Jamie Lynn Spears & Casey Aldridge Engaged

Jamie Lynn Spears

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, and boyfriend Casey Aldridge are engaged, his cousin, Tina Robinson, confirmed to Us magazine.

“He proposed a few days ago, and she accepted,” Tina told Us magazine.

Tina said that she hadn’t seen a ring and didn’t know whether they would wed before or after Jamie Lynn delivers.

“They probably weren’t expecting [the proposal] to be, like, right now, but with her being pregnant, that really pushed it up,” Tina shared. 

Jamie Lynn and Casey, 18, announced they were expecting their first child together in December.

Around the time of their big news, Casey’s uncle, Odus Jackson, 71, told Us magazine that he was “hopeful” for a future wedding.

“It would be something that we could all look forward to in time and that it would not be a forced thing even if it happened,” he said.

Jamie Lynn, star of the Nickelodeon hit Zoey 101, recently got her GED.

She and Casey have been spotted around her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana.

Best wishes to Jamie Lynn  and Casey.



  1. Samoan.A.K.A.Sillymoan_ON_d3CK says

    O mi freakin god h8rs get a life so wat it wasnt a mistake do not call her child a mistake because god wanted thi to happen yall made mistakes dont yall got better things to do other than talkin trash r u trash no would u like people callin u trash?No so shut the duce up G!

    Samoan aka Sillymoan 4 life

  2. magi says

    i hate her!!!she had a wonderful life !!!
    i think she is a bad girl since she got pregnant!!hello people she is just 16! imagine yourself pregnant at 16

  3. says

    jamie lynn spears is to young to get married and have a baby she made a big mistake like her sister and her mom will be very angry at her

  4. Ashley says

    aww, it’s cute. Jamie seems like a responsible mother from other things I’ve read. Good Luck to her!

  5. Sweetiegirl says

    She is doing her best! i know not everyone is perfect and all but atleast she is keeping the baby and doing the right thing! You have to put yourself in her shoes she is a celebrity with her whole life displayed to the public so we can all see. When she does some stupid thing it gets blown way out of proportion just because she is famous.
    There are tons of teens getting pregnant and what makes her’s such a big deal! i know that all of us want to know the celebrity buzz or gossip but we have to step back and think. This is someone’s life that is being displayed to the public. So i think she is doing a damn good job at all this!!

  6. chris brown says

    Man jamie u are cool but dat guy dont luv u he just wanted to get down. im a celebrity i know how u feel

  7. Amanda. says

    get over it. she’s pregnate, well she had her baby now. you really think that normal people dont do this s***. comeon. think about it. if it was your best friend you wouldnt be callin it a mistake and callen her trashy. she is a TEENAGER like everyone was at some time and is living her life. she has money. its not like the baby will be on the streets. she has a family to support her.. she has a boyfriend who loves her and is willin to be there for the baby. think about it. i think things can be a whole lot worse.

  8. MiQaah..! says

    *.. Holiss como stam..¿
    Buee espero qe iper biem..!
    Les qeria comtar qe me encamta la parejita de ellos dos..!!!!!
    el muuuuiii limdooooo…!!!
    Ahh.. ii tambiem me emcanta.. joee..!! LO AMO..




  9. gabby says

    omg would you ppl leave her alone… she’s probably gonna b a better mom than brit… it’s not like u ppl even know her so SHUTUP

  10. cierra says

    yes i give her props for trying to do the best she can and apply to universities but if shes that smart she would also know to not have that kind of intercourse with that guy. and she should know shes too younge!!!!

  11. laura says

    Amanda, people don’t divorce because they think it’s ‘cool’, people divorce because they’re relationships really aren’t working. Divorce is a very emotionally, and financially, intense and stressful time which no one aims to do for the sake of image.

    However, in regards to Jamie Lynn, I think this marriage will eventuate into a serious mistake. Sure, she’s pregnant but that doesn’t mean she has to marry the guy. I mean, if she truly believes marrying him will make her happy then fine but if she’s only doing it because she thinks that’s the only way she feels she can deal with the situation and the baby then that’s not right. Marrying the guy is not going to erase the fact that she is a teen mum and that this baby was not planned. I’m not saying she won’t love her baby anyless or she wont be any less of a good mum because motherhood is such a natural instinct that she will do fine, but this baby was most certainly not planned and marrying Casey is not going to fool anyone in hiding that fact.
    I do really wish her luck though for the future 🙂

  12. Tia :) says

    umm..#67…sorry, but back in the day woman were having children at 14 or 15. Im not saying Jamie Lynn is doing the right thing, but she will bounce back quickly. Also It is HER decision! why cant people just respect that and leave her alone?!?

  13. dori says

    Jamie Lynne capable of making her own decisions?NOT!!!
    She still needs a lot of giudance or else she wpouldn’t be in this position now would she?
    Are you nuts? She’s a kid!! She’s 16!!!! 16 years is still a child emotionally and you are wrong to give her so much credit.

  14. kim says

    I have a friend who got pregnant pretty young as well. My friend was thinking about getting an abortion and her mom was the one who talked her out of it. (that is her grandbaby) and she decided to have the baby. When he was born, her and her mom were staring at him and her mom says “and you wanted to abort him” my friend cried and cried and cried. She went on to marry the father and they have 3 kids now.

  15. Jenna M. (UK) says

    ThinLizzy, I have a life thank you. You are the one with a problem, saying someone you don’t even know, and who seems perfectly happy to be pregnant should have had an abortion. I’m not starting anything about abortions here, sometimes they are necessary and I’m not against them, but saying that somebody SHOULD have had an abortion is just sick. ThinLizzy, you clearly have issues in your life that you need to sort out.

  16. ThinLizzy says

    To Jenna M. It’s none of your business to tell me what to say either. Seems to me you need to get a life of your own.

  17. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #67, you have no right to say that. Maybe that would have been the best option for you, but if Jamie Lynn didn’t feel it was the best option for her thats her business. Nobody should ever have someone saying “she should have had an abortion” about them. That is the ultimate cruelty. Jamie Lynn is a person capable of making her own choices and I’m sure she feels she has made the right one. And at 16 btw, the body is perfectly capable of handling pregnancy, 16 used to be a normal age for people to start families.

  18. ThinLizzy says

    She should of had an abortion. To put her body through a pregnancy at that early age, when she is still a baby herself. When you play with fire, you tend to get burnt. Her mother never told her about sex evidently.

  19. Mia says

    Thanks Jenna i think i’m going to tell my nan i think she will understand whats going on my dad is a hot head he will go mad if i told him and my mother would just break down knowing that this is going on thank you again

  20. Jenna M. (UK) says

    And back to the main issue, I think its great that Jamie Lynn and Casey are engaged. Not because I’m one of these people who thinks its wrong to have a baby out of wedlock – I really, really don’t – but it shows they are focused on building a stable family for their child. Ok so a 16 year old getting pregnant isn’t ideal, but its really not the end of the world and plenty of 16 year olds make fantastic mums and dads. Congratulations to Jamie and Casey for being mature and handling this in a responsible way.

    So some people might say they are “setting a bad example”, well I believe the opposite. Teens are going to get knocked up whether we like it or not. They don’t need any encouragement. But at least Jamie Lynne and Casey are showing other pregnant teens how to deal with it properly.

  21. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Mia, your teacher is in the wrong. I know it might feel great to you that an older man is interested, but I can bet anything he will be doing everything he can to make you feel special and loved and like something really romantic and unique is going on. But trust me, that is how men (and women) like that work. He is abusing a position of power and trust, both in terms of adult/child (I know you might not feel like a child at 15 but legally you are) and teacher/pupil.

    As harsh as this sounds, do not be fooled by this man. Any decent 27 year old man would not be chasing after a 15 year old girl, especially one he has a duty of care over. You need to speak to someone. Another teacher, a guidance counsellor, a parent. If you can’t talk to any of them, what about another older relative such as a cousin or aunt, or even a friend’s parents? Don’t worry about getting in trouble for this – you are not the one in the wrong but this man needs to be stopped before he hurts you and other young girls. Its also a big deal thats it affecting your school work.

    Sorry to go on about this but it is an important issue. Also I hope you don’t think I’m just being a patronising adult, I’m only 18 and I’ve been in a similar situation myself. Take care sweetie, and let us know how it goes if you can!

  22. dori says

    41 What makes you think you can MAKE a teenager do anything? You can suggest they take birthcontrol but you can’t make them do it. Kids will do what they want and there’s nothing you can do about it and they don’t realize the consequences. The baby should be given up for adoption so that a couple longing for a child and in a position to give this child a good home and family life can give this child a nuturing environment instead of being thrown in spoktlight and screwed up by the mother in this family. She incompetent and if I were the judge I’d not allow the Spears family to raise another child.

  23. Mia says

    dori thank you and 2teens thank you both very much i didin’t know if anyone would say anything because of what’s been going on here

  24. dori says

    Please speak with an adult about your situation. Your teacher is wrong to engage you in any relationship other than a teacher. Your parents love you and will help you do not be afraid to tell them. Trust in your family.
    59 you’re right . No one has any scrupples anymore and when our celebs are acting without respectability how can we convince our kids to behave any better?
    KKK mom you’re right this sight is not much fun nymore. I was gone for a while and came back to find some of my pals are gone. It’s become boring here and Web Mistress doesn’t update this sight often enough once a week is not enough to keep a wesite interesting. WAKE UP WM and do your job here Same posts here for a week already.

  25. slapstick says

    So she is TRYING to do the right thing….ooh…. too bad she’s not like most trampy celebs getting knocked up left and right with no thoughts of EVER marrying the father. Because, you know, marriage is passe…. you know… they don’t want THAT much of a committment because…you know… having a baby together is just so not a committment…. HOLLYWOOD IS FULL OF FREAKS

  26. Mia says

    Thanks 2teens i didn’t know what to do i feel like if i do talk to some they will think the some as my friend i’m so worried what if they disowned me

  27. 2teens says

    Mia, if you can’t talk to your parents you should talk to your school guidance counselor about this. Your teacher is the one who is doing something wrong, he is a pedophile. Don’t go out with him anymore.

  28. Mia says

    I’m a 15 years old girl. Last year, this new teacher came to my school, about 27 years old, and i had a mad crush on him. Since then there has been a flirt going on between us and i think it’s wrong, you know, what i’m doing, but i can’t stop because i love him…what should i do? I told my best friend and now she’s not talking to me, saying i’m a s*** and that i should go and become a p*********. I am really scared and frightened that my parents will find out, and i’ve been lying to my mum whenever i go out with him. We have such a great time though, and i think many people are suspecting somethings going on. i’m really scared. I really wanna go even further, but i feel a little unsure. He wanted us to make love last week but i couldn’t possibly, i was feeling really uncomfortable and lied to him i had my period. This is such a big dilemma for me, and i have changed alot, i don’t pay attention at school and it’s basically horrible…

  29. luvmy2girlz says

    could have, should have, would have…it’s too late now!! so they might as well do the best they can and try to be happy together

  30. dori says

    Don’t you think a good choice would have been to use protection during sex and act responsibly?They want to act like adults but are too young and don’t understand consequences of their actions …..the brain does not develop this until the 20’s. These kids haven’t done anything responsible yet and this marriage business is only media hype to keep her in the public eye so that after the baby is born she can go back to work. A GED is no big deal when you realize she should be in HS like every other 16 year old . But this family doesn’t know the meaning of normal and the mother is a total imbecile and should not be allowed custody of the child she incompetent. She stood by while Brit was being taken advantage of by a predator and drugged and put out in public ….the only thing that saved her was the father stepping in and taking over.
    They don’t deserve any praise for their actions they are a bad example of teenagers today if you ask me. Most attend school graduate and go on to college and meaningful careers. Thats something to brag about… Not this garbage!!!

  31. luvmy2girlz says

    I don’t think they are being “forced” into anything. They are very young, BUT they probably do love each other very much, and they wanna have their own little family. Since the baby is already coming anyway, and they are probably going to live together anyway, WHat’s the difference, might as well get married! Good luck to them!!!!

  32. missy says

    People should get married because they love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together, not because they accidentally got pregnant and think it’s the right thing to do. Two wrongs won’t make a right no matter how much they wish it could.

    They should focus on providing a loving home for their child, not making a marriage work as teenagers.

  33. says

    Well mostly everyone that visits this site is looking to read celeb gossip so naturally it will attract gossipy-type. Just learn to IGNORE it if you can’t stand it…

  34. Mommyto3 says

    If that’s all you people can do is down people for what they say, do, even what they wear, then why don’t you get a da** life and quit looking on here soo much. It is none of your business what they do. I would suggest that you live your life and let them live theirs. Whatever choices they make, it is them that has to deal with it not you. Get the he*ll over it… I can’t even come look at a website without seeing the same people argue about the same things that has nothing to do with this website at all!!!!! OOOHHH!!!

  35. Alex says

    Reportedly flashing an engagement ring on her left hand and sporting a shirt that read “The Rumors Are True,” Spears and her cousin both registered for gifts at the store, according to sources.

  36. Ali says

    i think it is awful to get married only for pregnancy. it is the child that always feels guilty for a possible awful marriage(that they did not choose) and ususally a parent can end up resenting you for the choice they have made.i do not by that right thing to do crapola!
    i got married after my daughter was born and i am so glad i did! she does not ever have to worry about “forcing” mommy and daddy to get married. we got married after she came here and she can never feel bad.

  37. Ileana says

    I think, the important thing is for her to focus on her child and for her parents to guide her and support her, I’m not saying what she did is right, getting pregnant as a teenager, but I hope she matures and takes care of this child, and I really hope she learns from her situation, we all make mistakes, nobody is perfect, God bless her and her child.

  38. says

    i’m getting sick of hearing about this child who cares if she is pergnant or getting married thousands of people do it every day just because she is a so called celebrity and is 16 doesnt make her special i would rather hear about Gwen Stefani or Isla Fisher

  39. Amber says

    Why make another mistake to compound the problem? Wait until you’re at least 25 and then if you are still together, get married.

  40. 2teens says

    Well, she was smart enough to pass the GED… but does she have any common sense? I’m thinking not.

  41. Liza says

    Sorry Sandra, but just because you can pass a GED exam doesn’t mean that the last two years of high school is a waste. You don’t learn anything from the GED test, you either pass it or you don’t and you’re still missing out on two years of classroom learning. Lots of 16 year olds are capable of passing it, I’ve seen it. If a kid can manage to get a high school diploma at 16 than they wouldn’t be taking two more years of high school because they would have already met all the state requirements for a high school diploma. See the difference between the two?

    And while a GED is a positive thing, like I already said, it is not the same as a high school diploma, and a college will choose a student with a diploma over a student with a GED most of the time.

    Just because people think it’s a negative thing that she’s 16, pregnant, and engaged, doesn’t mean people are puritans, it means they recognize a mistake when they see it. And it doesn’t mean those people would have a problem with their teenagers kissing. If I had a 16 year old or any teenager, whether or not I thought she was having sex, I would put her on birth control, and tell her to use a condom, and tell her about emergency contraception. And if somehow she still ended up pregnant, I wouldn’t be calling it a blessing.

  42. says

    P.S. If you go to college after you get your G.E.D. then you haven’t wasted your time. But if you just get a ged and do nothing for yourself then I think you should have finished off school (get a diploma). Kids want to grow up too fast…

  43. Sandra says


    I NEVER said it was the same. It was to show how freaked out everyone is about her life when really it has NOTHING to do with ANYONE on here. It really shows how naive parents really can be, if those posting on here are parents. That is exactly how their children will get pregnant or impregnant someone in their teens.

    To PASS a GED at the age of 16 proves a lot. Proves that she is smarter than MOST 16 year olds. Also shows that the extra 2 years in High School is a true waste if one can get a GED or diploma 2 years earlier than most.

  44. Blomba says

    wow wee. Babyrazzi is getting more interesting by the day. Just love to hear about 16 year old Lyn Spears.

    Where’s Suri anyway

  45. says

    i hope jamie lynn will be a good momma and i hope that britney is finally getting better so she can she her 2yr old son jayden and her 1yr old sean i miss seeing her with them

    and i think that casey is such a nice boyfriend to jamie lynn he seems to understand that he is gonna be a daddy and is staying in that baby’s life

  46. Liza says

    While a GED is a positive thing, it is not the same as graduating from high school and getting a high school diploma. It’s not as if she graduated from high school at age 16, she studied for a test and then passed it, thereby getting her GED. BTW, when I was applying to colleges, no one was telling me how mature and responsible I was being.

    Sandra, getting pregnant and then engaged/married at 16, isn’t the same as kissing someone at school. If you can’t see the difference, then that’s scary.

  47. carrie says

    wow, im 16, and i have to say (from a pier’s point of view) she is handling her situation amazingly well. i have no idea what my friends wouldve done. or what i wouldve done! im really happy to hear they are at least making an effort. i try not to judge her in he shadow of her stupid sister.

  48. Kelli says

    Listen, we all make mistakes and we all make choices. Near as I can tell, JLS is at least TRYING to make good choices in the wake of this mess. She has gotten her GED. She is marrying the father of her child. Without knowing the nature of their relationship (other than having sex), we cannot speak to how real it is or isn’t. I’ve known people who got married as teens and stayed married until they parted at death. I’ve known people who married at 30 and were single by 31. So you don’t know. And you can’t judge her by who her sister is. Jeffrey Dahmer had a brother -it didn’t make HIM a serial killer.

  49. missy says

    The reason why young marriages appeared to have lasted longer is because it was more taboo to get a divorce back then. Couples, usually women were forced to hold their tongue in an unhappy marriage because there was little hope for a divorced woman ‘who couldn’t provide for her man’. The fact that they are getting married young isn’t going to help their chances this day and age. This is a lifelong commitment, and though yes, it doesn’t affect me directly, I think it would be wise for them to wait until the child is born to make another serious decision. Their lives are about to drastically change enough.

  50. Just me says

    At 33, I would never, ever, ever suggest getting married only “for the child,” as harsh as that seems.
    My mom and dad got pregnant with me on purpose right after they graduated from high school so their parents would allow them to get married. They ended up having six kids, but they seperated last year. And that was after 33 years of near constant yelling and fighting. How was that good for us kids?
    As far as getting married because “it’s the right thing to do … ” Well, I don’t think these two have to worry about tarnishing their reputation. So, just don’t rush into anything!!

  51. Nichola says

    as previously stated



  52. boo says

    Getting engaged doesn’t mean they are going to run off and get married tomorrow, it just means they are serious about comitting to each other and their growing family!!! Period!! Some engagements last for years and years before the couple actually take the walk down the aisle……And If they choose to take the walk by the time the baby is born then Good for them….She may only be 16 but she stills loves her babies father and wants to be a family with him and who are any of you to tell her that it’s wrong?

    I wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her in action as a mom, I’m sure she will do a great job! 🙂

  53. Foxy says

    Its not liek shes a normal 16yr is it? she can go to college e.t.c whilst being a mum lots of people do, why is she so different?
    Ive been engaged since i was 17 im now nearly 24 and still not married even tho me and my partner have had two children and been together nearly 7years no one thought we would last we have and we will!

    it doesnt matter if your 16 or 27 your never ready 100% for a baby or marriage its all about learning

  54. N says

    I would rather see her as a married teenager mother…than a single teenaged mother… Even if it does not work in the long run. She will never know if marriage will have a positive or negative outcome if she doesn’t try it.

  55. momof3 says

    If she were my 16-year old, and yes I do have a 16-year-old, I’d seriously advise her to wait a few years. They’re practically children, they will change so much in the next few years. And having a child of their own will not likely make them grow up all of a sudden. If anything, it will probably cause friction.
    The fact that a 100 years ago people got married at 14 is about as relevant as the fact that in some countries they marry 8-year-olds off.
    “Doing the right thing” or “giving the baby a name” are not good reasons to get married too young.

  56. Lauren says

    If Jamie-Lynn thinks this is the right choice for her and her unborn child, who are we to judge? Yes, she’s still young to be getting married and having a baby but she’s trying to do the right thing and give her baby a name. Leave her alone.

  57. Nichola says






  58. Butterfly says

    Must we forget that these two people have supportive families who are Christian based. Apparently, Jamie is becoming attached to the child growing within her, which is normal and natural. To her amazing credit, she is making leaps, not strides, by receiving her GED at age 16 and seriously contemplating the longevity of her current condition. Although this couple has a rough path ahead of them, they have supportive families and are attempting to make adult decisions. My concern is that teens often try to play house without realizing the big picture of marriage and family. Because Miss Spears is in the public light and many girls look to her as an example, I am concerned that more teen mothers will try to keep their children rather than placing them up for adoption. Considering the emotional maturity of many pregnant teens and the percentage of drugs and domestic violence in the homes of teen moms, this decision could be catastrophic for others who attempt to follow in Jamie Lynn’s footsteps.

  59. Freya says

    nan correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the norm for a teen to graduate at 18 and NOT 16 in the United States? I think that’s a major accomplishment regardless of her being pregnant or not. Also, lots of ADULT pregnant women wear loung wear, some even with beer shirts, and no one bats an eye. Just leave the poor girl alone!

  60. nan says

    Awww, and thats going to make everything all better! NOT!

    #6: Whoop-tee-doo!

    Her getting her GED should not be anything to celebrate over.
    It should be expected of her!
    Don’t go praising this CHILD because she’s looking into colleges.

    I can guarantee you that she has a whole posse of people (including manager, agent, accountant, assistant, big wigs at this little thing called NICKELODEON) who are influencing many of these ideas for their own benefit in hopes that her media appeal to all those young & oh-so impressionable adolescent girls doesn’t die off.
    If she makes it to GRADUATE college then throw her a party like anyone else with such accomplishment.

    We’re talking about a 16 year old girl (not a woman) who was pictured wearing a BEER t-shirt at the beginning of her pregnancy.
    Do you really think that with decision making skills that immature she’s going to continue to believe for the next 50 years that this 18 year old boy is her lover/best friend/husband for LIFE?!?!?

    Get a clue people! This is someone in the entertainment industry.
    They have a entirely different way of living & thinking them mainstream America.

    Just because she’s back in Arkansas doesn’t mean she’s shackled there for life.

    If it’s up to Big Momma Spears she’ll have back in production before she turns 18 in order to snatch some more $$$.

  61. LC says

    Sandra your right i was engaged for three years before i got married but i can’t help to think that if jamie wasnt pregnant would he still ask her?

  62. Sandra says

    Wow you guys freak out. It would be interesting to see your faces when your kids come home and say I kissed someone at school!!!

    Just because they are engaged DOES NOT mean they will get married next week. Who says they will get married in the next 2 years. Relax people if they want to get married then they will get married they can also take their own time at doing it. There is no law once you are engaged you MUST get married in 6 months or even stay engaged for that matter! They obviously love each other, hence why they are together and are now engaged.

  63. Liza says

    It’s one mistake after another with this girl. Why do people think that marriage is the automatic answer to an accidental pregnancy, much less a teen pregnancy. They’d do better for themselves if they had this baby and then gave themselves sometime to be responsible and get on their feet.

    Divorce isn’t “cool”, people do it because their relationships aren’t working, no one enjoys going through a divorce. When people were regularly getting married at age 16-18, divorce was frowned upon and happiness was not of the most importance in a relationshp. Don’t forget that women rarely had a voice in those relationships either.

  64. Ileana says

    I think, they believe is the right thing to do, as parents, even if we know it’s a mistake for the couple to get married, we think that if they get married they make a right decision, it just seems right at that moment, I feel that if they are not married and they stay each at their own home, they lose responsibility, in the sense that the male has the freedom to the normal things that they should be doing at that age such as going to the mall, hanging out with friends just being a normal teenager, and the female might leave the responsibility to her parents in the sense that she might ask if they can babysit so, she can go out , yet if they live together, they might feel more pressure to be responsible, they have to start working to support the place where they live, and they have to share the responsibility of taking care of the baby.

  65. Sharrie says

    Whoop de doo…good move on his part though. Maybe he can take some lessons from his soon to be exbrother in law Kevin Federline. A lesson on how to rake a Spears over the coals. What stupid parents she has, to condone the marriage of two kids. I know they live in the swamps, but gees….!

  66. D'Anna says

    4….yeah, people 50 years ago got married when they were 14 and 16, and they also had 12 kids together. It’s not that divorce is cool, it’s just that our lifespans are longer and there’s so much outside pressure that didn’t used to exist. By the time I got married at age 29, most of my friends who had been married in their late teens and early 20s were already divorced and some of them had remarried.

    It’s just not really practical to get married so young, but I wish them the best.

  67. Freya says

    Marina-re-read it. It says they ANNOUNCED their pregnancy in December, not that she is due next December.

  68. Freya says

    If it was your own child in this situation, I would doubt you’d be using the word trash so lightly. The fact of the matter is that a teenage celebrity is pregnant. Take away the celebrity bit and she’s one of thousands of girls facing difficult decisions right now. No she doesn’t have to get married, but she did just get her GED and is applying to universities, so it would seem that this young girl is trying to be the best possible person she can be so we need to respect that.

  69. Amanda says

    I am happy for them.
    Many many young marragies last 50 years. Think about it, couples used to get married young and marriages actually lasted. Of course that was before divorce was “Cool” I wish them all the best. At least they are trying.
    But hey if it makes you feel better to call them trash simply for making a mistake then go ahead cause you are perfect and all. Get over yourselves. We all did stupid things as kids. Its what you make of a bad situtation that makes you “trash”

  70. bozo says

    More Ridiculous news why don’t these trashy girls go back to the trailer park?and stay the heck away from the public? And the influence on our kids?

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