An Expectant Angelina Jolie Out With Her Girls

Angelina Jolie

An expectant Angelina was snapped taking Zahara and Shiloh to the corner store in New Orleans where they picked up some Cheetos. So cute!


  1. says

    i love angelina and brad pitt:-*
    they are very look like together and i know angelina jolie is a perfect woman and great mother… i love angelina and brad and their babies….

  2. annie says

    #130 kelly your are a mean person, how could you have said this thing, You have something wrong with your mind.

  3. annie says

    Angelina she is best mon in th world, she is great woman to help poor people. In Hollywood only her gives 1/3 of all her movies proceeds, I very admire her she is a role model, Brad find his life fulfilling, he is with Angelina and she has given him a family, his has purpose in his life to help people, Brad made a good choice with Angelina.

  4. bambamswife says

    Cannot stomach Brad Pitt anymore since he is with this person. Their child is sure a cutie pie.

  5. Kay says

    Nicky (#7) Regarding that photo of Angie and her mom. My niece looks alot like Angelina Jolie and her mother is the spitting image of Angelina’s mom in that photo!

  6. ann says

    It is so great to see Shiloh, She is so cute and so natural looking, she must be an angel, everytime I see her picture it make me so happy, She is my favorite baby girl. Angelina is great mon. she look so pretty and loveing.

  7. traveler says

    Seriously, I doubt Brad would have more kids unless he wants them. He’s a big boy. He knows what causes pregnancy and how to avoid it if he so chooses. Brad himself has said that he’d like loads of kids (I believe the number 14 was put out there at one point). You guys sound foolish saying you feel sorry for him. He obviously loves his family and his life and is happy. There’s no reason to feel sorry for him.

    To the idiot making comments on childrens’ weight, get a life. Two year olds are supposed to be chunky. My two year old niece and nephew are just as chunky as Shiloh. And as for Zee, you must be blind. That little girl is a skinny minnie. Maybe the baggy pants confused you.

  8. Fly On The Wall says

    Yeah, poor Brad is trapped and he’s never going back to Jenny-poo. Deal with it, honey. He’s happy where he is whether you like it or not.

  9. kelly says

    brad is trapped again with 1 or 2 babie’s. i have to say, shiloh is a chunky monkey and not at all cute. you would of thought she would be beatiful. i never noticed how chunky her and z are. this is the first time she walked on her own. when mom carries you with bag’s of cheetoh’s and junk food you are bound to be chunky. i can’t beleive angie is pregnant, let see if she call’s the baby a blob. brad you should have ran away with shi, now you are stuck. shut your mouth shi, i hope she grows into those lip’s. alot of people said something was wrong with her, she was slow and needed extra care when they were out. well, move over shi you won’t be the baby anymore. cut back her snack’s. all the money in the world and she dresses those kid’s like that.

  10. Jade says

    I think it’s funny that people still write that Angie doesn’t love Shiloh, that Shiloh is slow, that Brad still loves Jennifer. These poor people probably have no one to talk to so they write something even they know is not true and hope to get some sort of reaction just so they can feel like someone is actually paying attention to them.
    Instead of writing trash why don’t you join a self help group for immature, lonely people. Get some self esteem and go out and do some good in the world.
    It’s not too late.

  11. Liza says

    I find it almost amusing that there are people who really want people to leave the whole Pitt/Jolie/Aniston thing behind and then spend most of their post tearing Aniston apart.

    Here’s some advice: If you really want others to leave it behind, then just shut up about it. There’s no need to criticize anybody in this. All you have to say is “it’s over, let it go, move on”. It’s disingenius to tell someone to let it go and then be unable to do it yourself.

  12. MyGOD says

    I see why celebritybabies is so much more popular than this site, they don’t suffer all these jealous bitter fans of aniston that ruin every Angelina Jolie thread that’s posted. Attacking Angelina for being adored by Brad Pitt is bad enough, but wishing horrible things on their child is just SICK. No wonder Jennifer Aniston seems miserable and desperate – and seems hooked on plastic surgery and a bizarre pathetic exhibitionism at 40, karma for the evil bitter b*tches she calls fans that stalk Brad & Angie and their kids. Get a life…and Babyrazzi clean up your site.

    Also, that silly ‘low self-esteem,’ nonsense – was a quote from an interview she did at 21, when promoting Gia. In other words, an OLD AZZ’D QUOTE.

    Someone was asking her about the character Gia’s troubles and issues, and she likened her to herself in some ways – saying everyone has pain, but we all want to be loved, etc.. The exact quote some tabloid is trying to lay at her door today, was actually said in January of 1998. Some tabloid dug it up and included it in a blurb as if Angelina said that today. Old as dirt quote.

    Learn to read, comprehend and check your sources if a quote is not given any context, and is not sourced – because odds are, if it just randomly appears – and leaves you scratching your head…then you’re probably dealing with bullsh*t or something being misconstrued horribly as in this case. It’s common practice for news outlets, particularly celeb/gossip type sites to LIE.

    I suggest you not let it become common practice to be taken for a fool.

  13. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I like these pictures. The boys were out too, wonder why there isn’t any pictures of that on this site. Angelina looks great, and really happy.

  14. kim says

    Carleigh….I was thinking the exact same thing, so no its not stupid. My son had terrible allergies and he was a mouth breather and snorer and the whole bit. he sounded like his nose was plugged when he spoke. he ended up having to remove his tonsils and adenoids and has now outgrown the allergies.(thank god) but he definately would always have his mouth open to breathe. People just judge too quickly and dont know all the details. Anyways, again, I hope Shiloh is fine. Shes such a cutie! And for the people who dont like Angie and Brad, dont take it out on a child. She didnt ask to be here and didnt pick her parents(although alot of people wish they were their parents, lol)

  15. carleigh says

    This might sound like a stupid excuse, but IF Shiloh has allergies, she could be breathing through her mouth and that’s why it is always open a bit?? Who knows? Who cares, she is completely adorable!

    picture of Shiloh smiling:

    You people who complain that Shiloh never smiles are the same ones who complained that Zahara never smiled either and it’s just ridiculous to suggest that just because a child isn’t thrilled to have a camera in their midst, that there is something developmentally wrong with them.

    No matter what this couple does, no matter how they dress themselves or their kids, no matter how much they give to charity of their money and time, no matter what they allow their kids to eat or snack on……..for some people it will never be good enough!! Some people just love to moan, groan and complain.

  16. kim says

    Actually I think that its because of who her parents are is why everyone has something bad to say. there are non celeb babies all over the street whos mouths hang open but noone notices. I am not obsessed with brad and angie…i just like to see what they are up to next . I wish them the best like any other parent and their children, but im not a negative person and dont see anything wrong with Shiloh and I think she is adorable. I stick with what i posted earlier…whats the difference, anyways?

  17. gina says

    this has nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston. I have no problem with either of the parents – I am simply stating my opinion that this child does not look very bright and that her mouth is ALWAYS open. If this was any other child you would all be saying the same thing but because of her parents some people (who appear to be obsessed with this couple) will not hear a word said against them.

  18. Fly On The Wall says

    Shiloh is a beautiful child. The haters simply refuse to live with the fact that she’s a Jolie-Pitt instead of an Aniston-Pitt. Jenzilla had her chance and blew it, people. End of story.

  19. Tia :) says

    I fully Agree Liza. People need to back off of this poor baby…let go people!! She is BEAUTIFUL!

  20. Liza says

    Look at the newborn pictures of Shiloh, her mouth was hanging open. Her moouth has always been like this. She is a little girl with large lips. Looking at the pictures of Angelina as a baby and toddler, she had the same thing going on, and we all know there is nothing wrong cognitively with Angelina.

    Some people are just looking for ANYTHING to be wrong with this little girl.

  21. comment says

    Why is her mouth hanging open? Because of heredity! Are you a half ticket too, gina? My mouth was always hanging open as a child, even now sometimes, thank to one of my parents. And my parents did not spend one on one time with me often. I went on to raise my children the same way, and would you believe, their mouths hang open quite regularly. I’m not slow, quite contrary actually. Likewise my children. So stop worrying about bonding time of other parents and their children, focus on your own. And quit the hang open mouth criticizing business!

  22. gina says

    i think they need to spend a bit more time with shiloh – she doesn’t look the full ticket to me – a bit more one to one time is called for I think and why is her mouth constantly hanging open???

  23. Ronnie says

    wow this generated some interest!:)

    shiloh looks so cute definetly got mummys lips!

    glad to see angelina changing out of her standard issu black clothes!

  24. Fly On The Wall says

    Leona, what’s the matter? You hate Angelina for having Brad’s child so you hope something is wrong with the child? God, you are one sick, twisted indifivual. You were probably one of the haters who was hoping Angelina would miscarry or die in childbirth. Sorry it all came out so differently from what you intended.

  25. Ellen says

    #108. Great picture. But I can hear it now.

    “Oops. AJ not in black. Little girls not in black. Shiloh smiling. No nannies. Eating chips like average normal kids. Having a good time with Mom.

    Must be a set up with body doubles. ”

    They look like what they are, a family.

  26. Jx2 says

    Bug smear on the wall – You must have me mistaken for Oriana…! She got her ass kicked and hit the road – NOT ME!!!

  27. Liza says

    Rijay, babies don’t smirk, either they smile or they don’t. Shiloh smiles.

    And Leona what is a foolish confused look? I’ve never considered a child to look foolish.

  28. kim says

    the picture nicki posted is adorable. I havent seen that one. And yes, its very obvious Shiloh is smiling in the pic. She looks so happy. But, my question is, all the arguing about whether or not Shiloh is slow or always has her mouth hanging open is making me wonder…what is the difference? Whether she does have an issue or not, it dosent matter. She still a gorgeous baby and she is their daughter no matter what. God forbid, but anyone of us could have a special needs child. My cousin had a PERFECT pregnancy and guess what? The doctor messed her son up during the delivery and he is paralyzed and has so many problems. Its very hard for her. She never had anymore kids. Anyways, I hope Shiloh is fine and wouldnt wish any problems on any child ever.

  29. comment says

    Shiloh’s mouth is open always because she inherits her father’s lower lip. Check her father’s pictures, there are quite a few in which his mouth is open like that. Personally I think it makes her look cute.

  30. Tia :) says

    as for how her mouth is open in some pictures…would you like me to follow you around with a camera?? Would you be all happy and smiling all the time?? come on now!

  31. Tia :) says

    Are half of you people blind?? SHE IS SMILING IN THOSE PICTURES!!! Man oh man..i cannot believe how negative some of you people are! Jeeze!

  32. gina says

    God, Shiloh is so plain. For two apparently stunning looking parents their child has come out so ordinary looking. And her mouth is constantly hanging open.

  33. 2teens says

    Leona and Rijay need to get to VisionWorks ASAP! They’re having a 2 for 1 special, so hurry! Because you two are nearly blind!

  34. Leona says

    In those pictures, I don’t see a smiling baby. She just has that foolish confused look and what looks like a wince a couple of times. I too would like to see a picture of a fully animated Shiloh like Suri, Violet, Marcia’s twins etc.

    BTW Angelina as a baby looked better than Shiloh. She was alert. Shiloh seems special I insist.

  35. Fly On The Wall says

    90. Rijay | March 19th, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    You expect me to do your work for you? Walk your fingers on over to Google and out all the photos of Shiloh online. There are any number of her smiling. But you wouldn’t know a smile from a smirk anyway, would you? I’d bet your own kids (if you have any, which I doubt) couldn’t manage more than a pained grimace.

    91. Jx2 | March 19th, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    Do you ever get tired of getting your ass kicked on this blog, or are you just a glutton for punishment?

  36. Jx2 says

    Fly on the Wall is always stupid!! It has to do with all the DDT she has in her brain!

    Liza – AJ may enjoy being a mother but I also believe there are other reasons to her actions too…namely the reasons that Lauren has given…You don’t have to agree with her. But I do!

  37. Rijay says

    Fly on the wall:

    I saw that photo even before you posted the link and I still stand by what I stated. The mother and daughter do not look connected. I’ve seen all the photos ever photographed of Shiloh and I’ve never seen her smile. Produce one for me, a clear one of her smiling, not a smirk, and I’ll be the first to admit I’m wrong.

    And BTW, I think you’re truly the stupid one here for posting a picture where Shiloh is staring off with her mouth open again. Yes, you are the stupid one, my dear.

  38. nads says

    OMG I was just in New Orleans and like the nerd that I am..I had my eyes open for her or brad the whole my husband thought I was crazy.. but there they are.. with cheetos walkin to the corner store..

    PS. New Orleans is the best! You should go book a flight today!

  39. Tia :) says

    Liza I agree with you fully. I can honestly say that if i could afford to have lots and lots of children i would. I love this family and wish them nothing but the best!

  40. Liza says

    Maybe she’s having all these children because she loves being a mother! Does there always have to be some other motive or reason? She clearly loves being a mother.

  41. Fly On The Wall says

    82. lauren | March 19th, 2008 at 5:18 pm
    I keep asking myself so many questions.

    Why? What possible difference can it make to you how they live their lives? It’s too bad you have to substitute other people’s lives for the life you don’t have.

  42. Jx2 says

    Lauren – That is exactly what I think too. Up to a point I liked AJ but now with all the children she keeps having and adopting…the game is getting tired!!!

  43. lauren says

    If she is having twins then it is defintely fertility treatment. There is something that bothers me about the way Angelina has gone on these last two years. I keep asking myself so many questions. If they did not have all those kids, would they still be together? I doubt. Kids seem to be the link binding them and Angelina seems very insecure. I would not be surprised if she got fertility treatment to have a kid to keep thei fire burning in the relationship if you call it one.

    And Brad Pitt, he seems like a man in a trance, follwoing where Angelina leads. It is as though this is an Angelina show and he like all of us are watching with bemusement wondering where it will all end.

    She seems like she is trying to fill a void. Like she is hitting out at Aniston passive aggression. I am not surprised she has confessed she has a low self esteem. I am wishing her well but I sense an over all Brangelina fatigue.

  44. Nicki says

    Tia 🙂 ~I think she has always looked like Brad but is now starting to look a bit more like Angie. She is a cutie either way.
    Did you see the one of her running after she got her Cheetos? Too cute. (#10)

  45. Nicki says

    Rachel~I wouldn’t believe any of the rag mags. Remember before Shiloh was born? They all screamed “Twins” then also. If she does have twins, and that’s a big if, it would just be a lucky guess on the part of the rags. Shiloh wasn’t twins. JLo and Nancy Grace did have fertility treatments and they had twins. Brad’s sister had twins, so who knows.
    They also kept screaming that Shiloh was going to be born in France, and she wasn’t. It sounds like the same crap they lied about in 2006.

  46. Tia :) says

    I cant believe that people actually took the time to complain about the Cheetos..who freaking cares??? Im sure it was a once in a while snack for god sakes. It’s not like she’s feeding them a McDonalds happy meal!! man oh people find anything to complain about. They’re not your kids, so dont worry about it!

    Also, why must people bring up Jennifer Anistion on these threads?? Do you think she’s still thinking about Brad? No..she isnt…they’ve moved on, time for you to move on too people!

    Shiloh is such a doll…Nicki, i can see where you say she looks like Angie, i still think she has more of Brad in her 🙂

  47. Rachel says

    The latest news is she’s having twins…according to In Touch. I find it very strange all these celebs are having twins. Doesn’t this reek of fertility treatment?

  48. Malayka says

    People give this woman a lot of crap. She deserves most of it, but am afraid her children are going to be on the recieving end of the venom that she is building up.

  49. Nicki says

    Oops should be Melanie, sorry. I doubt she will be back to see this, some posters just like to throw lies out there as often as they can. Some don’t want to see the truth.

  50. Liza says

    Jess, I think it’s funny how you post about how people need to let go of the Aniston thing and then you fill your post with negative comments about Aniston. Why not just say that all parties have gone their own separate ways and that it’s time for the public to move on as well? Is there really a need to be negative towards someone? Why is it that you are “fueling this triangle” as well?

    If anyone thinks what Angelina and Brad are doing isn’t much more than a glorified orphanage, I would assume you have no idea what its like for a child to be raised in an actual orphanage. Jolie and Pitt give these children love, consistent caregivers, a happy and stable family environment, as well as plenty of food I am sure.

    The cheetos and the powerade are not a big deal. If that’s all they were eating, then sure, but it is ok to give your child special treats once in awhile. I don’t think it’s as if the children subsist on cheetos and powerade.

  51. jess says

    i don’t see any pictures of jennifer aniston here. looks like zahara, shiloh and their mother. so why do her fans bring her name up in posts filed up angelina jolie & brad pitt and angelina jolie pregnant. doesn’t make much sense. 3 years and still fueling this triangle. let it go. she has a perfect body and good for her but this website is about celebrity moms and celebrity babies. does jen have children. no. do men stick around long enough for her to have children with them. no. brad.vince.paul.jason lewis have all left her. so yes it is funny how things work out. i’m glad she her perfect body and she enjoys it. the problem is no one else does.

  52. Leona says

    Angelina says she has a low self esteem. That is clear from all her actions, stealing husbands, self loathing, harming and hurting other people are all glaring signs of esteem issues. I wonder how many more people she will hurt fighting her demons. Those kids especially. Anyway it is better than an orphanage but it is soon becoming a glorified orphanage.

  53. Melanie says

    Funny how things turn out. Now Aniston is looking good, younger and happier. Angelina now looks like her brother. Shiloh is cute, not that cute and the way she is pulling from her mother in the links is not like a normal child does but like one who has no attachment to her mother.

    In all the pictures, I don’t see the bond she has with Mad or Z or that Suri has with Katie or Violet and Jen Garner. I am sure am not being picky because I have looked at the links to.

    Then there is the issue of her frozen face. I have never seen a child with less expressions. She always looks like she does not know what to do or she is not taking in her surroundings.

    She is not fat, she is OK just a baby.

  54. kim says

    the “blue drink” is powerade …the same thing my sons coach gives after practice. I mean seriously….how many kids eat cheetos and drink powerade? everyone just looks for something bad to say…maybe next time she’ll give him a big bottle of mountain dew! Just because they are celeb kids, they are still kids and it dosent make Angelina some terrible mother cuz they are eating cheetos. There are so many other moms out there doing much worse.

  55. Lilac says

    I love these pictures. However, the choice of “snacks” here are horrendous. Blue drink and bright yellow Cheetos, both no doubt full of food coloring and chemicals. Not appropriate for little kids by any means. (Not if you want them to have optimal health.)

    I don’t think Angie is as health conscious as most of Hollywood. I’ve read somewhere that Brad was the one who talked her into hiring a chef so the kids can eat healthier meals and not order in all the time.

  56. Bella says

    Thanks Freya, you summed up what I was thinking beautifully with you #58 post. I really can’t believe that grown, normal thinking individuals would write some of the things that I read on here. WOW!

  57. Freya says

    Some people on here need their heads checked. Seriously. Shiloh looks like a normal toddler, and it’s apparent that Angelina thinks the world of ALL her children, biological or otherwise. I only wish my family had the normalcy that they seem to have in a sea of judgmental celeb mongers.

  58. Sheila says

    Poor kid. Seems like no one’s interracted with her while growing up. They just kept her busy by feeding her all the time.

  59. says

    shiloh is so cute chubby legs and chubby arms are common on babies that just means they are healthy and about the scab on her knee she probably fell when she was playing with zararah or her brothers please dont hate shiloh she didnt do anything to you and angie looks great i just love her preggers 😛

  60. Liza says

    Did anyone else notice the skull and crossbone sneakers on Shiloh? I think those are cute and kind of ironic with the little sundress.

  61. Jaxon says

    If they were eating carrot sticks someone would complain that evil Angie won’t let her kids be kids and forces them to live on diet food. She can’t win. Clearly she doesn’t even try, she just lives her life and ignores whatever the rest of the world thinks about her, her life, or her kids. Way to go Angie.

  62. Liam,Grayer, and Gabriella's Mommy says

    Nicki i love the photo of Shiloh looking at that little boy. To Cute

    She has grown so much. She is adorable.

  63. Jx2 says

    All three of my nieces have the same chubby legs…and chubby arms – which I like to pinch…especially the 4 year old she is a chubster with big cheeks!!!

  64. SP says

    Shiloh is just perfect…I love this couple, and they will be blessed with another child…you folks need to keep your meanful comments to yourselfs, especially when the comments are about children…

  65. Liza says

    Overweight? She’s perfect for an almost two year old. Absolutely fine. No wonder so many young girls have self-image problems when people are calling an almost two year old overweight.

    She has plenty of expressions, and the picture of her taking off outside the door is adorable. She smiles, she looks bewildered, she looks interested, all the ways she should look.

    Also, about her mouth. I’m willing to bet that the size of her lips cause the open mouth look. It’s probably that the size of her mouth and that of her lips are just different.

  66. Rijay says

    I agree about Shiloh. As cute as she is, I’ve never seen a picture of her smiling or just plain having fun. Angie doesn’t seem connected with her. Poor kid. Just left to the nannies and lost in the shuffle of all the traveling.

  67. Freya says

    they eat ju.nk food, they, they play like normal kids. I’m surprised no one about the on Shiloh’s knee. Oh wait. S.l.o.w. kids can’t play and have fun, so they must be hurting her right? People always say that celeb kids are held too much but I’m just waiting for someone to go on about her s.cra.tch. You can’t please everyone, Angie, you have a beautiful family, just keep being you.

  68. Freya says

    they eat cheesies, they skateboard, they play like normal kids. I’m surprised no one complained about the scrape on Shiloh’s knee. Oh wait. Slow kids can’t play and have fun, so they must be hurting her right? People always say that celeb kids are held too much but I’m just waiting for someone to go on about her scratch. You can’t please everyone, Angie, you have a beautiful family, just keep being you.

  69. Freya says

    People can never be happy. So now we have pics of Shiloh with her family, and people still complain. She has expressions. She was laughing in some. She just seems to be taking the world in…it doesn’t mean she’s slow, and she certainly isn’t overweight. And I think it’s great that the Jolie-Pitt clan are allowing their children to have normal lives; they eat cheesies, they skateboard, they play like normal kids.

  70. Freya says

    Why is my comment being moderated?

    People can never be happy. So now we have pics of Shiloh with her family, and people still complain. She has expressions. She was laughing in some. She just seems to be taking the world in…it doesn’t mean she’s slow, and she certainly isn’t overweigh. And I think it’s great that the Jolie-Pitt clan are allowing their children to have normal lives; they eat cheesies, they skateboard, they play like normal kids. I’m surprised no one complained about the scrape on Shiloh’s knee. Oh wait. Slow kids can’t play and have fun, so they must be hurting her right? People always say that celeb kids are held too much but I’m just waiting for someone to go on about her scratch. You can’t please everyone, Angie, you have a beautiful family, just keep being you.

  71. daisy says

    Awwwwwww hi Shiloh! She is such a cute little girl.

    She def is looking more like her mother

    minus the skank factor 🙂

  72. oriana says

    Nicki, so funny about the Direct TV guy! Ha!

    These are some cute pictures, I enjoyed them. She does look cute with her little chubby legs, I like seeing babies with some meat on their bones!

    I don’t think Zahara has a very friendly look on her face in the picture with the little boy but she doesn’t usually smile or look friendly in pictures. When she does smile though she has one of the most brilliant smiles on a child I have ever seen.

    Hope today is a good day and not frustrating!

  73. kim says

    So Shiloh is overweight and, oh yeah, Angelina is anorexic…please. Make up your mind. They cant win. Jealousy like the other poster said.

  74. What? says

    By the way, you don’t like Angelina so you wish her child isn’t perfect. Typical jealous women!

  75. What? says

    Shiloh is overweight? At 2? And she is not animated? I saw a couple of pictures in which she ran with feet off the ground and had to be caught. She looks a very fine toddler to me. Quit all this nonsensical interpretation from one-second picture, will you?

  76. Georgia says

    I never see photos of Angie with just her daughters and i think it is such a beautiful thing. Nothing can compare to a mother-daughter relationship.

  77. kelly says

    I was going to say the same thing about Shi, I have been looking at the link. Fantastic pictures thanks Nicki but Shiloh’s inanimate character is rather strange. Notice in all the pictures she hardly reacts to her surroundings or the other kids talking to her. She seems perpectually surprised apart from when she is crying. hope she is ok. She is over weight to be eating cheetos though.

  78. Mia says

    Shiloh definitely has a problem. Her mouth is always open and rarely shows emotion. No dount about that seen pictures on Jared, her reactions to her surroundings are minimal. I guess we will know for sure when they start donating to a slow kids charity.

  79. 2teens says

    This latest crop of photos are just precious. I love seeing Shiloh standing with her little legs planted, and Z dressed in PINK from head to toe – too cute!

  80. Butterfly says

    These three make the most beautiful pictures together. I love how race and whether a child is biologically or adopted is completely irrelevant. These three have souls that truly shine through and I look forward to seeing the affect that Zahara and Shiloh have on the world.

  81. Nicki says

    oriana~plus yesterday I had to sit home all day waiting for the Directv guy. Well he called about 2pm and he was at our house we lived in 3 years ago in CA, 3000 miles away from where we live now. Funny how my bills get here but they send the guy to our old address,LOL.
    So I had lots of computer time yesterday. The Directv guy in my state will be here next Thursday. The CA guy could make it quicker driving here, lol.
    That’s why I found so many pics.

  82. Nicki says

    oriana~lots of sites out there are big fans of this family. Shiloh does look like Angie in that pic, also Angie looks like her mom in that one too.
    I put these on the last Angie and Brad thread, the house one, so if you check it they are the same as here, just with a personal message to you, but nothing important, if you’ve seen the pics here.
    Just hello, enjoy, and Take Care.

  83. oriana says

    Hi Nicki, how in the world do you find all these pictures? So cute! Yes, I see Shiloh looking just like Angie in them, especially the one with her Mom and her brother. All of them looked great!

  84. cindy says

    I love this adorable family. Cute, cute. cute! So precious both Shiloh and Zahara. Zahara looks like she is thinning out and Shiloh has chubby legs.
    I’ve seen pictures of their children eating fruit. So who cares if they are having some cheetos. I’ve seen Jennifer Garner give Violet a whole chunk of chocolate.
    Why not give them a bit from both worlds.

  85. princess says

    They are Cheetos!! Who cares. They probally do eat really healthy they are allowed to have some junk food every once in a while. Who doesn’t give their kids snacks.

  86. Rijay says

    Shiloh is so cute. Okay, I’ll be the first to comment on the Cheetos. You’d think with all the millions they have that they could get their multitude of nannies to cut up some fruit or get some healthier snack for the kids!

  87. Team Jolie says

    They look so cute! Why is Angelina in the loose fitting clothes this pregnancy? She looks great, but it’s time sto stop hiding her pregnant form, everyone already knows.

  88. Christine says

    Shilo is getting REALLY cute. Why are the kids always seen with bags of chips and what not. I would think they’d be into more healthy/organic food for the kids.

  89. says

    Shiloh is getting so big! She is almost as tall as Z!
    ALL of them are so cute! Shiloh looks like the both of her parents, and did I say she is sooooo cute! It is nice to see her out, and about!

  90. Ali says

    she looks like the both of her parents… she has brads eyes and hair,but the rest of her especially the lips are angelina!

  91. anita says

    What a wonderful time to bond and enjoy your children when they are small. It reminds me of the days when my own daughter was Shiloh’s age and you can see in Angie’s face that she really is enjoying every bit of what motherhood brings. Brad is really lucky to have her for a partner and may they have more luck and love and peace in years to come. Love the photo.

  92. Deeds says

    I like the look of wonder on Shilohs face. Her mouth is open again but what a doll! She is wearing a pretty dress that suits her very well.

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