Brooke Burke & David Charvet Still Haven't Named Their Son!

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke and fiancé David Charvet are still in tense negotiations regarding naming their son!

“We’ve waiting our whole life for a son, and we haven’t named him,” Brooke told People magazine at Tuesday’s Architectural Digest Harry Benson photography retrospective in West Hollywood. “He did leave the hospital without the birth certificate. I know that’s terrible!”

Now, nearly three weeks after giving birth, the couple may be close to agreeing on a name. “We’re really, really close to a name,” said Brooke, 36. “We’ve agreed on the first and the last, and we’re still fighting on the middle.”

The newborn joins the couple’s daughter, Rain, 1, and Brooke’s two girls – Neriah, 7, and Sierra, 5 – from a previous marriage.

“Going from two to three was easy. Going from three to four, a whole other world,” a weary-eyed Brooke said at Tuesday’s event, where she and David enjoyed a date-night out.

In fact, admitted, “We’re so sleep-deprived right now, we can both barely see straight.”

Wow! That’s amazing that they haven’t named their son yet! They must both have a name that they really want!



  1. Bren says

    I like Brooke Burke and am happy for her and having a healthy son. She is a good mom unlike a lot of these other celebrity moms.

  2. says

    is this really ridiculous, that these uncles are an idiots’ class? sight that I have always liked david but lately and even more since it is next to this aunt every time do I bear him less, and to her? good, I might pass the whole day saying to him of everything!

  3. barb says

    I don’t think it really matters to an infant whether they have a name or just get called “cutie pie” or some other affectionate term. HOWEVER, I do have to wonder how it’ll make their daughters feel to read that their parents were just waiting and waiting for a baby boy. The implication here is that the girls were easy to name since they were a dime a dozen, but the boy they really have to take their time with since he’s the one they’ve been waiting their whole lives for. I know (hope?!?) that this probably isn’t how they mean it, but I wish they’d think about how it will sound to their daughters before they say it to the press.

  4. expecting says

    I think these two are a couple of cheezy retard’s. I don’t believe they haven’t come up with one of their cheezy names yet. They are probably running out of Brooke’s ex’s money.

  5. Jessie says

    Why would the baby be suffering from not being given a name? I really don’t think he cares. It’s not like they’re waiting until he’s a couple of months old, people! Lots of parents have trouble naming their child, especially if it means a lot to them which it should.

  6. Jayne says

    What a pair of weirdos! Its a case of manufactured self importance–do they really think the whole world is waiting for some big announcement?!

  7. Foxy says

    why does he need a name? at 3 weeks im pretty sure mine didnt care what they were called they cared about food,pooping,crying and sleeping not that they had a name. He’ll get a name in england you get 6weeks to name your baby, i for one dont like “naming” babies before they are born i liek to see what they are called my daughter didnt look like the name we had for her so was called something else it happens

  8. Nicki says

    We’ve waiting our whole life for a son–They have been together what, 3 years. Strange comment. If they can’t even agree on a middle name, “still fighting” over a middle name, what does that say?
    I sure he is adorable and he deserves a name, not baby brother or baby boy. Hopefully they can come to some sort of an agreement soon.

  9. 2teens says

    Good point Adele. There are plenty of kids with two middle names. Poor little guy needs his name 🙁

  10. Adele says

    If they are fighting over a middle name, why don’t they just use 2 names they both like. Problem solved. It’s not like they had 9 months to think of a name(!!)

  11. Just me says

    It seems like they’re fighting over a middle name? Who cares!
    I bet he’s named River or some other nature name!

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