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The following article is from Baby Couture Magazine: 

Sitting in one of the bathrooms of their gorgeous-yet-homey oceanfront Santa Barbara abode where Christine Costner is having her hair and make-up done, and doing her interview simultaneously (multi-tasking, like any good mom would know to do), you would think that this is the quarters of any normal family. Toys scattered about sporadically here, a baby gate there, some newly-washed baby bottles and a breast pump drying by the kitchen sink—except, of course, for enlarged photographs of baby cheetahs in the safari that probably cost a mint, shot by acclaimed photographer, Peter Beard, and a patio that is literally steps from the sea, and staring out at it reminds you of that feeling that the world is truly majestic. This, after all, is the house of a movie star’s family. And not just any actor, one of the world’s most respected thespians, and this is the dwelling of the people most dear to him. They also bought a new property in Santa Barbara that they share with their white Labs, Jewel and Daisy (Wyatt, one of Kevin’s beloved Labradors passed away last Christmas after 14 years of being in their family), where they will build their dream home on the beach, because they feel that it is, “A beautiful place where family can gather. We will hopefully begin to design it within the next year, or so.”

With those striking baby blues and an animated shriek that accompanies his giggles, Cayden is already immortalized in Christine’s first baby book called, “Do You Know What I Do?,” which is about a Grandma Bear and a Baby Bear named “Cubby,” the latter asking Gram some questions, such as, “What will I do when I’m sad?” And Grandma Bear responds with an, “I count my blessings…,” answer. The book is a sweet gift that Christine gave to her mom for Christmas (and she’s already thinking about producing it for a bigger audience) for her to read to her grandson, because she raised Christine like so—gentle and loving. Christine also describes her mom as, “the kindest woman.” As a mother, words like that from a child to a parent will never fail to warm your heart.

On the business of raising kids, Christine looks pensive and says that, “Cayden has us, his brother, sisters, uncles, aunties, and many grandparents to guide him. It’s partly how you raise them, and partly luck, and of course, you hope that your kids will find their way—knowing that sometimes they will get lost. I always thought that my parents were really good guides. They never stomped their feet, nor said, “This is what you have to do…” She adds, that, “I was quite a good golfer when I was young, with my step dad, John, being a Master-Pro-golfer. And they believed that I could take it further. They said, “Look, you can do this, if you wanna do this.” Christine states that, “At that point, I didn’t want to, and they didn’t force it, and I’m mostly glad, because I like the path that I have been traveling.”

In between questions, Chris continuously checks in on Cayden. The connecting rooms of the house make it easy to do so. Once, she comes back, we all have a little laugh at the celery with peanut butter she is chomping on. Actually, she was using a spatula to scoop out the peanut butter onto some celery sticks. She is now also on a diet where she doesn’t eat “white stuff,” like bread and rice.

On her pregnancy, and of course, losing the baby weight—the topic that a lot of new mommas want the scoop about: “I put on normal weight, maybe a little more than [normal]. I’m big on moderation. After Cayden was born, it took a little while to lose the pounds. Let’s face it—we all want to fit back into our jeans. I did a combination of breastfeeding, a little exercise, lots of veggies and meats—and am losing the last few pounds by staying away from dairy, and carbs. I never thought I could give up cheese, but I feel healthier without it.”

Her fashion sense hasn’t changed much. “I wear mostly the same style. Although, I think the biggest change is the lack of heels, but I’ll be wearing them again. I don’t feel as tall as I used to.” Spoken by a leggy, beautiful blonde, who looks like an actress herself. Her down-to-earth and easygoing manner also makes it easy to figure out why Kevin Costner didn’t let this one get away. With regards to beauty buys in general, Chris says she is inclined to buy more organic products now.



  1. amyamy says

    One comment said that Kevin is a good father and husband! How would she know? It is a fact that Kevin Costnet cheated BIG TIME on his first wife and college sweet heart. Then after she divorced him, he knocked up some woman he barely knew and supposedly has nothing to do with this other son who is 12 now. During his honeymoon with his current wife (20 years younger of course!) he was busted for jerking off in front of a hotel employee. I love his early movies like No Way Out, The Untouchables, Bull Durham, Dances with Wolves. Then he got a big head and has made nothing but BAD movies for 15 years now that have BOMBED. His looks and charm are LONG GONE. Just waiting for the next scandal!!!

  2. Who should feel small? says

    Thanks #28 and #29! I’m glad I’m not the only one to see that Rijay has issues!

    How sad for one person to be so angry and volatile on the inside.

  3. Get a life! says

    I DITTO what #28 Carolina says. Get a life Rijay. I don’t see anywhere that “Who would feel small” “accused” you of anything, except blogging, which is what everyone is doing here. Don’t post YOUR opinion and then get mad at others for posting theirs and not agreeing with you. IT’S A BLOG open to anyone.

    Also, I don’t see where they were in the “wrong” for anything, nor did they call you stupid, which is what you said they did. However, obviously, you KNOW you are stupid so we are all glad that is out of the way now.

    Now seriously Rijay, get a life. Go seek couseling for your OBVIOUS insecurities and lack of a social life.


  4. Rijay says

    #26 You’re so arrogant you don’t even admit you were in the wrong when you accused me. Tells me the kind of person you are. You say one thing for me to do, but then you’re doing the very same.

    BTW, I didn’t read the LONG article. Why do you assume I did, then call me stupid for reading it when I didn’t?

    You’re just so rude and I know you’re someone else using this posting name. I bet you have no friends. You can’t keep them. LOL. So long. I’m through with rude and uneducated folks like you who can’t even read correctly.

  5. Who should feel small? says


    I’m rude? HILARIOUS! I see nothing rude about what I said. You, on the other hand… comment and ask someone, “How small do you feel now….” on a blog is crude. You didn’t expect an answer anyways, you just wanted to TALK DOWN TO SOMEONE!!!

    Besides, if you don’t like the long article on a “non-celebrity” (whose baby is a celebrity baby, which the site is intended for), then don’t read it.

    And as far as “sticking my nose in my own business”…..what is the blog here for? Are only certain people allowed to read it? And are only certain people allowed to post? I’ve looked and don’t see a list of “approved” people who can stick their nose in other peoples’ business. By blogging here, YOU are sticking your nose in other peoples’ business. Ironic for you to accuse someone else of doing so.

    Have a great day!

  6. Rijay says

    #24 “who should feel small”

    Either you didn’t read the previous posts or you’re having a bad day and feel the need to talk down to someone.

    I don’t have to say this is a celebrity baby site. Like I said, this site says it is. Carolina said the contrary, saying this site was for babies in general.
    My comment prior was about Christine Costner who is not a celebrity, but got the most amount of words written about her than almost anyone I’ve seen here on this site.

    You’re so rude. And you should really learn to stick your nose in your own business, especially when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  7. Who should feel small? says

    23. Rijay

    If anyone should feel small it’s you…Cayden IS a “celebrity baby”…isn’t that what you said this website is about?

  8. Rijay says

    #21 Hey Carolina,

    Actually, this website describes itself as the “celebrity baby blog”. It’s not about any ole baby of ordinary people, my friend. Hmm. How small do you feel now for your remark to me?

    And “kaylee”, marrying someone 7 yrs older than your daughter isn’t so far from marrying her peer.

  9. SP says

    He looks just like his Daddy…I do agree Kevin is a good Father, his older children went to Montessori School with my nieces, and he was out there all the time playing with the kids and getting involved with Parent activities…hopefully he will still have the energy for this little guy…

  10. Carolina says

    So what!
    You can be an interresting person, even if you
    are not a celebrity.
    As a matter of fact, I think a lot of people who are not
    celebrity could be much more fascinating.
    Anywhow, this website is about baby’s and not celebrity.

    Babyrazzi……………….get it…

  11. Freya says

    Obviously someone wanted to read it despite its length, or it wouldn’t have been printed to begin with. Cute family.

  12. LadyOne says

    Rijay you took the words right out of my mouth, this article is waaaaaaaaaay too long!! She’s attractive, baby’s cute, nuff said move on to the next celeb.

  13. Daze says

    What beautiful photos. I love the one with the toy van. Cayden is an adorable little boy. He does favor his Dad quite a bit.

  14. Amanda says

    That is the cutest baby boy I have ever seen!!! I think Kevin is a good father and husband but way to serious for his own good sometimes. His wife if beautiful!

  15. kaylee says

    rijay you are wrong Christine is 33 year olds and lily and Annie are 22 and 24 I don’t know were you get your info from

  16. Rijay says

    This article is way too long for someone who’s not even a celebrity. She only married one. (And she’s the age of one of Costner’s daughters!)

  17. Jx2 says

    I dislike Kevin Costner a good deal..he can’t act and his movies suck big time…his son is a very cute boy however…even though he does look like his father quite a bit.

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