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Donald Trump and his wife Melania were snapped with Barron, 2, at the 17th annual Bunny Hop at FAO Schwarz on March 11th in New York. The event was hosted by the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and sponsored by Lily Pulitzer to benefit the Department of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan-Kettering

Ivanka – Donald’s daughter by first wife Ivana – commented on the similarities between Barron and Donald. “Barron does have a bit of a comb-over!” she exclaimed when asked about the resemblances. “I’ve asked Melania if that’s styled after anyone in particular and she claims not, but we’ll see.”

Young Barron has his own floor in the Trumps’ $100 million New York penthouse!



  1. Andrea says

    I agree that I don’t like Donald Trump…..I watched a few shows of The Apprentice and he and the other judges have a hateful and unkind attitude and way of dealing with people. I think that it does make sense to say, having your own floor is excessive. It’s not relative to income, but relative to what a normal human being could occupy and use. Some people cannot afford it but a normal human tends to be able to occupy and make use of an entire room. It’s like celebrities who spend $2000 on a bag, it’s wasteful when there are starving people out there. Something comfortable that you actually need would be the stick to measure it against. I don’t like people who are very wealthy who do not give to charity or help others. When I was in a bad situation in my life but still had housing a homeless person once offered me money to buy something to eat. This had a very powerful impact on my mind. If someone in that situation can have such a big heart to help, the rest of us really have no excuse to give all we can, time and financial wise.

  2. says

    I heard that Donald Trump has tapped into the Internet Marketing world now. I hear he is hooking up with a company call Global Domains International.

  3. oriana says

    Oh, I think she loves him and I think Marla Maples did too. Marla was the dumbest one of the bunch though, no doubt. I have heard her in interviews, she really is not that intelligent at all.

    I think Melania is a loving devoted mother to Barron and he is so very cute. I do love the way she dresses him too.

  4. Aliciasweets85 says

    He’s a cute kid. But she comes across as “gold-digging” and he comes across as a dirty old man. He left his wife (who doesnt look THAT bad for her age) to be with some tramp who is what, ten, fifteen, TWENTY years younger?
    Honestly, what can she POSSIBLY see this old, bald, sour-puss-of-a-man, besides a fat bank account?
    Give me a break. As soon as she starts to age, he’s gonna try to marry Dakota Fanning or someone equally as young. Oh well, that’s Hollywood (and that’s life) I guess.

  5. oriana says

    2teens, be assured I would have found it offensive even if my husband or my sister had made the comment. As I said before, I think the reference was distasteful. Maybe I didn’t think it was a mild comment because I am older than samsmom and I remember the trial and reading all about the poor victims.

    As for you admiring and liking JJ/Jx2, whatever, that was not the issue, I only was concerned about you having a friendship with her in your daily life outside this site, I didn’t feel she would be a person you would want to have around your children. Again, that is your business and your decision. That is good enough for me.

    I wasn’t trying to boss you around when I said I didn’t think it was a mild comment and was surprised you thought it was. I was focusing on the comment, not your friendship with her or with me for that matter.

    I think you are a sharp cookie and a decent intelligent young lady, and I do enjoy you very much, I always have.

    I made my statement, you made your point and yes, I will gladly move on from it.

  6. 2teens says

    Oh yeah, I remember that too. Shortly after I called you that name you taught me a new word that I hadn’t heard before – hee hee! 😉

  7. Jx2 says

    On ano*ther not*e, the we*ather has wa*rmed u*p sligh*tly and the sno*w is beg*inning to m*elt. I’m at hom*e tod*ay wo*rking on a res*earch proj*ect for my nig*ht sch*ool clas*s ne*xt we*ek. I als*o ha*ve to com*plete an *ar*t col*lage to illu*strate the p*oint*s I ma*ke on my rese*arch pap*er. I’ll be us*ing gar*bage, fou*nd obje*cts and scr*ap pap*er to dis*cuss the de*trim*ental eff*ects that gar*bage cau*ses to our envir*onme*nt.

    I shou*ld get ba*ck to it for n*ow. Cat*ch yo*u la*ter.

  8. Jx2 says

    Exactly 2teens!! You are right again – I recall a while back when you had referred to me using an amusing yet dero*gatory term that Pe*rez Hilt*on often uses on his site. It was quite funny albeit cra*ss, but I did let it go and it’s now a thing of the past. 😀

  9. 2teens says

    Oriana, I really don’t think it was that bad. In fact, if anyone other than Jx2 had said it I doubt you would have brought it up at all. We all know that is what JJ does, she changes poster’s names to un-flattering… it’s her M.O. and most of the time it’s pretty funny. I have done the same thing myself a few times. You took offense to “son of sam”, so be it. But even Samsmom wasn’t that upset over it… she did say something about it and then moved on. I think it’s time we follow suit.

  10. Jx2 says

    Next time – Before you hit the submit button O! you need to re-read your comments…I’ve extracted a snippet of it to make it easier for you to find your mistake…!

    “I find Mia amusing sometimes and sometimes I don’t get her, [you enjoy 2teens] and that is your perspective indeed…”

    Furthermore, “Telling someone to F**k themselves is different…”

    Really??? how so? To me, swearing at someone is such a lame and passive way to argue a point because it doesn’t really amount to anything. It tells someone that you can’t really think of a better come back so you resort to swearing!

    If O prefers swearing then perhaps, she needs to be treated to that more often. It’s just like saying “hello”…but “different”. LOL

    2teens you raised some very valid points about O! being a hypocrite. You are bang on about that! And very insightful. O! can definitely be a “fairweather friend” with people on here. Pay close attention to that. You will see it occurring time and again. K x 3 actually called her on it sometime ago and she was quite correct. Hopefully O! can see the wrong of her ways and begin to learn to mind her own business. Until this happens, be prepared to be chastised again by her.

  11. Ruby Jackson says

    Also, I love the way she dresses him. So much nicer than kids in mini wife-beaters and baseball caps.

  12. Ruby Jackson says

    Wow. All this arguing about the kid having his own ‘floor’ in the house, and yet there is no mention at all about square footage. What constitutes a floor? I mean, if they have a 50,000 square foot house, and the kid has a 500 square foot loft area with a bathroom, that’s only 1% of the total. Not a big deal if you keep it all in perspective.

  13. oriana says

    2teens, yes indeed mia can be harsh and vulgar, I have never said otherwise. I however don’t think that is in the same category as calling samsmom names in reference to a serial killer, and my point wasn’t that is was tastless, it was the fact that you, or anyone would find that a mild statement to make.

    I would say the same thing if my own sister had made that comment. I didn’t see anything mild about it. Telling someone to F**k themselves is different even though disgusting, than to be glib about a murderer.

    I find Mia amusing sometimes and sometimes I don’t get her, you enjoy 2teens and that is your perspective indeed, my point was, talking about a serial killer who murdered innocent people and destroyed countless lives, is not witty or funny to me. And calling a mother on here that name, was not appropriate to me.

  14. 2teens says

    Oriana, you know I like you… quite a bit in fact. But I think you are going overboard and frankly I think you are being hypocritical. My reasoning is this: you have defended miapocca in the past. You have said that you don’t think she’s that bad when in fact she regularly calls people arse wipes and tells them to and that is just the tip of the iceberg on what I have heard from her. How can you accept that but not accept some of the things that jx2 says? I think it’s because you have had personal run-ins with jx2 and that has colored your perspective. But, that is your perspective… it is not my perspective. I have explained myself to you on a few occasions and I don’t know what more I can say. Yes, jx2 says inappropriate things… but so do many other folks who post here including me and you.

  15. Amber says

    Dude has anyone heard her voice? It is atrocious (sp) . She sounds like cookie monster. Something had to be wrong with her since she looks like that. LOL

  16. Jx2 says

    Oh Crikey!!! What is wrong with you woman???!!! Find another hobby to focus on and leave 2teens alone! She is not your possession nor do you own her!! Stop being so possessive of people…she can think and feel whatever she wants…you really are a fascist* aren’t you Or-iangatang!!

    *fascist: a reactionary or dictatorial person

    2teens – I know you have told O that you are quite capable of making your own decisions when it comes to speaking to folks on this blog BUT I don’t think she gets it. For some reason she thinks she is your mother and you are her 10 year old daughter. It’s actually quite sad that she feels the need to mother people. Could it be because her own children neglect her?? She really sounds obsessed with telling you what to do. I would not tolerate the tone with which she chose to speak to you in her previous post !!

  17. telemetry says

    God, Donald just get more minging as he ages!

    He really needs to sort that fake hair of his.

    She’s lovely.

    Too bad about that child’s utterly naff forename, however.

    Isn’t the Donald a grandfather as well?

  18. oriana says

    2teens, I am very surprised that you would be so insensitive to find the “Son of Sam” reference “mild”? What is mild about a serial killer? If you don’t see anything wrong with someone spouting venom and cruel comments I wonder what you are thinking?

    I know you live in FL. but I am sure you were up to date on current events even if they happened in New York. It was all over the news for months. He is in prison and has been since 1977 and I hope he rots in prison! Too many lives destroyed. Nothing MILD about that to me!

    I do think if it had been a member of your family touched by this madman, you wouldn’t be so quick to defend someone when they make those kind of comments.

    I am thinking that you really didn’t give thought to how this sounded for I believe your values are stronger than that.

  19. oriana says

    Nothing witty at all about Son of Sam, it was a demeaning comment to make. Maybe all the family members of the people he murdered may not think it is a mild reference, total disrespect!

  20. 2teens says

    Samsmom, I do understand the point you are trying to make… in a way I agree. But I think that DT is so far off the charts that he is no longer part of the grand scheme. He has made himself a little emperor. (In his own mind)
    So, I agree that we should agree to disagree 😉

  21. Carlosyevna says

    Barron is such an adorable child, he is gonna be gorgeous when he grows up. And who cares if Donald Trump is disgusting or not, he is giving his child what he thinks best. I don’t think anybody here has the right to judge that, afterall no one is ever the perfect parent. No one here knows what happens behind closed doors. And atleast he isn’t partying night after night going crazy, i.e Britney Spears. And it’s his choice whether or not he gives charity, there are plenty of other wealthy people who don’t. I may not agree with his character and opinions, but other than that I can’t say much for him. Whether or not he is a good parent, we do not know.

  22. L.Lodhi says

    y do people get so personnal on this site? Everyone has an opinion so deal with it. Just cause someone else is not the same as yours doesnt deserve personnal insults.
    If I lived in $100milllion penthouse then all my kids would have as much space as I could give them. I dont think its anything bad. If however the kids left alone with nannies and servants then thats sad.
    Hopefully barron wont grow up to be like his dad though in his actions or looks! (sorry personnal insult I know, couldnt help myself) 🙂

  23. Sara says

    I just wanted to add that when I was living in Japan out on the economy, we were surrounded by Japanese who had so very little. Our kids all had so much compared to them: computers, own rooms and lots of toys (that we give to charity). They must have thought we lived so high on the hog: Two cars, a color TV, Air conditioning…they had nothing…so to me,it really is all relative.

  24. 2teens says

    I agree with JX2 completely and I didn’t see anything offensive in her post, except for possibly “son of sam” which is pretty mild.
    Maus, where are you getting “angry” from? Read the post again, I didn’t read anything angry. If someone doesn’t agree with you they still have the right to post their opinion without you telling them to quit wasting their energy posting here!

  25. Maus says

    Jx2, the fact that you are so angry about what DT does or not does clearly shows that you are very unhappy with your own situation. If you are so fulfilled and involved in your community, sit back and pat yourself on the back instead of wasting energy on someone you don’t even know. DT has a talent to make money, huge money…good on him…..

  26. Jx2 says

    My truth may be your poison or medicine..take your pick.

    How am I offensive? Because I speak my mind?

    I just got home from my night school class where we discussed alternative methods of energy, such as wind and solar. Did you know that the world’s oil and petroleum supply (our main source of energy) is depleting faster than you can say “Donald Trump”.

    That is what is currently on my mind. Am I offending you with my banter?

    Many times, it is the ‘children’ that speak the truth because they do not have the editing mechanism called “shame” built into them yet, from society and their parents.

    Life is full of the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots.’ I’m sure there are many people out there that have less than I do, I’m not denying it. However, this reality also saddens me and I find solace in knowing that although I cannot change this reality – I can at least, donate my time and money to families and children in need within my community – which I have done on more than one occasion. Case in point, as a designer I donate a lot of my “pieces” to silent auctions and fundraising events such as breast cancer and also sponsoring extracurricular activities for children in underprivileged neighbourhoods.

    Meanwhile, Donald Pompadour sits in his high rise tower and probably turns a blind eye to what is happening out in the real world. I did say “probably” but I’m certain he DOES! As long as Baron Von Trump has his OWN floor that is all that matters in Trump’s life.

    Nighty night!!

  27. samsmom says

    JX2, I was wondering when you would jump in with your poison. I read this blog often and have often laughed at some of your witty remarks, but you are truly offensive.
    Son of Sam, how very funny you are indeed!

    I will just refer you to my comment to 2teens (who by the way knows how to disagree without being a child). If you read what I wrote, you will see that I am not defending DT’s wealth. I am pointing out that there are great disparities in life. And you can trash DT all you want for his wealth, but the fact still remains that there are many who have far less than you or I as well.

    I also never said that I admired the fact that this child has a whole floor to himself. I just said that it is not disgusting.

  28. samsmom says

    2teens, I am not at all offended that you responded. In fact I am glad you did. I enjoy the banter, it keeps me on my toes!

    Having said that, I was slightly offended by the way you asked what planet I live on, as if I have no idea what the real world is like. Without giving you my life story, I will just say that I am by no means wealthy and by no means poor.

    I still do not understand your analogy here. You say that your child’s situation is not even a drop in the bucket compared to Baron’s. Well I still say that the same holds true when comparing your child or mine to one in poverty. These are true disparities whether you or I have great wealth or not.

    I will just have to respectfully disagree with your opinion.

  29. Jx2 says

    This is in response to the ‘Son of Sam’ character…

    To me – a child that has his “own floor” is repulsive. Who cares if they can afford it . They can probably afford to buy themselves some slaves too but that does not make it okay!! It’s just another reason for people to exercise their wealth. Presenting a fantasy lifestyle for the rest of the world to covet and emulate.

    YES – we all have differing opinions and choose to exercise our wealth in different ways. I also do not think that a child who has a whole floor to himself is something to admire.

    Gluttony and greed and envy are things I associate with weakness of character. Finding value in material goods is such an easy thing to aspire to because people’s souls are empty.

    Nobody knows what Donald Dumpster does with his money and we certainly don’t know what you do with your finances either but YOU are not a celebrity whereas Donny is a celeb and there are plenty of articles written about him. He is always in the public eye. I’m sure if he did some charity work or some other selfless things with his money – the world would know about it. Just like we know about Oprah’s contributions in Africa and Angelina’s humanitarian efforts…word gets around.

  30. 2teens says

    Samsmom, you directly questioned my opinion. Why do seem offended that I responded?
    I completely disagree with your opinion that “they are comparable when you look at things in the greater scheme”. There is no way that the bedroom and TV you provided for your child would ever be viewed as similiar to Barron Trumps full floor of a New York penthouse, in any scheme. My kids each have their own rooms, they have Xbox and playstation, they each have their own tv and they each have their own laptops. Do I think that my children’s situation is anything comparable to Barron’s? Not even a drop in the bucket. Yes, they have all those things that I mentioned and they are damn lucky to have them. It is something we have to think about and budget for.
    FYI, no – I am not privy to DT’s finances… but all you have to do is google “Donald Trump” and “charity” and you will see for yourself how very little he does in comparison to what he brings in. There are people who make a lot less than he does that have given MILLIONS to help out the less fortunate. People like Shakira, Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, and Drew Barrymore.
    Dondald Trump is a disgusting, greedy, shallow, homophobic egomaniac. And that is MY opinion.

  31. Jessie says

    He’s gotten so big! Man, I remember when he was first born! The golden carriage and chandelier… it’s like it was yesterday! Haha.

  32. samsmom says

    2teens, they are comparable when you look at things in the greater scheme. People living in poverty might think that it is excessive that my son has his own room, when their own children don’t have their own bed or maybe even a roof over their head. Does that make me disgusting? No, because I do for my child what I can and I contribute to charity what I can. It is all a matter of economics.

    How do you know Donald does not give to charity? Are you privy to his personal finances? How do you know what he does privately?

    BTW, I live on PLANET EARTH just like you. I just have a differing opinion.

  33. kt says

    Barron is sooooo beautiful! wow. Melanie and Donald seem like a cute couple. as for B having his own floor- who cares? some people can’t afford to have their children have their own bedrooms- but those who can usually do. so why is it suprising if you have the room for it, that you would give Barron his own floor? It’s probably got a big nursery, bathroom, bedroom, and maybe a kitchen/den area for people to visit. just a thought!:)

  34. Nicki says

    Eir ~ Yes he will have the money, but will have to share it with 4 other siblings, as of now. With a whole floor of his own it might be hard for him to understand the concept of sharing with others, especially his brothers and sisters, no matter how much older they are than him.

    2teens~You are right, ITA.

  35. Heather Lynn says

    Oh! Little Barron is absolutely adorable!! I wish Donald and Melania would have another little one.. I’m sure Barron would love someone to play with. And they obviously make such darn adorable kids!!!

  36. 2teens says

    samsmom… having a room and having a whole floor are not even remotely comparable. What planet are you living on? It is a big deal because it’s excessive for any child, even Barron Trump. It’s disgusting because he is a multi-billionaire and gives little to charity. It’s disgusting because Donald Trump is repulsive and the things that he says proves what kind of a narrow minded individual he really is. It’s disgusting because Donald Trump is someone without a clue as to what real people struggle with on a day to day basis. It’s disgusting because Donald Trump changes wives every few years for a younger, fresher version and little Barron has THAT for a role model.

  37. Eir says

    Wow.. uh. I wouldn’t ever let my 2 year old have his own FLOOR in my home, his own room possibly. That little boy is probably SO lonely it isn’t even funny.

    I hope he grows up to be happy, though. He’ll certainly get the money.

    He is adorable, however. 🙂

  38. samsmom says

    Give me a break 2 teens! It is not disgusting that Baron has his own floor. Do your kids have their own rooms? Do they have a playroom or their own TV set? I mean really, if it is not excessive for your income then why is it a big deal?

  39. J.Katgirl says

    Barron!? That’s a horrible name for a kid!…I would have liked my own floor though..but maybe thats cuz im an only child so I’m quite happy alone : )

  40. 2teens says

    He has his own floor? That is disgusting! Just him and his servants?
    He’s a cute kid, but probably very, very lonely.

  41. oriana says

    Beautiful child, he looks like his mother. Look at the way Donald is looking at him, you can see the fatherly look of love and pride on his face! I like this family.

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