Lisa Marie Presley Reportedly Expecting Twins

Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley is rumored to be expecting twins!

The 40-year-old singer, is said to be four-and-a-half months pregnant with twins, according to Star magazine.

Lisa Marie, the daughter of the late Elvis Presley and Dancing with the Stars contestant Priscilla Presley, recently confirmed that she is expecting with her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood.

A neighbor of the couple has claimed that Lisa Marie is actually having two babies, and that one of them is a boy.

The source told Star magazine: “Michael told me that he and Lisa have been trying to get pregnant for about a year

“He also said that they had a sonogram two weeks ago…Michael was beaming.”

Lisa Marie’s father Elvis was a twin. But brother Jesse Garon Presley died at birth.

This will be the third (and fourth?) child for Lisa Marie, 40, who has two children, model Riley Keough, 18, and Benjamin Storm, 15, from her marriage to ex-husband Danny Keough.

Lisa Marie has previously said she loves being pregnant. She said: “I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not a mother.

“I just feel like I’m good at it…I’m all right at it, and my kids are teenagers, so I thought it was time to have another round.

“And my mother kind of did the same thing with my brother, so it’s just time.”

Lisa Marie’s spokeswoman confirmed the singer and her husband are expecting their first child together next autumn. She said: “The couple are incredibly overjoyed.”

Lisa Marie married Michael, a collaborator on her 2005 album “Now What,” in a wedding held in Kyoto, Japan in 2006.

The singer-songwriter, who was nine when her father died, counts Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson among her three ex-husbands.

Lisa Marie and Priscilla are both followers of Scientology.



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    gee, you people on these blogs are more than a little nuts; I can’t even stand to read the stuff some of you are writing. Think I’ll stay away from now on and just look at the photos.

  3. Jx2 says

    Oriana is a SUCK!!!

    Sally’s comment was directed at YOU in particular Oriana…”What is done is done”…so no need to live in the past and bring up things from months ago!!!

  4. oriana says

    Sally my Dear, you are right, Life is too short. Thank you for a voice of reason.

    2teens, I think you should continue to do exactly what you have been doing. Just so YOU know.

  5. 2teens says

    Oriana, yes… your point is? I don’t know if you happened to notice this or not but on the Halle Berry thread that you asked me to go read I did not support or defend JJ. In fact, it was Kx3 that I supported.
    Yes, the post you pointed out to me #64 was vulgar. No, it was not one of her everyday comments. Again, may I point out your tolerance of filth and vulgarity from Mia? Because you tolerate filth and vulgarity from mia do you hear me saying to you that you believe and think the same way that she does in her vulgar posts? NO.
    Just because I have defended Jx2 on some comments, now you accuse me of defending her on EVERY comment when you know it is just not true.
    Might I add, if you keep throwing the same 3 old lines back in her face on every thread what do you think is going to happen? Do you think she is going to ignore it? Of course she isn’t. Oriana, you are keeping this war going just as much as she is.
    If you were honest with yourself you would admit the true reason you are so angry with me. It’s because you have been trying for weeks to get me to jump on the “I hate Jx2 bandwagon” and I’m not jumping.
    Basically what you are saying is “if you are friends with her then I will not be friends with you” and I think that is pretty childish. If you would like to keep the war going between you two, that is your perogative, but I resent you trying to involve me in it. It’s your beef, not mine.
    There may be future comments of hers that I defend, and I’m sure that there will be many others which I do not… just so you know.

  6. Sally Kruger says

    Come now girls and settle down……this is just ridiculous. What’s done is done – now simply move on and quit the bickering. Life is too short!

  7. oriana says

    2teens, look at Halle Berry’s thread and see #64, is that what you consider yet another one of her Normal, everyday comments? Now that is very classy and admirable, Freedom of Speech statements for her to make isn’t it? I just don’t know why anyone would not be open minded about some filth like that!

  8. oriana says

    2teens, you say you don’t think JJ is evil, yet you have read her evil comments haven’t you?

    You said those comments she made about Son of Sam were mild, sounds like you were backing her up to me in that issue. Do you think murder is mild?

    You said you were surprised I am not more Open minded but it seems like to me, you are very Open minded when it comes to her sick way of thinking, I don’t find that anything to be proud of or supportive of. You should not be with me, but for yourself and every decent human being that thinks like she does instead of constantly defending her.

    You did say you thought she would be a good Mother didn’t you? Is the way she thinks and has spoken indicative to you of the qualifications of a good Mother?

    When has she made that many normal everyday comments? Other than of course, her being an ARTIST? Months old comments, was it really months ago? And again, whether her horrible comments were months or days, she said them and admitted to saying she meant to say them, so I don’t see your point there.

    NO, I don’t know perfectly well that you don’t agree with hateful cruel statements, when you admire the person that would make those kind of comments, I would deem to think you go along with them to some extent.

    When I said by all means Write me off, I would assume you would take her advice and agree with her since that is the trend I have perceived from you lately.

    She is vulgar and low class, if you haven’t realized that by now from her vile writings then you never will, others have, even those that also don’t care for me.

    If I don’t agree with a Thief, or a Bank Robber, or a Child Molester, I am certainly not going to say, OH, they have their own set of morals, they have NO morals, same as JJ with the comments she has made, and I certainly would not say I think they would be a good mother one day.

  9. 2teens says

    Oriana said “NO, I am not Open Minded wishing people killed in car crashes, maybe you are. NO, I am not Open minded to wishing babies being born retarded, I guess you are. No, I am not Open minded to wishing the President of the U.S. would die, maybe you are.

    See, this is what I do not understand about you Oriana. I have specifically said (many times) that I do not agree with those types of comments, and whenever they were made did i EVER back jx2 up? NO, I did NOT… yet you feel the need to put those comments on me because I am not with you in your war against JX2.
    You know perfectly well that I don’t agree with angry, hurtful comments because I have said so over and over… but you want to be a spin doctor apparently.
    I have backed Jx2 up when she was attacked for making normal, everyday comments… not when she has wished ill on others. But I also don’t believe in throwing months old comments back at people.
    I am not planning to write you off, although it seems that you no longer wish to be associated with me. I would hope that I could be friendly with both of you, but that is up to you.

  10. Jx2 says

    Good riddance to you Oriana!!!! Does this mean we don’t have to listen to your incessant denture flapping any longer?? !!

    2 teens – An ignorant and narrow minded person like Oriana is a waste of your time. Her self-righteous, high-horse mentality is exactly the kind of behaviour that psychologists often observe in psychopaths. Oriana seems to think that she is the re-incarnate of God and that she knows what is best for the world. If you value your sanity – I suggest you write her off. Oriana’s fickleness and waffling are signs of a disturbed and an unstable person. She displays the exact same behavioural issues that Adolph Hitler had when he justified the killing of Jews. I’m so glad I’m not her neighbour. Can you imagine having to live next door to someone like that???

  11. oriana says

    2teens, can you read? I do believe I listed some of my favorites and ALSO said there were many more, No, I didn’t list them all because it would have gone on and on, I also enjoy Sandra, Jenna and many more I didn’t name either.

    Your not agreeing with my point of view has nothing to do with you agreeing and not finding anything wrong with some of the malicious statements made by JJ. So I would assume you agree with them and I at first found that puzzling but now I do not. NO, I am not open minded to those kind of statements and I never will be.

    I did enjoy you, very much, but I don’t enjoy you or anyone else that thinks those type of remarks are appropriate.

    However, since you have made yourself clear to me, and I have no qualms with saying what I think either, let me myself perfectly clear to you, you are a disappointment to me, as a mother and a decent human being, I would think you would find it offensive to wish evil on children especially. And Evil is exactly what is was, and you know that.

    Nicki has not always agreed with me, and she is one of my absolute favorites on here, as far as someone agreeing with an enemy of mine, yes, if they have the same warped opinions and thinking of viciousness and vile attitude, then I wouldn’t want them to be a friend of mine. I would not associate with someone like that in my ordinary life and would not respect or admire them on here.

    NO, I am not Open Minded wishing people killed in car crashes, maybe you are.

    NO, I am not Open minded to wishing babies being born retarded, I guess you are.

    No, I am not Open minded to wishing the President of the U.S. would die, maybe you are.

    I don’t find it normal, decent, admirable, enjoyable in the least and if you do, then that is up to you. I don’t like it, I don’t care if you do or not and frankly, I don’t care if you think I am rude or not. I am just making statements about my feelings and opinions, and I would be ashamed of any family member that ever made those kind of comments.

  12. Jx2 says

    You are just as guilty of the things that you accuse others of…look in the mirror…you don’t have a halo over your head.

    Your previous post just proved to me (and everyone else on this blog) how immoral you really are and that you have just as much maliciousness and contempt for human life as you accuse others of having.

    Like I said on another post: “Look at the pot calling the kettle black.”

  13. 2teens says

    No, Oriana – what I find manipulative in your posts is #1 your list of favorites. You list 4 or 5 names of your favorite posters here on babyrazzi. You have done that on at least two threads very recently. What is the purpose of that? To let everyone else know that they are NOT your favorites? #2 You are becoming angrier and angrier with me in your postings if I do not agree with your point of view. You had been saying that you “enjoy me” but now you are being quite rude to me. So, I can only glean from this that if someone ever agrees with an “enemy” of yours that they will no longer be a friend of yours. If that is true then I am disappointed in you because I thought (hoped) that you were a more open minded individual than that.

  14. oriana says

    I will reply to you on this one JJ, YES, INDEED I DO believe in Capital Punishment. I wish I could be the one to pull the switch or better yet, the trigger on a machine gun when it comes to Child Molesters and Serial Killers! I am all for it! I personally would love to do it to Scott Peterson for killing his pregnant wife and baby.

    I don’t want my tax dollars to go to waste housing these monsters for 30 years! I would rather it go towards building schools, hospitals or finding cures for Diabetes, Cancer, etc. I would prefer it go towards Homeless Shelters for I think too many families on the streets due to losing jobs and homes.

    Call me whatever you want, nothing that comes out of your mouth surprises me.

    Yes, it is your preog to say what you want, so go ahead and continue to wish death on people and misfortune, I have always heard “what goes around, comes around” and I do believe we all reap what we sow. At least you admitted you meant what you said and have no qualms about it. Your defender 2teens will admire you for that too I am sure.

    I am sure there are a lot of people that wish President Bush was dead, I don’t, I wish he was out of the office of the Leader of this country and he will be soon enough. However, I don’t wish he was dead, he has children and a family, but that doesn’t matter to people like you.

    I don’t berate anyone for their freedom of speech, I just happen to believe because we have that Right, to also have the manners and common sense to not just blurt out anything that is nasty and vicious, again, that is where morals and good class comes into play, again, I don’t think you have either one of.

    I don’t like a lot of celebs but I don’t wish they would die or get killed in car wrecks, I have been in a car wreck before, I have had family members killed in car crashes, something I guess you and 2teens haven’t experienced or you wouldn’t be so flip about it.

    I have laughed at rude comments on here and I have even agreed with some of them, but I have never admired or enjoyed downright cruelty and evil remarks, if you get off on that and I think you do, continue on, this isn’t my site, I have the choice to skip over and ignore, same as you do.

    And yes, I do think it is vile and evil to wish Death on anyone, although I do on Bin Laden and I would have on Hitler had I been old enough at the time he was on his killing spree. As far as the murderers of innocent children, No, I don’t feel any remorse or regret at all over my feelings about them. I am sorry for their families for they are innocent victims also.

  15. Jx2 says

    hi 2teens! Thanks for your support and for defending me. I know that you do not always agree with what I say and I respect that. Just like I respect people that stand up for what they believe and don’t always follow the crowd. I guess being artists we have the ability to think outside the box and see things that most others folks don’t. It’s what gives artists their vision to create art. Have you ever read the book “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger? I read it in art school a few years ago and found it quite thought provoking on many levels…He starts the book by asking “is this art?”…and shows an image of something…and then shows an image of a toilet and asks”is this art?” we had many debates in class over what constitutes art and whether a toilet can actually be considered art…outside of a bathroom when placed on a pedestal a toil*et might be considered art but in it’s normal everyday context – it is merely a toil*et…anyway my point is that…perhaps on this site my comments are misconstrued but elsewhere they might be completely acceptable and not offensive in the least. Oh well – to each their own! Feel free to converse with Oriana whenever you choose – unlike her I won’t be offended if you do 😉

  16. Jx2 says

    Oriana you are so melodramatic!!!
    Thank god that you do not run the country because if you did, you would be cutting people tongues off when they voiced their opinions when they did not jive with your opinions. I bet, that you also believe in capital punishment, right?
    I’m not denying what I said – I said what I said when I felt like saying it. Today I will say something else I feel like saying and tomorrow – ditto!!! Some people I like and some I don’t . The same applies to celebrities…so if I wish something on someone…that’s my prerogative. Today, I’m wishing that George Bush will croak soon. Does that make me a bad, evil person? I don’t think I’m alone in thinking and wishing that. I also wish that you would be able to grow a new leg..because maybe , just maybe that would allow you the mobility to walk away from the computer instead of continuously berating me (and others) for exercising their “freedom of speech”!!
    Today I felt like calling you “Oriana” but tomorrow I probably won’t because I like to mix it up sometimes…
    I like to live dangerously. Does that truly offend you??

  17. oriana says

    2teens, me stating a fact that I think is true, is not manipulation, it is my opinion. You don’t have to agree with it. Didn’t she write herself when she wished Kimora’s mommy’s baby would be born with Down Syndrome the first thing that popped into her head, so I would think she meant that. Usually when the first thing that pops in a person’s head that they say is what they really feel and think.

    Whether it is an old comment or a new comment, she said it and therefore I think she meant it. If I say today, Oh I wish babies would be born all deformed and disabled, and six months down the road, say, oh I said that six months ago, would you still consider that to be a normal sane comment to make? I don’t think so.

    You are exactly right, my set of morals aren’t the same as hers, and apparently not the same as yours either.

    Sounds like you agree with your idiotic comments she has made. Did you also wish JLo would get killed in a car crash? I guess that wasn’t an evil statement to make?

    So don’t be surprised about any statements I make in the future, just like I won’t be any more about yours.

    Yes, I do think there is something wrong with you and with anyone else that would think those kind of comments, past or in the future, would not be distasteful and disgusting. Maybe if someone had wished you had been killed in a car crash when you were pregnant and your baby born with Down Syndrome, you might not be so agreeable to them. I doubt very seriously that would be how you operate as you say.

  18. 2teens says

    There is nothing wrong with me Oriana. I’m stating my opinion just like you. Sometimes I agree with you and sometimes I don’t… it’s that simple.
    And why are you telling me “don’t sit back and act like she is a person with morals when she has shown she isn’t”… everyone has their own set of morals. They are not going to be the same as yours. That is my belief. You can keep throwing her old comments back in her face if you want… but that is not the way I operate. As I said, people do shoot off their mouths and say things that they do not mean. I prefer to move on from that rather than stewing in the past.
    You think that Jx2 is evil – I don’t.
    I surprised that you are flying off the handle over my comment. You did start it up with Jx2 this thread, did you not? I don’t know why you would want to start something up on a thread that was relativley peaceful. I have noticed quite a bit of manipulation in your posts lately.

  19. oriana says

    2teens, I have read so many vicious statements she has made on here, not only about me but others also, I do truely feel that she would be an unfit mother and I do feel sorry for any child that would be in an environment with people with her character that she has demonstrated on here many times.

    I don’t like the snide comments that others have made on here about Foster Homes and Foster children either.

    And you think she would be a FINE mother one day? What is wrong with you? She talks about rifes and killing people, she wishes people would die in car crashes and babies be born retarded, and you think someone like that would be a good mother one day? With those kind of ideas and behaviors!

    And you are surprised that I would make a simple statement that I would feel sorry for any child born to someone with that kind of mind set? Do you think that is normal admirable behavior? If those are the first thoughts that pops into someone’s mind, it says a lot about their mental outlook on things.

    Yes, indeed, I do feel deeply sorry for a child born to anyone that thinks that way and I don’t understand why you would choose to admire and defend someone like that. Why is that? Surely you can see a vicious mean spirited natured individual, do you REALLY think people like that would be good mothers?

    My issues started with her when I defended the hateful way she was talking to Nicki, and then she turned on me with her tirades. Perhaps you need to go back and read if you are confused. Yes, I didn’t like the way she was giving her insults to her and I don’t like the way she has others either before she started attacking me.

    If you agree with her come out and say so, it is fine with me, but don’t sit back and act like she is a person with morals when she has shown she isn’t.

    You can support her, defend her, enjoy her, all you like, that is your choice, but how any person with values and especially with children, think she would be a good role model and someone that would nuture a child is amazing to me!

  20. Kay says

    That’s awesome that she is having twins! It’s wonderful growing up a twin (I have a twin sister!)

  21. 2teens says

    Parenting and posting anonymous messages on a baby blog have little to do with each other. The way I parent my kids is a separate entity and I am sure most people feel the same way. I’m sure JJ will be a fine mother if she ever chooses to take that journey.
    I am surprised that you are being the aggressor here Oriana, it’s very un-like you. I know you two have your issues so I guess I’m not really all that shocked… just surprised that YOU started it this time – LOL!

  22. Freya says

    What are you guys going on about? maybe you should start taking the personal attacks to a more private setting? AND some people are just being sad sacks on here. I think Lisa looks great for a pregnant 40 year old mother and who cares what her husband looks like? Dorky, hot, short, fat…how does it affect our lives? I wish them nothing but happiness and health, and if it is twins, best of luck!

  23. Jx2 says

    You are a SAD OLD LADY!!! Beware of the African Killer bees…lock yourself in your home and don’t come out… purchase a rifle form Wal-Mart and I’ll contact Michael Moore to drop by your home and film a documentary on your cra*zy kind!!! You are a classic Cukoo case of whom Michael Moore bases his documentaries on…a classic nut job!!!

  24. oriana says

    I meant clearly should NOT be in the company of children, as we see on the news every day. Sad but true!

  25. oriana says

    Again, nothing but pity and deep concern for any child born to a person with the proven character as has been demonstrated.

    I have felt empathy for young mothers wanting children and having a hard time conceiving. I have also felt fear and disdain for other mothers who clearly should be in the company of children, much less bear them.

  26. Jx2 says

    Well if it isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!! You – Oriangatang are the devil in disguise. I do not hide behind a saccharine persona and feign concern and care for people. I either like someone or I don’t! And you “DEARY” are EVIL!!
    If you can parent children – GOD forbid – then so can “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre dude!!” LOL LOL LOL

  27. oriana says

    I feel sorry for any child that Jx2 would ever have with her warped mind and disgusting character!

  28. Jx2 says

    Yikes – I hope twins is not common with advanced aged pregnancies…I will be an older pregnant woman one day and I think one child is my limit…LOL…my husband has been dropping hints about having a baby and I’m not all that keen about going through the whole pregnancy experience and everything that comes with it. How do I find a surrogate mother? Anybody up for the challenge?

  29. carleigh says

    Actually it is a bit more common to become pregnant with twins as you are older too, the chances increase.

    I think she is normally a very pretty woman, this is a bad picture of her. She’s not 21 anymore so it’s going to be a bit more difficult on her this time.

  30. 2teens says

    I hope this is just a bad shot because they both look so sour. It is more common to have twins with an advanced age pregnancy or in-vitro.

  31. Jx2 says

    What’s with the matchy-matchy outfits?? I can’t stand it when couples dress in similar colours / outfits at the same time. I hate leopard print. She does not look too happy either. She’s going to get really huge expecting twins, I do not envy her.

  32. D'Anna says

    Everytime someone famous gets pregnant they are having twins. It’s just like all us regular women who get pregnant multiple times and everyone screams about twins. Twins are really NOT this common.

    She does look really big though.

  33. oriana says

    I don’t think she looks good at all. And her husband is dorky looking too! She does have some beautiful children though, hope the newest edition looks like her, she is pretty!

  34. Joe says

    she looks horrible, but the more belly the better, thats what i say. Good thing she is having twins!!!

  35. Sharrie says

    WoW…whats with the twin explosion in Hoolywood…every other person is having twins. Anyway, I am happy for her and wish her all the best. Riley and Benjamin are lovely children so thats a feather in her cap.

  36. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    aww i didnt know Elvis was a twin it’s so sad that his twin died, good for her if it’s twins or not

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