1. dori says

    blah blah blah more of the garbage…no one has anything wonderful to say about the PICTURE????? She looks great close to having baby she’s a great actress and a wonderful person and the LOVE OF HER LIFE is at her side . Jealous Biatch

  2. says

    why are you soo stupid to put the life of someone baby in jeopardy by displaying it on the internet….stupdity comes before security I GUESS..the baby and their parents will not thank you for disaplaying thier private picture online for strangers to see..are you soo stuck up for attention that you have to show third cousins to garner some interest…what an next time you feel like picking a fight with me,.do it over somethign sensible rather than a stupid attack out of nowhere you foolish..biatch

  3. Layla says

    Halle Berry’s child won’t necessarily come out looking more caucasian. One of Thandie Newton’s daughters has a complexion that is similar to Thandie’s despite her father being white. It really is a crap shoot when it comes to genes.

  4. Liza says

    Kimmy, I’m not sure how your comment could be taken without racial bias. You said you hope the baby is black because there have been too many white babies lately.

    I’m sure the baby will be a beautiful mix of both parents. It is likely that the baby will be lighter skinned due to Halle’s mixed heritage and Gabriel’s being white.

    I also don’t see how c-sections help with losing weight, it hasn’t helped any of the woman I know, in fact, it has delayed their recovery from child birth. And I tend to highly doubt that any of these Hollywood women have had tummy tucks within such a small time frame of giving birth. It’s more like the presence of a private chef and a personal trainer. Breastfeeding does burn a lot of calories and if you are eating a lower calorie diet while doing it, you are bound to lose some weight.

  5. 2teens says

    Babies are beautiful no matter what color they are… but I hate to break it to you Kimmy, as fair skinned as Halle is the baby will very likely look more caucasian.

  6. J.Katgirl says

    She is looking very good for 8 months! The baby will most def be attractive & certainly unique.

  7. Kimmy says

    I was beginning to wonder what happened to her, haven’t been seeing much pics lately. plus i forgot she was only 8 months pregnant seems as if she’s been preggers forever. I can’t wait to see what this baby looks like. hope he(or she) is black, seen enough white babies in the last how many months. (no racial bias intended)

  8. Sonic says

    i’m glad she’s FINALLY gotten to experience this stage in her life….she wasn’t sure if she would.

  9. annie says

    Her feet are swollen, that’s why she is wearing a long dress. but she looks good! My bet it’s a boy!

  10. D'Anna says

    #19–C-sections and tummy tucks!!!

    Some of them claim breastfeeding does it–but it sure never worked for me.

  11. Amanda says

    She looks BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY!! I wish more celebs looked as healthy as she does! I cant wait to see the wee one! I am hoping its a girl! Mini Halle!

  12. Malayka says

    Next month she is going to be as flat as a board when she has the baby. Gosh, hwo do they do it?

  13. Lauren says

    Wow, Halle is ready to give birth any day now. I thought she was due in March? She still looks good though! I bet she’s having a boy. 😀

  14. dori says

    congrats to your family carleigh I have a neice Abigail her name mow is Abi.
    Halle looks great… I thought she was due in March????

  15. 2teens says

    Halle looks very good, just a little puffiness. It’s nice to see the couple out together. I love the 2nd shot of the two of them in profile with the big round tummy followed by the flat skinny one.
    Is that a skirt she’s wearing or some weird, low crotch pants?

  16. Sharrie says

    I think Halle looks lovely…and I am thinking…girl. I know I got big ALL around when I had my girls…. whatever it is, its bound to be gorgeous, with those genes.

  17. samsmom says

    Carleigh, I just looked at the slideshow of your cousin’s baby. What a cutie she is! And big sis looked so proud.

    Halle looks beautiful as usual. Any rumors of the sex of the baby. My bet is a boy.

  18. Iluvmy2girlz says

    finally something about her!! i thought she gave birth already! she looks good!! looks tired though! can’t wait to see the babe!!

  19. says

    Why does she always walk with her head down?? It looks like she just had a HISSY fit. and they are trying to avoid..the camera! LOL

    CONGRATS! I can’t wait until she drop! WHEWWW!

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