Halle Berry's $60,000 Nursery & Is Halle's Daughter Named Clara Stella?

 Halle Berry

Multiple sources claim that Halle has named her daughter Clara Stella Berry-Aubry. Hmmm…we’ll see, but that definitely sounds like a name that Halle would have chosen.
Halle and Gabriel have reportedly spent close to $60,000 outfitting nurseries in their three homes. The source says that Halle went for “all whites and neutrals” while shopping at Petit Tresor in L.A. And everything — from the sheets to the stuffed animals — had to be made with cotton that had never had a mist of pesticide on it. “She’s obsessed with organic,” said the source. She also selected a  $1,200 Mia Bossi leather diaper bag.



  1. Ronnie says

    wow well done halle for going organic

    good to know someone cares for the earth not naming any names JENNIFER LOPEZ!

    gosh at least hall does her bit for charity unlike j.lo

  2. Lauren says

    I can say for myself if I had that type of money, I’d spoil my kids too. It’s just the way it is. But, there is also excessive spoiling like what J.Lo was doing with her twins.

  3. 2teens says

    That’s really not much compared to what J-lo has spent… a reported $1.4 million. Halle has 3 nurseries in 3 different homes @ $20,000. each. $20,000. on one nursery is not bad for celebrity spending. And the baby will need it’s own space if the family moves around a lot. Plus, consider all that she does for Afghani relief.

  4. Notawannabe says

    Please! If I had her money my child would be spoiled rotten. Sure, probably not the best thing to do, but Halle wanted this baby so bad that spending excessive amounts of money on this child is the least of her worries.

  5. celine says

    what a major contribution to humanity!

    it’s interesting how certain couples associate having children with certain activities, while others with completely different ones….

    name a little cliche. hope it’s different.

  6. cindy says

    60, 000? Wasteful and excessive. Is she competing with Christina Aguilera and J.LO to see who can waste the most money in a nursery.

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