A Day At The Park For Marcia Cross & Her Girls

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross was snapped enjoying a day at a Santa Monica park with her 13-month-old twin girls, Eden and Savannah on Thursday.



  1. 2teens says

    Sandy, I’m sure you’re still lurking so I’ll say this. YOU directed a question to ME in post #22. When I responded, you questioned me again. That is all fine, I don’t mind in the least… a little debate is healthy. BUT, as soon as I questioned you, you decided to run away. Might I add, I was not mean or unfriendly to you in the least so I can’t figure out why you are so keen to go back to being a silent observer. All of this leads me to believe that whatever I said is the reason you want to go back to lurking. And I really wouldn’t be flattered by that either. Regardless, I hope you decide to keep posting… I have nothing against you.

  2. 2teens says

    I’m not defensive in the least. Just curious as I said. Please post all you want… don’t lurk on my account.

  3. Sandy says

    No, just been lurking. Posted last about six months ago.

    To me using appropriate Capital letters in a person’s name is big difference than being clever.

    I think I recall her using the one Retard before, that is why I commented on it. Why are you so defensive for? Back to lurking for me!

  4. 2teens says

    Sandy, I don’t recall you posting here before… are you new? I’m curious as to why you are zeroing in on my comments when Jenna M. (UK) and Lauren have both basically said the same thing.

  5. 2teens says

    ^^^ I agree, she has said much worse. But what I meant by that is, retard and “tard” are trademark Morgan comments. Jx2 is more clever than that.

  6. Sandy says

    2teens, Jx2 would not have said Retard? That is a Joke! She has said much worse than that before and you know it.

  7. 2teens says

    And Jx2 wouldn’t have said “retard” either.
    Personally, I just don’t think these girls are all that cute. They are always dressed adorably though.

  8. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Dobe, thats not the real Jx2. The real Jx2 would have used better punctuation and appropriate capital letters in her name. Yes, she can sometimes be rude but usually she is just being honest.

    Anyway, I can’t believe that Marcia’s twins are a year old already!

  9. Dobe says

    Web Mistress… I think you should boot JX2 outta here. No matter what the pic, she says something rude. Only trying to get attention from everyone else. Pathetic little child I must say……………..

    Marcia cross looks so happy here, her little girl is adorable, too bad the other little twin isnt in the pic. Are they identicle twins??

  10. jX2 says

    Hey web mistress you are a retard, there is only 1 kid in the picture not 2…Just because they are twins why do you think she always is with them both????

  11. Bobby-Sue says

    hey every1. this pic is too cute! i recently had twin girls, and they are the biggest joy in my life. After my boyfriend (and baby daddy) left me, I thought I would never be able to look these kids in the eyes. But, now, I can’t imagine life without them. Thanks babbyrazzi for posting this blog of two beautiful baby girls like mine- Isi and Halio

  12. Liza says

    She should be as covered up as she is. One single bad sunburn in childhood can lead to skin cancer as an adult. A person only needs a few minutes of sun exposure daily to get enough Vitamin D. Her mother is doing the right thing by keeping her covered.

  13. Lauren says

    Aww, how cute. It’s nice to see celeb parents actually take the time to bond with their children. 😉

  14. Tia :) says

    Not so true Rijay. If those little girls are a fair as her ( and they are) they need to be covered up. Skin that fair can easily burn. I am just as fair. My daughter lucked out and ended up with her daddys olive skin tone 😉

  15. Rijay says

    It’s a bit sad she keeps her girls covered so much in the sun. She’s said she very good about keeping herself out of the sun but her daughter here seems bundled up for fall. (It’s been warmer in Southern California lately.) Sun exposure also help with Vitamin D production in your skin.

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