Angela Kinsey's Baby Shower

Angela Kinsey

Angela Kinsey, 36 – who’s expecting her first child, a daughter, later this spring – was feted by her Office castmates Saturday during a girls-only baby shower.

“Angela has a lot of sisters and a lot of relatives from Texas who came out,” costar Kate Flannery told People magazine that night, at the Humane Society’s 22nd Genesis Awards. “There were a lot of Southern ladies who were sitting around drinking iced tea. No men – it was only the ladies.”

The shower, held at Jenna Fischer’s L.A. home and co-hosted by Angela’s sister-in-law Susanne Daniels, included about 25 guests who noshed on tea sandwiches from Paddington’s Tea Room. There were “white and pink roses everywhere,” added Kate Flannery, who gave the mommy-to-be a pint-sized pink robe with rabbit ears.

So how is Angela holding up as her due date approaches? “She is a very happy pregnant woman,” said Kate Flannery. “One of the happiest pregnant woman I have ever seen.”

In fact, the actress – who’s married to TV writer Warren Lieberstein and has blogged about her cravings for ice-cold Snickers bars – is still hard at work on the NBC sitcom.

“We’ve been desperately trying to hide her pregnancy on the show,” said Kate Flannery. “You can’t tell. She’s behind a copier machine, behind a pile of papers. It’s kind of funny.”



  1. Jx2 says

    #3 – you obviously did not read my comment…I don’t watch TV I rent DVDs and watch films or shows on my iMAC computer.

  2. Jx2 says

    ha ha – what a great show…I have to wait until the season is over and the DVD is released so that I can watch all the episodes. “The Office” and “Dexter” are the ONLY two TV series I watch.

    The character Angela plays is one of the best on the show. Pam is kind of boring. Dwight is funny too. But I really like Michael’s idiocy and buffoonery. He says some of the most shocking things…gotta love that!!!

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