Halle Berry Names Her Daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has revealed the name of her newborn daughter: Nahla Ariela Aubry.

The baby girl, who was born Sunday is the first for the Oscar winning actress and her model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry.

A day after Nahla’s birth, Gabriel’s sister, Eugenie, told People magazine, “It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new baby in the family. It’s very exciting.”

I read on one website that Nahla is a name of Arabic origin meaning honeybee and on another website that it is an Arabic expression meaning “Drink of water.” 
And Ariela is of Hebrew origin meaning, “lion of God.”

Wow! Not at all what I was expecting…but what a pretty name! I really thought they had named her Clara Stella!



  1. fatima says

    Nahla is a beautiful name is means hooneybee i would deff. Name my daughter that ppls need to stop hatin and apperciate her lovely name i love the name and i bet every1 does tooo

  2. N says

    Wow, I didn’t realize how common this name is already. I actually named my daughter NALA (4 yrs. ago) because it was unique but simple and partly because it was from the Lion King and I love DIsney but mainly because it’s African and it means “Successful.” I didn’t really know there was another version to her name. I like the fact that I have yet to find anyone here where we live with the same name. But of course now that Halle Berry named her daughter NAHLA there will be more people in the future doing the same whether it be NAHLA or NALA. Oh well at least I didn’t become too Disney obsessed and had her middle name as BELLE or AUROA. My husband and I stuck to something normal, my first name 🙂

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Wow, thats a really beautiful name. It sounds so exotic. I can’t wait to see pictures of the little one!

    Morgan, good riddance. Tia, well you must be ancient if you’re 26!!! Lol.

  4. mersera says

    morgan , girl you need JESUS. let him help you. he’s really good. ( talk about soneone needing counseling.) good luck and GOD BLESS!

  5. Morgan says

    this web site is sooooooo BORNING you lot are like a bunch of old women i never want to come on this site again before i leave i just want to say

    koo, koo, and koo’s mommy – nobody likes YOU none of us is jealousy of you at all you are a nasty A** woman who sleeps with a NI*** who would want to be jealous of that and you are probably a teenager who likes to think she has the perfect life but hasnt.

    CTBmom – good luck with the counseling.

    too da loo i know i will go down in history because koo koo and koo’s mommy will always be fighting with people thinking that they are me.HA HA HA

  6. Tia :) says

    hi 2teens. No, i dont know what we’re having yet…too early. I do believe we are going to find out though 🙂 As for names…we go back and fourth. My husband is irish Italian. His mother is irish, his father is italian….he and his sister have itailan first names. My daughter’s name was just a name we liked. I dont know what we’ll do. I do like the name’s Ella, Ava and Annalise for girls. For boys I like Liam and Matteo.

  7. 2teens says

    Hey Tia, are you looking at Irish baby names? There are some really pretty ones. do you know what you’re having?

  8. 2teens says

    Okay, add gra.pes to the list of words we can’t say:

  9. Oh my gosh says

    It would be nice if KKK mommy’s comments were actually about the thread and not her life. I feel so sorry for Jamal having to listen to her talk ALL THE TIME. You know Tia, I know you, Orianna, and a few others talk personal and it’s not at all annoying because you guys aren’t talking ALL about yourselves. It’s completely different b/c IMO KKK mommy wants to shove her life, her opinions, and her business on everyone else. Plus she is so repetitive. It’s like she thinks there are a whole new string of posters so she has to recap her life on every few threads just to give us an update. I vote if we want the update we’ll check out her blog.

    So back to Halle, I like this name. I’ve heard something similar (Naya) but I can’t remember what it means.

  10. Liza says

    Tia, I’m not sure where you got the idea that Liam means, “rage like a dog”. Liam is the Irish form of the name William, which means warrior or protector. Nothing about a dog.

  11. Nicki says

    ava–You seem to be confused. Her personal blog is just that. Her personal space to write whatever, whenever, and about whomever she wants to write about. It is not mandatory you visit her blog, why if you choose to do so, complain about it, especially here. Some people amaze me with thier stupidity.

    Tia 🙂 ~That is the only explanation I can come up with. Some people you have to feel a bit sorry for.

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~I will always look out for decent women. You are intelligent, beautiful, and happy. I guess the ones(or one who isn’t) who aren’t are just jealous. It is plain to see. I don’t like people who lie either. And the ones who do it just to make thier comments seem right are even worse.
    But with that said, best Maundy Thursday to you and your family.
    Beautiful verses you quoted.

  12. says

    Nahla Ariela is such a unique and pretty name! I also thought of Nala on the Lion King when I heard her first name….now we begin the wait for pics! 🙂

    Well, well, well. I answered many of you on the “Halle Berry Welcomes a Daughter” thread….but it appears people just can’t get enough of talking about me.

    First of all, I just want to thank Tia, Nicki, and 2teens for being their ever-faithful selves! You guys are the best!

    I’ll answer the haters collectively, considering that they’re composed of two people: oh my gosh and then everyone else (who is the same person: morgan, melissa, kate, ava)- watch out! Gonna run out of new names soon!

    First of all, my daughters names are beautiful, not stupid. In fact, some of your other personalities were gushing over them. Make up your mind.

    I quote, “The thing is, other commentors on this site that are of any other race (asian, hispanic, african american, etc) don’t make comments like “I’ve yet to see an asian baby who isn’t utterly gorgeous!” We may all be thinking that (of our own race) but to say it is rude.”
    ^^^^Fact is, when I admire the beauty of biracial children, I’m NOT speaking of my “own race.” I’m Caucasian….I’m not saying that I’ve yet to see a Caucasian child who is not gorgeous, because frankly, that has not been my experience.

    “I have 5-7 people talking about my cornrows”? How is that my fault? If people want to talk about me (especially in a positive light), I say, go for it! They find me to be interesting and multidimensional. KKKmommyrazzi???? I’m flattered…that’s a good one…LOL..I like it!!! 😉

    I’d have to agree with the people who’ve brought up the jealousy factor. I’ve seen it before, and I’ll see it again….it’s unfortunate but unmistakable when displayed.

  13. Heather Lynn says

    I Love the name Nahla Ariela. A beautiful name for an equally as beautiful little girl i’m sure. I can’t wait to see pictures of the new family!!

  14. ava says

    hello its not only on BABYRAZZI that she mentions about her kids she also have a fricken blog about it sheesh you 2 teens amd kkk mommy have every right to talk about your little children but we also have a right to said something about it who cares if she didnt post on this thread she still post on every other theard about her kimora kariah kajanae and jamal we all know she married a color man does she have to menitoed it and on my gosh i agreed with your post

  15. Nicki says

    Tia 🙂 ~On the last Halle thread she never mentioned one thing about what they, Oh my gosh and kate, are complaining about. Sounds like someone is jealous of her and her life.

  16. Tia :) says

    as for K,K,&K’s mommy- If you dont like whats she has to say, ignore it? We’ve both been coming to this site for a long time, and we’re not about to change. Like 2teens said ( who has also been here for a long time) She didnt even post in this thread. Get over it! We all talk about our children..i constantly talk about my daughter and how im now pregnant…who cares?

  17. Tia :) says

    Who cares what the name means? Its very pretty. Liam (which i like for a boy) means “Rage like a dog” yet you still hear a lot of people using it. Give the woman a break!

  18. Oh my gosh says

    #35 someone above quoted the comment KKK mommy made on a previous Halle Berry thread. I was commenting to that comment (see #13).


  19. 2teens says

    #30 & #31 Kx3’s mommy has not posted on this thread at all, so what in the world are you both blabbering about?
    And Kate….. “lieing”? Come on, you can’t spell lying correctly so I think we all know who you really are.

  20. Lauren says

    It reminds me of The Lion King and Little Mermaid. 😉 But, it’s a gorgeous name for a gorgeous kid.

  21. Carlosyevna says

    Nahla Ariela is such a beautiful name. And every child is beautiful! Bi-racial or not. Children already have to grow up in a stereotypical society as it is. Jesus

  22. Lurker says

    Well, I’m so-so on the name–but I do like it better than the Clara Stella combination that was rumored.
    I thought those were alright (Clara AND Stella), just not put together like that.

    And I also agree that at least it’s not as ‘weird’ as some of the celeb names we all hear about from time to time.

    But that does seem funny that ‘Nalah’ doesn’t mean lion, since the Lion King DID have a lion called Nala! But Ariella does (sort of)..just a funny coincidence, IMO! 🙂

    Anyway, I am anxious to see the pictures too..I’m sure she’s going to be a beautiful baby.

  23. kate says

    Oh my gosh i totally agree with you about kkk’s mommy if anyone new comes on here she acuses them of lieing and she is always talking about her kids as if they are gods gift yes we talk about our personal lives but not on all the posts i would rather talk about celebrties then her am new on this site i got kids and pregnant and i know all about morgan because i have been reading past comments and posts but just because she lies and she is a very horrible woman but this is not your site new people are welcome you know you cant go around talking to people like trash and your friends like your family it doesnt work like that

  24. Oh my gosh says

    The thing is, other commentors on this site that are of any other race (asian, hispanic, african american, etc) don’t make comments like “I’ve yet to see an asian baby who isn’t utterly gorgeous!” We may all be thinking that (of our own race) but to say it is rude. IMO! Just like some of you here back up KKK mommy comments well I’m entitled to mine.

    If you looked at ALMOST every comment she’s made, she mentions her bi-racial children constantly. Then she complains on people staring, making comments, or segregating (sp?) them from the rest of the world. Yet isn’t she doing the same by constantly bringing it to everyone’s attention? Really I agree there are ignorant posters that talk about sad and fatal diseases/deformities but I think KKK mommy should stick more to the subject at hand. Yes we all talk personal every now and then but KKK mommy overdoes it. Yes I know I can scroll past her but when she has 5-7 people talking about her cornrows and what not, this becomes more of a kkkmommyrazzi rather than about celeb babies.

  25. Iluvmy2girlz says

    morgan /melissa is jelaous cause she can’t have children!! that’s why she made up a ficticious pregnancy, labor, delivery and baby name a few weeks by! the name is nice, and i’m sure she’s a very cute baby!

  26. C says

    Hmm…my post is awaiting moderation. Let’s try this again…

    Biracial means that you are mixed with 2 different races. It doesn’t matter how much of one race you have “in you.”

    If you don’t consider Nahla to be biracial then what would you call her? Certainly not white?!?!?

    I think it is ridiculous to try and measure how much black is in this child (or anyone for that matter) if you have no idea of the families genealogy.

    Now I do agree with you when you say that not all biracial children are gorgeous. I do think that all children are beautiful (looks not being a factor when I say that) but I have seen my fair share of unattractive biracial children. However, being on the darker side or having “brio pad hair (as you put it)” has nothing to do with a child’s facial features (which is what I look at in determining a child’s beauty).

  27. Liza says

    Ashley, Bi-racial means two races, in this case, white and black. It doesn’t matter how much of each she has in her blood, she is still bi-racial.

    I’ve met a few bi-racial or multi-racial people/children that aren’t particularly good looking, but that was, I am sure, more to do with their parents looks than their race.

  28. ashley says

    nahla is only 1/4 Black so how can the baby be ‘biracial nahla has more White blood . Most biracial kids are gorgeous ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no not the dark one with brio pad hair

  29. Nicki says

    I like the name. Very different and cute. Can’t wait to see a pic. I think Nahla is so much better than say……….Apple!

    2teens~I agree with everything in your post.

  30. Candy says

    Nahla is a pretty cool name & yep it’s an Arabic name ..actually it’s so popular in Egypt by the way i’m an Egyption girl & one of my best friends is named Nahla ….so i really like the name 🙂

  31. 2teens says

    Melissa/Morgan – I happen to agree with kx3’s mama. Most biracial kids are gorgeous… Henry included. Why are you so jealous?

  32. melissa says

    I can’t wait to see her. I have yet to see a biracial or multiracial baby who is not utterly gorgeous! Oops…was that me tooting my own horn again? My baaaadddd please henrry is a biracial and he homely kimora kariah kajanane talk about stupid names

  33. C says

    Love the name Nahla! It’s so pretty! Way better then “Clara Stella” IMO.

    I wonder how India is doing. Anyone know?

  34. Freya says

    OOOhhh…the exotic Halle picked an equally exotic name for her daughter. I loved Clara but Nahla is gorgeous too.

  35. oriana says

    Don’t care much for the first name but love Ariela, it is a beautiful name. Wish them much happiness!

  36. Leya says

    In my native european language “Nahla” means RUDE/MEAN PERSON, lol. Thats one horrible name for a little child. Poor kid

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