Halle Berry Welcomes A Daughter!

Halle Berry

Halle Berry had a baby girl Sunday and “is doing great,” her rep has confirmed!

The father is Gabriel Aubry. Halle, 41, and Gabriel, 32, met while shooting a Versace ad in Los Angeles in November 2005 and first stepped out publicly together three months later at the February 2006 opening of a Versace boutique in New York City.

Halle first announced her pregnancy in September last year, when she was three months pregnant.

During her pregnancy, Halle told InStyle magazine that she felt “fantastic” thanks to eating right and keeping fit with yoga, swimming, light weights and an elliptical machine. “Right now I just have so much joy and energy,” she said. “I can just go and go and go.”




  1. Oh my gosh says

    To KKK mommy:
    “You are the exception; every other woman of color that I have met and interact with (and I interact with very few if any Caucasian woman on a daily basis) are very supportive and grateful for the work that I do, my concern, and my activism. You are very unusual indeed.”

    Very obvious you indeed want daps just because color is no object to you. You are no different than I with the exception of skin color. Why do you have to constantly remind others of that? My best friend, whom I work with is caucasion and is married to an african-american man. The only way anyone (including myself) ever even know she had bi-racial children is because of the pictures displayed in her office. Other than that, she doesn’t talk about their hair being different or having to buy special products for (which she does as I’ve been shopping with her), doesn’t mention their “beautiful” skin color, nor does she ever even bring it up on a daily basis. She once told me that an african-american woman (on her 1st date with her current husband) served them at a restaurant and actually acted rudely towards her and nice to her date. She said the situation was obvious. So what she has learned from that experience is people will talk, people will look – but let them think what they want. If you don’t think it’s a big deal and as long as you are happy with your life, why constantly point out differences to others when it’s really none of their business?

    To be honest, I’ve been posting here for quite a while (under a different name) but am choosing to direct this towards you annonymously (sp) because I don’t want anyone jumping all over me b/c of my opinion. Who cares what color the people are you normally interact with or what color of a family you grew up in. We are all one and I don’t feel it’s necessary to constantly point out the differences between your bi-racial children and everyone else’s. So no, you’re not really the hot topic of conversation however your posts continue to dominate everyone else’s due to your need to be right and address every little comment you have a problem with.

  2. Jx2 says

    Kx3 – Besides our vegetarianism – it seems we also share in the “perfectionist” category…I am a perfectionist too and also obsessed with cleanliness and germs! Oh…one more similarity…I’m also a main topic of convo on this blog for better or for worse 🙂 …cheez

  3. says

    Wow…I comment three days ago and I’m still one of the main topics of conversation! I have a lot of people to address, so…hang on to your seats! 😉 I’ll reply chronologically.

    Jx2- Yes….I’m a self-proclaimed perfectionist….but that’s about all that you have right about me!

    Oriana- thanks for your back-up. Don’t worry, no stooping here.

    Freya- I didn’t say that biracial babies are the ONLY gorgeous babies….kind of like a square is always a rectangle but a rectangle is not always a square….make sense now?

    2teens- thanks for your back up, as well. I think we’re just being honest here and describing what’s been our experience. Funny how it stirs up such negative emotions!

    Oh my gosh- I don’t tell you all everyday that my children are biracial. However, I may mention it more often than most because racial issues are very important to me. You are the exception; every other woman of color that I have met and interact with (and I interact with very few if any Caucasian woman on a daily basis) are very supportive and grateful for the work that I do, my concern, and my activism. You are very unusual indeed.

    No need to feel sorry for my husband…he considers himself immensely blessed 😉 and believe me…I’m not bored.

    Nicki- sometimes I think that you must be my…cyber twin, for lack of a better word! Thanks for your support, even when I’m MIA for a few days! You always have my back when the vultures swoop in, and for that I’m grateful! I saw that you all were talking about the Olive Garden, and I was going to mention the minestrone soup, but then I saw that you already had! I LOVE the minestrone; it’s a great vegetarian choice! 🙂

  4. Jx2 says

    LOL LOL Oriana – you don’t know the definition of “Freedom of Speech”…come to my city during the Gay Pride Parade and you’ll see people parading around wearing next to nothing and flaunting their sex toys…you have so many hang-ups it’s unreal!!! Are you so afraid of life that you instantly scream “bloody murder’ with everything I say? Are you a puritan? Did your ancestors burn witches at the stake in Salem? You sure have adopted a lynch mob mentality!!

  5. oriana says

    I can’t help but wonder if JJ didn’t have a unhappy childhood and bad relationship with her own mother since she shows so much disdain for older women, with all the name calling?

    She seems to have total disrespect for young mothers also, If she had an abusive and neglectful childhood, then I can understand her level of anger and abusive nature on here, I hope that was not the case but if so, I hope she seeks counseling before it escalates any further.

  6. oriana says

    #64, Yet another classic admirable, open minded “Freedom of Speech” statement! So sad, it is really so sad!

  7. CTBmom says

    Really, you are extremely vulgar and low class. I don’t care how intelligent you claim to be, your childish nicknames and nasty comments prove otherwise.

  8. Jx2 says

    Nowadays, elderly women that experience sexual disfunction have the option of ordering a vibrator or a dildo from the internet in privacy. I suggest Oriana try using a sex toy to ease her stress and help her get over her feelings of worthlessness as a woman who can’t pleasure her spouse. Oriana’s options are endless…she can even use her “toy” on Nicki the Dicki!!!

  9. oriana says

    NIcki, maybe this never happened to you, but of course you are still in your 40’s, not a Dinosaur like me! Back in my day, people got their mouth washed out with a bar of soap for “trash talking” and especially , trash talking trash! Ha!

    Happy Easter to you and yours my Friend!!!!!

  10. Nicki says

    oriana~how true.
    (Why back in my day there was hardly any trash,LOL)
    No company for Easter, but hubby is making dinner, everything but the ham, and we will have a nice time. Lots of phone calls to keep up with all the family. My sis-in-law will have 2 clients over house for a big dinner with her kids and grandkids, should be quiet talking to them,lol.
    I like the minestrone soup there, with the salad and ‘sticks’ and a few other veg. dishes.
    Talk to you soon, if not have a wonderful Easter.

  11. oriana says

    Nicki, unfortunately in this world today we have to take the bitter with the sweet. Trash comes in all forms.

    I do love the Olive Garden, especially the Toscano soup! I love that! Spicy but good. Hope you are having a peaceful Easter. Are you going to have company? I will have four Special O clients here, two Down Sydromes and they are so lovable and happy all the time, but they can be stubborn too!

  12. Jx2 says

    You old farts obviously do not know how computer’s function…it’s not like a typewriter if that’s what you think…there are key words that are filtered and no matter what someone writes, if they use the key words, their text will be filtered out…don’t you fossils get it????

  13. Jx2 says

    Oriana – change the song on the record player..I think we have all heard that tune before…you must enjoy ruminating about things that happened 40 years ago…I can just hear you now…”In my day, we used to have gentleman callers”…”In my day, teachers had the authority to whip students”…”In my day, if a young woman was pregnant she was taken to a home with nuns and hidden from society”….”In my day, you never saw mixed race couples”…”In my day, if you were 30 years old and not married, you were considered an old maid”.
    How completely exhausting you are!!!

  14. Nicki says

    oriana~I don’t understand it either. My post to you, on the Pax thread was under moderation about 10 times. I was only telling you what I liked at Olive Garden.

    This Oh my gosh poster, new name huh, was saying Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy was making inappropriate statements. Never have I heard that from her.
    But I agree with comment about being vicious and degrading to innocent babies. Hopefully they will go away if they are ignored and don’t get the attention they want. Sometimes it is hard not to respond, but I am trying.LOL.

  15. oriana says

    It is a far cry from saying a child isn’t cute than wishing babies be born retarded and pregnant mothers killed. Making inappropriate comments are one thing and being vicious and degrading to innocent babies don’t compare. Big Difference!

    There is no need for that on here and why the Web Mistress allows it I don’t understand!

  16. Nicki says

    Oh my gosh–The only one cacklin here is you. Why don’t you question the few that are actually writing inappropriate comments. The ones who wish death, deformity and mental retardation on young babies coming into the world, or the newborns that have just arrived.
    Some people are hypocrites and have no clue.

  17. Oh my gosh says

    Same to you Nicki hon. Take your own advice. I don’t believe I addressed you to begin with so take your own advice otherwise you just sound like a cackling hen. Thanks.

  18. Nicki says

    Oh my gosh –No one says you have to read her or my or anyones post for that matter. I see you can use the computer, so you can easily scroll past anyone’s name you see before reading one word of any given post. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and making you read a post you don’t want to. It’s easy, just scroll past the post’s you don’t want to read. Each post has the person’s name first before the content.
    You also have no right to tell anyone want to post or not to post. You don’t run this site.
    Again just scroll on past, it’s very easy.

  19. CTBmom says

    Well, if you are playing these silly little games for amusement, then you really have a very sad life. Either way, my thoughts remain the same….you need some counseling.

  20. Morgan says

    CTBmom it’s great that you have done all of that but i would never have a kid in my life ewwww.

    44. 2teens | March 18th, 2008 at 9:10 am
    #30 Morgan, we all believed your first few posts. So what is your point? As soon your fake water broke was when your story fell to pieces.
    Will you be having your baby this week as Zoe and Zara’s mommy

    maybe i will take her name thanks for the idea she makes a good victim because you are already think that she lies or maybe i will take someone else who ever i pick it will be FUN!!!! HA HA HA

  21. CTBmom says

    I am guessing that you are a young woman, who desperately wants a baby, but cannot or has not been able to have one. So it makes you feel good to get the attention from everyone online congratulating you and discussing baby names. Maybe you should look into getting some counseling. As a woman who is unable to have children myself, I understand how hard it is. Thankfully, I was able to adopt my son and realize my dream of being a mom…..but I remember the sadness and longing I felt, wanting to get to experience what so many women get to experience. Anyway, I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just obvious that you have some real issues and you would benefit from speaking to someone about them. (Either that or you are just a very bored teenager)

  22. Oh my gosh says

    Nicki you aren’t any better than what you are accusing me of. I’m not talking to you nor am I starting trouble with you for that matter. I’m addressing KKK mommy.

    Her business may not be on this thread but is sure is on every other one. I want to read about celebrities not some bored woman’s life. That is fine that KKK mommy wants to advertise her blog as a url for her name, but why do we have to read about it on every other thread. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

  23. Nicki says

    Oh my gosh–Why are you trying to start trouble? NO where on this thread did Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy mention whom she was married to or whether or not her children were biracial. Your just another s*it stirrer.
    Why don’t you keep your comments about race off here then. We aren’t interested in the color of your skin.

  24. Oh my gosh says

    KKK mommy, your comment is inappropriate and started a much not needed arguement. Can’t you keep your comments to yourself when it comes to race? We all know you married a man of color (AND TO EVERYONE ON THIS SITE, I AM A WOMAN OF COLOR MYSELF). No need to tell us EVERYDAY that your children are bi-racial. We get it. My gosh if you are this repetitive I feel so sorry for your husband.

  25. 2teens says

    #30 Morgan, we all believed your first few posts. So what is your point? As soon your fake water broke was when your story fell to pieces.
    Will you be having your baby this week as Zoe and Zara’s mommy?

  26. 2teens says

    Wow, I sleep a little late one morning and I miss all the action!
    I have to agree with Kx3, interracial babies are about as high up on the cuteness scale as I have ever seen.

  27. Freya says

    Ah people, give it a rest already. Blah blah blah. Just silly fighting back and forth. Who cares if the baby is biracial or green? All babies are beautiful and a blessing so just let the new parents enjoy it. They honestly don’t get two shoots about what we think, trust me. And Morgan, you forgot to post the other messages I wrote in disbelief about where you were in relation to the hospital, etc.

    Just stop silly people!

  28. Dobe says

    I used to come onto this site all the time to read up on the celebrity gossip… but then I left and didnt come back for quite some time because of all of the measly little arguments that you people get into. There always has to be at least one immature commenter who tries to start fights with everyone, about the stupidist things too!!
    Jx2, this one is obviouslly you. Seriouslly, do you not anything better to do with your time??
    Congrats to Hallee and her hubby (I forget his name!!) Im sure this baby will be gorgeous!!

  29. Jx2 says

    Oriangatang is a closeted ra*cist!! She pretends that she has nothing against people of ethnic origin but she always has something negative to say about visible minorities on this blog! She criti*cizes Henry’s (Seal and Heidi’s kid) afro – when you criticize an afro you criti*cize the culture and the people that have that kind of kink in their hair. I’d like to see what you look like…You are a big, fat BI*GOT O!!!!!

    Like I give a D*AMN what you think about me O-Rhinocerous! You can flap your dentures away till the cows come home. You can keep trying to turn others against me but you have no control or power over anybody – He*ck – you do not even have any control over your own blad*der!!! LOL LOL

  30. C says

    I was right! So far I am 2 for 2 (with Halle and Nicole).

    My next guess is that Jamie Lynn will have a girl. Although I am starting to doubt that…

  31. AEM says

    just to clear up the name bit – the clara stella rumor was started by a poster on a website and it just spread like wildfire!….the problem is that halle said in an interview that the baby would only have the last name aubry so i guess that kind of messes up this rumor 😉

  32. oriana says

    Artist!!! Ha!

    kimora’s mommy, I have two biracial children in my family, and they are beautiful kids. The trend definitely is, most are gorgeous. Ignore the babblings of a person that sounds demented most of the time. Don’t stoop to her level, you are too intelligent and better natured than that.

    Although I do think you would win the battle of Wills! Ha!

    Those type of people, men and women alike, enjoy strife, ill will and don’t have a conscience about any common decency.

    Misery loves company, and I think a miserable human being indeed!

  33. Jx2 says

    K3 – Why do you suddenly have your back up?!
    Do you have issues with being proved wrong? Are you a perfectionist? You can’t always be right – could you?
    Excuse me??? Better not be me??? or else what???!!
    Go and sniff someplace else – you are dead wrong!! I’m an artist not an actor and I have a full and very busy schedule these days…so in answer to your “threatening” question (LOL) …NO IT IS NOT ME, TEACHER!!!

  34. says

    Jx2 why are you trying to start something with me? I thought you said that you have nothing against me. I didn’t say there’s proof…I said I have yet to see…I’m sure that there are exceptions but…my goodness…stop always trying to prove me wrong. All metaphors break down, and so does that little rose and thorn quote. And one thing more….all of these crazy wackos better not be you just being bored.

  35. Jx2 says

    Well you know what they say: “From a rose comes a thorn and from a thorn a rose”…there is not one iota of proof that ALL interracial babies are gorgeous…not one!! Toot away!!

  36. says

    Congratulations! Everyone was predicting a boy…and I have to admit I was almost convinced! Little girls are such a delight, though…I’m very happy for them.

    I can’t wait to see her. I have yet to see a biracial or multiracial baby who is not utterly gorgeous! Oops…was that me tooting my own horn again? My baaaadddd…. 🙂

    I’m also interested in hearing what the baby’s name is for sure….we’ll just have to wait and see I guess!

  37. Morgan says

    Freya i dont think so what was it you say again oh yes i remember

    Jx2 those are some wonderful names. Morgan, I like the sentiment behind using Rae and I’m a big name buff. Here are some other ideas:

    Have you thought of using the first name Rayna to honour your father with the nickname Rae/Ray?

    Rayna Selene
    Rayna Alexis
    Rayna Zoe
    Rayna Chloe
    Cynthia Rae
    Rayna Daphne
    Rayna Helene
    Ianthe Rae
    Rayna Irene
    Iris Rae
    Jocasta Rae
    Leda Rae
    Maia Rae
    Melia Rae
    Rayna Nephele
    Odessa Rae
    Penelope Rae
    Phaedra Rae
    Phoebe Rae
    Thalia Rae
    Rayna Xanthe

    Good luck morgan! Many blessings for a safe delivery and here’s to a happy and healthy baby!

  38. Freya says

    Morgan, no I didn’t fall for it. I was just going along with it because it’s so easy for people to be whoever they want on the internet. You’re so transparent my friend, so the joke is on you in the end. 🙂

    J.Katgirl-Clara Estella IS a gorgeous name, I agree, but Clara as a first name is gorgeous in my opinion, no matter the middle name.

  39. J.Katgirl says

    Clara Estella Aubry…would have been so much better! But congratulations to Halle & her hubby I hope they will be very happy together and now with their wee baby girl.

  40. Freya says

    2teens-maybe care bear will be her nickname!

    and morgan, go away already! I still have the profane emails you sent me after I called you on your supposed newborn…bah.

  41. DMITZ says

    Hi Oriana! Happy St. Patrick’s day!! I hope your husband is feeling better.

    I actually did have a burrito for lunch, you read my mind!!

  42. oriana says

    Beautiful mother and I am so happy for her healthy baby! Congrats all the way!

    HI Nicki, DMITZ, and also Fly on the Wall! Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Wear something Green!

    Nicki, is your hubby fixing Cabbage today! I love good Cabbage if it is seasoned good.

    DMITZ, you can have a good Green Burrito down there in Texas! Yummy!

  43. 2teens says

    Clara Berry-Aubry is even harder to say than Clara Stella Berry Aubry. When you leave off the middle name it almost sounds like you are saying Care Bear Aubry.
    I can’t wait to see this little one though, no matter what she is called. 🙂

  44. Lauren says

    Congratulations. That little girl is going to be gorgeous and treated like a princess. Clara Stella is a pretty name. 😀

  45. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    i thought she was going to have a boy Congratulations to the new moma and popa

  46. dori says

    Oh my goodness…. I am so happy!!!! I was hoping she’d have a girl and she’ll be a great mommy. She’s so girly that having a girl was perfect for her.

  47. chloe says

    I was sure that it was going to be a boy or girl. lol. You CANNOT predict what the sex of the baby is going to be. I love when people try; always so funny when they are amazingly “wrong”!

    I hope the baby is as beautiful as Halle is, but then again there are plenty of unattractive babies born to real beauties!

  48. Candy says

    Congratulations …..I’m really glad for her …I can’t wait to see her pictures i think she’s a beautifull little baby

  49. samsmom says

    boo, my money was on a boy too! I am sure her daughter is beautiful though. I can’t wait to see a picture of her.
    I think that Clara Stella is a pretty name, although a mouthful if she plans to use it as one name like MaryKate.

  50. Freya says

    I was reading a few other sites and people are saying how horrid the baby’s name is if it is Clara Stella. I admit that the flow is a little off, but I’d rather see classic names like Clara and Stella than some out there celebrity name!

  51. Freya says

    Congratulations gorgeous and happy woman. She deserves this. That is going to be one beautiful little girl.

    According to Wikipedia:

    A name has not yet been confirmed, though some outlets are reporting the baby’s name as Clara Stella Berry-Aubry

  52. boo says

    I really thought that she was having a Boy! Oh well, a Daughter will be just as wonderful.
    I’m sure she’s Beautiful and Halle is going to be an incredible Mommy!
    Best Wishes to the New Family 🙂

  53. Nicki says

    Congratulations! I’m glad everything went well for her.
    I can’t wait to hear the name they picked for her. I’m sure she is a beautiful lil baby.

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