An Expectant Jessica Alba Accepts Award At Kids' Choice Awards

Jessica Alba

An expectant Jessica Alba was snapped accepting her Kids’ Choice Award for favorite movie actress Saturday.



  1. 2teens says

    #15 She doesn’t need to be married for goodness sake. Should we send her to a convent until her confinement is over too?
    She looks very pretty here but as usual I don’t like her dress. I’m sure she is on a worst dressed list somewhere with these hideous outfits she wears.

  2. says

    I had my first when I was not married, stuff happens. It would have been entirely worse had I gotten married. Now I have a “nuclear family” with a husband and 2.5 kids, but having gotten married doesn’t make me a better person, it’s just how my life turned out. 🙂

  3. Jx2 says

    why should it be necessary for her to get married first. Will it change anything in her life? No! Do you actually think if she got married to Casshole that they wouldn’t split up later? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I do not think that Jessica’s relationship with the father of her child will last. There’s something about him that just screams “player”.

  4. Jess says

    Liza 40 is not a bad a age no but i would rather see a 26 year old have a baby there is nothing wrong with having a baby at 40

  5. Liza says

    Silas’ Mommy,

    It’s immoral to YOU, that doesn’t make it actually immoral.

    Like another poster said, she’s old enough and financially secure and independent, plus she’s in a committed relationship.

    Jess, there’s nothing wrong with a 40 year old having a baby. It happens all the time.

  6. Tia :) says

    Well Silas’smommy, its not the childs fault. They didnt ask to be here. Not even that, where is it written in stone that it’s immoral?? Give me a break lady. Welcome to the year 2008. Is that hard to understand?

  7. silas'smommy says

    #11- because it’s immoral- how hard is that to understand? Do you think that it is a good example to the child that mommy and daddy aren’t married?

  8. Jessie says

    Haha, there’s a Jess, a JESS, and a Jessie… :] Now don’t everyone come accusing us of being the same person!

  9. Tia :) says

    Why are people still bit*ching over woman who have children before they get married?!? WHO CARES!

  10. Jessie says

    Yeah, I saw this on tv since my brothers watched it and I thought she looked nice and accepted it very nicely and not fake at all.

  11. Tempany says

    well said jess. she is perfectly old enough and financially able to provide for her baby – i dont see how she is a bad role model.

  12. Jess says

    colle she is 26 i think she is old enough to have a baby at least she aint 40 and she doesnt have to be married it’s the 21st century get just to it

  13. colle says

    Another young unmarried pregnant star. Or so she thinks she is as most of her movies have been duds. She is pretty though. Children and young adults have her and Jamie Lynn as role models, sad world!

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