Will Smith With Willow & Jaden At The Kids' Choice Awards

Will Smith

Will Smith and daughter Willow, 8, and son Jaden, 10, were snapped at the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday.



  1. yodontnedano says

    they are such a beutiful talented family,there kids are so cute, but i do not see why willoe has to where weave

  2. Katie says

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  3. says

    The girls so cute. I bet they do not know that their father is very popular on “positiveloving.com” where herpes singels dating. And he has many fans on that site

  4. Nicki says

    I love Will, great actor. I like Jada also. Beautiful kids. His oldest is too. They always look happy and fun. Nice pic of the three of them.

  5. says

    Very beautiful kids, the whole family is good looking, and they seem like they’d have lots of fun together. I’ve heard little Willow is quite the diva (in her’s dad’s words) already!! She’ll probably be sassy like her mom : )

  6. sharrie says

    The Smiths are a beautiful family and the kids are absolutely gorgeous. I heard that Will is very popular in H’wood because he is so nice to work with. He seems like he is very down to earth.

  7. Jessie says

    I like how Willow is named after Will and Jaden is named after Jada, his wife. I love this family! They are too cute!

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