopefully by now thimerosol is no longer used as a preservative for the vaccines like it was when my kids were young.

  39. Tia :) says

    Dori, Are all male children circumcized in U.S. hospitals? It isn’t done in Canada unless the mother asks…and we now have to pay for it, it isnt covered under our OHIP anymore.

  40. dori says

    #39 are you talking about circumcism? Because all male children are circumcized in the hospital these days.

  41. dori says

    Jenny makes claims she believes to be true, but the fact remains she is not a medical doctor and although she has done plenty of reasearch she is not aware of all the studies being done. It is not such a good idea using your celebritiy to spread messages which are not based in real medical research. I hope she isn’t giving false hope to people or encouraging people not to vaccinate their children. These things need to be discussed with your pediatrician not just taking advice from a celebrity promoting her own personal experience. Whats worked for her may not work for the next person. Each case is unique.

  42. YourMom says

    What a hypocrite she is. The same woman that poked fun of cutting off a piece of her child’s penis is now the “all caring mother who actually cares” and “an anti-vacc advocate”? Puh-lease! What a douche. Her career was going down the drain, I guess it was just a plus that she did something horrible to her child (just because everyone else does) and he is now scarred for the rest of his life but she gets another 15 minutes to annoy the world with her hypocrisy.

  43. DJ says

    My son’s autism asperger symdrome which is a high achieving autism which he inherited from his father which back then autism was not really known much and people with autism were outcasts, quiet and I did not know his father had autism. My son with early intervention, an important key, with a wonderful counselor who specialized in autism and behavior modification and structure went onto become Valedictorian of 640 kids and to an ivy league school. Now in his Jr. year, he is well loved, has fit in well, adjusted to dorm life and being away and has even traveled abroad. Never give up and have hope and give them lots of love, a school with resources and IEP’s and have around positive people.

  44. says

    I think there are just too many vaccines now-a-days. I mean… chicken pox… what’s the big deal? You get some itchy bumps for a while and it’s gone. Why do we have to vaccinate against it now? Things like polio I can understand. I’m sticking with vaccines that have been around for a while. And I’m not getting the ones that my children don’t seem to fit a need for (i.e. rotovirus – my kids aren’t in daycare with other kids passing stomach bugs back and forth). I’m sorry, but some healthy food and vitamins goes A LONG way. Americans are too easily sucked into a pill for this and a pill for that. We’ve passed that same notion on to our children with shots. Call it hippy-thinking all you want, but I’m not going to just take someone’s word for it. My kids and I’ll decide what’s best for them (once having done the appropriate research).

  45. Tia :) says

    ps. # 34…good post! I too have never heard of 30 immunizations…and i work with this stuff!

    Here is Canada’s immunization schedule…as Arianna’s mommy said, our’s dont start until the infant is 2 months old. The only time an infant is given a shot at birth is when it is needed. Example: An infant is born to a mother who is a carrier of Hep B, then the infant will be given the Hepatitis B vaccine. This is also stated on the website.

  46. Tia :) says

    Liza, maybe you read me wrong? Im all for vaccines and I agree with every single thing you say. Im a nurse…so that should sum it all up 😉 haha. Now, im not sure about you guys in the U.S., but in Canada, we have to have all of our vaccines done on our children ( what ones are to be done) before we send them to school. How about you guys?

  47. Arianna's Mommy says

    Our immunitzation schedual in Canada must be different then the one in the US then because we certainly don’t do that many vaccines, and there is no vaccine until they are 2 months, ours follows pretty much the same as the one Adele has posted.

    That being said, if you are still getting your kids vaccinated then that is all that matters, but for those who are totally against vaccines, well I think you are nuts, and you have never had to see what one of these diseases can do.

    When I was in Highschool a girl I knew contracted Menigitis, the same type they get vaccinated for, anyways with in two days of showing any symptom of being ill she died. My brother was in contact with her around the time she first started to not feel well, (2 days before she died) and the panic was insane, another friend of ours who I knew since birth, was in contact, and he developed menigitis as well, he lived, but was severely brain damaged, and in his last year of Highschool before going to his full scholarship to collage in the states, lost it all and spent over a year in rehab just to learn how to walk again. He is still not self sufficient more than 10 years later.

    Think about these things before you write off vaccines on something that has not been proven

  48. Ella,Keirstin,&Elise's Mommy! says

    Wow all this fuss over vaccinations!! I don’t really understand the whole purpose of them, but I know that if it would help make my kids healthier I am all for it!!

  49. Adele says


    I’m guessing the majority of you on here are American as I have 2 daughters, age 4 & 8 months & neither of them have had that many immunisations as you all have mentioned (30)

    Here is a list of immunisations the government here in the UK recommend children upto the age of 18 recieve. They get these free of charge.

    I find it quite shocking that you have to give your children so many.

    A few years ago there was rumours about the joint MMR vaccination the children recieve at 13 month old was a link to Autism. This made parents want to pay privately for the seperate vaccinations, not the Mumps, Measles & Rubella all in one. Back last year, the doctor who said this was in court for fraud. There was no actual link to the MMR & Autism & this Doctor was sued.

    My oldest daughter received the all in 1 MMR and she is fine. My youngest will also receive the all in 1 vaccination.

  50. Minnie says

    Well said Kyle

    The idea that some people still manage to pass off hippy-crap is astounding. The idea that any parent can be fooling enough to accept anything that would affect their children without it going through even the most minimal form of objective, empirical test is astonishing. The fact that the semi illiterate feel that their view on medicine is “as valid as the next persons” is just plain delusional. Test your theories using MRI fMRI, EEG etc and then write an empirical and peer reviewed report and then try to brainwash the great unwashed.
    People used to believe for centuries that people could be cured of all kinds of diseases by attaching leeches to them. And then came the Enlightenment and Rationalism and everything improved for a while and then came hippy culture to do away with 200 years of progress and change.
    That said, American children do seem over vaccinated very quickly – far more so than in Europe. And yet Autism (which all the best evidence suggests is related to neurotransmitter and mirror neurone problems) rates are comparable…

  51. Kyle says

    the day there is scientific proof that vaccines cause autism i will be fully behind it. until then, i won’t be convinced just by desperate, frightened parents whose basic line of thinking is “it must be something, why not vaccines?” People used to say that cooking food on tinfoil caused autism.

    one should always be somewhat skeptical and researched when it comes to medical procedures, but to claim that fully researched and approved vaccines are crazy whilst chiropractors and holistic healers are sane is… well… kind of crazy.

  52. Pediatric Resident says

    Just to give you all some perspective. As a new doctor entering the field of Pediatrics, I cannot say that there is or is not a link between vaccines and autism because neither has been scientifically proven. But before Jenny, or any other person blames their pediatrician for giving too many vaccines and alludes that the reason may be due to financial gain, please note that physicians DO NOT get paid by pharmaceutical companies. We also DO NOT benefit from the financial success of any drug or vaccine. Another thing to consider, is that most doctors provide treatment based on current guidelines that are put out by the government, or based on scientifically proven research. That is how we have been taught to do our jobs!! When we don’t follow these guidelines, we are held liable, and may be sued for malpractice. This is why when you all decide not to get your children vaccinated, you have to sign documents stating that you are going against the advice of your doctors. All in all, please know that most pediatricians have nothing but your child’s best interest in mind. Please be cautious when deciding not to vaccinate your children, because the reason that we try to prevent certain diseases by vaccination is because they can be VERY DANGEROUS to your childs current and future health. They can also lead to death in many circumstances.

  53. says

    First and foremost, there is no way to guarantee what is in the vaccine. Vaccines do exist for a reason and we are fortunate to have them. There has been a shift in the creation of vaccines, it seems, from life-saving vaccinations to vaccines for less serious things. The creation of vaccines and the administration of massive vaccines at once is not healthy. Every child is different and no medical approach should be a catch-all. Each parent is responsible for educating themselves regarding treatments for their children. Most importantly, vaccines should not be used as a clean bill of health for children. Risks are associated with vaccinations. Parents need to take a holistic approach and do what is in the best interest of the individual child. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  54. lagirl says

    MINNIE….you are the idiot. No one said DON’T vaccinate. Just do it more responsibly. Would YOU get 36 immunizations in the next 18 months??? If you would or if you would do that to your child with all the crap in those vaccines then you are as stupid as your name. There are WAY too many vaccinations on the government schedule because pharmaceutical companies are making tons of money.

  55. Liza says

    Tia, I agree, I have no problem with an alternate schedule or leaving a few out, but vaccines have managed to eradicate many fatal and debilitating childhood diseases. In countries where these vaccines do not exist, children are still dying of these diseases. The more children are not vaccinated, the more these diseases will once again start to become a definite public health risk.

    Quite a few studies have shown that there is no link between Autism and vaccinations. What scientists do believe is that children either do or don’t have a predisposition to becoming autistic and that an event that is shocking to their immune system, no matter how brief (a vaccine or a high fever or chicken pox, etc) will lead a child predisposed to autism to start to show autistic behaviors.

  56. Minnie says

    Burying a baby that died from a preventable disease is a tough way for utter morons to live and learn.

  57. says

    I really dislike Jenny McCarthy, she had so many stupid ideas about circumcision and breastfeeding when her son was born.

    Glad she’s over the whole appearance thing though and she is doing a good thing now.

    My cousin’s son was born 9 months after my daughter, and he is autistic. You better believe that when my son was born I thought twice about loading up on the shots. He is three and has had a few that the doctor recommended (whooping cough was going around so we got that one). By the time he goes to kindergarten, he will be caught up including the stupid varicella one that I do not approve of at all.

    I love how pro-vaccinators are all up in arms about those of us who choose not to or delay vaccinations. What is their beef? Their kids aren’t going to get the plaque or leprosy or whatever because they’ve gotten these almighty shots.

    A little bit of education goes a long way. Or live and learn. 🙂

  58. Beth says

    You know what surprised me..
    How about when the Doctor wanted to give my nephew yet ANOTHER flu shot for THIS year and the parents refused.
    A Doctor going by the book for sure. My brother could not believe it!

  59. bucketbulldog says

    I found Jenny McCarthy to be quite annoying on Larry King last night. She wouldn’t let any of the dr’s finish speaking before she jumped in. I respect her passion and desire to raise awareness, but come on. Science had made significant advancements in the last 20-30 years to prevent our children from dying unnecessarily from a preventable disease. A vaccinated child with autism is not a dead child.
    Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are quite alive, vibrant children, and more should be done both to understand how the disorder is caused and how these children can live functional lives. Not vaccinating your child is putting other children at risk. Just wait until a child who was unwittingly exposed to some horrific disease because their parents chose not to vaccinate starts an epidemic and their parents get sued by the victims i.e. your unvaccinated child caused my child’s death. It will happen.
    Autism may be causal – but there are multiple factors: genetics, environmental toxins, predisposition, etc… Nothing can be ruled as cause #1, and nothing can be ruled out. I think it’s ignorant for parents to come to their own non scientific conclusions that vaccines cause autism and choose to not vaccinate their children.
    But then again – it’s America and nothing should surprise me.

  60. Beth says

    All I’m saying is the scheduling my kids had with theirs in the later 80s and 90s were FINE.
    Vaccinations were created for a reason I agree but now it does seem like WAY too many and WAY too close.
    When my brother told me how many they give nowadays I couldn’t believe it.
    When you have a child like my nephew for instance who has absolutely normal intelligence,is beautiful but is not toilet trained or can’t speak more than maybe 2 words when he was progressing normally, you can see one child in this big epidemic that is now coming to light from all the vaccinations and no doubt technology of the past number of years too.

  61. Tia :) says

    i want to say something soo bad, but it’ll start a fight…Im sorry, but vaccinations were created for a reason….ugh!

  62. Beth says

    If it’s possible Jennifer, I”d go with asking the Pediatrician to immunize your kids along the l980s recommended vaccine schedule(if that is possible) I said in my prior post when my kids were growing up (late 80s and 90s)we never even heard of the word autism esp in any school they were in.But now with my nephew having it my whole life has changed esp the way I every pregnant woman and every child. It’s unbelievable what this does to a family.My nephew was progressing normally till about 14 or 15 months when he got those two shots and my brother says the flu vaccine has ALOT of mercury based thermerisol in it (which my own children never got years ago and were never told to and got along fine without)
    so I’d never recommend getting that shot for a child that young AT ALL.

  63. Jennifer says

    I am so glad there is so much talk about vaccinations right now. I really hope that things change. My daughter is almost 4 mos old and I haven’t vaccinated her yet. My midwife suggested we hold off until she is at least 6 mos and luckily our pediatrician said he only recommends 2 vaccinations- Hib & PCV. Hey “Samsmom” what alternative schedule are you going with? This is all so confusing…but my daughter’s health is my #1 priority.

  64. Minnie says

    Absolute morons.
    Complete, unmittigated morons.

    This is why science shouldn’t be taught in high school to anyone with an IQ under 165.

  65. Analise says

    Thank you for the link to Dr. Gordon’s site. The US is out of control with the number of vaccinations, distribution of them and the time frame.

  66. nicemom says

    Ditto to all of you. Jenny is even more beautiful a person on the inside than her gorgeous exterior displays. As a special Education teacher , I couldn’t be more proud of her and her, Jim’s and her son’s courageous stand they are taking. 🙂

  67. Anonymous says

    I wanted to mention that Jenny’s ped, Dr. Jay Gordon, who was on the show tonight has a wonderful video out about vaccines. He is not against vaccinations, just the way they are given out (too many, too soon – many not needed). He also does individual risk assessment with each family. The video breaks down the various diseases and helps you get a better handle exactly on what you’re dealing with and the chances of coming into contact with them based on the lifestyle of your family. Here’s a link to it on amazon:

    There is an updated version available at his website:

    Dr. Jay is absolutely amazing. He changed our lives and that of my twins. Jenny summed up so much of what he believes on the show tonight. He’s not an aggressive person so I’m glad Jenny was there to jump in and make a strong case for delaying vaccines and individual risk assessment for each family. She was amazing and the autism community is so lucky to have her fighting so hard for them!

    Thanks W.M. for posting about the show and my heart goes out to all the families affected by autism. I can’t even imagine losing my child that way and we will fight alongside of those precious families for the safety of our nation’s children.

  68. Melissa R says

    Sorry, I forgot to address this one…..# 3 , what are you talking about??? And what does “herpes” have to do with “Autism???”

  69. Melissa R says

    This disorder is very frustrating to deal with in a child. My hat is off to any parent that has the patience and love to guide their child through this maze, because it is difficult!! At one time I thought my son was autistic and I had him checked. It turns out that he isn’t (thank God). However he does have Sensory Processing Disfunction or Disorder (SPD), which is totally different than autism. In fact many kids that are autistic have SPD in conjunction with autism. My occupational therapist attended a conference where Jenny was speaking and she said that Jenny was just phenomenal !! Way to go, Jenny!!!

  70. Rijay says

    I’m glad Jenny is bringing national attention to the possible link between vaccines and autism. While some vaccines are definitely needed, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) really goes overboard, rushing each and every parent to get 30 + vaccines for your child before they enter school.
    More research needs to be done before more children pay for our government’s mistakes.

    It’s sad that John Travolta and his wife Kelly do not come out publicly and talk about their son, Jet, who’s reported to have autism. All under the beliefs of Scientology.

  71. Ali says

    i am all for vaccaines and all… but, i believe the doctors are giving way too many of them at once! i think they have alot to do with autisim.docotrs don’t want to hear that and keep making up new ones.

  72. samsmom says

    I am so thankful that Jenny and Jim have taken this issue head on. It is about time that we have a high profile person to bring the vaccine-autism link to the light.
    It is so frustrating to find that most pediatricians don’t even want to discuss this issue with parents. It is like they are hiding behind the great pharmaceutical curtain.
    I read Jenny’s book and I was spitting mad at the lack of concern and treatment she and her son received both in their private doctor’s office and the hospital. It really makes me have less confidence in our medical system.
    I have my son on one of the alternate vaccine schedules and have not yet decided if he will have the MMR vaccine at all.

  73. says

    I love Jenny and think that she is a very smart lady. I think we may be over vaccinating our children. I think people are greatly helped by eating whole, nutritious food and that moe emphasis is needed on this subject. Of course, I rarely take my children to the medical doctor and prefer chiropractics and holistic approaches to health. Go Jenny Go

  74. says

    Jenny McCarthy said she created a profile on “”, but just want to know the living of the people who infected by Herpes. You can check her profile to see more photos of her

  75. tracey says

    my name is tracey i have 5 beautiful children, and my middle child is a high functing autistic child we found out after his around his 4th birthday. we did not understand because up untill his 3rd birthday he was a normal child he walked and talked just fine and then one day it was gone. i would like some one to tell me who i can call i was told that there are people fighting the goverment on this i stongly feel that the vaccinations that he was giving caused this.

  76. Beth says

    I am so glad that in light of world autism day people will start seeing what kind of epidemic is going on here. My 3 1/2 year old nephew has autism and his father (my brother)is pretty darn convinced it happened after he got two shots in one day (flu and MMR)When my children were young we never even HEARD the word autism now it’s everywhere!
    By the way,Jenny McCarthy was kind enough to send a signed photo to him and I’d love to thank her here for that!But mostly I pray for the day when my nephew will speak. He’s getting intense therapy for it.

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