Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson With Ryder

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

After enjoying the sun in Miami last week, Kate Hudson was snapped in New York City on Monday with son Ryder, 4, and ex-husband Chris Robinson .

That’s so great that they stay connected for Ryder!



  1. Ellen says

    Mia-whatever. I agree with the others. Your work is often too hard to dicipher. Try watching your spelling and leaving off the symbols. And maybe quit trying to be clever with your remarks. You just don’t pull it off.

  2. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Mi=ap-oc-c-a maybe you should learn how to spell then come back and insult people

  3. says

    maybe the ice queens in bed with husbands engaging in porn are the ones offended,..because in wiriting an opinion I suddently dinf peole coming on out ot the woodwork to weigh in with stupid comments,,,,well glad I could draw some blood out of you wooden women who have se-xual issue..maybe you shoudl read some porn sites foe clues on how to please a man and let go of yor inhibitions,…dori you r-acist p-ig once again you want to bring on a fight and cry about it later.,..your psycologicla make-up is very sickening…you already documented your racism several time..I dont need ot cut and past for y ou rnew friend in stupidity to see

  4. says

    WHY do foolish people bother to read a post yoe dont understant…even fthe stupidest of all onj this post is smater than you ar=wipes on this one.,..scroll the f-uck over…

  5. Michelle says

    You hair haters will be elated to know that Presley has gotten a bit of a trim; not enough to make you completely happy, but there must be at least 2 inches gone in the latest pictures out today. (none posted on this site as of yet)

  6. BELLA says


  7. onatear says

    Anyone else think Kate looks the happiest when she is with Chris. Anyone want to predict a reconciliation? Although I thought it was a weird combination when they did get married, they say they still love each other. My a Poke Ya….learn to communicate. Come U N Kate. Get it?

  8. Nicki says

    Well I have to agree with #15. carleigh on this one, only I don’t wait long enough to get a headache, I stop as soon as I start getting dizzy trying to read it. Believe it or not some people say they have no problem reading her posts. I honestly can’t get through more than 3 lines on most. Like this word I can figure out as her typo-understanf—#18. But most are too hard without getting dizzy or I guess in some cases headaches.

    2teens ~ I agree. (#17)

  9. 2teens says

    Well, speaking as a Floridian… that bikini is pretty tame. Kate can pull it off without a problem too, I didn’t see a speck of cellulite on her.
    Ryder’s hair is also a non-issue to me. I really don’t understand people’s problem with long hair on boys. There are so many boys at my kids’ school with long hair… it’s the norm. I do think that Ryder looks sad, but I don’t think that he IS sad, to me, that’s just his “look”.

  10. J.Katgirl says

    There is nothing wrong with wearing a bikini if you have the body for it..just cause your a mum doesn’t mean you stop being a person.
    purleeese CUT HIS HAIR!!!! He is 4 now… it should have been cut ages ago it’s so annoying parents who think that little boys with long hair is cute: WELL IT’S NOT.
    I like Ryder better than the trendy name “Riley”…buts it’s not as good as “Rayden.”

  11. carleigh says

    Miapocca, do you ever truly make sense? I’ve tried to follow your postings and can’t seem to make much sense of how you type or what you type. Maybe we need to get our own Miapocca translators so that we can understand whatever it is you are trying to relate????? Who knows but it gives me a headache sometimes.

    Kate and Chris are great parents to Ryder and this is easy to see with photo’s like this. They put their son first and foremost and it’s nice to see them all together. I hope Ryder does start to favor his mom a bit more though, but he appears to be a well adjusted little boy and what more could a parent ask for.

  12. Miapocca says

    well..its quite easy to close you eyes so you dont get offended by her derriere…ahahaha….I mean tehre are enude beaches and nudist camps all over florida…my friend grew up in one and he was teh most normal perosn I ever met in my life…ahahhaha

    You only get that derriere once, so ask Janice how many sugeries she had then you will realize what a hot ocmmodity an untouched fresh but is .in teh world of plastic bodies where everyone wishes they were born with it

    The bikini was quite modest….and had moved around from playing and movign around…Unless you live in a convent I dont see what the problem is concernign a simple red bikini…she looked better than katie holmes all dresses up in her expensive old lady clothes

    With all these prudish comments I wonder how PRUDE some of you are in BED…ouch….probably like bedding a block of ICE!

    You should probably go out and purchase an XTINA geer to prevent your hubby from getting onto teh p-0r-n site once again….

  13. Miapocca says

    The red bikini was not digusting IMO…i think that was the moment I realised she shares a lot more with her mother..its something Goldie would pull off even in her 70S….they have such a great family…glad they are doign great with co parenting..Kfed should learn a few things other than waiting to collect child support from Britney…

  14. Sonic says

    She may have looked great to you, but all the kids and elders at the pool saw her white A** hanging out….who wants that while they are playing “marco polo”???

  15. Liza says

    I imagine its hard to convince him to cut his hair when his father has long hair. I don’t think he’s the cutest kid, but I think he’s cute, and the hair doesn’t affect that to me.

    I also don’t think he looks sad in photos, it just seems like he’s a very serious little boy, but it doesn’t mean he’s sad or unhappy.

    I also think Kate looked great in that bikini.

  16. Ali says

    i personally loved the bikini i wish i could fit into one like that for the summer,lol. i think she also did that to show the world she was not preg.

    i do think her son needs a hair cut cause he is so cute but the hair got to go!

  17. oriana says

    This is a very nice and loving family. The whole family is close and Chris is a part of it. This child is loved, he looks so sad though to me all the time. He is not cute at all and is plain looking to me but glad he has parents who love him and have his best interests at heart.

  18. kim says

    its ok i just meant that kind of thing dosent offend me…Kate is cute and her suit is cute and i know in miami alot of suits are far more revealing…its a mom and son playing in a pool together…its adorable.

  19. Carolina says

    I’m sorry my comment was not directed to you.
    It was for” Just Me”. Anyway with a name like that
    no wonder she think it’s disgusting…

  20. kim says

    I wouldnt be offended…i know there are much skimpier than what kate had on…again i thought it was cute.

  21. Carolina says

    All of you should come to Miami where I live and see
    how it is here.
    Well then again, you probably should not…
    You would all be offended…
    Kate Hudson’s little red bikini is pretty conservative.
    So, if you know what I mean.
    We are in 2008 Ladies…. Wake up…

  22. Just me says

    Yeah, she has a great body adn I think she’s beautiful. But her entire butt was hanging out. I just didn’t think it was appropriate. I just think that’s not the kind of bikini you wear when there’s a bunch of kids running around.

  23. kim says

    whats so disgusting about her bikini? i think its cute…the pics are on this website. she has a great body so why not? i also like the way they parent together…very cool.

  24. Just me says

    I think it’s really cool how well these two seem to co-parent even after a divorce.
    Did anyone see that red thong bikini she was wearing in Miami with Ryder? DISGUSTING!!

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