Donatella Versace Says She Can't Imagine A Better Looking Baby Than Nahla Ariela

Halle Berry

Donatella Versace is partially responsible for Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry falling in love.

“Of course, I was at the [photo] shoot when they met,” she told People magazine Tuesday at the launch of Versace Menswear at Barney’s New York. “I know him very well. I pushed a little bit. I said, ‘Why don’t you go out together.’ I said it in front of them. It went well at the shoot.”

The shoot was for a Versace ad in November 2005 and was where the couple met. “It was a moment when both of them were single,” the designer added. “And they are both such nice people.”

Asked about Halle and Gabriel’s newborn daughter, Nahla Ariela, Donatella, who hasn’t yet met the baby, said she believes the little one is “fantastic looking. I cannot imagine a better looking baby than this one.”



  1. 2teens says

    I love looking at the hotness that is Gabriel Aubry – yep, he’s beautiful. And Halle is a stunner too. I am more curious about seeing their baby than I was about J-Lo’s… but I must admit J-lo does have some pretty babies.

  2. C says

    Liza I aksed the same question about India in another thread and I don’t think that anyone responded.

    Halle never adopted India though. That was just a rumor.

  3. dori says

    I’m sure their baby will be beautiful. With those parents how could she not? I am so happy for them!!!

  4. Liza says

    She was married to David Justice and Eric Benet, not Derek Jeter.

    Also, those relationships did not end on anywhere near positive notes, so I don’t know why they would sent her congrats.

    Does anyone know if she has continued the relationship with Benet’s daughter India, who she adopted or did she surrender her parental rights?

  5. Sonic says

    I hope Derek Jeter sent his congrats in…..and who was the other misfit she was married to??? Can’t remember>

  6. So... says

    Here’s how I see it: Halle: beautiful Gabriel: Hot Donnatella: so hideous my eyes hurt when I look at her. She was probably fairly attractive before all the mutilation – I mean plastic surgery. WHY do people do it? WHY??

  7. tam says

    i do not find gabriel aubry attractive at all..

    halle is very pretty but i cant see their baby any better looking then other babies out there

  8. Sharrie says

    while I agree with Donatella about the beauty of Gabriel and Halle’s baby, I have to say, Donatella has GOT to be a walking advertisement on what can go wrong during plastic surgery. She is a VERY unattractive woman!

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