Jennifer Lopez Introduces Max & Emme!

Click here to see Jennifer Lopez on the cover of People magazine with Max and Emme!


  1. Alex says

    The babies are really cute! She probably will be an amazing mother they both look like there parents,and every baby is cute in its on way butterfly.I think this babies are really cute and will have a good future!Goodluck Jennifer and Marc.

  2. cutey says

    u guys dont have 2 b so mean my mom had twins 2 a boy nd a girl just like jlo but u no wut u guys r also right there not that cute there ok looking but my babies r cuter nd older they were soooo cute wen they were born but anyway there ok wen there older they will b cute im pretty sure they will u’ll c.

  3. bibi says

    I agree and think that all baby are a blessing and its the most wonderful thing, and in this case it seems that these babies are very much loved. however it is a completely different thing when you disagree on their looks.. which i totally think these babies are not cute at all!, yeah Jennifer lopez is their mother so what!!.. i have seen far more beautiful babies and not from a celebrity mother or someone who is rich nor famous. Honestly speaking, saying that a baby is not cute doesnt takes the miracle of life and lovr for it…is just the truth!

  4. Marie says

    They are normal looking babies…nothing to go “oh, what beautiful babies…””they are stunning” . Just regular babies. And you can’t tell what they’ll look like – cute or not – until a couple of months. Good luck to her. I just hopes this grounds her a bit. She should just remember Marc’s MO – knock’m up and then find a replacement.

  5. anynomous says

    the babies are adorable i dont know what other people are smoking not to see how gorgeous they are god bless those 2 and to other people the babies are worth more than 6 million dollars the parents have worked hard and theyre kids are the cutest……

  6. nina says

    they the most wonderful babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how old are the twins?

    jenniffer lopez you look great!!!!!!

  7. F***Y baby says

    they don’t look cute at all, Jlo is not beautiful so is her husband Marc!!!!!! but its good that they are not skinny baby!!
    and Xenia stop bugging this people ok

  8. xenia says

    Buterfly, Blomba, Jx2 do you guys have kids? All babies are cute so stop saying sh*t about JLo’s or about any babies at all. When or if you have your own then I truly hope nobody says anything like what you guys have said about JLo’s about your own. If you aint got anything good to say then dont say it. Losersssssssssssss.

  9. dori says

    Well, it was a miracle if she finally got pregnant after trying for such a long time. To her it’s a miracle that she had the babies.
    It doesn’t matter really,, she’s a mom and they are happy can’t we just wish them well?
    All babies are kind of funny looking for the first few months. They don’t get cute for 6 months and then begin to develop a personality and get even cuter!!!!

  10. Edie says

    It’s really disheartening that J.Lo has to distance herself from the almost-certain fact that she went through in-vitro (and possibly purchased eggs) to become a mom. Ask any fertility doctor– the statistical probability of a woman after the age of 35 to give birth to twins, after three years of natural attempts to conceive, ranges– depending on what statistics you are looking at — from 1 – 3%. Of course, there are always the lovely exceptions, and the Lopez-Anthony family is absolutely entitled to privacy and to say whatever they want about how she came to deliver these babies, but it does seem to me to perpetuate a false hope of a “miracle” for the many women who will read the People article, and who are stuck in this hard struggle.

  11. easter bunny says

    i am very sorry but these 2 babies are spooky looking. Like the girl she looks like the omen with her spooky eyes open!!!!! I don’t think i would be able to sleep in the same house as them,.

  12. Karmah says


  13. Butterfly says

    Thank you number 43 for the link to more baby pictures. The babies are actually much cuter than the magazine cover depicts. The cover was by far the worst picture out of the session…I wonder why that was the one chosen.

  14. Butterfly says

    Thank you number 43 for the link to more baby pictures. The babies are actually much cuter than the People cover depicts. The People cover was by far the worst picture out of the session…I wonder why that was the one chosen.

  15. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I don’t really like the names. But I do think that Max and Emme are pretty sweet-looking babies!

  16. Isabella says

    omg, i cant believe some of you dont think theyre cute because they are… i am expecting my first (a boy and im gonna name him Jax) and i hope he is as cute as Max! By the way their full names are Maximilian David and Emme Mirabel, in case you were wondering…

  17. tam says

    They are not anything out of the extraordinary just because they are jlo’s babies… why does everyone make them out to be the cutest ever, when they definetly aren’t.
    why would they be paid 6.1 million for stupid baby photos? give that money to a useful causde instead of people who dont need it

  18. says

    Very cute…I’d like to see more pics of them. Nicki I see where you said that you saw the magazine out yesterday; our Barnes and Noble didn’t release this issue until today (Fri)…so I’m going to go pick up a copy this evening. Seeing the whole spread should be fun! Btw I’m glad I know how to pronounced Emme, now…because earlier I was saying “Em.”

  19. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    They are better looking then I expected. Im glad they don’t look to much like there daddy.

  20. kim says

    Babies are babies…sometimes cute and sometimes not so cute until later. A friend of mine has a daughter and she tells everyone how her daughter was not cute when she was born. I think its kind of mean but she just dosent think her daughter was cute as a newborn. What cracks me up is these photo shoots where the celeb moms are all decked out and wearing dresses that cost thousands of dollars and an updo in her hair and professionally done makeup. This is not realistic at all and thats why i enjoyed angelina and brads pics more where angie is in a tank top and minimal makeup. Just seems more down to earth like what us moms might look like a few weeks after having a baby

  21. D'Anna says

    29…I agree with Freya, I am never too keen on what newborns look like. They started off kind of small, and I don’t think babies are that “pretty” until they’re around 6 months old.

    Also, they are sleeping in this one and it doesn’t give any indicator of their personalities, which could help them some.

    They’re not the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen, but who knows, they could always grow into it.

  22. samsmom says

    Why do people visit and post on a celebrity baby blog and then complain how much the tabs are paying for the photos? Where do you think the WM gets these pictures? If you are so offended then stay off this site and stop supporting the business!

  23. Butterfly says

    Wow, I was kinda hoping that my comment wouldn’t take quite the turn that it did…they are babies. I am happy for the family…it’s great, but so not worth all the hype and sorry to say…they just are not that cute…not like Suri or Shiloh…and I hope that Marc and Jennifer take some parenting lessons from those couples and some social lessons as well. Perhaps the “negative” comments wouldn’t be quite so intense if Max’s and Emme’s mommy and daddy had some humility and sharing hearts

  24. Jx2 says

    Ummm…n*ot…at…all…cute!! N*o way Jose!!!

    One of the babies has a w*eird shap*ed he*ad…lo*oks like a co*ne*he*ad.

    I agree with butterfly and with Gina…medi*ocre all the way!!!

  25. Freya says

    they are newborns people…newborns don’t resemble anyone and even if they do favour one parent over another, chances are as they get older, that will do a 180 degree flip more than once. believe, i speak from experience. at birth, my daughter and son looked EXACTLY like me. then my daughter favoured my husband, now she looks more like me and our son looks like my hubby. babies are all precious and it doesn’t matter what they look like, and how dare people criticize a beautiful little baby’s nose and say she won’t be able to date or will need a plastic surgeon later on? and who cares if they did indeed use an egg donor, or if some people don’t find marc attractive…they are a happy family, so get over yourselves and stop picking these two innocent and beautiful babes apart.

  26. piper says

    Ali here is the answer to your question

    The 12-page spread might raise a few eyebrows, with Lopez insisting that Max and Emme were not the result of in vitro fertilization:

    It was natural. We didn’t do in vitro, which I know was reported. Everybody assumed that, because we had twins. I wanted to have a baby, but I’ve always said exactly what I said all those years they asked us since we’ve been married: “Well, when are you guys gonna have some kids?” “When it happens naturally, I guess!” And that’s when it happened. It was a surprise to us.

  27. Nicki says

    I looked at the People mag at WalMart today. Emme looks exactly like Marc. There is one shot of JLo with both babies and Emme eyes are open. She has the darker hair also. I love the gray cashmere lil outfit they have Max in. I didn’t buy it, but they are nice pics and the nursery is beautiful.
    The one of they running each pushing a pram is kind of cheesy. You can’t see the babies only the prams and the car Marc bought JLo. I guess it was just a “fun” shot.
    The babies are cute and sweet.

  28. Just me says

    By the way, I head that she only agreed to give People the exclusive photos is they agreed to quit calling her JLo. I also remember hearing a long time ago that she didn’t want to be called that anymore. But that’s what made her a household name.

  29. Iluvmy2girlz says

    i think they are cute in their own little way! they are too young to really see who they look like. I”m happy for her, the babies look healthy and content! and she looks really pretty!!

  30. patti says

    I hate to say this they look an awful lot like their dad. Nothing wrong with that they are cute. Not in a very cute way but they are cute.

  31. Christine says

    I hope that they donate the money they got for the shoot. That would be the -right- thing to do. The babies look, ok, but yeah nothing remarkable. Seems like they might look a bit mor like Dad. It will be intersting to see how they mature and how their looks turn out in the end.

  32. Just me says

    Sorry, but I have to agree with No. 7 Butterfly. And $6.1 million … that’s outrageous. Then again, I’m sure People will sell millions of this magazine, so it was worth it for them. Maybe if nobody bought the magazine … but we all know that won’t happen!! It’s kind of a shame how we put celebrities up on a pedestal. I guess maybe it’s because we want to live vicariously through them. But I’m sorry there’s not much out there that is worth $6 million!!!

  33. gina says

    they are actually pretty average looking babies – the boy is fine – the girl looks like she’s gonna have a hell of a nose on her. Does anyone know if they are biologically hers or where they donor eggs?
    i don’t agree with the way she’s keeping them in a sterile bubble – storing up problems for them – once they get out in the world they are gonna get everything going

  34. JESS says


  35. Butterfly says

    I hate to say this about any baby, but the first thing I thought was…THEY ARE REALLY NOT THAT CUTE

  36. esin says

    the little boy looks definitely like his dad, and the girl looks like a boy:) ahah

    ps: they’re very cute,
    but aren’t they a little bit “thin”?
    or is that normal for one-month-old twins??

  37. carleigh says

    I think the little boy has his fathers facial bone structure. I can’t tell who the little girl favors yet, hard to tell from the side angle.

    Jennifer looks very pretty in the picture but for some reason to me it’s just weird to see her with babies….it’s just me I’m sure but she never struck me as the maternal type because of her picky diva-like ways.

    I am sure she’s probably a good Mommy and loves her kids though, hope they look more like her……….not her hubby!

  38. Candy says

    they look like normal newborns (no features yet).I still can’t believe People paid 6.1 million for this garbage when gas prices are going up to over 4 dollars a gallon. I wish them the best but who really cares.

  39. Amanda says

    They are adorable!!! So happy they dont look like Marc! J-Lo looks so truly happy!!! I am so happy for them!!

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