1. Tango says

    wow no comments about the dummy/paci/binky???

    such a cute family! I’d rather see this family then Brangelina anyday!

  2. Lauren says

    Cute. I hope Gwen has a girl. That would round out the family. But a little boy would be adorable as well.

  3. Amanda says

    Gwen is one of a kind. I love her! I hope she has a girl! She is a wonderful mother! She looks lovely! She is glowing!

  4. says

    Oh, the baby is so cute. I bet he will very happy if he knows his father is a popular people on a Herpes site””, but not for his apprence, just for his helps to the POZ user on that site

  5. Jess says

    little Kingston is so cute oh god he has got a dummy god help us (hint is being sarcastic) gwen does look great how far along is she now

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