An Expectant Jessica Alba Helps Baron Davis Celebrate His Birthday

Jessica Alba

An expectant Jessica Alba and fiance Cash Warren were snapped out celebrating NBA player Baron Davis’ birthday on March 22nd in West Hollywood.



  1. silas'smommy says

    DMITZ- Sorry for saying that you denied it, but I was just going by what you said in # 10. I still think that people overreacted.

  2. silas'smommy says

    DMITZ and Tia- She never denied she was latina. All she said was that she never spoke spanish and she grew up in california so she didn’t feel the need to- which when you think about it, she doesn’t need to. Either way, I think people really overreacted with that. I mean does it really matter what she said? I know that my life isn’t dependent on what comes out of Jessica Alba’s mouth- but obviously for some no lifers it is.

  3. DMITZ says

    Oh I don’t miss the nausea but someone once told me (you know the old wives’ tales) that nausea means a healthy, happy baby. I hope it passes for you soon.

    We want to have 1 more when my 22 mo old daughter turns 5, so we’ll start planning around the time she’s 4. I can’t wait. It will be our last so I’ll have to savor every moment. I’m only 28 so I figure I had some time. Plus with 2 daycare costs now it would be a push to add a 3rd until my daughter starts Kinder.

    #16 I totally see her having a girl. Who knows though, I thought for sure Halle would have a boy. I’m always off on my guesses. When anyone in my family wants to know what they are having they ask me b/c it usually ends up being the opposite!

  4. teresa says

    i can’t imagine her with a little girl,but i still hope it’s a girl-she would be beautiful just like her mommy!

  5. Tia :) says

    Hi DMITZ! Im feeling ok…everything is going ok…getting on to my 9th week! I had a little nausea here and there, but so far so good! How are you? It’s been awhile!

    I know what you are talking about. She also said something about how her family has lived in America for years and years so she doesn’t consider her self to be Latin and that her family moved to a place where she didn’t have to be latina or something along those lines. It’s just sad to me.

  6. DMITZ says

    Hi Tia!

    How are you feeling?

    You know, I actually stopped having respect for when I read somewhere that she made a comment about Toby MacGuire’s weight at that time he was a bit heavier than his usual weight. I think after filming Sea Biscuit. She made a comment about how her family was on the overweight side and how she vowed to never let herself get like that. Then when I read/heard about her “Don’t call me Latina” that just topped it off.

  7. Tia :) says

    I agree with DMITZ…she really did deny who she is. I think she’s a pretty girl, and for once she is smiling!!

  8. DMITZ says

    Silas’smommy: she did deny it, but not flat out. It was the words she used, her point she was trying to get across.

  9. kattygal says

    She’s starting to look the way Jenifer Lopez did during the end of her pregnancy. The face is getting really broad and grotesque. I wonder why their faces go like that. I don’t recall that happening to other pregnant celebrities.

  10. 2teens says

    She’s a cute girl but seems to have poor fashion sense. I never seem to like what she is wearing.

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