An Expectant Jessica Alba Out With Family


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

An expectant Jessica Alba was snapped out with her brother Joshua, her nephew and his mom Nikki Leigh for lunch yesterday at Jack n’ Jill’s in Beverly Hills.



  1. Betts says

    Ok, I apologize for my comment that it was rare to see her smile and that she looked unhappy….
    I wasn’t suggesting that she walk around with a smile plastered on her face.. I was commenting that in my is rare to see her smile in public..but then again, I don’t frequent all the different sites.
    I dare say that am a lot older then most of you on these sites and I was expressing my opinion..

    Perhaps a more appropriate comment would have been she looks uncomfortable..which in my opinion..she does.

  2. Diane says

    Jeez folks – Jessica is beautiful no matter what– she probably knows how to play a camera – that makes her good at her job, no!!! I know some of us have nothing better to do than rip up others who have everything going for them – don’t be jealous of her – be happy for her.

  3. Zbella says

    #21 – Cash Warren – her boyfriend. He is super cute. So is she. I agree I have never seen her in a good movie! However, she is drop dead gorgeous in my opinion and very easy on the eyes. I don’t mind seeing pictures of her at all. And I don’t think she looks sour, sad or vain either. Interesting how some interpret her normal expression that way.

  4. Dana says

    I think she seems like a sweet person and I never thought she looked unhappy. One person says she looks unhappy then another person says she walks around with a smile plastered on her face… which is it? I understand playing up the cameras on events but to have them constantly following you everywhere can get tiresome and irritating… especially when they yell out rude comments just stir you up.

  5. Liza says

    I’m not a fan. I think her fame comes from her looks and none of it from talent, as I haven’t been impressed with anything she’s been in.

    But you can’t know what a person is like from a picture taken for publicity or one taken by paparazzi. I’ve never read any interviews of hers, so I don’t know how she comes off in interviews.

  6. says

    Jessica Alba, Angelino Jolie, and Minie Driver all sporting the baby bump. Whoever came up with that phrase in reference to pregnant celebs? Well I can tell you there are a lot of pregnant celebs out there. Why are we as a country so intrigued with celebrity pregnancies? I think it is because most live a life that us regular folks can only dream of. To find out all the 411 on celebrity bumps go to .

  7. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    I like the second picture where her brother and nephew both have suckers in there mouth. Too cute

  8. Pika says

    I thought the same thing about the lollipop, B G.

    The little guy reminds me of Gwen’s little Kingston…..

  9. B G says

    Hmmm is it wise to let that kid toddle about with a lollipop in his mouth…one little trip and fall and it’s call 911, my kid swallowed a lollipop, stick and all.
    The adults with him all seem a bit preoccupied and disconnected from him.

  10. nan says

    yeah, amanda. poor, cold, miserable, beautiful, expectant, engaged, successful jessica alba…wait – why is she poor, cold and miserable again?
    gimme a break!

  11. 2teens says

    Why in the world should she walk around with a smile constantly plastered on her face? I don’t do that and most people I know don’t either.
    There are plenty of pictures of Jessica Alba smiling, but at events where one is expected to pose & smile… NOT when going about the business of the day being flocked by paps.

  12. Jen says

    I have to say I disagree. She certainly doesn’t court the paps’ attention (which is especially understandable given the child in her party) but I don’t believe this means she’s unhappy. She’s likely just unimpressed by the parasitic photogs shadowing her every move.

  13. DMITZ says

    Perez Hilton brought up a good point about her. She is always shading her face from the paps yet if they ever stopped photographing her, she would be begging for the spotlight again. She does seem vain.

  14. says

    I agree her nephew is a cutie. Jessica, on the other hand, ALWAYS looks so sour, like the rest of the world is an interruption in her day, let alone the paparazzi. I just get the impression that she may find herself with a limited supply of motherly instincts, and when her baby comes along it’ll be a HUGE wake up call for her. I think it’ll change her for the better, for sure, but I also think she’ll be really challenged to just be a happy person for her kid.

  15. Carolina says

    I really don’t understand all that frenzi about Jessica
    Alba, what so special about her.
    Why is she famous for…
    Did I miss some good movies or something else!
    Please tell me…

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