Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman Shopping In Beverly Hills

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman were snapped out shopping for bedding on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills Friday.



  1. says

    Whatever people say I love her, adore her and admire! I even got blond just to look like her though a little. She is the most ideal woman for me in this world! She has got voice, talent, beauty…isn’
    t she perfect?! I think she desearves all the best!

  2. cierra says

    her boobs do look huge but she is buetiful but she putes to much pakeup on but she lookes nice without makeup on iney may. i do not think she is fat she is pretty and nice too and i love her so much too !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 2teens says

    ^^^ jeez #14 who are you? Dr. Laura?
    Yes, all celebs have nannies… that doesn’t mean the nanny is raising the child alone. And FYI, kids who are in daycare because their mom chooses to work or HAS to work are not being solely raised by daycare. You could say that they are being co-raised, i’ll give you that. And you sure seem to be presuming an awful lot about Tia.

  4. YourMom says

    hmmm on top of the fact that they both work?! lol Yeah. I’m sure they have a nanny and no, there haven’t been only two sets of pictures of them out and about without baby, there have been a LOT.

    I also bet you both work Tia which means that around 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, someone is raising your child. By the time you see them, you have to pick up house, cook, and before you know it, it is their bedtime. Then every two weeks you spend time away from them? lol Yeah. Whoever watches them, spends more time with them than you do meaning that the person is raising them.

    Genius. Sad when people put their careers before their children.

  5. Tia :) says

    #6, just because there has been a few pictures of them without their baby, doesnt mean that they have a nanny raising the baby! These pictures may have been taken weeks apart. My husband have a date night once every 2 weeks…my mother takes me daughter..does that mean that my mother is raising her?? no it doesnt.

  6. JESS says


  7. Anzhelika says

    just reading all of your comments and wondering how can you judge someone about the lipstick,etc.I can bet you wish to look like her and to be in her shape.The only thing you can do is to open this site and criticize celebrities and why? dont you have other things to do in your life?

  8. 2teens says

    She looks fine, this is her “look”. She has been doing the bright red lipstick for years now. I’m not a fan of the glasses though.
    YourMom, I haven’t seen a whole lot of photos of Christina out on the town since she had the baby. I think this is really only the second time so I don’t know how you could come to the conclusuion that the baby hasn’t changed her life.

  9. YourMom says

    Not surprising that the baby is never with them. Having a child sure didn’t change any part of their life it seems. Unfortunate that a nanny is having to raise that poor child.

    And that awful red lipstick!! Who does she think she is? Gwen Stefani? Ha! Nice try.

  10. says

    ever since christina learned she was pregnant her fashion life has gone down compealty and im not saying she looks bad all the time im lookin more at the red lipstick i liked the soft pink lipstick when she introduced her son in people and i friggin hate the glasses

    but i do want to see max

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