Chris Rock With His Daughters At Easter Sunday Mass

Chris Rock

Chris Rock and his two daughters; Lola Simone, 5, and Zahra Savannah , 3, were photographed attending Easter Sunday Mass in Harlem, New York.  


  1. slapstick says

    Wow? A celeb in CHURCH with his FAMILY on Easter. Way to go Chris…there may be hope for the world yet.

  2. Ali says

    you know kimora, i took another look and i think you are right! zahra looks like she is trying to hide from having her photo taken! i can’t believe i did nt catch that the first time i looked! they are such beautiful girls and they look sooo much alike!!!!

  3. Ali says

    yeah, i am shocked the preacher allowed that! it seems like they have no clue they had their pic taken so probably from a cell phone.

  4. 2teens says

    Cute girls and I love the matching hair-do’s with the snowballs on top. But yes, I agree that it’s pretty low for the paps to snap photos while in church.

  5. Ali says

    they are BEAUTIFUL! I ALSO am so proud of Chris for going to harlem! unlike “jenny from the block” i love him and what a nice family:)

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