An Expectant Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban In Sydney

Nicole Kidman

An expectant Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban were snapped out for lunch in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday. Friend Naomi Watts (not pictured) joined them.



  1. Miapocca says

    Nicole is graying and has silver or white roots..she is pregnant and has to lay of certain dyes, so i guess this is the best the could do for her….

    JLO actually showed her whit roots duing her pregnancy ahhahah…

    Baby first, you after they pop out!

  2. Kay says

    I’m not an authority on fashion but does anyone else think a woman as pale as her should NOT wear black?

  3. Lauren says

    Blonde hair doesn’t suit Nicole at all! She’s already has pale skin so the blonde washes her out. Wow, she’s already 6 months and barely even showing! Gorgeous.

  4. says

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  5. Liza says


    Her chilren are in th U.S. attending school, being with their friends, being involved in school, etc.

    They spend the summers with her, they’ve done that for the last several years.

  6. dori says

    The reason she looks so pale and washed out is that she has very light skin and hair and the sun is reflecting off of her making her look lighter than she is. She looks great and happy too.

  7. says

    She looks really washed out with no color and all in black. Too bad he looks better than she does.

    She really doesn’t look like she’s having a healthy pregnancy, but we’re looking at her from far away too.

  8. says

    People may be forgetting that Nicole usually wears ridiculously body-hugging clothes (which she can pull off no problem) and is now wearing things a lot baggier. But what’s baggier for her is normal to most of us. I’m sure everything’s fine. I don’t like her hair this way either, it’s too harsh, and I know she is very strict about staying out of the sun, so her skin is sooo white. I think it’s just a bad hair day!

  9. Liza says

    I think her size looks appropriate given her height, weight, and the fact that this is her first pregnancy to go beyond the first trimester. She does have a little bit of a tummy, but probably won’t look obviously pregnant until between 6 and 7 months.

    Her breasts have gotten bigger, are you forgetting that she didn’t have much at all? My breasts grew right away during pregnancy, but a friend of mine didn’t grow anything until her milk came in after delivery. Every pregnancy is different.

    I don’t like the hair color, but other recent pictures don’t have it looking quite as light, so maybe its the sun. I also don’t get why someone would think she looks sickly. What about her looks sickly?

  10. says

    Her husband is HOTTTTTTTTT!

    He has a nice body..YOU can see it under his shirt! WOW!

    Congrats on the baby! It was just bound to happen..I was wondering on what was they waiting on?

  11. annie says

    I think she’s had too much Botox, and the dye jobs and weaves have ruined her hair. I understand she’s tall and will start to show later but shouldn’t her breasts look just a bit bigger? Poor Keith, he does not look happy.

  12. Sara says

    I really like Nicole, but I don’t think her hair color is flattering at all. If she had a more golden shade of blonde to her hair it would make her look less harsh.

  13. amyamy says

    I liked her long orange/red natural curly hair way better. Her bleech job and tight comb back look bad! Doesn’t even look like she’s pregnant- due in July! Did she miscarry again? She had an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage with Tom Cruise. I hope she is OK. She is lucky not to be married to whacked-out, maga-hyper, mega-drawf, Tom anymore! I wish her and Keith the best

  14. carleigh says

    she is about 5 1/2 – 6 months pregnant and she’s due sometime in July. You have to remember she’s also almost 6 ft. tall in her bare feet so she’s not going to poke out and show a bump as soon as others do.

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