Nicole Ari Parker Throws Her Daughter A Princess Party

Boris Kodjoe

In the above pic Nicole Ari Parker helps her three-year-old daughter, Sophie, take a seat at the decorated birthday table during a princess themed party in their Atlanta home.

Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe’ daughter, Sophie, 3, enjoyed quite a grand affair! Marietta-based Posh Tot Events put on the party, which included custom-made cupcakes to satin gift bags. All the girls dressed as princesses.

Tea was served in real china cups and sushi was on the menu, although most of the little guests chose the other option: pizza.

“We had something similar last year,” Boris said. “We had ‘Dora the Explorer.’ The kids were afraid of her. Dora was my height.”

The posh princess party, though, was just right.

“This has been great — even Nicolas likes it,” Boris said as his 1-year-old son had his face painted.

The party included a charm lesson, where Cinderella reminded everyone to keep elbows off the table and not eat with their mouths full.

Nicole said she found Posh Tot Events ( through a simple Web search.

“Sophie’s at the age where she’s getting into dress-up,” she said. “Up until [age] 3, it’s a party for the parents.”

Post Tot parties range from $600 to $1,400 for 10 children.



  1. kwinlee says

    she is a lucky lady i have to agree plus her eyes are so cute and outstanding whakahirihiri she an ataua whhine she is a beautiful acter and she is just amazing

  2. anomous says

    sorry nicole i dont want you to comb it but on bck her hair was down put it in ponytails no offense to your bay girl

  3. anomous says

    her hair is cute in ponytails and im sorry for what i said nicole should comb it but it aint nappy we shouldnt make fun of sophie cause your child could have that

  4. anomous says

    sophie is ai hope she dont diecute but i feel bad for her cause of her spina bifia and they name to ccomb her hair out it in ponytails

  5. says

    come on! there both hot parents.. made better for each other. cute family also.. u go girl…

    except in Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins at the end where shes wearing a yellow dress she looks pregnant.

    1:44:27 of the movie she looks prego!

    But Still Sexy A MAMA

  6. Jx2 says

    Well, I never ever use the term multi-racial – it sounds odd to me! So yeah, I will knock myself out and keep using the term bi-racial…thanks!!

  7. says

    Thanks Nicki. I’m glad you took the initiative to go ahead and get in contact with Oriana. Thanks for your concern with Kimora.

    Jx2 I don’t think I was attacking you. Not everything you say has a mean streak to it? How could I have known otherwise? Na na na na na na you can say biracial if you want. Knock yourself out! I also use that word…but bi means two, just so you remember!

  8. Nicki says

    Tia 🙂 ~She likes you a lot and wishes the best for you and your baby. She said she is taking a few months off from here and concentrating on her health and relaxing.
    I will let her know what you said.

  9. Tia :) says

    Ahhh no! Im really upset Oriana left…She was also one of the first people to talk to me. She was always interested in everyones life and actually seemed to care. I would like to keep in touch with her!! damn!

  10. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~ When she said she was leaving I was upset too. I told her to keep in touch. Then I thought how could that be done without putting a personal e-mail? I remembered I signed up for Hellorazzi last year and asked her if she would just to keep in touch. She did and we have sent messages through there. I told her you and some others had asked about her whereabouts. That is the message she wanted me to relay. I am sending her another message a bit later.

    I’m glad Kimora is feeling better.

  11. Jamie's Mom says

    I asked why “her” race mattered. the post is about a little girl and her princess party. and it was a rhetorical question. just something to think about. and it wasn’t directed to anyone. so grow and don’t get your panties all in a bunch

  12. Jx2 says

    “The reason I distinguished the difference was because I felt like you were accusing me of something in your first post; I couldn’t put my finger on it, but you were very pointed with your “hmmmms”….you may have just been making an observation…but once again, hard to tell over the computer.”

    Kx3 – It’s not at all what you think. My “hmmm’s” had to do with the similarities between you and the mother/daughter in this post – I thought for a split second that you might be the celeb in this post…LOL…hilarious I know 😀

    It’s hard for the reader to determine where I was going with my “hmmm’s” just from a blog post.

    In future try not to be too quick to attack me…not everything I say has a mean streak to it.

    Also, I still prefer using the term bi-racial…na na na na na!!

  13. says

    And I’ll just add one more thing:

    All of the lying on here…well, I’ll be honest…made me second guess a lot of people on here…people that have the right to be respected and trusted. I would like to think that I can trust everyone, but that’s truly not the case. :-/

  14. says

    Nicki it is very good to hear from you, but that’s some not-so-nice news! Oriana was one of the first people on this site who befriended me; she just seemed like an inherent part of the site! That’s really too bad that all of the lying and bickering drove her away; it has nearly done the same to me several times. How did you receive this note from Oriana?

    Kimora is feeling much better…I think she hates the concept of “getting sick” about as much as you do!

  15. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~ I hope Kimora is feeling better and over her sickness. (I still to this day hate to throw up.)
    You had asked about oriana, this is what she had to say:

    “Please let everyone know that I just got tired of all the lying, name stealing and vicious banter back and forth from undesireables that I feel were not necessary. It just got too depressing for me.

    I especially Deeds, DMITZ and Tia. I think Kimora’s mommy is a super smart, nice person and a wonderful mother. Please let her know that for me if you don’t mind.”

    I have to go for now, be back tonight, but she wanted you and the others to know that. (I copied and pasted it from her note.)

    Sophie is a beautiful lil girl. She looks like a princess. Her Mom is very pretty too. I bet she loved her princess party. Those cupcakes look good.

  16. says

    No Jamie’s Mom. I beg to differ. You were not just commenting on the post…look again. You asked why race mattered, just like so many other annoying people have been asking me on this site recently. I’m sorry I’m not that important to you; what you have to say is important to me, but I guess that’s just the way I am.

  17. Jamie's Mom says

    To kimora and etc. you’re not that important to me so why would I be looking for an opportunity for you to say anything. I was just commenting on the post.

  18. says

    Jamie’s Mom- Jx2 brought up race in her #3 post…I know you’re looking for another opportunity to say that I talk about race too much, but I was simply responding to another post…so don’t even try that one!

    Jx2- yes, I agree that everyone would technically be multiracial…not all of our genotypic traits are manifested phenotypically, so appearances alone are really no way to accurately judge someone’s race. However, “multiracial” is a real term and I’ll continue to use it. The reason I distinguished the difference was because I felt like you were accusing me of something in your first post; I couldn’t put my finger on it, but you were very pointed with your “hmmmms”….you may have just been making an observation…but once again, hard to tell over the computer.

  19. Jx2 says

    In my country the term “multi-racial” is not a commonly used term when describing people. We used the term “bi-racial” to indicate the races derived from both (two) parents. If you actually stopped and looked at every persons ethnicity you would find that most individuals composed of more than two races…if you happen to go back one or two hundred years…again I would still use the term bi-racial. Keeps things simple.

  20. Jamie's Mom says

    Sophie is beautiful and, if I had the money, would probably do a posh tot party as well.
    p.s. why does her race matter?

  21. says

    Yes, princess parties are very popular for little girls. I was the planner and hostess for Kimora’s party (LOL) but this Posh Tot Events sounds like a company to keep in mind for future bdays!

    Little Sophie would actually be multiracial considering her daddy is multiracial himself…more than biracial…bi meaning “two.”

    I’ve not seen Nicole or her children in person, but I have caught a glimpse of Boris and he is indeed painfully gorgeous.

  22. 2teens says

    My daughter LOVES california rolls, which she was first introduced to at around 8 years old. Granted, they are not real, raw fish sashimi… but they are very healthy. It’s actually a good finger food for kids but you have to cut them because the kids don’t always chew the seaweed wrap well enough.

  23. Freya says

    Oh for goodness sake! Again, this is a personal choice and if they have the money, then why the heck not? I went to the website and it looks like it’s a profitable business. If someone wants to pay for that, and if someone wants to give their child sushi, how is it hurting anyone? I had a princess party for my daughter’s second bday last May. Granted it was at Pizza Hut, but if I had the financial capabilities, I might consider one of their parties.

  24. Just me says

    #8 Britmama,
    It’s OK to have a princess party for your little girl if that’s what she likes. The problem is $1,400!!
    And #15 Kelli, I’m sorry, but sushi isn’t an every day food here.. It’s a 3-year-old for goodnes sakes, whatever happened to hotdogs or pizza? I’M DEFINITELY NOT A HATER!!!!

  25. Malayka says

    She was in soul food, so was her husband. She is hot and he is super hot. They seem level headed and not carried away by all the celebrity stuff.

  26. juggernaut says

    #10. Iluvmy2girlz | March 23rd, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    who are they?

    you are so interesting and funny.haha~~~ i like the cakes,haha~~ by the way, i saw some of her sexy pics on on which is a dating site for interracial singles.

  27. britmama says

    Oh come on people. It is a party for a little girl. Whether you like it or not, some girls like princess stuff. Once they get to preschool and kindergarten, they usually follow their peers, no matter how tomboyish they can be!

    NAP and her husband acted in Soul Food, the series a few years ago. Great show about regular folk.

    My gripe is why are there not more princesses of colour in the media? I hear Disney is bringing one out next year. I am not keen on the Bratz movies, but at least they have characters of different ethnic groups!

  28. says

    ….I think you meant to say “not eat with their mouths open” rather than full!! Otherwise, seems a wee bit extreme for a 3 year old. What will these parents do when she’s 14?!

  29. Jx2 says

    I’m not familiar with these folks – although the story does remind me a bit of Kx3’s family (3 year old bi-racial girl, lives in Atlanta, Kx3 also hosted a princess tea party theme for her eldest…hmmm)…the little girl is cute but I would never EVER have a posh princess party for my daughter (if I had one) at all…the trend is catching on here in the burbs of Canada and I find it very fake and pretentious and very unnecessary…it just contributes to all the frivolous spending habits of North American families and all the fairy tale fantasy ‘brou ha ha’ that little girls are raised upon…a far cry from real life… yes – I know I’m a nay-sayer…can’t help it it’s just the way I was raised – I’m a realist not an idealist!! I’m sure my sister-in-law would host a similar type party if she could afford it but she can’t so I’m glad about that – because I won’t have to deal with her yammering about princess parties for my nieces for over a month…LOL…I also know I can be mean if I want to!! Too bad – so sad!!

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