A Day At The Park For Heidi Klum & Leni

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum was snapped with Leni, 3, at a local park in Brentwood, Calif on Wednesday.

Soooo cute!



  1. Jessie says

    What? I didn’t even really understand anything you just typed, but it’s okay, Morgan; I’m not friends with anyone on here. So I don’t know where you got that info. I don’t care about your guys’ bickering. I’m not in it, so stop trying to bring me in it. I’m done talking to you people or about what you’re talking about.

  2. Nicki says

    Deenah ~Seal is her Daddy. Flavio Briatore is the bio. But he has nothing to do with Leni. Seal has been in Leni’s life since before she was born.
    Seal is Leni’s Daddy.

  3. Morgan says

    Jessie what are you on about i would never want to be friends with that woman / it / thing but you go ahead and call someone you have never met tells lies about her self your friend

  4. Morgan says

    Jessie what are you on about i would never want to be friends with that woman / it / thing but you go ahead and call someone you have never met tells lies about her self

  5. 2teens says

    Morgan, you are seriously disturbed and not real bright either. It shows in your atrocious grammar. How pitiful you are.

  6. Jessie says

    Good, I hope you give yourself a BAT on your back, Morgan. Geez, I didn’t say anything mean. I’m not even a mom…

    I just laugh every time I see these weird posts about moms fighting and stuff, but whatever. Sorry to whoever I hurt your feelings, I’m just not going to get into anything else. I’m just going to comment on the pictures from now on.

  7. Nicki says

    #120–You are a vile, disgusting piece of dung.
    At least she had a wonderful and loving family to adopt and love her. She is very fortunate.
    As for you, it is clear to see no one loved you. For that I have to feel sorry for you. And the rate you are going you won’t have to worry about anyone ever loving you.

  8. Ella's Mommy! says

    MORGAN_ that is sooooooo mean I am sure that she was in foster care because her parents couldn’t take care of her, you are a cold hearted person please stop posting on here!!!

  9. oriana says

    I think it is a very cruel insensitive remark about the Foster Care! Very low class and petty! Is this what kind of people this site is attracting now? And some of the trash on here should not even be allowed. I am sick of it.

  10. Morgan says

    I just checked by profile page…and I’m a little creeped out. Before I posted my picture, I only had a profile view number in the 100s. Now the view count is 492! I’m not sure what to make of this…strange


  11. says

    Jessie- I do agree with you, but people aren’t accusing me of being fake. I’m actually doing the accusing, along with everyone else who has the sense to pick up on the inconsistencies. But I’m over this, and I’m ready to move on to a different thread! I can’t stand liars, but there’s nothing I can do about how they choose to spend their time! Whoever’s Mommy can knock herself out!

    To Oh my Gosh- Don’t worry yourself….like I told Jessie, I’m over this and have better things to do with my time. I’m sorry you think I toot my own horn too much, but if I may, “Toot toot!”

    Oriana- Yes, Atlanta is a huge, hopping city. I love it. I haven’t been to Nashville since before Jamal and I were married. Here in Atlanta we’re actually closer to Knoxville and Chattanooga in Tennessee….Birmingham and Montgomery in Alabama, and even Columbia, SC is a bit closer than Nashville….but you’re right; it’s a charming place and I would have no problem in going back soon. Right now we’re busy prepping for our trip to Mexico early next month.
    I really miss Tia; I hope she’s feeling okay and that all is well with her. In fact, I REALLY miss all of the sane people who post on here!

  12. Morgan says

    102. Ella’s Mommy! | March 17th, 2008 at 3:38 pm
    Morgan hows your fake daughter?!?!

    first i would never have a kid ewwww

    secound i had fun with my little game maybe i will take someone esles name maybe yours maybe your little friend or maybe i will pick jessie who knows but you better be careful!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

  13. Morgan says

    am glad i have caused all of this fighting on her! i shall give my self i bat on the back! jessie am glad you “THINK” your MATURE

  14. Jessie says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy- Thank you! At least some one agrees with me! And you’re involved in it! By the way, I’m sorry you have to sit hear and have to read posts about how you’re “fake” from stupid, idiotic people.

  15. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s Mommy! lots of pain now so i am off to have a nice hot bath to try and help with the pain

  16. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s Mommy! i have never heard of goldendoodle puppies before

  17. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    yea we have got pets we have got a dog and a horse and we have got two terrapins what about you

  18. Ella's Mommy! says

    A water birth did interest me, but I decided against it. Ella is a little bit of both she loves sports, but loves makeup and pink!!! She is very caring though, she loves to kiss my belly every night!! Do you have any pets??

  19. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s Mommy! good luck trying to do it with no drugs! am going to have a water brith with gracie it will be a new experience zara right now is in to soccer, baseball and she likes swimming (she can only paddle in the shallow end) but she is getting better at all her sport she’s not really in to baseball that much because she gets upset when she can’t do it but she gives it ago she hates anything girley zoe is the girley and zara is really sporty

  20. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, I do love Atlanta! It is growing and is a huge City now. Lots of good fun things to do. Some of my brother’s friends were there and left early to come back to Bowling Green. I have been meaning to ask, do you and your husband ever go to Nashville any? It is nice there also.

    I am starting to look at Celebrity Baby also for I love to see the pictures of the little ones. I think Amanda Peetes little girl is just gorgeous!

    I like this site because of some of the friends I have made and I enjoy reading the comments. I have a special fondness for many of you. NIcki, Deeds, DMITZ, Tia, just to name a few of my very favorites, but I am getting tired of people stealing others names, the vicious comments that are disgusting and I think it is getting out of hand, has been for a while now.

    I hope no one in your family (parents and in-laws, had any damage). You can hold your own, I have no doubts about that!

    Have a Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  21. Ella's Mommy! says

    That’s great she loves sports!! Ella takes Gymnastics on Tuesday and Dance on Thursday! We will probaly start her on soccer next spring! Her birthday is in 2 months!! We are throwing her a Princess party, she is sooooo excited, The doctor also said if my water doesnt break by April15th, they are going to have to break it for me, so I am planing to do it naturally, with no drugs, but we’ll see!

  22. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s Mommy! don’t even talk to about bending down! lol zara wanted me to play soccer with her and i felt so bad saying no to her she loves sport and she is only 2

  23. Ella's Mommy! says

    I am feeling good I went to the doctor yesterday and was put on bedrest:( Ella’s potty training is coming along, now that is Dad’s job!! Tell me when your water breaks I am so excited for you!! I hope you are in less pain!

  24. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Hey Ella’s Mommy! every thing was great at the doctor’s there has been some change so he said rest and hopefully we will have our baby at the end of the week which is weird because I thought she was going to be late, I am in a lot of pain today so we will have to wait and see, how are you feeling these days

  25. Oh my gosh says

    I come on here to read celeb baby gossip, read comments (on the subjects) and what do I find? People having arguements with theirselves and everyone else on this site.

    KKK mommy quit replying to that person’s emails. I do think you toot your own horn a bit too much. I think you don’t want anyone coming on this site as “so and so’s mommy” so you automatically find reason to pick fights. Who cares if some bored person is coming here to write fake things about their fake life. If you have 3 beautiful children, tend to them and yes come on here and chat w/your cyber buddies but why argue with stupidity?

    To the “so and so mommy’s” on here… Seriously. Get a life.

  26. says

    Nicki- you’re very right….I frequent downtown so we could have easily been there…so thanks again for checking up! 🙂

    Nicki and 2teens…I think we’re just too smart for this nuttiness!

    Oriana…It is indeed easy to see why they left. I never knew Xena, but I remember Christina. I’ve been on the verge of being driven away before, too. I prefer just to go to celebrity baby blog to get my baby news now. This making up of stories is just too much for me.

    Jessie- I have a sister who is 14 and she’s a lot more mature than many ladies on here, too. I’m sorry you have to put up with the crazies…but hopefully we’ll have some new pics and threads soon because the pretending seems to come out when the thread grows old and tired.

    Goodnight to all my cyber buddies on here, and thanks for your concern regarding our safety. Keep us Atlantans in your prayers, especially those directly effected.

  27. Jessie says


  28. oriana says

    I can easily see why Xena and Christina went away, too much back biting, fakey game playing, psycho nasty low class people, it is getting out of hand.

  29. Ella's Mommy! says

    2teens- I am being completely jonest so I don’t know what you are talking about, if you would like me to change my name as Ella’s Mommy! I would, but I am Ella’s Mommy, and I am darn proud of it, so please stop judging people!! We don’t judge you! Why do you find the need to do this?? Please stop!!

  30. 2teens says

    Ella’s mommy, on the thread: An Expectant Angelina Jolie in Texas, you yourself were accusing Zara & Zoe’s mommy of being a fake. Remember your #19 post?
    Of course, we all know that it was just a ruse to make your many personalities look more realistic. Your fixation or obsession with Kx3’s mommy is a little disturbing. But i won’t ask you to go away, because you have as much right to post here as anyone else. All I ask is that you try just being honest, be yourself… please. You may be surprised at how much people will like you. 🙂 But if you keep lying so obviously, sorry, we just won’t buy it.

  31. Ella's Mommy! says

    Whatever 2teens, you also seem to be posting on here quite often!!Zoe and Zara’s mom we don’t need anyone to believe us, it doesn’t matter what they think! What did the doctor say yesterday, how is little Gracie Mae?

  32. 2teens says

    Hahaha good one #68 & 69. Thanks for your HONESTY. Some people could take a lesson from you.
    #81, we don’t always assume everyone is fake, just the ones who are stupid enough to constantly post within minutes of each other, misspell the same words, name their kids the same names and basically have the same story to tell.

  33. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Thanks Ella’s Mommy! But their not going to listen yes I know there has been people on her lying but am not and Ella’s mommy is not lying just because we talk to each doesn’t mean we are not real you lot have friends on here too, all of the is just to much for me you guys are stressing me out

  34. Ella's Mommy! says

    Seriously You guys stop picking on Z and Z’s mom she is a real person who is trying to fit in as am I but sometimes we have days alone and can post quite often that doesnt make us fake!!! Please just be nice and I know life is not fair but seriously just dont always assume everyone is fake!!!

  35. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Nicki am sorry but i have just had enough of people coming at me calling me all these people and i dont know them oh and am on the computer a lot because it helps me past time and i help zoe play her learning games

  36. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Nicki, Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy i have no idea why you think am playing games i have not say any think to you i do not come on and say oh am in labour and am haveing the baby in 2 mins and whatever i dont care what you think, why dont you concentrate on your on life’s!

  37. Nicki says

    Zoe and Zaras mommy –I’m not picking on you. I have been here for a few years. I have never seen your name until recently with you IM’s to Ella’s Mommy. There have been many people here who are fake. You two sound fake, IMO. I didn’t say you were, but how in the name of ******, do you have so much time to spend on the computer with lil babies? Just asking.

  38. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~Thank you for letting us know everything is fine with you and your family. Even though you don’t live exactly there, doesn’t mean you weren’t out and about in or near the area. Glad your all safe.
    Your observation is spot on. It is sad the games some of these posters play. I agree with #68 & #69 posts. I’m sure you do too.:;):

  39. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Nicki you don’t know any thing about me so you havent got the right to say am pretening to be a mommy there is plenty of other mothers on here so why don’t you and all of your little friends go and call someone esle fake because i havent done anything to you or any one esle so leave me alone!

  40. Nicki says

    Liam, Loony, and Liar’s Mommy~Thank you!! I am so tired about reading all the fake stories from them. (really, like anyone on here is conversing for 35 minutes with young babies, and just got back from seeing a movie and posted right before they left and then, with young babies and a niece in tow, posted 10 minutes after the movie.)
    I’ll take Liam, Loony, and Liar’s Mommy over the other “pretend” Mommy’s any day.
    Glad everything is OK with you. Good to here from you! Thanks.

  41. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s Mommy! there is no point trying to tell these people because they think they are so prefect and they think they are right all the time just look at kkks mommy she so full of her self “I gave EXCELLENT evidence” whatever

  42. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Liam, Loony, and Liar’s Mommy you’re not funny and can I just ask why you are all calling me fake! I haven’t said that am in labor or any thing I haven’t Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy I haven’t done any thing to you but all for a sudden you accuse my for lying I haven’t said anything about me all I have said is am 26 I have got tow little girls and I’m having a baby so how does that affect you or any one else that has said am a liar

  43. Liam, Loony, and Liar's Mommy says

    Liam, Loony, and Liar’s Mommy there is no way you are real! Oops I forgot to change my name. Whoopsy-daisy silly me. I lie so much it’s hard to keep up with all of my lies!!!!

  44. Liam, Loony, and Liar's Mommy says

    I don’t know what I’m talking about. I just like to cyber fight and try to convince everyone that I’m a mom and soon to have a baby. I have no life. I like to copy people whom I secretly admire but like to b**** at them anyway because I’m jealous. I’m not even smart enough to change my writing style or change my children’s names when I switch personalities.

    I love the name Liam so much that I say that I have a son named Liam with practically each person that I become. I also get mixed up as to who I’m posting as, and sometimes I end up talking to myself because I forget to switch to another fake name. I want people to keep their noses about of my business, but I write it all over the internet. Other people on here make great points, but I like to skirt the issues by putting words in their mouths that they didn’t even say. This is because I can’t think of any better comebacks.

    I have three kids named Liam, Loony, and Liar. And I”m a REAL person, so don’t even try to say that I’m not! NO one gives you the right to say that I”m not real just because I have three kids and by the way I’m pregnant my water just broke and I’ll be updating you as I’m pushing out the baby. If I can’t manage that then my hubby will write to you all. Then I’ll post pictures on here of other people’s babies and say that they are mine.

    Do you think I should potty train Loony? Yes, you think I should? Well then I will since you say so!! He’s thrilled that I just bought pull-ups, so consider the job done since potty training is so easy.

    And I’m pregnant with twins, actually. Maybe triplets or more. Hopefully my husband can find the hospital since we don’t know where it is. The baby is due tomorrow or maybe May 2nd…I can’t remember.

    And I’m a REAL PERSON! So don’t even SAY that I’m not because all my other fake personalities and I know that we are real!

  45. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy you know what why dont you keep your nose out of my business who do you think you are mother teresa i don’t think so, and how do i know that you are a real person get your FACTS straight before you go around and call me fake

  46. says

    You guys are so thoughtful! Yes, we’re still here and we’re still fine. You all probably know about as much as I do; we get our updates from the news, too…I don’t know how else I would, considering we can’t go down there. I would like to help with the cleanup, but I know that’s not realistic.

    We’re actually not that far away from the areas that were hit really hard. We live between downtown and midtown, but I won’t be specific about the neighborhood.

    I’m glad you like the view from the window, Oriana, but that’s at my friend and sister-in-law Jacinta’s house. They live outside Atlanta, so they have nice views and a lot of space.

    2teens…these are such special times with my girls! I’m glad that I could help you reminisce of times when your teens were younger!

    Zoe and Zara’s Mommy- According to you, “but it’s not just because I have two girls that means am not a real person and just because am having a baby makes me fake.”
    Is that what I said??? That you’re not real because you have two girls and are having a baby? I don’t think so! Review my post before you open your mouth. I gave EXCELLENT evidence.

    Aaron and Avery’s Mommy my ass.

  47. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Iluvmy2girlz you guessed wrong, Ella’s mom it’s a good job ella was excited about it

  48. LadyOne says

    OMIGOSH How did this go from talking about Heidi and Leni to everyone’s personal life?????????????

  49. Aaron & Averys Mommy says

    Leni is a sweety little girl. It’s good to see her and her mommy spending time together.

  50. Iluvmy2girlz says

    z and z’s mommy!! let me guess! you’re going to name your new baby a name with the letter Z as well!! what a coincidence, just like Kimora’s mommy!! LOL

  51. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    your welcome am off to the doctors again to see if thier is any change i will let you know what he says

  52. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    yeah but it would be a lot easier for you when the twins are born

  53. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s Mommy i think you should potty train her because you are goning to have three bums to change other wise!

  54. Ella's Mommy! says

    Funny I just got back and bought alot of cute things, I was wondering if you think I should start potty training Ella????

  55. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Have fun Ella’s mom i will be on line shopping seems as i find it hard to move right now lol

  56. Ella's Mommy! says

    You are so right z and z mommy! I will post when my water breaks and after they are born but not while I am having contractions!!!! I have to go to babies r us and start shopping see ya later!!!!

  57. oriana says

    I think it was in the downtown area, I think Kimora’s mommy lives in a different area where she wouldn’t be affected. Of course we are all praying for her and everyone there also.

  58. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~I hope you and your family are safe. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Atlanta.

  59. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s Mommy I don’t really care what these people think because I know I have got two little girls and I went to look for those people Bella, Morgan and who ever else and when I have my baby I wont be on the computer saying that oh am having an contraction and what ever that “Morgan” said I will be in the hospital having my baby, Ella’s mom don’t worry about them because how do we know that they are real.

  60. Ella's Mommy! says

    Z and Z’s mom-I dont believe that people ar saying this!!! I know I am a real person and I dont need anyone else to believe me!!

  61. 2teens says

    I also want to add to kx3, I think you are right on about all these fake posters. There was also a girl recently claiming to be 18 yrs. old with 3 kids. It wasn’t too long ago but as soon as she was questioned another “friend” came out of nowhere to defend her. I believe that those two posters are also the same person as Liam’s mommy and the rest. I wish I could remember which thread they were on. The typing style was almost identical to our current “delusionals du jour”.

  62. 2teens says

    Kx3’s mama, I loved your recent blog post. it reminded me so much of when my two were little. You are relishing every moment, I did the same and it is all recorded in their baby books. I guess if I knew about blogs back then maybe I would have done one for them too… but I am happy with their baby books and I do go back and look at them from time to time.
    Hi Oriana, I’m sorry that your husband hasn’t passed his stone yet. It seems like it is taking a long time, I’m sure he is just ready for it to be gone.

  63. Ella's Mommy! says

    You are right Orian but, in my defense I was just standing up for the day and now i have to go pick up my daughter from Grandmas!!

  64. oriana says

    Why all this bickering and arguing? It doesn’t make sense! Believe me, I have been there and done that girls! At least you all aren’t being nasty and vicious.

    Kimora’s mommy, No stone passed as of yet! But no pain so very thankful about that! Have a nice weekend, and again, you are a very lovely girl! Also, love the view from the front window in your house! Nice!!!!!!

  65. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    layla just because i have two little girls and one on the way doesnt make me “fake”

  66. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s Mommy you are 100% right who give her the right to say that new people on this site are fake watch now she will say that me and you are the same person because i posted after you!

  67. layla says

    let do the math here you have a daughter name ella and twins girls on the way zoe have 2 little girl name zoe zara and anthor little girl on the way and both are 26 year old so that make i don t know 3 little girl as i said

  68. Ella's Mommy! says

    Serioously KKK mommy If you want to accuse people of not being real than whatever, but i know i am a real person with a beautiful girl and i know i am expecting twins and for you to just post on her say that i am not a real person is just wrong!!!! You and your perfect little self and your perfect little girls whatever I read previous posts and you just automatically assume that new people arent real! I bet you are just giving people a hard time because your not a real person!!! I mean seriously GET A LIFE!!! Stop acussing people of having no lives and pretending to be people with kids!!! Why did you even say that Liam, Grayer, and Gabriellas mom is just pretending to be l;ike you Get over yourself not everyone wants to have a perfect little Family!!!!

  69. says

    Oh..you just reminded me! I just posted on my blog kind of a year in review for Kimora, but I forgot to talk about her party after the fact! The celebration was very fun and cute…I need to get off the computer now, but hopefully I can tell you all about it sometime.

    Thank you we love her name, too!

  70. says

    Hi Oriana! It’s good to hear from you. Thank you so much! You’re right, my hair does look rather dark in this picture! The color and the texture can depend on the way I fix my hair. I intentionally gave my hair softer waves that particular day. If I ever put up a different pic, I think you’ll see what I mean. The color has a lot to do with the lighting, too…however, my hair is definitely not platinum blonde by any means. And yes, my hair has always been very long…I guess one of my signature characteristics! 🙂

    How are you doing? Is your husband feeling better? Was he able to pass his kidney stone?

  71. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, hello to you! I just saw your picture a few days ago, tried to post to you but was on moderation. You are a very lovely young lady! I thought you would have shorter, curlier and blonder hair! Ha! I do love your daughter’s name and hope she has a wonderful birthday celebration!

  72. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy you think every thing is about you and your perfect family and your silly little blog well am sorry but it’s not just because I have two girls that means am not a real person and just because am having a baby makes me fake well it doesn’t so why don’t you go back to you happy little family and leave me alone!

  73. Ella's Mommy! says

    For a while their was theese people who all of a sudden just went in to labor and had a baby within like an hour and firstof all layla This is like the first time ive seen you post on this site and they did not all have 3 girls, go back & read the psts so if you dont know what your talking about please dont post anything!!!!!

  74. says

    Layla- yes, it’s VERY obvious.

    This multi-personality freak has been making up people and stories ever since he/ she/ it appeared on this site.

    Morgan=morgan’s husband=mommy of 8=Zara and Zoe’s Mommy=Ella’s Mommy=Liam, Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy=Jordan=Bella

    This person is always copying other posters and myself…it’s obvious that he/ she/ it reads my blog and “take cues” from everyone but herself, which I’ve said before.

    This person tells other people that they need to get a life, when really they know very well that’s what THEY need to be doing.

    Zara and Zoe’s Mommy and Ella’s Mommy post within minutes of the other. Their names and Liam, Grayer, and Gabriella’s Mommy’s name is modeled after my posting name.

    Addtionally, almost all of these made up people have a child named Liam. Morgan even tried to tell us that her son Liam had cancer, which is a horrible thing to lie about.

    Morgan was in labor and practically giving birth in the car as she was posting on this site at the same time….VERY BELIEVABLE, huh? (insert sarcasm)

    Jordan posted pictures on here of other peoples babies claiming that they were hers…the pics had file names that contained names like Baby X, when she was claiming that the baby was named “Y.”

    They write the same, eliminating punctuation, capital letters, and misspelling the same words.

    A few threads back (I think I’m the only one that caught this), Zoe and Zara’s Mommy was berating herself, saying that she was not a real person. The post was posted by Zoe and Zara’s Mommy and the post said something to the extent of, “zoe and zara Mommy theres no way your a real person its so obvious you can’t fool us we are on our toes.”

    I’m so tired of this site turning into a den of liars (note the spelling, not lier)

    As soon as each of these made up characters are called out on their fibs, they magically disappear from the site and other posters magically appear with the same writing style and lies.

    So, you see, DON’T LIE. If you’re going to lie, at least be smart enough not to leave so many obvious traces for people like me who notice every detail and don’t miss a thing.

  75. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    layla get i life i don’t even know whats happend with that bella person morgan and who ever else someone please tell me what happend

  76. layla says

    A little obvious dontcha’ think? That ever since we found out about Bella Zoë zara mommy and ella mommy suddenly appper they both have three little girls sound the same and write the same

  77. Ella's Mommy! says

    Thats Funny!!! yea They are supposed to be identical but I said Left= Elise and Right= Keirstin!!

  78. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    aww it’s great how you can tell whos who, i said to zoe “the baby got in there the same way you did” and then she said “howed i get in there” then i said by magic , then she stared to cry!

  79. Ella's Mommy! says

    That’s fun, When i was preggo with Ella She kicked me forever and was born 1 week early!! I am fine Elise kicks me alot but not Keirstin, so my left side hurts but not my right!! How did you explain the baby thing to your daughter?

  80. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    am feeling ok i went to the doctor yesterday and he said the baby is doing great and am 1 cm dailated so it looks like she might be on time she is moving around like mad today, right now i think am going through the cranky stage. how are you

  81. Ella's Mommy! says

    Z and Z’s Mom- How have you been feeling lately? I just got back from the doc and the twins are doing great!!!

  82. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    It’s slow on this site today so i thought I would give you some news.

    mer American Idol runner-up Bo Bice and his wife, Caroline Fisher, are expecting their second child, the singer tells PEOPLE exclusively.

    “I’m proud to be a dad again,” says Bice, adding that his wife is due in August. “We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet and don’t care as long as it’s healthy and has all its fingers and toes.”

    The couple, who have been together five years, married in their home state of Alabama on June 15, 2005. Their first child, a boy named Aidan Bice, was born Sept. 24, 2005.

    “Aidan has helped me to grow and be a better person in the past 2 1/2 years,” says Bice. “I’ve let go of a lot of things in life that I thought were important since he came into our world, he
    also teaches me each day to be more loving, understanding and patient.”

    Fisher and Bice met before the singer stole the spotlight on FOX’s talent hunt — when he worked as a guitar store clerk and frequented the Ragtime Cafe in Hoover, Ala., where she waited tables. In 2005, Bice, 32, was the runner-up on Idol, behind Oklahoma native Carrie Underwood.

    Last year, he started his own record label, “Sugar Money,” opened a recording studio he called “Rock Hound” and released the album See The Light, which he produced and released under his label. He’s now working on a new album.

    But his success has never affected his parenting. “Bo’s the best dad, Caroline, 28, told PEOPLE in November 2005. “He’ll just sit and stare at Aidan. He loves him with all his
    heart.” — Stephen M. Silverman and Marisa Laudadio

    I think is great. It seems like he is in hiding. I don’t hear him sing anymore. I didn’t know he had an album out, but only singles. Sorry I didn’t know. Good luck!

    Minnie Driver’s Baby Name Dilemma

    Minnie Driver announced her pregnancy on The Tonight Show – and now she’s chatting with Ellen DeGeneres about the biggest dilemma facing her right now: what to name her baby.

    “I have a pretty silly name,” the Riches star says on an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show scheduled to air Monday. “Driver is kind of a hard name to put with a first name, particularly boys names … My friend sent me an email saying I should call the baby Duncan Driver. Then I can call it Dunk Driver, Pile Driver, Rally Driver.”

    Joked DeGeneres: “So you’re hoping for a girl, you’re saying.”

    “I’m hoping for a girl,” Driver answered. “I think it’s a girl. Most of the women in my family get super girthy early on and I’ve got to say that’s why I have this nice chiffon dress on. I’m fat. ”

    Already “four [months] and a bit” along in her pregnancy, Driver, 38, tells DeGeneres why she waited to reveal it – even as speculation grew. “I didn’t do an announcement because I’m not really an announcement girl,” she said. “I’m wearing red knickers. I’m also having a child, not really my thing. So I didn’t say anything.”

    Another thing Driver did not mention: The father of her

  83. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    i know this is a horrible thing that happen to this family and i was just reading this on people.com and it was a very sad time was this family, Having each lived through a parent’s worst nightmare, Dennis Quaid and his wife, Kimberly, are speaking out again about the medical errors that nearly took the lives of their newborn twins – this time for a national television audience.

    “[Mix-ups] happen in every hospital in every state in this country and … I’ve come to find out, there’s 100,000 people a year killed … in hospitals by a medical mistakes,” the actor, 53, tells 60 Minutes in a segment scheduled to air Sunday, CBS reports.

    “It’s bigger than AIDS. It’s bigger than breast cancer. It’s bigger than automobile accidents and yet, no one seems to be really aware of the problem,” says Qauid, who also details the ordeal he and his wife experienced.

    Last November, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace Quaid – who were hospitalized due to a suspected infection – nearly died at Los Angeles’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after mistakenly being given a massive overdose of the drug Heparin, an adult-strength blood thinner, rather than Hep-tock, a much-weaker version of the drug routinely given to clear IV lines in pediatric patients.

    “Our kids are bleeding from everyplace that they’ve punctured,” says Quaid. “They were working on Boone, whose belly button would not stop bleeding – blood squirted across the room. It was blood everywhere. It was a life-and-death situation.” (Last month, Quaid said the babies are now doing fine.)

  84. AEM says

    actually – Heidi says that Seal is indeed Leni’s father….he was there for her birth, when she was sick, her first steps, first words, bumps, bruises….blood doesn’t make a father 😉

  85. Heather Lynn says

    Leni is absolutely gorgeous!! Although Seal isn’t Leni’s biological father.. he has filled the “father figure” in her life. I just love this whole family.. Seal, Heidi, Leni, Henry, and Johan!! They are soooo cute!!

  86. 2teens says

    Leni’s dad is someone named Flavio Briatore.
    What cute picture, Leni is in a hurry to get to the park!

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