Charlize Theron Anxious To Start A Family

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is feeling anxious to start a family.

“I’ve been thinking about becoming a mom for a couple of years now,” Charlize, 32, told In Touch magazine. “My biological clock is ticking, but it hasn’t gone off yet. I couldn’t hope for my career to be going any better, and I have found the great love of my life in my relationship, so I think we’re ready to start having kids running around the house. I’m ready to take on the responsibility of motherhood.”

Charlize said longtime partner Stuart Townsend is “the man I want to share parenthood with.”



  1. TAMARA says



  2. Tia :) says

    JJ- I actually have the weekend off. Alyssa will be hunting for her Easter basket this year, so im happy I have sunday off. We are Catholic too, so we’ll be doing the church thing too 😉 Congrats on the year and a half 😉 It’s almost 4 years for us. We started dating when I was 17, got married when I was 23, and I had my daughter when I was 25! haha. It’s been crazy! I cant believe i’ll be 27 in a bit…man oh man. Where does the time go??

  3. Jx2 says

    Tia – Me too – I was with my husband for 6 years before we took the plunge and got married and it’s been one and a half years since we’ve been married.

    Enjoy your Easter weekend – hopefully you won’t have to put in any extra shifts this weekend. I work on Monday but i had the day off on Friday. My in-laws are Catholic so we’ll be spending Easter with them this weekend and next month is the Orthodox Easter so we’ll spend that Easter with my parents…LOL!

  4. says

    Charlize is healthy-looking and stunning, but her husband looks like he hasn’t slept for days. Does he always look like this?? I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of him, but if I had to guess the smoker, I would have said HIM, not her!! Perhaps a bad shot, as someone said.

  5. Tia :) says

    JJ, I guess some people are just at different places in their lives. I was already with my husband for 6 years by the time we got married…i was ready and so was he 🙂 Everyhting is going well with the pregnancy. I cant believe how different it is from my first. People say no 2 are a like..i guess i had to see it for myself! I’v been away for a bit bcause i’v been picking up extra shifts…we are short staffed big time, but is that a surprise for a hospital?? haha. If you do end up having a baby let us know!! haha!

  6. Jx2 says

    hi 2teens – I agree – I was not interested in marriage or babies when I was in my 20s and now that I’m married – I’m still not interested in having a baby…But I might just have to go through with it to make my husband happy because I think he wants one…perhaps in a year or two I might change my mind LOL…heck – I’m still sowing my wild oats – kidding!!

  7. Lindsey says

    She’s one of my faves, I wish her all the best!

    And … really? Couldn’t find a better pic of Stuart Townsend? He’s gorgeous, and that picture does him no justice!

  8. 2teens says

    I had my first when I was 31. That was a good age for me because there was no way I was ready for motherhood in my 20’s. I just wasn’t mature enough then, though many women are plenty mature enough in their 20’s… just not me. I wasn’t ready to settle down then. Let’s just say I enjoyed “sowing my wild oats” very, very much! 😀

  9. Jx2 says

    Hi Tia – how are you? You’ve been away for a while. How are you coming along with your pregnancy?
    As for Charlize – yes she is a beauty…and 32 is not a bad age to try to conceive for the first time…I guess I was basing my comment on my own readiness and not necessarily on Charlize’s…I just got back home from night school and I need to have a snack or something…catch you later!

  10. Tia :) says

    only 32? I’ll probably be on my 3rd by the time im 32 JJ 😉

    I hope she does have children…she is soo pretty!

  11. Jx2 says

    I think I recall her saying she did not want to have kids…she’s only 32 – she has plenty of time!

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