Jamie Lynn Spears Enjoying Her Pregnancy

Jamie Lynn Spears

With less than three months left before she becomes a mom, Jamie Lynn Spears is living it up — shopping, hanging out with her friends and behaving like any other normal teenage girl.

Even though the paparazzi have invaded her hometown of Kentwood, La., Jamie Lynn seems to be handling it very well. “She has such a level head on her. She is handling this situation with a maturity that is surprising even her own family,” a friend of the Zoey 101 star told OK! magazine.

On March 9th, Jamie Lynn attended a local baseball game. A few days later she went on a coffee run with a girlfriend, and on March 13th, she hit up one of her favorite local shops, Connie’s Jewelry & Gifts, for a few trinkets. “She’s behaving like a pretty normal teen,” the friend shared. “She’s not even worried about how much weight she puts on or doing any special exercises. At her age, her body will bounce right back and she knows it.”

As far as her relationship with her sister is concerned, the friend told OK! magazine that Britney and Jamie Lynn talk at least every couple of weeks, and are working to re-establish the closeness they once had.



  1. Mari says

    #26-casey you flaunting your pregnancies like its all cool and only 15 girl you are stupit and i bet you dropped out of school still living at your mamas house and working at a fast food resturant, child please to all yall youngins thinking having babies are a joke,and thinkin cause youre 18yrs old DONT make yall grown, youre grown when you pay bills(no MetroPCS phone bills sweetee)legally to buy drinks and so forth so get it togther youngins

  2. NICHOLA says






  3. says

    Everyone has junk in the trunk! Lets hope and pray that this story has a happy ending. Yes, JLS will have to grow up fast. Lets hope her parents can get togeather long enough to give her a good example. Children learn what they live. As far as all of you go with babies as teenagers I wish you nothing but the best. Your choices are yours and yours alone. Rasing kids is the hardest job you can choose. Remember THEY are your legacy!

  4. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    To tell you the truth I actually thought your last comment was pretty funny. Sorry if it was suppose to be rude. Wouldn’t want to break your reputation.

  5. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    All I got out of your last comment about me was something about sheep.

  6. Ali says

    Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy this is just going no way i have no idea why you are having ago at me following the sheep i expect

  7. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    Your the one commenting about how you don’t care about my kids. I dont care I dont expect you to.

  8. Ali says

    Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy i dont care about you your kids or what you have got say for yourself

  9. Ali says

    Emm oh really is that all you can come up with I don’t know what makes you so stupid, but it really works! god help your husband if you have got one

  10. Emm says

    With that attitude nobody is going to take you in from the streets

    Being Trailer Trash is a lot better then being Street Trash

  11. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    Oh so your finally done making a big deal about who is fake and who is real?

  12. Ali says

    go look at other posts i aint the only one yes ok i might have gone about it the wrong way but i apologized for that and now i got Emm and that Sandra coming at me and it’s got nothing to do with them

  13. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    Your the one making yourself look bad. Targeting other people for things they didn’t do makes you look great.

  14. Ali says

    for gods sake i havent lied or said that i’m giving birth and your all making me out to be the bad one well you know what f u ck yall

  15. Sandra says

    You do, you care a lot. You have a response for everything I say or anyone else says. You attack anyone on here for being fake when truly you yourself are the true faker. Go ahead and keep making your attacks the arrow just points right back at yourself.

    I am personally done giving you any more attention, after all that is all you are after. So keep patrolling troll!

  16. Ali says

    Sandra just go away i didnt say anything to you you were the one who wanted to stick her big fat nose in, i have nothing more to say to you you are a loser

  17. Sandra says

    Wow Ali now that we all know how immature you are, most definitely you have to be one of those fakers you were just complaining about. Remember when I said you offer nothing to this blog, it really shows with your last comment. I think you need to do a lot of growing up and learn your big girl words, then again you’re a fake and fakes use that type of language. Good Day!

  18. Ali says

    Sandra SHUT THE F U CK UP this didnt have anything to do with you in the 1st place so keep your nose out you stupid woman

  19. says

    its not your fault but if your sister don’t listen then tell her how much you both need it each other because you and Britney are sister and your family and im your and her fan. take care

  20. says

    hi jamie i think you would be a good mum. Britney just needs time to think because its a shock to her and i’m a big fan of both of you and i always have been and i want both of you to be closer again because it mean alot to me. you can get through this please get back with your sister because when you get older you think and say what have i done? and you will regret it and don’t worry i’m still big fan of you and your sister. take care.

  21. Amina says

    hi jamie i think you would be a good mum. Britney just needs time to think because its a shock to her and i’m a big fan of both of you and i always have been and i want both of you to be closer again because it mean alot to me. you can get through this please get back with your sister because when you get older you think and say what have i done? and you will regret it and don’t worry i’m still big fan of you and your sister.

  22. Sandra says

    Ali actually I wasn’t talking to you. Learn how to make a complete sentence and grow up “blog police!”

  23. Arianna's Mommy says

    Because if I read this blog and the comments then I see people going on and on about it. Then I start to wonder, what if there are new people who want to start posting on this blog, will they automatically be thought of as fake? That is not really fair. So I start questioning what I see is going on. It is what I do. Sorry if it offends you.

  24. Ali says

    Sandra what are you on about the same to you this has nothing to do with you and what do you offer to the blog

  25. Sandra says


    Don’t worry about Ali she has nothing better to do with her life, considering she doesn’t have much to offer to the blog.

    Have a good Easter to everyone whom is FAKE or REAL!!

  26. Ali says

    Arianna’s Mommy – why do you care it has nothing to do with you why are you sticking your nose in

  27. Arianna's Mommy says

    Ali, Just wondering why does it matter so much? Does it actually make a difference in your life? It is the internet, you have no way of knowing if people are lying or not? Yes some people contradict themselves and it is obviouse then, but do you really know that all the people that you think are telling the truth are? How do you know? You don’t know these people. Personally I take anything I hear on a blog with a grain of salt, and just don’t understand the big upset and the accusations.

  28. Ali says

    ha ha ha ha Sandra oh your so funny not it has got nothing to do with celebrities and it has nothing to do with you, you two carry on if you want to read about liars and have people leave show who you are

  29. Arianna's Mommy says


    So two people can’t have or be having twin girls at the same time? Or even be due around the same time? never mind the fact that this is the internet and people from all over the world can use it, if you just consider the number of people in the United states, it is not impossible odds for that to happen.

    Even if they are fake, does it really matter?

  30. Sandra says

    Sara no kidding! I have another drama in my life with my friends I don’t need to come on here to more drama. But I guess that is how the world goes around!

  31. Ali says

    Sandra- how you we know just go look at the other post’s

    Bella- bELLA
    bella said she had twin girls ella’s mommy she is pregnant with twin girls.
    bella said her baby was due in april ella’s mommy said she was due in may/april.

    Arianna’s Mommy and Sandra- if you two can’t put it together then there is something wrong with you yes ok Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy you sound 100% real but everyone on all posts are accuseing each other and i apologize for accuseing you but it is getting rediculous

  32. tam says

    Why was this girl at 15… having sex… on top of living with a 19 year old boy in the first place?

    good parenting.

  33. Sandra says

    Arianna Very well put!

    Besides Ali how do we know you are not a fake? Maybe you are Morgan’s, Ella’s, Bella’s or Mother of 8. Those that bring it up usually are the guilty ones!

  34. Arianna's Mommy says

    I don’t know if any of these people are faking or not, but seriously, is it neccessary to accuse anyone new who comes on these boards as being fake?? There are millions of people with the internet, and can find this web site, you all don’t think it is possible that some may have named their kids the same thing? Or even be the same type of personality? This attacking of everyone is getting rediculous!

  35. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    Ok I can see why you think Im this person, but I guess Im not the only person on this site with the same kids names.
    My sons name is Liam Michael.
    I just got on this site, less then a few weeks ago.

  36. Ali says

    Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy- morgan said her son was called liam then she goes away for a while then you come on here and low and behold you got a you got a son called liam

    Bella called her Aiden Liam Roberson then she goes away and all of a suddan you apper

  37. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    What is your problem? I never said any lies on here. Why are you just assuming that i am this person. What have I ever done on this site to make you think Im this person?

  38. Ali says

    Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy – well i’m sorry but because of all your lies people who have been on this site for a long time are starting to leave so stop lying we dont want people like you on here

  39. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    oh gosh Ali give it up. Im sorry your wrong. stop making up a big scene about it. Do you have nothing better to do then harass me about who i am?

  40. Ali says

    Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy -ok if that’s all you got to say for your self but no one is going to believe you

  41. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    Ok, Ali you want the truth. Im not Bella and Morgans mommy. I don’t have eight kids. I have never used a different name. I am pretty sure I don’t go around telling lies. So stop making my name look bad.

  42. Ali says

    Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy – whatever you go around on different post’s making up stories you are just a liar

  43. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    Who is morgan, bella mommy?
    I don’t have eight kids for your information.
    So maybe you should get your facts strait.

  44. Ali says

    Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy – let me name a few, morgan,bella,mommy of 8 don’t try to act stupid you know what your doing you liar

  45. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    45. Ali
    Um excuse me Ali exactly who do you think I am?
    Because im confused on your comment

  46. Ali says

    Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy – Don’t lie we all know who you are and we are quite sick of it

  47. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    It’s not that bad that she is a pregnant teen. I got pregnant when I was seventeen, and three kids later and one on the way, we are still together.

  48. 10 Day's left to go!!! says

    I have got to agree with Mommyto3 to was uncalled for and i’m also i woman of colour that was really sad how could someone think like that it is really sick I have heard about kkk’s mommy and she sounds like a really nice person

  49. ????????????? says

    Mommyto3 maybe is that woman stoped talking about her self then maybe so many of us wont hate her whats it got to do with you any way

  50. Mommyto3 says

    25. Good riddance | March 20th, 2008 at 5:58 pm
    55. Morgan | March 20th, 2008 at 3:30 pm
    this web site is sooooooo BORNING you lot are like a bunch of old women i never want to come on this site again before i leave i just want to say

    koo, koo, and koo’s mommy – nobody likes YOU none of us is jealousy of you at all you are a nasty A** woman who sleeps with a NI*** who would want to be jealous of that and you are probably a teenager who likes to think she has the perfect life but hasnt.

    CTBmom – good luck with the counseling.

    too da loo i know i will go down in history because koo koo and koo’s mommy will always be fighting with people thinking that they are me.HA HA HA

    That shi* is uncalled for…. Why does it matter who sleeps with who?? And why is it any of anyone’s business on here?? I am a woman of color myself and that really offended me….. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!

  51. N says

    Thats why PARENTS need to teach their OWN CHILDREN how to be leaders and when to be a follower….. Teach your children morals….the TV is not here to do that for you. The TV is for entertainment purposes only. Being a “celebrity” does not equate to being a “role model”. If you as parents dont understand that then I can see how your kids may be influenced by Jamie’s actions. I had plenty of friends that got pregnant in high school….But I knew better. TEACH YOUR OWN KIDS STOP RELYING ON CELEBS AND TV!
    Know your child. If you have an easily influenced child maybe you need to aggressively monitor what they watch on TV.

  52. Casey says

    you are just saying that because you want to be me am sexy your not i can get boys you cant am having my babies on monday and as soon as i get out of hospital i’m going out to find i man i have another baby because boys love me

  53. Sara says

    Teen pregnancy happens…A lot it seems. I have 3 daughters and I do pray by the grace of God that I can prepare them and educate them on all levels….starting at an early age. Wasn’t JLS living with her boyfriend at 15? My hubby would be over there with a shotgun in no time:)
    It’s all about education and love in my book.

  54. JESS says


  55. samsmom says

    Lisa, I pretty much agree with you. But I think that “the wrong message” is the one we send our kids when they hit puberty: “So you are too young to have sex, but if you do, here is how to do it, and here is what you do to protect yourself”.
    It is a bit contradictory to tell teens how to have sex and how to do it safely and then act all surprised when they end up pregnant. Bottom line: most teens and pre-teens are not responsible enough to have safe sex all of the time and “safe sex” does not truly exist, just safer sex.

  56. Sandra says


    That is where you worry about your own children and teach them right from wrong and not rely on the media to teach your children. Why do parents always seem to not take responsibility for having to teach their children.

    Yes she does have a driver’s license and yes she finished high school she has her GED and is working on college from what I hear. But that is just what I hear in the media. Sure it sounds good but also it is the parents to responsibly to teach their children what NOT to do.

  57. carleigh says

    Lisa…I don’t know where you’ve been but JLS has obtained her GED, and she will be 17 in April and she does have a drivers license. Apart from this, I think it’s still a sad situation she finds herself in and she has a long, hard road ahead of her. That is IF she even intends to raise the baby herself. Get your facts straight before you post, it just makes you look foolish and ill informed. But, I do agree with the second part of your post and that JLS should be left alone and the press shouldn’t be hounding her and writing about her.

  58. Lisa says

    At the sake of being negative…she is STILL a child herself! She’s not even old enough to vote, hasn’t finished high school, barely old enough to have a driver’s license (IF she has one) but everyone is embracing this pregnancy like it’s no big deal. Of course it’s a big deal…. she is a role model to other teens out there. Posting her pictures and her happiness and giving this “glory be she can do it” will give teens the wrong impression. How many teenagers are out there that are always on the internet? Way more than 50% and they read this crap and they might think this is cool why not try it. They don’t have the money or resources this young girl has but none of that gets in the spotlight!

    Yeah, she’s taking responsibility and having the baby but she’ll have a nanny, her parents and his parents to help her. How many young girls out there won’t have that or SEE that? They’ll see these great, happy go lucky pictures of Jamie and her baby and think “hey, she can do it, why can’t I”. I find this type of reporting irresponsible on the media’s part. Shoving a 16 year old child on the cover of a magazine or a website promoting her pregnancy. I just think it sends the wrong message.

  59. 2teens says

    ^^^ whatever Casey. Don’t you mean once your “babies are” born? Gotta try harder than that to pull the wool over our eyes.
    I still maintain that Lynn will be raising Jamie-Lynn’s baby – that’s my prediction.

  60. Casey says

    Awww, that’s so cute! But, Jamie’s gotta
    start being braver, and just show off her
    tummy. I mean, it’s rather pretty being
    pregnant. And, you should use all the
    time you have while pregnant. I did, I
    wore bkini’s every time at the beach. I
    was only 14, when I was pregnant with
    my first child. It was wonderfull. Boys
    where always hanging around me! Plus,
    I am pregnant with twins, and now I am
    only 15. I feel so sexy. I am sexy, and I
    will always be. Plus, I love how big my
    breast get during pregnancy. It feels great.
    I’m going to keep on getting pregnant,
    once my baby is born. I hope I will, Bye.

  61. Good riddance says

    55. Morgan | March 20th, 2008 at 3:30 pm
    this web site is sooooooo BORNING you lot are like a bunch of old women i never want to come on this site again before i leave i just want to say

    koo, koo, and koo’s mommy – nobody likes YOU none of us is jealousy of you at all you are a nasty A** woman who sleeps with a NI*** who would want to be jealous of that and you are probably a teenager who likes to think she has the perfect life but hasnt.

    CTBmom – good luck with the counseling.

    too da loo i know i will go down in history because koo koo and koo’s mommy will always be fighting with people thinking that they are me.HA HA HA

  62. Sandra says

    #17 Who cares if she is a celebrity? Condoms still break for celebrities. You have to define the line between “Hollywood” and “Reality” if you are concerned for your daughter who might idolize her, it is not Jamie’s job to be your kids teacher on to have sex or not. I am not proud of her for getting pregnant but I am happy she is deciding to stand up for what happened. It was a mistake even if the condom broke; now she is dealing with it and will quite possibly be a better mother than her mother and sister combined!

  63. Lola says

    lillian you are the one who looks like the some as all the other ones who lie,

    “ok i am sick ” I’m not am

    someone else not someoneelse

    pregnant not pregant

    maybe you should go back to school then come back when you have learnt how to spell then try acting smart

  64. carleigh says

    Lilian, when did you decide to stop lurking and post??? You, yourself , type exactly like our many other phantom impostors (the various “mommies”, morgan, and anyone else who pops up and posts one thing and never posts anything again, hello it’s easy to spot), with no regard for spelling or punctuation, you are easy to spot. You type incoherent, rambling, run-on sentences and one can make little or no sense of half the things you type.

    I wish the WM would quit posting pic’s and info about JLS, I for one don’t believe there is anything newsworthy about this girl, save for the fact she is Britney’s kid sister.
    I’d much rather see posts about other celebs and their babies, leave this young girl alone she’s going to have a hard enough time w/o the press hounding her and chasing her down all the time.

  65. lillian says

    ok i am sick and tired of this person pretending to be someoneelse first of all it was morgan bella ella mommy zoe zara gracie mae mommy now i am a pregant teen its really obliovous(sp) that pregant teen is zzg mommy she always use am instead of i’m am going to give “gracie” a bath am going to the doctor am 14 and pregant zzg mommy are you really that lonley you have to make up different stories who are you going to be next sarakate mommy

  66. I'm a pregnant teen says

    ok am 14 and pergnant (and please don’t have ago at me saying you should have shut your legs and everything) it was that a bad thing happened to me and i will always be reminded of that, jamie is going to to great she has her family to support her i think she is going to be great people only say bad things about her because britney is her sister she is not the only teen who is pregnant and she will never be the only one

  67. Amanda says

    I know several extremely sucessful teenage mothers. So don’t automatically doom someone for making a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. Its what you learn from them that really matters. Jamie Lynn has all the resouces available to her to be a great mother and suceed at life. I wish her all the happiness. And dont judge someone by thier brother or sister. We all have black sheeps in our families.

  68. Lauren says

    Not all teenage mothers are messed up and going crazy. Jamie-Lynn seems to be a really mature and level-headed 16 yr old. Sure, she made a mistake in getting pregnant so young but she’s handling with such grace and dignity a 16 yr old can have.

  69. JESS says


  70. Heather Lynn says

    I wish her the best of luck. I know how hard it can be to be pregnant young but I have a lot of hope that she will be fine. I was in a similar situation but I think that I turned out fine!
    Good luck JLS!

  71. amanda mutafis says

    jamie-lynn is gonna do fine i think, she has alot of potenial for being a teen-age mom, it will all come to her! bitney is just a addicted failure who needs to be a good mom! maybe jamie-lynn will give her some advice one day, we all know she needs all she can get- GO TEAM JAMIE-LYNN!!!!

  72. Oh my gosh says

    Not all young mothers are necessarily messed up. My boss had her 1st child at 16 years old and her 2nd at 20 years old and is still married to the same man. But not every story is a cinderella one…. good luck to JLS.

  73. DMITZ says

    Well good she seems to be more stable than her sister was… but then again I don’t remember how Britney was when she first got pregnant.

  74. says

    I won’t say anything negative towards her. Hopefully she is as level headed as we are all trying to be convinced. She’s going to be a mom and at a younger age than most but I will say as long as she is prepared than the best to her. At least she is getting her I need to be a teenager thing right now out of the way rather than when her child is at home and she just runs off every night leaving them with someone else.

  75. Jacquie says

    I hope things will be as “normal” as possible for her.

    Being a young Mum is hard, even more so with her “star” status.

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