A Barefoot & Pregnant Nicole Kidman

(Sorry…image removed) 

An expectant Nicole Kidman was snapped with husband Keith Urban during a stroll Tuesday on Bondi Beach in Sydney.

She still doesn’t look that pregnant…she is so slim!



  1. ANTI says

    I wonder about Connor and Isabella also – they definitely have taken a back seat to Suri cause we hardly see them at all.

    We’ll see when soccer season starts back up because TomKat seemed to go to EVERY game when she was pregnant…

  2. Christine says

    I don’t know – I always feel uneasy about them. It seems like she forced him into having a baby. In interviews he was always like we’ll see and she was always like I WANT BABIES. Also, we NEVER see her with her older kids and she never talks about them. I hope they don’t take a back burner to this baby.
    I do wish them a healthy, happy baby though.

  3. Lauren says

    She’s always been really slim. It’ll be nice to see her gain a few pregnancy pounds. I love Nicole and Keith. They seem to really be happy. 😀

  4. samsmom says

    She is gorgeous! I love this couple. I think they balance each other out. She is classy and he is down to earth. I hope they make it in the long haul.

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